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Innovation vs. Marketing Suicide

by on Jul 07 2015

It can be all too easy to fall into the “revolutionary” trap… trying to create the next big thing, the thing that no one has ever thought of but somehow everyone needs. That almost never works.

Here’s how to walk that fine line between innovation and marketing suicide.

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Coaching at 115 Miles Per Hour

by on Jun 20 2015

One of the quickest ways to get started in business (or grow your current business) is by offering coaching. This is what I learned about coaching when I was driving a Porsche GT-3 at 115 miles per hour…

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Backstage with the Rolling Stones (and Lessons Learned!)

by on Jun 12 2015

I've been a huge fan of the Rolling Stones for most of my life… so when I got an invite for a private backstage tour (plus VIP status), I couldn't say no.

Here's what I learned being behind the curtain of one of the biggest bands in the world…

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A Common Marketing Mistake (That I Was Making)

by on May 03 2015

Here's one of the most common marketing mistakes that we all make – and guess what… it just took one short conversation to realize I was making it.

So the question is, are you making this same mistake in your marketing?

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The Vision For Starting a Business

by on Mar 15 2015

Last week a viewer asked about what kind of vision I had for my business when I first started out – well the real answer was that I didn't have that big of a vision, but I did have a whole lot of desperation.

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How I Finally Finished My Book

by on Jan 18 2015

I'm not going to lie… finishing my book was an epic struggle. Here's the simple technique that allowed me to finally finish it…

Here's some of the resources I mentioned:

Relax Melodies:
My “Launch” Book:

How To Make Your Own Good Luck

by on Jan 11 2015

What does luck have to do with success? There's no denying it… it's great to have good luck in your business. But the most successful people engineer their good luck. Here's how to do it…

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Two Challenges for the New Year from Jeff Walker

by on Dec 28 2014

Here are two big challenges for you in the coming year… these are the two biggies that I focus on almost every year.

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