Branding, Marketing, and Authenticity

by on Jan 28 2017

My first “branding vs. direct marketing” had lots of comments and questions – here’s part 2 with all my answers – including how you can create a brand that connects with your customers and prospects.

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Authenticity builds your business by building a connection with your future customers. (Click to tweet.)

The easiest way to get your brand right is just to be as authentic as you can. (Click to tweet.)

How to create a brand that connects with your customers and prospects… (Click to tweet.)

Rock and Roll Branding vs Direct Marketing

by on Jan 21 2017

Here are some marketing lessons from the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego… and branding for direct marketers (like you and me).

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Some marketing lessons from the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego… (Click to tweet.)

In your business, every single thing you do is part of your brand. (Click to tweet.)

How to Get Better Fast

by on Jan 14 2017

I’ve been skiing for a long time… it’s been decades. And over the years I’ve gotten pretty good – I ski the entire mountain, including the black diamond runs, the moguls, the trees. So why did I finally take my first ski lesson just a few days ago?

The funny thing is that the answer is closely tied to how I’ve been able to build my business…


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The expert is always a student first. (Click to tweet.)

When you want to excel at something, the quickest path is studying with a true expert. (Click to tweet.)

No matter what you want to learn, someone has spent a life studying it… learn from them. (Click to tweet.)

What’s Holding YOU Back?

by on Jan 07 2017

I recently asked my followers what their biggest business challenges were. They shared a LOT of their struggles and questions. I answered five of them in this video…


I got thousands of responses to this survey… from real newbies to folks with some pretty serious marketing chops. Here are some of the challenges they’re facing, along with my perspective:

1. You want to create your own marketing assets but feel you don’t have the time or resources… You need to treat yourself like your own client: carve out the time and commit to creating something. Say to yourself, “I’m going to commit to this because I want to change my life.” (Your commitment comes before confidence, before you’re “ready.”)

2. You’re not sure how to transform your large social media following into an email-based following… Begin moving them over NOW, by creating some kind of super-valuable lead magnet that pulls them to an opt-in page where you can get their email address. (You won’t be able to convert all of them, but every one you DO convert will be worth a lot more to you.)

3. You need free targeted traffic… Actually, you need targeted traffic, period. Whether it’s free or paid just depends on the math. Your real job is to get your conversions high enough to bring in traffic from a variety of sources (including paid traffic).

4. You want to stand out by delivering great content to your market and respecting them – and you’re offended by how poorly so many other marketers treat their customersYou shouldn’t worry about what others are doing – do something great yourself. You can be the one who sets the bar higher… and if others do a terrible job, it will just make you look that much better.

5. You lack the resources to do a pro-level video series for your launches… You don’t need to have pro gear to shoot your videos – and you shouldn’t wait until you do. Your smartphone camera is plenty good enough to use to help launch your product or service. (I started off about as low-tech as you can go… I made millions in sales like that.) Just work with what you have – and get started today.

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Treat yourself like your own client: carve out the time and commit to creating something. (Click to tweet.)

People only remember your successes… not the failures that led up to them. (Click to tweet.)

Don’t worry about what others are doing – do something great yourself. (Click to tweet.)

You don’t need pro gear to shoot your videos. Work with what you have – and get started today. (Click to tweet.)

Happy New Year! Now start thinking smaller…

by on Dec 31 2016

Lots of people have BIG plans for their business and life this year. But if you want to hit your goals… you also need to focus on some really SMALL things this year.

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Think big… but do the small things that pull you towards those goals. (Click to tweet.)

If you want to hit your BIG goals this year, focus on some really SMALL things. (Click to tweet.)

Thinking small and achieving big in 2017… (Click to tweet.)

I lost the Christmas Tree!

by on Dec 24 2016

This is the Christmas story that the rest of my family loves – how I lost the Christmas tree and sent it down the highway doing cartwheels…

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A Thousand “No’s”…

by on Dec 17 2016

When you give yourself to an important project, it’s not enough to say “Yes” to it – if you only do that, you’ll probably fail. There’s also a second commitment you need to make…

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When you say “Yes” to any project or business, you also need to commit to a thousand “No’s”. (Click to tweet.)

To create the life you want… you have to get really good at saying “No”. (Click to tweet.)

When you say “Yes” to your vision, say “No” to every distraction that presents itself. (Click to tweet.)

Creating a Plan for an Amazing Year (and Life)

by on Dec 10 2016

I have an incredibly blessed life… it’s been part luck and a lot of hard work. But there’s more – I’ve also PLANNED this life out step-by-step. Here’s the process I use each year to create an amazing life…


It’s super important to have an effective goal-setting process in place. It’s a big part of living a truly amazing life and creating the impact that you want. This isn’t necessarily easy work to do – maybe that’s why most people don’t do it.

Here are some tips and strategies to keep you moving in the right direction:

Don’t underestimate the power of having an effective planning process – one that you come back to on a regular basis and that you continually tweak and improve.

Think deeply about how your personal life and business life work together and enrich each other. There’s a reason they call our kind of work creating a “lifestyle business.”

Always begin your planning process with a positive focus. One great way to do this is by celebrating your wins. This is helpful because you can’t create from a depleted emotional and mental state. (And this goal-setting process IS creative work!)

Start by identifying the “big rocks” — your most important and non-negotiable projects and activities — and putting them in place first. Then you’ll still have plenty of room to fit in smaller goals and activities. (It doesn’t work if you start with the smaller stuff — there won’t be any room left over to deal with the most important items.)

Identify the primary roles in your life, and for each of them create a vision for where you want to be in the coming year. Then use this vision for each role to help formulate actionable goals.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – you probably won’t achieve all of your goals every year. But if you follow this planning process and strive to follow through, then even though you don’t hit all your goals… you WILL create an amazing life.