Drum Roll: here’s the winners of the PLF video contest….

by on Aug 26 2017

Our PLF Video contest was just awesome. We had a ton of great submissions, and with your help, we’ve selected our winners… and I love these four PLF success stories.

Here they are…

You can see all four of the winners videos at this link.

Announcing the 2017 PLF Video Contest Winners!

by on Aug 26 2017

I just have to say…

I am so humbled by all the amazing entries in our PLF video contest.

It was really hard to choose a winner, and I wound up reaching out to my team and my followers (ie, you) for help narrowing it down.

And instead of three winners, I ended up picking four of them.

It’s so cool to see these PLF success stories. And really, everyone who entered a video in the contest is a big winner – for taking action, for building a business, and for making an impact in the world.

But we had to pick our winners, so here we go:

Tied for third is Pat Gillis. Her launch helped fill all the spots in her horse riding course (and her clients wound up traveling through a snowstorm just to attend her training):

Also in third is Karolina Westlund. She’s a biologist who helps people have better relationships with their pets (and she converted her skeptical husband into a believer!).

Second place (and it was REALLY neck-and-neck for first place) is Sage Lavine. She’s a former school teacher who helps female entrepreneurs build their businesses. Her first PLF launch brought in 300 clients.

Pat, Karolina, and Sage will each receive a free ticket to my LaunchCon event, a VIP upgrade at LaunchCon, and a free upgrade to the next version of PLF.

First place is Patricia Lohan, who is living the #launchlife in beautiful Bali. She teaches Feng Shui, and with a single launch she made three times her previous yearly salary:

Patricia wins an iPad Pro, a 1-on-1 consultation with me, a free ticket to my LaunchCon event, a VIP upgrade at LaunchCon, and a free upgrade to the next version of PLF.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a video. My team and I will be in touch with the winners very soon!

And please leave a comment below and congratulate our winners!

21 Years + Eight Success Stories

by on Aug 24 2017

To celebrate 21 years in online business, I thought I would celebrate by sharing some of my clients successes…

So I asked my PLF Owners to take part in a video contest and share their PLF results. I've got my eight favorites down below… there are some remarkable stories.

(P.S. I would love if you can help me pick a winner in this contest – just leave a comment below with your three favorites.)

So here's my eight favorites:

Laura Brandenburg teaches business analysts with corporate training… and she used her $95,000 launch to buy her dream home and fund a Charity Water donation:

Sage Lavine is an ex-school teacher who teaches female entrepreneurs how to build their businesses. Her first PLF launch landed 300 clients… and that was just the start:

Patricia Parashakti Lohan teaches Feng Shui, and she used a single launch to make three times what she had made in the previous year:

Scott Glover teaches people about business loans… his life was changed when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. He started from scratch and built his email list from zero… and made $32k with his first launch… and he did that before he had even created his product:

Pat Gillis never buys lottery tickets because she’s got PLF. She used her launch to fill all the spots in her horse riding course:

Karolina Westlund is a scientist and biologist who used PLF to sell 100 copies of her course on pet care (and she turned her husband into a believer!):

OK… this one from Matt Phillips is completely different. No big fancy launch results, no big dollars (yet)… his results are all about his marriage:

Orlena Kerek is a Pediatric Doctor who moved from the UK to Spain… which meant she had to give up her clinical practice. She’s used PLF to build her business helping parents raise healthy kids:

Of course, none of those videos represent our typical clients or typical results… nor are they meant to imply any income results, or any results whatsoever.

And you can see from their incredibly varied stories that even the idea of a “typical” client is pretty crazy – these people range from a Pediatric Doctor to a Feng Shui expert to a biologist. A few of them mention the money they made – but these definitely aren't income claims. I have no idea who you are or what you would do with my training. A more typical and safer assumption is that you will not make ANY money from my training. Especially if you don't do anything with it.

OK, with that preamble, I would love if you can help me out… those 8 videos are the finalists in my PLF Video Contest. I'm going to have three winners, including a Grand Prize winner. The overall Grand Prize winner will get a free 1-on-1 consultation with me (plus other prizes).

You can help me pick a winner – scroll down and leave a comment for me with your personal top 3. I'll tally up the votes, and it will be a big factor in helping me choose a winner. 🙂

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Riskiest Blog Video I’ve Done

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No gear was harmed in the making of this video – but this was the first one I’ve shot from a paddleboard… who says you can’t have some fun while you’re working?

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