The Championship Round – Cast Your Vote

by on Aug 31 2013

OK, we're into the Championship Round now… below are the top 8 entries into my PLF Video Contest (you can see the previous round of 17 entries at this link.)

Please help me pick the three winners by leaving a comment below to tell me which were your top 3 videos… 🙂

1. Scott Ferguson: PLF saves his software business

2. Barry Friedman: teaching jugglers, clowns, and magicians how to build their businesses

3. Matthew King: a soldier launches from Iraq and Afghanistan

4. Greg Bishop: 924 new subscribers in a few days, and launching someone else's product

5. Geraldine Barry: real estate investing

6. Jason Spenser: from food stamps to delivering pizza to leading tribes

7. Marco Frezza: teaching magic tricks

8. Dana Wilde: 50-year-old ex-newbie crushing it with her launches

NOTE: I have to tell you that that NONE of these eight videos are typical of my PLF Owners. These are the best eight videos that were entered… and frankly, no one who put in a video is a typical PLF Owner. We all know that a typical client doesn’t shoot videos saying great stuff about you and post it to YouTube. And you can see from their incredibly varied stories that even the idea of a “typical” client is pretty crazy – these people range from a 50-year-old newbie to a software business owner to a professional magician. A few of them mention money – but these definitely aren't income claims. I have no idea who you are or what you would do with my training. A more typical and safer assumption is that you will not make ANY money from my training. Especially if you don't do anything with it.

OK… now I would love if you can help me out… those eight videos in the Championship Round are the finalists in my PLF Video Contest. I’m going to have three winners, including a Grand Prize winner. The overall Grand Prize winner will get a free 1-on-1 consultation with me (plus other prizes.) And the other winners are going to get some cool prizes as well. I would love if you could help me pick the winners – please leave a comment below and tell me which were your three favorite videos… 🙂


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