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Uncovering Hidden Capabilities

by on Apr 01 2017

We’ve all got hidden capabilities that we haven’t discovered yet. But when you’re starting out (or going to the next level), you don’t actually know what those skills are. So how do you uncover your hidden strengths? That’s what this video is all about…

A Gamechanging Superpower: Changing Perspective

by on Mar 25 2017

It might be the ultimate entrepreneurial superpower – the ability to shift perspective and understand the viewpoint of another person… whether it’s a client, prospect, or team member. If you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes, it’s the shortest path to influence, collaboration, communication, and connection.

How To Guarantee That You Will Fail

by on Mar 18 2017

If you’re waiting for the perfect moment before you launch – the moment when you know everything is just perfect, and all the stars are aligned… then there’s only one thing you’re going to guarantee: your FAILURE.

That’s what this week’s video is all about…

What Really Matters… And What Doesn’t

by on Mar 11 2017

Lots of time when people start a new business, they spend a lot of time doing things they shouldn’t be doing. They worry about things they shouldn’t be worrying about. They prioritize the wrong things and do stuff out of order. But this isn’t rocket science – there are really only two big things you need to focus on…

Finding Amazing Partners For Your Business

by on Mar 04 2017

I’ve been blessed to have amazing partners in my business and my life – people who have helped grow my business 100x bigger than I thought possible. Here’s how it happened, and how you can attract incredible partners that can help grow your business.

Cabin In The Wilderness (+ Insights on Life and Business)

by on Feb 25 2017

This week’s video is really different – I went on a ski trip to a cabin in the wilderness with my wife… we skied into the cabin at 11,000 feet, miles from the nearest road (or cell service). Here’s what it looked like (along with some insights about business and life that I had after spending 4 days completely disconnected)…

Celebrating Your Clients’ Success

by on Feb 18 2017

Using Case Studies and testimonials in your marketing is really powerful – but there’s another great reason to track your clients’ success: it’s an amazing way to stay on top of your mental game and get pumped up about your business…

Feeling sick and celebrating Roger Federer…

by on Feb 11 2017

Yuck… I got a nasty cold (or something – I’m ready to be over it!). But that gave me lots of time to sleep and watch an amazing performance by one of the greatest athletes of our time. Even in my depleted state, I’m inspired by Roger Federer…