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What’s the point of having a hugely profitable business if you don’t have a life you love?

I’ve made it a point to create the kind of business that allows me the freedom to enjoy life and make my family a priority. As the years go by, I’m confident this is the true meaning of entrepreneurship.

Conversely, if you neglect your lifestyle, your business will suffer.

Taking time away from your business is just as important as putting time into it. By nature, entrepreneurs are creative. We simply can’t have the mental power for creativity when we’re always ON.

Similarly, your mindset will determine how far you’ll go in your business.

Your mindset is what allows you to defeat the challenges that weed out a lot of would-be entrepreneurs, landing them right back in a job and lifestyle they hate.

That’s why mindset and lifestyle are intertwined with the success of your business, and vice versa. They’re as important to the success of your business as profit margins and marketing strategies.

In these posts, you’ll hear me tell stories about the mindset lessons I learned in over two decades of building an online business. I’ll also introduce you to entrepreneurs in our community as they describe their journey from shaky first steps to exhilarating success.

Listen for cues about the mindset traits they implemented along the way, and how they’ve created a business that gives them the ultimate freedom: a lifestyle they define on their own terms.