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Hungry For Change

by Jeff Walker March 10, 2012 motivation

How would you feel if you could get 1,000 opt-ins per hour? That’s a pretty amazing number, but it’s only part of the story…

Can you do a Product Launch Formula-style launch for an independent film? How about a feature-length documentary? What would happen if you had a FREE worldwide online premiere for the film?

And here’s the question that the producers of the film are probably most concerned with… can you change the way the world looks at food with a totally self-funded documentary?

Well, it’s still too early to tell since we’re a couple of weeks from Launch Day… but the early signs are looking pretty amazing.

The launch is for the movie “Hungry For Change”… and it’s a full-out classic PLF-style …


Tony Robbins: mentoring a mentor…

by Jeff Walker July 26, 2010 internet marketing

One of the big reasons I’m where I’m at today is because about 15 years ago, after watching the infomercial over and over… I suspended my disbelief long enough to buy Tony Robbins “Personal Power 2″ home-study course off that late-night commercial.

At the time my life was totally flat lining – I wasn’t going anywhere, and I had no prospects. And I had almost no money whatsoever. Spending that $129 was a HUGE decision.

But, like I said… I suspended my disbelief, and I went ahead and picked up the phone and ordered the product.

As soon as the product came, I tore into it. I followed every single step, and I did EXACTLY what Tony told me to do. I was desperate to …

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