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It happens to so many business owners and would-be business owners… They come with an idea for something to sell. Maybe they do a little work to validate it. They decide it would do well enough to start selling it online. These entrepreneurs start offering their product or service and…


No one buys. No one even clicks. 

After all, it takes time and work to get to the front page of Google. And without running an extensive (and crazy expensive) ad campaign… 

People probably aren’t even aware this new offer exists. It fails to attract customers and ends up fizzling out fast. So what’s the antidote? How can you get noticed by your ideal customers and start making money right away?

It’s simple. You need to LAUNCH.

Whether you’re launching a product, service, course, membership, or pretty much anything — a launch turns ordinary marketing into an event. It gets people excited before you even make your offer.

When a movie comes out, it doesn’t just show up on screen one day. The cast and director do interviews to promote it. They release trailers ahead of time. And then once the movie is actually released, people can’t wait to see it. 

A launch has the same effect on your business. That’s why I created Product Launch Formula — to help you build that buzz and generate the excitement your offer deserves.

Don’t just “put yourself out there” and hope people will find you. They won’t. There are too many other things competing for their attention.

You need to LAUNCH. To turn your marketing into an event people are psyched about. And everything you’ll find in this section will help you do just that.