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Day 23: The Live Workshop Gamechanger

by on Aug 23 2016

When I started leading live workshops, it was a complete gamechanger for my business – it took my profits, impact, and positioning to a completely new level. Here's how I did it…

Day 22: Postcards From My Family

by on Aug 22 2016

Postcards from my family – here's how I shared a huge business win with my kids:

Day 21: Launching My New Business ($600k in One Week!)

by on Aug 20 2016

When I rolled out the very first version of my Product Launch Formula course… I really needed a great launch. If there was ever going to be a time where the proof was in the pudding – this was it. If I claimed to be an expert in product launches, I better know how to do a launch. This is what happened…

Day 20: Video Killed the Internet Star

by on Aug 20 2016

Video killed the Internet star – and it made it a lot easier to build your business online (at least for most people). Here's how it changed my business, and how you can use it in yours…

Day 19: How My Business Was Stolen (+ Starting Over)

by on Aug 19 2016

This is the story of how my business was taken from me, and how I rebuilt it so it was 50x bigger and better…

Day 18: What I Learned After 10,000 Emails

by on Aug 18 2016

One time a friend asked me how I became a marketing “guru”… and my answer was simple – I sent 10,000 emails in my first nine years in business, and I tested everything I could think of. Here's what I learned…

Day 17: The Cost of Traffic to Your Site

by on Aug 17 2016

This one is about getting traffic to your site, and the most important formula you need to know about that traffic…

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Day 16: Finally Onboard the Freedom Train

by on Aug 16 2016

As an entrepreneur, there's a moment when you realize that you're truly in control of your future… and that's true freedom. This video is all about that moment…

Next up… Day 17: The Cost of Traffic to Your Site