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Keeping Your Eye on the Prize?

by on May 05 2018

As entrepreneurs, we gotta get SUPER-INTENSE white-hot-focused on our goals. But sometimes those goals are just an illusion. Here’s something that can be a lot more important…

Living in a Bill Murray Movie

by on Apr 27 2018

What would you do if you had to live the same day over and over again? Here’s where I would start…

The Only Thing Worse Than Being Wrong…

by on Apr 22 2018

Part of being an entrepreneur is making choices. Some are easy, and some… not so much. The thing is, you’re not always going to make the “right” decision. Here’s why you should stop worrying about being “wrong” or “right” (and the one choice that practically guarantees you’ll fail)…

A Million Little Decisions

by on Apr 14 2018

Five years ago, I was walking on this exact same beach when I was inspired to shoot a video that completely changed my business. This video is about those little moments we all have, where we take a chance and decide to do something different…

Do Less, Make More (Everyone Can Do This)

by on Mar 31 2018

It sounds kinda outrageous, this notion of doing less but making more (and having more time, freedom, and joy). But here’s the thing – there are already folks out there who have figured out the secret. That’s what this week’s video is all about.

My Talk with Tony Robbins

by on Mar 24 2018

I had an opportunity to sit down with Tony Robbins and talk about what it really takes to achieve success in business and in life. Here’s some of what we talked about…

  • Why living “a balanced life” might not make you happy (and what you should strive for instead)
  • Tony’s “90-second-rule” that helps you get back into a state of happiness, no matter what negative things are happening in your life
  • The two common emotions that destroy most people’s personal and financial lives… and how to get these feelings under control

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This one’s a little bit longer than my usual blog videos, but it’s well worth it…

Gurus In A Gondola Getting Dinner

by on Feb 23 2018

On the way to dinner at last Platinum Plus meeting, my son Dan busted out the camera and starting asking some tough (and funny) questions. Here’s a little peek into the brains of some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know…

Appearing in the video:

Stu McClaren –
Melinda Cohan –
Brian Kurtz –
Bari Baumgardner –
Shelley Brander –

The big takeaways…

  • What your biggest fear reveals about how you should be building your business.
  • The one uncomfortable question you should be asking if you want to grow as a business owner (and as a person).
  • Why you should stop worrying about strategy… and what you should be focused on instead.

Facing a blank page (getting unstuck)

by on Feb 10 2018

For the last few weeks, I’ve been getting nowhere with a new project I’ve been working on. Here’s what I did to get “unstuck” and start moving forward…

The big takeaways…

  • How to settle your mind so you can get your biggest, most important projects done
  • The process I use for coming up with awesome, new ideas
  • One simple trick to overcome writer’s block