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Your “New Normal”

by on Apr 15 2017

Creating a “New Normal” for yourself…

Uncovering Hidden Capabilities

by on Apr 01 2017

We’ve all got hidden capabilities that we haven’t discovered yet. But when you’re starting out (or going to the next level), you don’t actually know what those skills are. So how do you uncover your hidden strengths? That’s what this video is all about…

A Gamechanging Superpower: Changing Perspective

by on Mar 25 2017

It might be the ultimate entrepreneurial superpower – the ability to shift perspective and understand the viewpoint of another person… whether it’s a client, prospect, or team member. If you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes, it’s the shortest path to influence, collaboration, communication, and connection.

Finding Amazing Partners For Your Business

by on Mar 04 2017

I’ve been blessed to have amazing partners in my business and my life – people who have helped grow my business 100x bigger than I thought possible. Here’s how it happened, and how you can attract incredible partners that can help grow your business.

Lifestyle, Metallica, and Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

by on Feb 03 2017

I just listened to a podcast with James Hetfield (the singer and rhythm guitarist for Metallica) and was amazed at the similarities between staying sane as a rock star and staying healthy as an entrepreneur. We’re not all that different, and it comes down to choices…

Blog Summary:

As online marketers, we get to build our lifestyle as we build our business. But it’s all too easy to lose sight of building and maintaining your lifestyle as you get caught up in the business…

Here are some of the tips and insights on how to cultivate an amazing work/life balance:

  • Running an online business offers so many freedoms: when to work, how much to work, who to work with, who we serve… it’s our choice to capitalize on these freedoms – or neglect them (1:07);
  • We are creators – we get to create our business, our lifestyle… and much more (1:32);
  • If you’re going to be a creator, you have to take time to recharge – being in “full-on” mode constantly will cause real problems… including insight about a challenge that many entrepreneurs share with members of the band Metallica (1:44);
  • How to grow your business by practicing ever-increasing levels of “self-care” (3:08);
  • The vital role that self-care plays in the longevity of your business success – how to avoid flash-in-the-pan “success”… and go the distance instead (3:42).

Branding, Marketing, and Authenticity

by on Jan 28 2017

My first “branding vs. direct marketing” had lots of comments and questions – here’s part 2 with all my answers – including how you can create a brand that connects with your customers and prospects.

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Authenticity builds your business by building a connection with your future customers. (Click to tweet.)

The easiest way to get your brand right is just to be as authentic as you can. (Click to tweet.)

How to create a brand that connects with your customers and prospects… (Click to tweet.)

Rock and Roll Branding vs Direct Marketing

by on Jan 21 2017

Here are some marketing lessons from the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego… and branding for direct marketers (like you and me).

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Some marketing lessons from the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego… (Click to tweet.)

In your business, every single thing you do is part of your brand. (Click to tweet.)

What’s Holding YOU Back?

by on Jan 07 2017

I recently asked my followers what their biggest business challenges were. They shared a LOT of their struggles and questions. I answered five of them in this video…


I got thousands of responses to this survey… from real newbies to folks with some pretty serious marketing chops. Here are some of the challenges they’re facing, along with my perspective:

1. You want to create your own marketing assets but feel you don’t have the time or resources… You need to treat yourself like your own client: carve out the time and commit to creating something. Say to yourself, “I’m going to commit to this because I want to change my life.” (Your commitment comes before confidence, before you’re “ready.”)

2. You’re not sure how to transform your large social media following into an email-based following… Begin moving them over NOW, by creating some kind of super-valuable lead magnet that pulls them to an opt-in page where you can get their email address. (You won’t be able to convert all of them, but every one you DO convert will be worth a lot more to you.)

3. You need free targeted traffic… Actually, you need targeted traffic, period. Whether it’s free or paid just depends on the math. Your real job is to get your conversions high enough to bring in traffic from a variety of sources (including paid traffic).

4. You want to stand out by delivering great content to your market and respecting them – and you’re offended by how poorly so many other marketers treat their customersYou shouldn’t worry about what others are doing – do something great yourself. You can be the one who sets the bar higher… and if others do a terrible job, it will just make you look that much better.

5. You lack the resources to do a pro-level video series for your launches… You don’t need to have pro gear to shoot your videos – and you shouldn’t wait until you do. Your smartphone camera is plenty good enough to use to help launch your product or service. (I started off about as low-tech as you can go… I made millions in sales like that.) Just work with what you have – and get started today.

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Treat yourself like your own client: carve out the time and commit to creating something. (Click to tweet.)

People only remember your successes… not the failures that led up to them. (Click to tweet.)

Don't worry about what others are doing – do something great yourself. (Click to tweet.)

You don't need pro gear to shoot your videos. Work with what you have – and get started today. (Click to tweet.)