Growing Up (Had To Happen Eventually)

by on Jun 24 2017

Here’s what the big boys (and girls) are doing – it’s one of the big meta-changes that’s happening at the very top end of the market (and fortunately or unfortunately, it’s all about growing up!)

But I’m still not going to wear a suit in my videos!

How to Level Up Your Business (and Your Life)

by on Jun 17 2017

Building a business can feel a bit lonely, especially when it’s just you and your computer. Here’s my favorite strategy for staying motivated (this one can help you seriously level up).

Look Who’s Here…

by on Jun 10 2017

Something awesome (and maybe a little silly) happened today when I turned the camera loose on this group at my Secret Headquarters…

Feedback vs Being First

by on Jun 03 2017

There’s a big difference between creating a killer product… and creating something the market actually wants. If you dream of being a game-changing innovator like Steve Jobs or Henry Ford, here’s how to get started.

we all have critics…

by on May 27 2017

I usually don’t bother replying to critics, but I just read an interesting review of my book on Amazon and I thought I’d shoot a quick video response. This one’s for Penny…

Lessons Learned from a Billion Dollar Company

by on May 20 2017

Last week I got the chance to sit down with some folks from a company in the online publishing world who are doing a BILLION dollars in annual sales. This is what I learned – including the big meta-lesson that applies to YOU in your business…

The Tile Saw Dilemma

by on May 13 2017

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all your worries disappear when you hit that next big milestone? (That’s what I was hoping would happen!) Well, it turns out that life isn’t perfect even after you “make it”. Here’s what I’m dealing with this week…

$60,000.00 and I Didn’t Believe

by on May 06 2017

It’s crazy how often disbelief can hold us back (or maybe it’s just me!). Here’s a $60,000 example…