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Apple Archives - Jeff Walker

In The Eye Of The Storm

by on Jun 22 2010

Jeff here, reporting from the eye of the hurricane… or at least that's what my office feels like right now.

I'm in the midst of the launch of my Product Launch Formula 3.0 coaching program. The launch is going great – but when you're in the middle of one of these epic launches… well, things get a bit crazy at times.

Of course, I'm not the ONLY one in the middle of a launch – Apple's rolling out their iPhone 4 – and well, they crashed their server. Or more accurately, their network.

Take a look at what happened when a friend of mine tried to pre-order an iPhone:

[S3VIDEO file='http://plr-e.s3.amazonaws.com/oops2.mp4′ authurl='false' width='500′ clicktoplay='Apple Server Crash Video'] [S3VIDEO file='http://plr-e.s3.amazonaws.com/oops2.mp4′ authurl='false' displaymode='overlay' clicktoplay='Watch the Apple Server Crash Video']

Yes, that’s the Apple store blowing up.

And yes…

That’s definitely a server crash. Oops!

Of course, I can't give them too much grief, because I've been there – I crashed a server during a launch.

It's pretty funny… just a few days ago that I wrote about server crashes and product launches… and some of the people who left comments seemed to think I was either lying, or I was an idiot if I couldn't keep a server up during a launch.

Well, Apple is certainly a company that has a lot more assets than my company has (duh!)… and guess what?

They couldn't keep their servers up.

And, speaking of Apple… take a look here to see my breakdown of the iPhone 4 launch. I think you'll find it interesting… and there's something in there I've never really made public before.

– Jeff

P.S. I’m not an Apple consultant. No one in my company is consulting for Apple. But, that’s part of the reason why you need to watch my video about the launch of the iPhone 4. I’m sharing something that I’ve never shared in public.