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The Rest of the Story Behind Those Launches

by Jeff Walker August 27, 2013 Mindset

You know those tales of Product Launches that do thousands in a week, or six figures in seven days… or my story of a million dollars in a single hour? Well, there’s something else going on behind the scenes… here’s the rest of the story… (along with a a peak at my new Secret Headquarters!)

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The Product Launch Parachute

by Jeff Walker February 1, 2011 internet marketing

I thought you might like a bit of a peak behind-the-curtain into a major product launch that’s happening right now…

As I type this Eben Pagan’s launch for his “Self Made Wealth” program is going to be closing down in a few hours.

And this is a launch that’s had a few twists and turns. It hasn’t been all beauty and grace.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, Eben is a good friend of mine and I have huge respect for him and his business training products. I’ve actually attended three different workshops he put on – that was a total of 12 very long days of listening to Eben teach.

And trust me, it takes an awful lot to get me to sit …


Paula Abdul and Product Launches…

by Jeff Walker June 10, 2010 product launches

Paula Abdul and Jeff WalkerSo a couple of days ago I flew into San Francisco – I was going there to give a talk at Brendon Burchard’s “Expert’s Academy” workshop.

When I stepped off the plane in San Francisco I had no freaking clue that within an hour I would be helping “blueprint” a product launch for Paula Abdul – a product launch that will likely kick off with appearances on all the biggest talk shows on network TV.

(That should make for a nice pre-prelaunch!)

What a crazy world… I start the day flying out of my one-gate airport in tiny Durango, CO and a few hours later I’m helping strategize the best way to use a series of appearances on the biggest TV network talk shows as …


Fake Server Crashes and Marketing Morons

by Jeff Walker June 3, 2010 internet marketing

So last week, after a couple of months of preparation, I rolled out this new blog and published the very first post… and then I emailed my list to tell everyone about it.

And the server crashed.

Which was really, really lame… but on one level it was sorta funny – because there’s this “conspiracy theory” out there about people intentionally crashing their servers during product launches.

The only problem with that theory is that it’s completely insane. It would be an idiotic move.

OK, so once and for all… just in case there is any confusion – NO ONE who has a clue wants their server to go down when they launch. It’s a horror show and an embarrassment when it happens.…

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