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Why do some online businesses skyrocket to success while others barely get off the ground?

A huge part of it is mindset.

If you talk to some of the most successful entrepreneurs, you’ll notice they have what I call a Launch Mindset:

  • A bias towards taking action. Instead of overthinking, successful entrepreneurs take action. They throw something at the wall and see if it will stick.
  • They don’t compare themselves to other people. Instead of feeling they can’t measure up — or that an idea is already taken — they soak up inspiration from the success (and mindset!) of others.
  • A refusal to quit. No doubt about it: starting and growing a business will have more than a few bumps in the road. If you look how most successful entrepreneurs started out, you’ll see they kept going despite the obstacles.
  • They turn setbacks into opportunity. One of the entrepreneurs in our community had her car stolen, and instead of lamenting the problem, she realized she was looking at an opportunity. Talk about a mindset shift! She did a quick launch that raised more than enough money to replace her car — while serving her community with her product. And she did it in five days.
  • Successful entrepreneurs are serious students of marketing. And that’s because they understand selling is both an art form… and a sacred duty. If you have a product or service that can transform someone’s life for the better, you owe it to your audience to learn how to effectively sell it to them.

These are mindset traits you can cultivate. I’m always working on my mindset. And in my high-end mastermind (an elite group of crazy successful entrepreneurs), we spend most of our time focusing on mindset. It really is that important.

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