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The Deadly “Internet Lifestyle” Trap

by Jeff Walker May 12, 2013 internet marketing

Have you heard about the “Internet Lifestyle”… how you can live where you want and work when you want? The only problem is that, for most people, the Internet Lifestyle turns into a trap more than anything else – and that’s what this video is all about…

This question came in on my Facebook page… go over there and like that page, it’s one of the best ways to interact with me (and ask me questions.)

And please leave a comment down below. This is a big question, and it ends up holding a lot of people back. I want to hear your opinion and wisdom on this……


How To Get Rich

by Jeff Walker May 9, 2012 Mindset

So this is the blog post where I tell you exactly how to get rich. Now I know with a title like “How to Get Rich”, I’m gonna lose a lot of people right away… but don’t make that mistake of clicking away. Keep reading, this is legit.

Actually, I suppose there are lots of ways to get rich… but I’m going to share with you what I think is the most surefire way to get rich – it’s the path that worked for me. The amazing thing is that, as you’ll see, it’s so darn simple.

Now the reality is that most people won’t get rich… I suppose that’s just the way the world works. I’m not sure why (though I have some theories.) …


A Bittersweet Milestone

by Jeff Walker May 11, 2011 Mindset

This morning I made breakfast for my daughter before she went off to school. It wasn’t anything fancy… but it was a nice chance to interact with her for 15 minutes before she left for school.

It was also my last chance.

Today is her last day of high school. Her graduation is on Sunday. And in August she’ll be leaving home for college.

Mountain biking in Moab, UT with my daughter

My daughter started kindergarten thirteen years ago… and I did much the same thing with her back then – made her breakfast and got her out the door. Of course, getting her ready for school was a lot more hands-on back then, and she didn’t drive herself to school. :-)

But what a long


The Durango Double

by Jeff Walker March 24, 2011 internet marketing

Last Sunday I pulled off what I call the “Durango Double”… I went skiing in the morning, and then in the afternoon I drove down from the mountain, traded my skis for my mountain bike… and I got in my first mountain bike ride of the year.

It was a big day with lots of calories spent… it left me exhausted but elated. And it left me totally energized for a big week for my business. It also got me thinking…

There’s this phrase that gets thrown around a lot – “the Internet Lifestyle”…

I think the typical way it’s portrayed is you spend an hour or maybe two working on your business while you’re in a lounge chair at the beach. Then the cabana …

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