Jay Abraham and Eben Pagan & Business Strategy

by on Jan 02 2011

I don't put on a lot of live events, but when I do there are a few things you can count on… it will be packed with content, it won't be a pitchfest, there will be lots of amazing people in the room… and there's going to be some major surprises…

But at my Product Launch Manager event last year, I even surpassed my own expectations when I managed to get Jay Abraham and Eben Pagan on stage AT THE SAME TIME… here's a video clip from that historic occasion:


  • Wow! Thank you for sharing Jeff. Love this video!

  • Frank says:

    It is awesome to see my favorite Internet marketers together on the same stage!
    It is a real treat thank you!

  • Kevin Jimeno says:

    Amazing leaders and great insight.
    Talk about perfect timing….


  • Great Video!! Thanks for sharing…

  • Erico says:

    This talk transformed my business when I heard it on LA. The one concept shared on minute 23, made me focus on measuring more precisely what 100 dollar spend on marketing would generate in a long term space. When I got the figures I got clearly that I was underspending on my campaigns. After I adjusted this spending, my profits on a monthly basis increased 3 fold.

    Sometimes a simple distinction have a great impact. This was it for me.

  • Ross says:

    Jeff, thanks so much for posting this. When I heard you had Eben and Jay at PLF live in 09 I was kicking myself for not getting there a year earlier!

    This definitely makes up for some of it!

    Agree Erico, that is a very powerful concept – love it!


  • Awesome interview, thanks for posting it Jeff!

  • Gail Fay says:

    Riveting stuff. Eben suggests making a sign & asking yourself every day “What is value?” I’ll definitely do that. Right now I see it as worth. What is worth? The quality that renders something desirable, valuable or useful.

    “Lifetime value” – an AHA! moment for Jay.

    Give value to others and, in turn, they become valuable to you.

    Thankyou for sharing this. It’s so perfect for me right now, as I put together my business plan. Most inspiring.

  • Edward Munoz says:

    Awesome stuff. Really awesome. thank you Jeff.

  • Phenomenal stuff!

    Always been a big fan of Eben + Jay, great to see the sparks fly as these three greats share the stage.

    Look forward to joining them there one day ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nathan Thomas

  • When I taught my Mercenary Marketing seminars (decades ago) we always included concepts perfected by Jay. Material and strategies are timeless.

  • Neville07 Swaby says:

    Awesome! video Jeff, Good Motivational Speaker for 2011, You never fail to roll out the best.

  • Wow, what a way to kick-start the year! I am actually a realtor that does a wee bit of marketing online. So much of what they all said can be applied to my real estate biz also, Thank you Jeff for the video…getting to see 3 “Greats” in one location and sharing what many others have paid tens of thousands to hear, is truly a belated Christmas present!

    Being able to get Jay and Eben to join you at your event is truly a testament to yourself!

    Peace, love and prosperity to all in 2011!

    Tony Brayley.

  • Sasha says:

    Erico, how did you calculate this? Any tips?

  • Thanks for sharing this video Jeff.

    Lifetime customer value was the biggest takeaway for me. It’s amazing how we focus on getting the clicks as cheaply as possible on the internet, but if we focused on improving lifetime customer value we could probably spend $5, $10 or more a click and competition wouldn’t be a problem…

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  • Shayne Cuffy says:

    Jay ROCKS, Eben is always my go-to guy for building my own info products.

    Thanks Jeff – keep it coming.

    All the best

    UK Designer

    ps – best 26mins today

  • Thomas says:

    Great leaders, awesome conversation. Eben, my mentor taught me a new way to think about what I do, and now Jay has made me think about not only the first contact/lead, but to have a strategy for further contact far into the future. (deeper thought)

  • Michael says:

    Great little video. Picked up an insight from Eben Pagan…if only 4 years too late!
    Anyway, Happy New Year Jeff and just to mention that the link in the email you sent out regarding this video…didn’t work! You missed out the 3 w’s. I know how to copy and paste it into a browser and add them, maybe some people don’t and I would hate for them to miss this great little video. I got another email recently with the same thing. Just thought I would mention that…if that’s OK. Thanks again Jeff

  • Johnny says:

    this is the first time I watched Jay’s video and didn’t know that he started in 1991 and even 15 years ago before 1991, also, Eben studied Jay and listened to his audio 15 years ago. I realized that’s all the riches and successful people do.

    Eben also mentioned a great point of what is value to you. Keep thinking what value we could bring to customers or other people. This is true and very helpful.

    Jeff, thanks for this awesome video

  • Ellery says:

    Thank you Jeff. This is really great video. Jay & Eben are two of my most repected marketers and business persons in the world.


  • Laura says:

    Wow, the concept of lifetime value really got my wheels turning. It was one of those “DOH!” moments when you realize how much you’ve wasted through the years. Time to get focused in a new way. Thanks, Jeff!

  • Tim Atkinson says:

    Jay Eben and Jeff on one stage is amazing, Great video JW and look forward to seeing more from you in 2011

  • Gary Clayberg says:

    Thanks Jeff!
    Eben & Jay are the best, of the best, of the best. Thanks for the share.

  • Let me say, the quality of the individuals is enormous! We’re getting to the place where the term “marketing” is being tarnished by the huckster snake-oil salespeople on the internet. Integrity is important to me and Jeff Walker, YOU ARE IT!

  • Great stuff Jeff! There was one thing Eben said that really jumped out at me and I consider to be a HUGE takeaway.


  • Rick Alonso says:

    Thank you Jeff,

    I listened to Jay’s marketing strategies in the early 90’s and I can tell you they have brought me much success. Truly understanding Value, Value creation and the Life time value of a customer was essential to my success. To here Jay mention it again on the video was right on.


  • Glenn says:

    Great session. Nuggets of pure gold. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brian Miller says:

    This interview opened my mind up one step further than life time value of a customer or client.

    The life time value of the “relationship” with your customers or clients.

    I have 2 clients that I have been working with that have consistently generated a minimum of 4 new clients a year for me because of either direct referrals from them or indirectly because when they discuss their business, I am considered a “part” of their business and success.

    Not to mention the other services I up sell or cross sell them on to help grow their business. (with no selling needed, they take it for granted I have their best interest at heart and I want to see them grow)

    Now my focus is on developing that with all my clients.



  • Rafa says:

    Jeff, I very rarely post comments anywhere, but I just had to say THANK YOU! Jay & Eben are two of my biggest mentors and seeing them on stage together was amazing. Its only January 3rd and this has already made my year.

  • WoW! What a video Jeff!

    This is the first time I ever heard Jay speak…

  • Harcourt says:

    Awesome interview, thanks for posting!

  • Froy says:

    WOW Jeff,

    Thank you for the vid.

    These guys are amazing, and very smart, just two giants, like you who brougt them to your event and share the moment with us.


  • Ken Steven says:

    Jeff, I agree with Eben that Jay Abraham is the most brilliant marketing mind on the planet. He’s been my marketing mentor for 20 years now. I use his core concepts like lifetime value on a regular basis to help my clients grow their businesses. Thanks for sharing this video and giving me (and others) another chance to learn from the master!

  • Craig Valine says:

    This was great!

    Jay was my first marketing mentor – WAY before the Internet! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks so much. ‘Made my day’ to watch

    Craig Valine

  • Boricua says:

    The talk about choosing your JV’s/Partnerships, so good. Throw some more of these indeed at anytime!

    Happy New Year From Puerto Rico@

  • Tom Watts says:

    Great stuff. Both instructive & informative.

  • Murtaza says:

    Dear…..It’s a Piece of Gold and Peace of Marketing Mind! 3 great guys on one lucky stag.

    Thank You so much ya Jeff….for valuable thing you have provided.

  • Yvonne says:

    Jeff, what a gift you are for us learning this business. Wonderfully inspiring conversation you have once again just benn awesome. What a way to start the year. You have just provided me with a framework to work what I have been toying around with about added value for my clients. Happy New Year to all the visionary leaders who are contributing to the wellness of society. !

  • Great video, Jeff. Eben is great as usual, I learned a lot from his guru mastermind course. I’ve heard about Jay but never saw anything from him. He was a bit incoherent but the stuff about lifetime value was great. So, value = how much a product can provide a life-changing experience. That’s exactly what we’re up to these days, using Kajabi.

  • Jerry Nihen says:

    This video is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing this content with us.

  • Ian says:

    great Video Jeff – many thanks for posting – reminds me of my Ex Factor tapes of Jay: would recommend to anyone reading this to get a copy of Jay’s book “Getting Everything you can out of all you’ve got”

  • It really is ALL ABOUT THE VALUE ADD and exceeding expectations. What a great refresher to kick off 2011. Thanks Jeff, Eben, and Jay!

  • Thank you Jeff for this valuable information and wish you all the best for 2011.

  • Hi Jeff you are the best!! thank you very much for your video. Really love it!!

  • Wade Galt says:

    Thanks, Jeff. Great value. I just applied a bunch of your principles to our software business (residual income is huge for us). We’ve been looking for better ways to add value (like what Eben mentioned – which is, of course in a lot of PLF – so we keep our clients longer & optimize lifetime value), and our clients are responding great to it. We’re now asking our clients 1) “How can we make the software better for you?” 2) “How can we do a better job communicating with / creating value for your friends?” – Would you believe it? They’re actually telling us. And they’re loving us more and more. Thanks for re-connecting me with simplicity. Wade

  • Jeff, you really pulled a rabbit out of your hat to get Eben Pagan and Jay Abraham to show up on the same day at the same time!

    It was a pleasure to be there and hear them speak live. For me, the light bulb was around minute 10 & 12. When you work with clients you have to be nimble enough to create a deal that creates value on both sides. Every deal won’t look the exact same way.

  • Christopher says:

    Guilty by association!
    Did you even consider your reputation before you made this video?
    Well, that’s just the type of self sacrificing guy you are Jeff.
    Just kidding! What I’ve seen of Eben and Jay is all first class!
    Now I know where you get it from. Maybe it’s not so lonely at the top after all.
    Just wish you had them spilling more of their secrets.
    They sure fired off some ideas in my one cell even with that tho.
    Thanks Jeff!

  • Wow three of the planets top marketers in one room, nice to have that calibre of teaching. What I disseminated, from Eban was to pick high caliber of people to do business with, and from Jay was to really know the lifelong value of a customer up front in order to market effectively. Good stuff guys, thank you !

  • Thanks Jeff! Pure gold to start off the new year. Thanks for sharing. Take care and enjoy 2011 ~ Dave

  • Rick Davis says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Great video – thanks so much. As always, you’re a guy who just keeps on giving and we love you for it.

  • dileepa says:

    Greetings Warm from SriLanka.

    Impact, contribute & the juice – did Jay A say – OK sonething to do with the inner satifaction.

    Long – short haul & working with the A;s of the A’s from Eban.

    I have some their works.

    Yet Jeff! This was a marvellous piece – to have them both together.

    This was a great gesture – I would say – on your part.

    Success Always.

  • Nat says:

    Thank you!

  • J says:

    That was great Jeff..


  • How can you not take something of great value away from the interview…Jay is definitely a living legend in the entrepreneurial and marketing fields…thank you.

  • Eitan says:

    Tnx Jeff,

    Your kindness is a precious gift to the world.

    Take care.



  • John Mac says:

    Don’t miss the last 5 minutes where Jay answers Eben’s question: “What was the most important thing you learned about marketing?” Jay’s answer may produce a paradigm shift in your strategic thinking.

  • Tony Clingan says:

    To listen to Jay Abraham and Eben Pagen on the same platform was awesome, I respect both men a lot to hear both of them thinking out loud was amazing Tony

  • Bruce Ponder says:


    I now re-gift 3 nuggets that compound into fortunes. After spending 30 minutes with greatness let’s not lose the investment: 1) always be reconsidering lifetime value, 2) always reconsider how to deconstruct, translate and convey what is their and your true value-added increment, 3) always work with the best.

    Don’t have regrets, but I do wish I’d chosen to apprentice with Jay when I lived down the hill from him in 1993. That missed opportunity reminds me NEVER to act from fear – if you have a strong, well considered and passionate feeling to ACT – be like Nike and JUST DO IT! I hope this adds value to anyone reading this.

    P.S. The Pope gave me (indirectly) that headline – hope you notice that I didn’t forget the other nuggets you gave me that have made me millions in several different businesses. Thank you Jay, and now Thank you Eben and Jeff Walker for helping find them, again.

  • Joe Emmet says:

    I’ve been a student of Jay’s for a long time. Know many who have been dramatically impacted by his philosophy, strategies and tactics.

    Found it most interesting to hear that one of the foundational events in his career was learning about the life time value of a client.

    It has always been a concept that influenced my businesses; now, I think I need to spend more time learning all I can about the influence it should have on all our business endeavors. Thanks Jeff!

  • Oli Hille says:

    Thanks for sharing this Jeff.

    Oli Hille
    “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle”

  • Shank says:

    Jay and Eben Rock. Thank you Jeff for getting them together for us.

    Social media strategist

  • Thomas says:

    Great stuff Jeff. Thanks for sharing.

    This was the first time I saw Jay in a video. He seems to be a very smart and cool person.
    I love Ebans clear understanding of marketing and how he transfer his knowlegde.

    Regards from Germany


  • Dan Biel says:

    Jay and Eban have the unique abilty to distil the complex and translate so we see
    the core of what matters. Jeff it great you bring such talent to your event! Brilliant minds
    attract brilliant minds.

  • Chris Reid says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Its morning here in Sydney and to wake up and ‘tune in’ to this little gem of a video was a great start to my day.

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing.


  • Kevin Brown says:

    Thanks very much Jeff,
    Sorry to be slightly ‘out of order’, but it was Eben who did it for me on this clip.
    All the best,

  • Harry says:

    God Damn!!! That was amazing, I know a lot of peple including me understand the concept of value but the main problem is we dont know how to apply it…That’s the difference between Eben, Jay and Jeff with the rest of us.

  • Is it just me, or is Jay Abraham getting younger?

  • Doug Rawady says:

    Thanks so much for posting this clip, Jeff. My only complaint is that it was far too short! I’ve been a disciple of Jay’s teachings and philosophies for over 15 years and have found them to be consistently inspirational and results-producing. I frequently describe him to people using the terms “genius” and “visionary.” Over the last couple of years I’ve also been referring to Eben with a similar reverence. He’s easily one of the most learned and articulate business and human potential guys currently walking the planet. Great stuff!!



  • Will Ezell says:

    Jay made Phoebe and I multi-millionaires many years ago, and I now share his teachings with as many people as possible. Eben is an influence – a brilliant man, as are you!

    To get both Eben and Jay on the same stage with you is a statement of your character and your integrity. Congratulations!

  • Christopher Bellacose says:

    I’ve been listening to Jay for 15 years. The more you listen, the more you learn.

  • Tim Town says:

    Great video! I would love to have you on my stage!

  • Alan says:

    One of the strongest subject lines I’ve seen on an email, in a long time. The promise of seeing Jay & Eben interact.

    I caught myself saying – Aw, yeah and clicking before I could think.

    Much appreciated, thanks
    Alan 11/1/11 (wierd date today)

  • Charles Muamba says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Happy New Year! Thank you so much for sharing this short video clip. I definitely got a lot out of the wisdom of Jay & Eben – both great marketers and business people. Hope everyone gets as much value out of this short video clip as I did. Thanks again!

  • Larrynx says:

    Hey, Jeff,
    THX for video, unfortunately Jay Abraham’s is way toooooooo silent…I tried something to do with my PC voice but there all made on maximum…OR may I have some problem to listen…hey-no, when you talk, all is impeccable, but Jay….Really damage! Especially when he talk a bit “singing” …Eben was too “bad” connected, isn’t? Wirh the echo…When public laugh again is all impeccable…HUH, really really damage…

  • Brian says:

    LOVE IT!

    Abraham and Pagan… it doesn’t get much better than this!

    – Brian Fanale

  • ahmad says:

    Hey Jeff,
    thanks so much for this video!
    I’m not usually one to comment, nor am I usually one of your devout readers, but man this video was short but sweet and very valuable!
    Thanks so much & keep up great work.

  • Cassiah says:


    I cannot express to you the level of respect I have for yourself, Eben, & Jay. Its fantastic to see all of you on stage together, different generations representing different eras of marketing genius! Thank you so much for sharing this video with us!

  • Asian Tv says:

    I cannot express to you the level of respect I have for yourself, Eben, & Jay. Its fantastic to see all of you on stage together, different generations representing different eras of marketing genius! Thank you so much for sharing this video with us!

  • Brian Wong says:

    I remember I ordered J abraham’s book and he suggested that we should test everything we do in marketing. “Everything is a test.” This is one of the most important business lesson we can learn. We gotto split test every marketing campaigns to see which one works better. Nice post Jeff.

  • Jonas says:

    First time hearing Eben Pagan talk about “Value” instantly re-defined how I keep the idea in my mind every day. I still have to use money but I WANT purpose, and purpose is in creating value. I believe value and opportunity are in no way limited by money, the idea of money is like a block or an excuse to not think in the right way.

  • Vishal says:

    Really useful interview Jeff. Appreciate it!!

  • The video is missing from the post. Love to see it.

  • Daniel says:

    Fantastic video.

    Eben and Jay have been my two biggest influences…. Incredibly incredibly amazed to see them together and on the same stage!

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