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How do you turn a prospect into a buyer? Instead of marketing and selling, think about offering value and building a relationship with your audience. Here are the marketing tools I use to do it:

Marketing Tool #1: Email Marketing

One of the absolute key ingredients to building any business is email. Social media platforms are good for connecting with your audience, but you own your email list. Use it to offer your prospects truly valuable information, way before you ever ask for the sale, and your list will continue to grow. 

Marketing Tool #2: Social Media Marketing

Social platforms should complement but not take the place of your email marketing. When I publish my weekly video blog, I use Twitter to get the word out. If you’ve bought one of my programs or attended an event, you’ll get an invitation to a bustling Facebook group. I also use platforms like Clubhouse to “listen in” on my avatar… and find out their hopes and dreams.

Marketing Tool #3: Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, your affiliates make a commission every time they sell your product. This lets you tap into their audience and expand your reach. At the same time, your affiliates get to serve their audience… by selling your stuff.

Marketing Tool #4: Joint Venture Marketing

There’s power in partnership, especially for your business. Joint venture (JV) marketing is similar to affiliate marketing, except JV partners may also provide added incentives for buyers, such as creating their own bonuses to complement your offer. 

Marketing Tool #5: Pay-Per-Click Marketing

There’s “organic traffic”, which you don’t pay for, and there’s pay-per-click marketing. You pay a publisher to host or advertise your content, and then you get leads (and sales) through people clicking on your ad. 

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