Hey there, I’m Jeff.

I’m glad we bumped into each other online and that you wanted to get in touch.

Here’s a little more about me

I’m the creator of Product Launch Formula, the proven step-by-step process for starting and growing an online business.

If you’ve ever seen someone launch online in a big way, they probably learned how to do it from me.

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Launch Book

I wrote this New York Times bestselling book

A lot of my students have jump started their “Launch Life”® by reading my #1 New York Times bestselling book, Launch.

Brendon Burchard says it's “the most important book ever written about online marketing”.

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I send out a short blog every week

I love giving my audience as much value as I can. If you like stories, wisdom, and insights that motivate you to “go get ‘em” during the week… check out my weekly blogs.

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