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Tony Robbins: mentoring a mentor…

by Jeff Walker July 26, 2010 internet marketing

One of the big reasons I’m where I’m at today is because about 15 years ago, after watching the infomercial over and over… I suspended my disbelief long enough to buy Tony Robbins “Personal Power 2″ home-study course off that late-night commercial.

At the time my life was totally flat lining – I wasn’t going anywhere, and I had no prospects. And I had almost no money whatsoever. Spending that $129 was a HUGE decision.

But, like I said… I suspended my disbelief, and I went ahead and picked up the phone and ordered the product.

As soon as the product came, I tore into it. I followed every single step, and I did EXACTLY what Tony told me to do. I was desperate to …

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