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A Great Reason to Go Back to the Beginning

by on Sep 23 2017

One of my blog readers was curious – why would some of my most successful students come back and follow along with my launch? There’s a pretty good reason, and it’s something some of the most successful people I know are constantly doing. Here’s my answer…

P.S. Here's the link to my LaunchCon event:

It's going to be amazing. 🙂

Why Great Marketing Matters

by on Sep 16 2017

We just wrapped up our big once-a-year launch – and here’s what I learned (yet again) from a huge amount of market feedback – both from raving fans and from some people who… well, let’s just say they aren’t my biggest fans.

Product Launch Formula Meets Man with a Mission

by on Sep 09 2017

Can you use the Product Launch Formula to change the world? Luis Carlos teaches parents how to be better parents. Thanks to his launches, he’s gone from struggling to make sales to helping hundreds of families. Check out his story to see how he followed his passion to success…

Announcing the 2017 PLF Video Contest Winners!

by on Aug 26 2017

I just have to say…

I am so humbled by all the amazing entries in our PLF video contest.

It was really hard to choose a winner, and I wound up reaching out to my team and my followers (ie, you) for help narrowing it down.

And instead of three winners, I ended up picking four of them.

It’s so cool to see these PLF success stories. And really, everyone who entered a video in the contest is a big winner – for taking action, for building a business, and for making an impact in the world.

But we had to pick our winners, so here we go:

Tied for third is Pat Gillis. Her launch helped fill all the spots in her horse riding course (and her clients wound up traveling through a snowstorm just to attend her training):

Also in third is Karolina Westlund. She’s a biologist who helps people have better relationships with their pets (and she converted her skeptical husband into a believer!).

Second place (and it was REALLY neck-and-neck for first place) is Sage Lavine. She’s a former school teacher who helps female entrepreneurs build their businesses. Her first PLF launch brought in 300 clients.

Pat, Karolina, and Sage will each receive a free ticket to my LaunchCon event, a VIP upgrade at LaunchCon, and a free upgrade to the next version of PLF.

First place is Patricia Lohan, who is living the #launchlife in beautiful Bali. She teaches Feng Shui, and with a single launch she made three times her previous yearly salary:

Patricia wins an iPad Pro, a 1-on-1 consultation with me, a free ticket to my LaunchCon event, a VIP upgrade at LaunchCon, and a free upgrade to the next version of PLF.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a video. My team and I will be in touch with the winners very soon!

And please leave a comment below and congratulate our winners!

How to Launch Without a List

by on Oct 29 2016

Do you need a list to do a launch? It’s a great question, and the reality is that you CAN launch without a list… and here’s how:

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Product Launch Workshop

by on Oct 23 2016

A little behind-the-scenes on my upcoming free Product Launch Workshop… I’ve been doing this every year since 2005, and I’ve had almost a million people go through it!

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When The Student Becomes The Master

by on Dec 12 2015

I love sharing success stories, and this is a really special one for me…

This interview is with Erico Rocha – who went from quitting his job to doing multi-million dollar launches… to hosting his own live event for 2500 people. And he did all of this in Brazil.

(I shot this one on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil… it was a bit noisy, but well worth it!)

Please leave a comment below and let Erico and me know what you think…

The Simple Secrets Behind My Biggest Launch

by on Oct 03 2015

It seems like every day I’m bombarded with the latest tricks and tips to revolutionize online marketing. But the reality is that, in the end, your business lives and dies by a few simple factors. Here’s how I’ve (nearly) perfected them:

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…