PLF Video Contest: and the winners are…

by on Sep 03 2013

OK, I just have to say that the competition was intense. We had so many great videos, and the final eight in the Championship Round were all fantastic.

Everyone who entered a video in the contest is a big winner – for taking action, for building a business, and for making an impact in the world.

Last week I posted our top 17, and then we moved onto the final eight in our Championship Round. Between the two rounds, we had over 500 comments… and it's clear that several of our contestants have rabid followings.

With the competition so fierce, and with so many amazing entries… I figured the only thing I could do was give out more prizes. So I have a Grand Prize winner below, but the two runner-ups also have a really sweet prize package. And, in fact, everyone in the final eight is going to get a prize package.

So here we go:

– Grand Prize: Matthew King, a soldier launches from Iraq and Afghanistan. What can I say… an incredible story of perseverance and just getting it done.

Matthew wins a iPad, a 1-on-1 consult with me, a free upgrade to PLF 4.0, VIP status at PLF Live, and an invitation to a private call with myself and the other finalists.

– Runner-up: Dana Wilde, an incredible story, incredible results… love seeing a 50ish ex-newbie get these amazing results. And from the waves of pro-Dana comments, she obviously has an amazing following… and she's obviously helping them in a huge way. She was so impressive that I decided to increase her prize package to include an iPad Mini and a 1-on-1 consult with me.

Dana wins a iPad Mini, a 1-on-1 consult with me, a free upgrade to PLF 4.0, VIP status at PLF Live, and an invitation to a private call with myself and the other finalists.

– Runner-up: Barry Friedman, fantastic energy and a great story of helping others. And he juggled knives! Barry also has a rabid following who he has obviously helped in a big way. Barry also got his prize prize package upgraded to include an iPad Mini and a 1-on-1 consult with me.

Barry wins a iPad Mini, a 1-on-1 consult with me, a free upgrade to PLF 4.0, VIP status at PLF Live, and an invitation to a private call with myself and the other finalists.

Very strong honorable mentions go to:

– Scott Ferguson, who saved his software company (and the jobs of his team members) with PLF, and then went on to start another business based on PLF.

Scott gets a free upgrade to PLF 4.0, and VIP status at PLF Live, and an invitation to a private call with myself and the other finalists.

– Marco Frezza: who brightens the day of many children, and launches in the niche of teaching magic tricks… and talks about our secret society

Marco gets a free upgrade to PLF 4.0, VIP status at PLF Live, and an invitation to a private call with myself and the other finalists.

– Jason Spenser: from food stamps and delivering pizza to helping people create tribes. Jason has a passionate following and they showed up in the comments section. He's a force to be reckoned with.

Jason gets a free upgrade to PLF 4.0, VIP status at PLF Live, and an invitation to a private call with myself and the other finalists.

– Greg Bishop: impressive and focused actions… resulted in 924 new subscribers in a few days, and success launching someone else’s product. I can't wait to see what he has to come…

Greg gets a free upgrade to PLF 4.0, VIP status at PLF Live, and an invitation to a private call with myself and the other finalists.

– Geraldine Barry: she's only owned PLF for a little over two months, yet she's already done two launches… teaching people about real estate – and she also had some very strong supporters in the comments. Impressive.

Geraldine gets a free upgrade to PLF 4.0, VIP status at PLF Live, and an invitation to a private call with myself and the other finalists.

NOTE: I have to tell you that that NONE of these eight videos are typical of my PLF Owners. These are the best eight videos that were entered… and frankly, no one who put in a video is a typical PLF Owner. We all know that a typical client doesn’t shoot videos saying great stuff about you and post it to YouTube. And you can see from their incredibly varied stories that even the idea of a “typical” client is pretty crazy – these people range from a 50-year-old newbie to a software business owner to a professional magician. A few of them mention money – but these definitely aren’t income claims. I have no idea who you are or what you would do with my training. A more typical and safer assumption is that you will not make ANY money from my training. Especially if you don’t do anything with it.

I want to thank everyone who left a comment. Picking the finalists was hard, and picking the winners was even harder.

And finally, I want to thank everyone who entered a video in the contest – you folks are all heroes. And thank you to all my Product Launch Formula Owners – you are the ones that inspire me to keep making the PLF training better and better. 🙂


  • Betsy Flanagan says:

    Congrats to all of the finalists! They were all so inspiring. I’m super excited to see them continue their success and I’d love to see a follow-ups in a year or so to see how they’ve continued to grow and succeed.

  • Maya Mathias says:

    Hooray!! Congratulations to Matthew, Dana & Barry, and to everyone else for the honorable mention.

    And thank YOU Jeff for creating such a great training experience 🙂

  • Doug Greene says:

    Wow … the first place video is a m a z i n g! What a great combo of technique (while driving in the car), technique (sepia look), music (subtle, in the background), etc. Even more – the images of him on deployment add “cred” and turst that this guy is telling you exactly like it is. But it’s his story that knocks it out of the park. Congrats to Matthew for creating what I think is the most heart-touching and inspiring testimonial I’ve ever seen. Wow. Just WOW.

  • I know I came in last, but I’m thrilled! How could we top launcing from a war zone – that is a great story. To my fellow female contestant Dana well done!. I can’t wait for the live event and to meet you all in person. T

    • Jeff Walker says:

      @Geraldine: You did NOT come in last… the last five were in no particular order. You had a great entry… ALL of the finalists were great. And it was quite an accomplishment making it this far… you made it into the top 17, then into the final eight. Congrats on your fantastic success – so impressive that you did it in so little time.

  • Rebecca Johnson says:

    Kudos to everyone! And what a wonderful case study you’ve given us by showing us how a video contest could work to induce engagement on a blog or facebook business page!

  • Congratulations, Matthew. Well deserved 1st place.
    Good luck with all your endeavors and thank you for your service to the country!

  • Jeff,

    Love these videos… Makes me remember the moment I hit the ‘Apply Now’ button on the Product Launch Manager program.
    It was the best business decision I’ve made as I get to serve others in launching their dreams…
    I truly love serving these guys and gals and PLF has made that possible…

    You are leaving one huge legacy Jeff. Best wishes to you, your family, the team and all the other PLF’ers…

    James Klobasa 🙂

  • Dori Etter says:

    This was AWESOME Jeff!! Amazing to see so many people making so many different kinds of businesses with PLF. The videos were fun, inspiring, and uplifting!

    Really, every person who gets PLF and does a launch is a winner, because it truly EMPOWERS you – and you can see it in the videos. That empowerment doesn’t just show up in that one launch or campaign – it spills over into everything in your life and business.

    Thanks for creating this opportunity for us all – it’s been a life changer for me, and lots of folks who didn’t submit a video too.


  • Matthew King says:

    Hey! Wow, this is an AMAZING surprise, I really did not expect this at all! Jeff, thank you for running this contest, and giving me the chance to tell my story (2 minutes is barely enough to cover such a feat)…

    Thanks to all the rockstars who left such kind thoughts on the comments, I’m touched…

    I can’t wait for the new PLF 4.0 and the LIVE event to meet up with everyone… and to my fellow video contestants, you have all inspired me to believe this is just the beginning of an awesome and fruitful journey….


    • Jeff Walker says:

      @Matt: you’re welcome… and THANK YOU for your hard work, perseverance, and for telling such an inspiring story. You’ll be hearing from my team soon to get everything all set up.

  • Dana Wilde says:

    Congratulations Matt … and to all of the other contestants! This was just too much fun!

    Thank you to all of the participants. I’m sure I speak for the other contestants when I say that it was really touching to see such a show of support.

    Geraldine, thanks for the shout out! I think you are a rock star and I can’t wait to meet you in person!

    And finally, Jeff, I think it’s so generous of you to upgrade the prizes. I am so humbled and honored to be in this group and absolutely thrilled to get a one-on-one consultation with you. You are always such a good example to follow and I intend to continue to do just that. You are truly appreciated! 🙂

  • What an amazing success for every one. Dana Wilde taught me that the world is conspiring FOR me and seeing her win proves that!!!

  • Marly says:

    My first choice won first prize!
    Congratulations to everyone who has made of a PLF the formula to change their lives!

  • What a great opportunity to hear some terrific, upbeat real-life stories about what PLF has really done for different people in various genres. It was totally inspiring. I can’t wait to be in the position to share my PLF story. Thanks Jeff!

  • Joel Sweeney says:

    Congratulations to all. Amazing stories! You are all inspirations particularly to us who haven’t launched yet.

  • Jeff, thank-you for the opportunity, platform, and again for everything you bring to the world! You are a class act, and your generosity of opening up additional prizes was amazing and unexpected. I appreciate it tremendously to even have a voice amongst these savvy and experienced product launchers… 🙂

    And thank you to the TRIBE that showed up and voted for me… many of whom who just heard a small piece of my story for the first time. You’re amazing!

    I’m inspired by all of you — Matt, Barry, Dana, Geraldine, Greg, Marco, Scott! I have so much to learn from you all, and look forward to connecting and hanging out.

    • Jeff Walker says:

      @Jason: you are a rock star in the making! When I first saw your video… it stopped me dead in my tracks. It was a tough competition, and you stood out as one of the very best. We’re going to have fun on that call with the nine of us (the eight finalists and myself 🙂

  • Vee says:

    Congratulations, Matthew! 🙂

    And very cool of you, Jeff, to add to the prizes…all of the videos inspired me! Thanks for the contest.

  • france says:

    Bravo to the finalists! Bravo to you Jeff! Great stories and great passions!..;-))

  • Marco Scabia says:

    Wow, what a great contest.

    Congratulations to Matt, Dana and Barry, and also to all the eight finalists! I am proud to have been part of such an amazing group of entrepreneurs in the first round.

    And thanks to Jeff for putting all this together. It’s breathtaking to see all these success stories one after another, in the same page.

    All the best, and looking forward to meet you all in Scottsdale!

    • Jeff Walker says:

      @Marco: it was great having you in the Round of 17… it was an accomplishment just making it into the top 17. You *almost* made the cut into the Championship Round of 8. It was great to hear your story from the beach – it looked beautiful there, and you looked very relaxed. 🙂

  • J says:

    congrats to all!!! Jeff, when does PLF 4 go live and how do we get access to it?

  • Greg P. says:

    Great videos. Very inspiring.

    Jeff — I just sent this email out to my own affiliates this week because most of them are screwing up their own product launches. Feel free to share.

    As you probably know by now, we’re starting our 36th and 37th
    product launches next Monday…

    And, you also probably know that almost all of our launches have
    reached $1M or more (our record so far is about $4M for 1

    However, almost everybody in our niche who does product launches
    is STILL struggling.

    Why? We all essentially share the same list, so why are we able
    to perform so well when most everyone else struggles?

    I have some ideas.

    Whenever I talk to someone who just had a failed launch, I
    always ask them if they’ve been through Jeff Walker’s Product
    Launch Formula course.

    Surprisingly, I’d guess that 80% say NO. And those that DO have
    it have not gone through it yet. In fact, I think I’ve only
    spoken with 2 or 3 people in our space who have been through
    every iteration of his course like I have.

    Most of them tell me something like this: Well, I understand how
    to do a product launch, so I don’t need Jeff’s course.

    Uh huh.

    And that’s why I think most launches bomb. You cannot just watch
    some product launches and think you’ve “got it”.

    There very precise, step-by-step things you need to be doing
    that are NOT apparent by just watching a launch (there’s a lot
    of psychology buried in all of our pre-launch videos that’s
    carefully timed and placed).

    You can’t just teach a bunch of stuff, put up a cut in line
    list, and go live.

    When Product Launch Formula 1.0 came out, I bought it even
    though we really had no money at the time. I then spent 3 days
    going through all the videos and took dozens of pages of notes.

    Then I pretty much copied John Reese’s “Traffic Secrets” launch
    when we launched our course and we did $555,000 in 7 days, which
    was more than we made in the prior 12 months.

    All I did was copy a precise, proven template.

    Granted, it’s a lot tougher these days, but there are still a
    lot of things missing from the launches I watch (and I watch
    most of them).

    So, Jeff Walker just started his pre-launch for the latest version
    of Product Launch Formula, version 4.

    If you’ve been struggling with your launches, I urge you to go
    watch his pre-lauch videos, buy PLF when it goes live, and then
    study every module of it.

  • Thank you, Jeff, for this opportunity. I’m honored to have been chosen as a runner up. I knew when I saw Matthew’s video the new goal was to get 2nd place 🙂 Well done, Matthew and all of the other ‘winners’! Looking forward to spending some time with you on our call and at in Scottsdale.

    Jeff – when I was laying the ground, wind knocked out of me and the right side of my body temporarily paralyzed, I looked to my biking partner and said, “I have a show in Vegas on Wednesday”. He saw my collarbone poking against my skin and said I wasn’t going to make it to the show.

    At that moment I was pretty sure my life was over.

    Soon after the surgery I learned about PLF and knew that it had all happened for a reason. Without that accident there’s no way I would have built my programs, launched them to thousands of people around the world, and showed myself that I could make a great living and change lives from a 160 sq. foot Tough Shed on the corner of my property in the Sierra Mountains. I mean, that isn’t exactly the kind of stuff they tell ya in school!

    Heading into the mountains tomorrow for 5 days of backpacking and all 3 of my programs running. I’m still rolling my eyes that I’ll come out of this trip and my bank account will be bigger that it is tonight. That wasn’t how things worked before my accident and I was “sure my life was over”.

    So to everyone who entered the contest – BRAVO! We will connect, tell stories, inspire each other, and learn more from a man who’s ripples are touching millions of lives around the world.

    Barry Friedman
    Grass Valley, CA

    PS… My 11-year old son can’t wait for the iPad Mini! Thanks for tossing that in. He watched from the deck while I shot the video and after I juggled the knives he said, “Daddy you SO got this!”

  • Pam Samson says:

    Hi Jeff! I have enjoyed your emails so far and have printed off the downloads, and think that the people who sent in videos are very brave!! I am hoping to become confident and brave too!
    Take care (living with tropical storm Gabrielle at present)

  • Janet Arnold says:

    All of these videos were very inspiring! I am so glad I watched through all of them to the end. Congrats to the final winners and to the others who believed in themselves and made a difference in their business. Something stirs in me as well….

  • Romulo says:

    I was watching your upgrades yourself vids, and I felt the tremendous amount of energy you are sending to your public, I think your vibs are Great to start any UPGRADES…!!. Thanks..!!. Romulo.

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