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OK, there's a business lesson in here… but it starts last year when I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express in Moab, Utah while I was on vacation…

(Moab is a frequent base for my outdoor adventures, and Holiday Inn Express is as fancy as the accommodations get there.)

In any case, the hotel had one of those “free” breakfast deals… so in the morning I went down to the lobby to check it out.

The breakfast spread had lots of bagels, cereal, toast, and such. And there was a bunch of tables with lots of people eating breakfast.

And, of course, there was a big TV embedded in the wall with the volume turned way up… it was tuned to a “news” show.

On the “news” show they kept showing a “news story” about a robbery of a convenience store… and the “story” featured a video clip from a security camera – the video showed a thug holding a gun to the terrified clerk's head while he screamed that he was going to pull the trigger.

It was a horrible video. It literally made me sick to my stomach.

I love people, I love humanity. I have great faith that we are evolving as a species in all kinds of good ways. But there are sick people in this world. And it can be sad, depressing, and confusing to be confronted by those people.

However, the really amazing thing to me was the people eating breakfast in that lobby. They were all sitting there watching the show. Eyes glued to the TV. Some of the people were parents with young children at their table.

Outside the hotel, the landscape of southeastern Utah called with indescribable beauty, but they sat transfixed by the worst of humanity.

It's important to note that the incident on the TV actually happened nearly 2,000 miles from where they were sitting. This “news” had absolutely zero impact on their lives.

Yet, they were willingly sitting there letting the TV put these horrible, violent, depraved images into their brain.

It was almost as if someone walked up to them and asked “would you like some poison injected in your brain?” … and their answer was “yes, please give me an extra dose“…

That's not the recipe for starting a happy, productive day. Or life.

If you want to achieve anything… whether it's in your personal life or your business life, then you need to guard your brain, and what you put into it… and what you let others put into it.

If you put poison into your brain, you're going to get a bunch of poison coming out of your brain.

This is ESPECIALLY important for entrepreneurs.

When you step up and start a business, or try to grow your business… you are setting yourself apart. You're telling the world “I'm a leader, not a follower“… and, sadly, that will make you a target.

That's an unfortunate truth, but it's the truth.

There are lots of people that hate their lives. There are lots of people that have tried and failed. There are even more people that would like to try, but they're scared to take the first step. And they envy you.

When YOU take that step, when you start building your business… it's only natural for jealousy to rear it's ugly head among all those failures and wannabees.

Basically, it's easier for those people to try to tear you down than it is to go out and actually work to create some value in the world.

(And make no mistake, that's the business that all entrepreneurs are in – creating value. And it's also why a lot of people fail… because they never figure that out.)

And I just want to say right here – there is nothing wrong with failure. I've failed at lots of things. Failure is only a problem if you either take it as permanent and don't try again, or if you blame your failure on other people.

So please take it as a given… when you're an entrepreneur, people will try to tear you down.

If you pay attention to those people, then you're injecting poison into your brain, as surely as if you were in that hotel watching a TV with a convenience store clerk begging for her life.

As an entrepreneur, one group of people who will try to tear you down will be people that are close to you… your family and/or your friends. You will get more of this when you're first starting out. Trust me, this can be very painful… but once your business takes off, this type of criticism tends to fade away.

But that's not the end of it… these days, in the age of the Internet, where anyone that can turn on a computer can become an anonymous critic… well, you will certainly draw naysayers and critics. Maybe not when you start your business, but the larger your success grows, the bigger a target you become.

Like I said above… this isn't a happy fact, and if you're just starting out it might be discouraging… but it's a fact nonetheless… if you're going to achieve great things, you're going to attract jealous attacks.

So here's some strategies to deal with it:

1. Always protect your confidence. If people are tearing you down, then you need to avoid them. This can be tough if it's your family, but you need to set boundaries. You need to create distance. And if your friends are tearing you down, it's time to find some new friends.

2. If you're getting attacked by critics (who usually have no experience or are abject failures), then the best answer is usually to ignore them. Don't visit the places they hang out. It's that simple. In general, the people listening to them are not your clients or prospects.

It's almost like an intelligence test. The people who are stupid enough to listen to the bile and hatred are not intelligent enough to be your clients.

Read that last paragraph again… it's important.

3. Use the haters as motivation. This is something that John Carlton wrote about… it's something of a secret that lots of entrepreneurs and high achievers are motivated in large part by a thirst for revenge. That's not the prettiest emotion… but I think John is on to something. Personally, I've been driven to some massive successes as an answer to people attacking me… once to a launch that did almost $4 million in sales in just a couple of days.

That wasn't the first and definitely won't be the last time that an attack was answered by the marketplace… with a massive product launch.

4. Remember… “the best revenge is a life well lived” … go out and create more and more success in your business and your life, and create more and more value for your clients and customers… and you won't even be able to remember who the doubters and haters were.

5. Forgive. Even though revenge can make for great fuel in the moment… it's not a good long-term food for your soul. Remember that the people trying to tear you down are just trying to deal with their fears, doubts, and inadequacies. We all have those same emotions in our lives at times… and they can be a real burden. A little empathy goes a long way.

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288 Replies to “Injecting Poison Into Your Brain”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    well said, as I often say in my workshops, “control your controllables” and don’t let that stuff enter your mind. I believe in ‘celebrating what’s right with the world’ Cheers Roy

  2. Jeff, this was a very good read. I really enjoyed it. We wouldn’t fuel our cars with oil as it would run right…same thing applies to all humans. Feed our brains well and it will flourish into wonderful fruits.

    Warmly, Cheryl Lynn

  3. WOW … Jeff you must have been following my day. Have been attacked by everyone from an affiliate right on through to a family member. In July when I ordered PLF3 I had just fractured my right foot and was facing surgery. Since July I have had to move half way across the country, now face another 6 weeks therapy on this foot. Through this process could no longer work with my one on one clients or do all the seminars and workshops with some amazing athletes and performers throughout the summer and fall.
    Challenging 4 months.

    With all that has happened I have become so far behind in the course but I remember you telling us if it takes your last dollar get to the conference. In the last 3 months so many people have told me to just give it up – get a survival job. It is not in my nature.

    Having been in the media for years, I refuse to get a TV – manufactured consent.

    Refuse to quit. I assist others in becoming Champions. I have always attempted to be integral and supply value to my clients thus I was valued. For me it is about walking my talk and so now it is my turn to become the Champion.

    I have been doing research for a book I am writing and came across a quote that gets me through times like these.

    Dr. Hamaker-Zondag:
    “By daring to take things as they come, we find that in spite of their unpredictability, they often turn out well for us. If we interfere and try to control things the very reverse frequently seems to happen. It is disconcerting to the conscious mind not to be able to foresee the course of events. But the unconscious finds ways to experience things that belong to us, that have a healing effect and can support us socially”.

    For being who you be and bringing to us what you do I thank you Jeff.

    Looking forward to doing the PLF3 course and to the possibility of still coming to and meeting others and you at the conference in Arizona.

    Dancing with life and Creating Champions

  4. Some of my greatest motivation has come through other people’telling me things like “you’re wasting your time doing that” or “you’ll never get anywhere” or “that won’t work” or “you’re barking up the wrong tree”. Even my father believed I’d never amount to anything.

    I’ve taken great delight in proving them wrong. If one truly believes in what they are doing and have the determination to make it a success, then critics can be useful in enhanceing the resulting triumphs.

    Just call me a loser and I’ll prove that I’m an achiever!

  5. Jeff,

    Thanks for the great post. It is so true and inspires me to keep pushing forward even when people try to discourage me.


  6. Great post, Jeff. What is most important, as you say, is that we are creating value. Your strategies are right on the money.

  7. Jeff,

    This article came at the right time!! Thanks so much. I recently took your PLF course and transformed my blog and started launching products. I still provide the same great stuff I always did just now I added some products and are selling others as well.

    As a result I have been attacked mercilessly. I mean down right mean and nasty. Plus they get many others to jump in with them. I was down and thinking about how to deal with it, even that I made a big mistake doing product launches.

    But as I was pondering I saw your email and click through to this article. Thank you so much for your great article. This has been a tremendous help.

  8. Maturity,wisdom and thoughtfulness come to mind. Also tenacity,and positive mental attitude. come out of this post Jeff. Make the choices to proceed with the critics in their bubble. Never feed trolls.

  9. Thanks for the reminder and most of all for the life you lead. You are a great example of proving people wrong by providing so much value that your success shuts them up. Keep up the good work and thanks again for all you do to be so authentic.

  10. Jeff

    Your observations are right on.
    That is why it is important to surround yourself with other positive doers, and to continue to focus on the vision. Maintain an attitude that any challenges you encounter are an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

  11. Hey Jeff!

    Truly well said. Someone came around to my personal site yesterday calling me an idiot and saying I was “no better than a Nigerian 419 scammer”, all because a product I promoted about 4 years ago changed their language as of late and is now using some exaggerated claims in their sales page.

    Important note in this story? I don’t promote them anymore and to the best of my knowledge, haven’t for several years.

    I just consider his comments free content for my site, and it also gives me a way to show others (the people who actually know where my heart’s at and what I’m working on, and want to do the same themselves) that there are these types in the world.

    I figure that I’ve finally “made it”, because someone’s coming out of the woodwork to be super angry with me. That’s my healthy response to an unhealthy person.

    Thank-you for this post.

    Jonathan Kraft

    P.S. Haven’t ever bought a TV, and don’t know if I ever will.

  12. So true. It’s one of the reason I stop watching all TV for about 9 years. Amazing time in my life. I actually read and learned some really value stuff. Now I selectively pick quality pod casts and choose carefully what I listen to and put in my brain.

    Just another fan,


  13. I’m going to mess with a perfectly good expression but…

    “If you’re not being jealously attacked by someone then you’re not reaching for your true potential.”

    The truth is – if the critics are quiet then you’re not trying hard enough to deliver real and distinct value – you may be falling into the ‘me too’ camp.

    When the harpies harp, smile inside and know you’re on the right track 🙂

    Best to all.


  14. this is good advice, I haven’t had cable in almost one year. it is the best decision I have ever made.

    I am having my most profitable year ever.

    all of the things you have mentioned are all things I have used to push my business forwards.

    A lot of people will tell you that you can’t do it, and that always pushed me harder.

    I am actually glad there are people out there who want me to fail, because it makes me work that much harder,.

  15. Thanks so much. The world today is filled with many nay sayers and doomsday prophets. Those of us who believe otherwise must step up and share another vision of how to be and how to live. You have done that and set a great example. Let’s spread the word: we can have a wonderful life! It is ours for the making.

  16. So true Jeff. This is a great post, I’m going to be forwarding this to my list. It is something many do not realize they are doing and it is killing their internet business.

  17. This is good advice Jeff. I find that so much of the news is negative these days that I’ve resorted to going on a news fast. I try to limit TV, radio, print and Internet news as much as possible but it’s hard. My reasoning is that I don’t think that we as human beings were meant to be able to process and deal with this much negativity which is all many of these news outlets know how to do because they profit off of other people’s misery.

    If you don’t guard your attitude then who will?

  18. Very well said!! I had just commented on another blog about this very thing. When I quit my “corporate” job out of sheer misery, I had mentioned to a few people that I really wanted to start my own business doing something more enjoyable. Needless to say, I received very negative comments from co-workers and I no longer have any friends, I quess because I didn’t stay miserable like them.

    So, now I hang out with people who are uplifting, kind, and successful – people who have done some ot the things that I would like to do. And these are people that I do not know personally; just people that I come across online. I have happily let all my former friends go and now there is room for better people to enter my life.

    Very, very uplifting and insightful thoughts – thank you, Jeff~

  19. Jeff,

    I understand the motivation for this post, and think that you are right by not worrying to much about criticism.

    I’ve received tons of value from you, and think PLF is a great tool. Is it expensive? Prohibitively so to most people. Is it valuable in proportion to that expense? I think you know the answer to that based on the experiences of your students.

    When I received your mail, I was using Dragon Naturally Speaking to record material for my next big launch, and I had a pretty good idea what the content of this blog post would be like, so I wanted to come by and offer you some realistic, rather than fu fu encouragement:

    I’d like to share a long quote from one of my books from a section titled “All Masterpieces Were Once Works In Progress”:

    Your life is like a painting. What others have to say about it is merely a critique.

    Some people will like it and others won’t.

    Their words of praise or censure should not influence the content of the painting. It’s your painting. It’s your life.

    People that care too much about face aren’t living for themselves. They are always just struggling to win the approval of others. They have no sense of self worth.

    The paintbrush isn’t in their hand. It’s in the hand of another. The picture on the their canvass doesn’t belong to him or her. It was painted by someone else..

    What can be changed is how they view their life. They can be confident in their actions or live a life of second guessing.

  20. Great post Jeff…Ive been a full time Internet marketer for over 5 years now and theres still doubters and haters out there. I had friends who thought I should go out and get a real job and they basically thought I was a joke… Until they saw the nice lifestyle I was living.. “the best revenge is a life well lived” indeed! Great quote and great post.

  21. Great thoughts Jeff. I was on vacation with my parents last week and shared a large condo with them. I had totally forgotten how draining it is to have the news on the whole time you are home. BUT I did love watching clips of the Chilean rescue on the internet yesterday and today. I was totally struck by how freely they spoke of relying on God, and how proud they were to be Chilean. Wow. It was inspiring!

  22. Jeff,
    Thanks for the spot on post. The title got me to visit your site and read it, as I recently had poison sent in my direction. But I took the time to ask myself “what’s really going on here?”

    That momentary pause reminded me of one of the things I share in my seminars. A favorite book of mine, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, says when this happens, someone just offered you poison. The only way it works is if you eat the poison and take it into yourself, your heart, and your mind.

    I remind my students that “all the water in the world won’t sink a ship, unless it get’s inside.” When someone offers you poison through words or deeds, all you need to do refuse to accept it. Stay strong, focus on what you can achieve. Then get on with your day, your business, and your life.

  23. Jeff

    I can sooo relate. In Australia last year, we had an ugly murder. A beautiful nurse, unfortunatley lost her life due to a deranged maniac with a bad attitude. It was all over the news for days, and the newsreaders, insisted on reciting his exact words in their bulletins shortly before he took her life. So much stuff we just DO NOT NEED TO KNOW AND the media shoves it down our throats. I avoid the news and newspapers.. thanks Jeff you are a legend. A brave post. Nikki

  24. Hey Jeff: Very welcome comment for me today. You obviously live it and have found a way to protect yourself from the poison. No matter how resilient we are, it always helps to connect with like minds. Thanks, Bob

  25. Amen Jeff, having worked as a traveling salesman and being in similar hotel dining areas, seeing the same type of thing, I know the erosive effect that it can have. I stay away from it – because, it’s true – thoughts are things and unfortunately some don’t realize it and just wallow in the manufactured dangerous environment and go down.

    Turn off the TV and shun the news – it’s not a true representation of reality by any means. See how much brighter and happier life is!


  26. Jeff, thank you for your words of encouragement. Your observations are correct and I highly value your integrity. Those same thoughts have been bouncing around my head for awhile now. Nice to see validation in print.

  27. Hi Jeff

    We are on the same page here.Great points about TV and Failure. I make very similar points on these two pages:

    Oli Hille
    “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle”

  28. Hi Jeff,
    thanks – good stuff, as usual. There’s lot of poison out there, and we have to be careful what we expose ourselves to. What makes it worse is that these poisons are often not visible to us – a bit like radioactivity.

    In fact, negativity is a very powerful form of radioactivity that can sneak up on you. Continual exposure is damaging, unless you avoid it and protect yourself where possible.

    Imagine if we business owners could wear a device similar to those that radiologists have to measure their exposure to x-rays. How long would it take to detect harmful levels of exposure to negativity?

    We also have to be careful in our own businesses that we don’t allow poisonous people to join our team – or stay on the team. No matter how valuable someone’s contribution to your business may appear to be, if they are a source of negative radiation then they have to change or leave. And the sooner the better.

    It’s also important we structure our business so we don’t find ourselves on a treadmill that we don’t enjoy and don’t feel that we can get off. Running on a treadmill and feeling like you can’t get off it becomes a breeding ground for negativity in ourselves. We all have to be careful of that one.

    We need to run our businesses knowing that whilst we can not do everything in the business ourselves, we are responsible for it. There is seldom any benefit from thinking of ourselves as a ‘victim’. There is NO place for a ‘Victim Mentality’ in the mind-set of the business owner.

    It is only when we accept that we are responsible for what we create – good and bad – that we can move forward. Business Freedom is not just a nice concept. It can be reality. But it often does require a fresh way to look at old and sometimes stale situations.

    As business owners, we all need to watch out for negative radiation. And never be a source of it.

    Thanks again Jeff.

    Richard Keeves

  29. A very powerful message – it is in our self talk – internal voice that we find our true strength and finest resources.

    Well put Jeff. A very good read for anyone.

  30. You read my mind Jeff. At least the Chilean Miner’s Rescue efforts were a positive note on TV today. Negativity be damned for the way it can infect your brain. Music, exercise and rigorous bouts of foursquare (the real game, not the website) with my 8 yr old son help to stave off the “poison” of pessimism.

    “Be Bold and mighty forces will come to your aid”

  31. Hi Jeff,

    First I’ll say, excellent post!

    Jeff describes a dynamic here of having your brain poisoned with unproductive negative input and/or flat out attacks by those that are unhappy with their own lives and seek to compensate themselves by revelling in the destruction of others. I liken this dynamic to one of walking in the light versus walking in darkness.

    As entrepreneurs we are beacons in our economy and more importantly in our our society. If we are honest entrepreneurs with integrity, we walk in the light, and our beacon is light. Those in darkness cannot stand in the light therefore they seek to destroy the light. You see, the light and the dark cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so one has to go.

    If we choose to walk in the light, the darkness cannot remain. So by all means let’s walk in the light, and snuff out the darkness.

  32. When I first started out, I was afraid to take that step into the world of the entrepreneur for the very reason of being cut down. Glad I got over that! Great post Jeff.

  33. What a great post!
    Thanks for taking the time to write it up.
    I’ve there and sad to say, did not even realize what was happening.
    I was also moved by your comment about there being children around. It seems to me that parents have forgotten their role, that is that they are supposed to be their children’s guardians, and that we all need to be constantly on guard against this kind of poisoning which is just as bad as any other kind, but more so when children are around.
    Thanks again, this was the eye-opening kind of post that is going to make changes in my life.
    All the best,

  34. Hey Jeff, I really appreciate that post. I Have Entirely Eliminated All TV From My Life. And Now, I find myself Overflowing with Good Ideas, Inspiring Thoughts, And Positive Emotions.

    It’s Been a few years Since I had a TV in my House. If I ever Really feel like I need to See a Story or what’s Going on, I just check on it online for just a minute, and I’m done.

    It seems Everytime I look at the TV, It’s Negative. I know that’s no Mindset for a Successful Entrepreneur. I just got Done Talking With My Brother and Business Partner Dave. He is a Positive Visionary ( if you would call it that). He Can just See Forward. He’s awesome. We Both Follow your Stuff, and We Love Getting Emails From you.

    Anyway, I thank you so Much For What You’ve Done For Me, and For All the Fellow Entrepreneurs out there that are Struggling For Success. And I would Say to Everyone Who is, ” Don’t Give Up. NEVER give up.”

    I am really anxious for the Kajabi Launch too.. I heard It’s coming Soon. that’s awesome!

    Thanks Jeff You Rock!!

  35. A picture painted well. I am better equipped to handled tomorrow, that will get me going longer and stronger all day and buiding a strong organization Always can use more Thanks Rodney Jackson

  36. Jeff,

    I was so happy to finally open an email and arrive to this. With the 8 billion emails arriving about another “launch” in my inbox everyday, it’s refreshing to read good, valuable content. I hope there is more to follow.


  37. I learned once that in Iroquois culture, it was considered “witchcraft” to speak ill of someone behind their back. When you take the poison of negativity out of you, it’s amazing what phenomenal things come your way. Yeah… step 1, stop watching the news.

  38. Jeff, this has instantly become one of my favorite blog posts ever. As a seat-of-my-pants serial entrepreneur since puberty I have learned these lessons (above) the hard way, and as much as I try to live by this wonderful advice the world is filled with so many distractions. reading this is a breath of fresh air in a smoky room. My mind snapped back to clarity even as I saw some personal attacks I had been dwelling on too much just this week. just a few random psychopaths, but you know how it is when your ego gets involved.

    Thanks for this post. I FB’ed it to everyone. I will even bookmark it and come back every so often and reread it. You are a wise man. 🙂

  39. Mad props, Jeff. I have found the things you mentioned in this blog post to be incredibly important lessons in my own life and huge factors in my success and happiness. Thanks for validating it and sharing the lessons with others. I admire you for it!

  40. Great post Jeff! I completely agree. I found out myself that even if you’re nice and go out of your way to be ridiculously helpful and open, the moment you put yourself out there and get any amount of success people are going to come out and trash you. Sometimes they’re crazy, sometimes they’re jealous, and sometimes they’re just jerks. Great advice to use revenge as motivation, live a good life, and then forgive once you reach the goals. This is exactly what young entrepreneurs need to know. Thanks for sharing!

  41. It’s so easy to be drawn into the negative news emitted by the news stations, as if bad news is the only news. I watched 32 Chilean miners being rescued after 69 days underground. A sure test of strong human spirit. The world applauded their courage and a government that never gave up on them. Jim Rohn said “stand guard at the doors of your mind.”. What you are fed constantly must have an effect on your mind and body. Your blog forcefully brought home the fact that we have control of what we feed our minds, especially first thing in the morning. I strongly believe in the last one on your list- forgiveness, the naysayers ‘know not what they do.’

  42. Rick Alonso


    Great post Jeff, how easy we get bogged down with concerning ourselves with what people think and all the negativity the media just spills out. I too have failed plenty of times and do you know why I don’t forget? Because my family reminds me whenever I get a so called “bright idea”. I am not one who cares about what people think so that is a plus. Right now I am weeding out all the negative people in my life and that includes some of my family members. I know you can’t pick your family, but it does not mean you can’t isolate them to having no impact on your thoughts and ideas.

  43. Jim Rohn said the very same thing but used “Sugar and Strychnine” as his metaphore. Whether it’s your enemy by design or your friend by accident/ignorance/naiviety who puts strychnine in your coffee – you’ll get poisoned either way. Stand guard at your coffee/mind l!

    Good post, thanks for the different outlook and reminder! Sometimes it feels lonely when you are out in front – it’s good to know that there are others on different paths going through the same things.

    Annie from Australia

  44. Malaysia NanaP


    I was a little upset when a good friend didn’t invite me n my family to an important function… she purposely left me out ….
    I think she is jealous but nvm, I m so consumed with waiting to get my hands on Kajabi launch tat I put those hurt feelings aside….

  45. Good to hear from you Jeff on a subject so close to my heart. We routinely ask businesses where we eat to change the channel when this type of garbage is put in our face with the family there. It is our duty to speak up and at some point the community will reject this type of hype and news that, like you said, has NO impact on our lives many miles away.

    Thanks for saying it!

  46. I’ve often thought about what kind of person “makes it” when they start their own business (offline or online). When does someone cross that line between Fearless Optimism and Self-Delusion?

    And then it occurred to me, that the Fearless Optimistic, while never losing sight of their goal, does make allowance for changing how they get there. You can either go around the mountain, over it, or tunnel through it.

    But coming back to your point, Jeff, is the importance of not allowing that Poison to creep into your thinking. Keep feeding your thoughts, especially the first thing in the morning, with Constructive Ideas.

    Instead of asking, “Can I even do this?”

    Ask “How many solutions can I come up with to do this?”

  47. Congratulations Jeff! Well written and oh so true.

    As a experienced [just 71 years young] psychologist who has lived in China for the past 14 years, been to 55 different countries and who is just embarking on an Internet based career I can but agree with everything you say.

    I have always taught my clients and students that there is good and bad everywhere – if you focus on the bad you will find it, if you look for the good it will find you. You do attract what you think about.

    Your subconscious brain absorbs everything you expose it to, so we need to actually control what we watch and read. If we don’t control it others will. We need to take responsibility for the information we absorb.

    It is a pity that the media focuses on bad news because they believe it is the only thing that sells. That simply is not true! So many people are reaching out to better themselves, their lives and their environment. Let us encourage and help them.

    However I must admit that the drama that has unfolded in Chile with such a wonderful positive ending brought a tear to me eye. We need to focus more on what CAN be done, not on the challenges!

  48. Nice article Jeff. The most loved person in the world is also the most hated (the president of the United States). Any time you try to do something out of the ordinary, you get attacked, but you also find some people that believe in you and what you are doing.

  49. rosalind choong


    Hi Jeff

    We are constantly reminded to be on the alert for terrorists yet we are surrounded by these 24/7 – news, media, bad unthinkable human behaviour and now cyber crime and slanders on the net. In our buddhism, we learn to live life as winners or loosers. There is no middle of the road – hence living successfully means to have the wisdom to steer clear of negativity of all sorts and use each bad situation to propel ourselves to greater heights. Ugly uncalled for comments are catalysts for our own growth and everything starts from self. Each situation, however good or bad, we have the choice of asking the question what we learn from it. In our quest to move ahead in our careers or whatever goals we aim for, many of us forget to stop and smell the roses. Guess we all need that extra reflection every once in a while to see the rainblows that is also surrounding us. Jeff, thank you for sharing and allowing me the opportunity to share my two cents’ worth.

  50. Great post Jeff.

    Life is too short to judge your accomplishments against someone elses insecurities.

    Do your best, over deliver value and sleep soundly at night.

    When it comes to critics, it’s mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

  51. Jeff – that is so true and you know what the majority of the people do right before they go to bed? Yep, they sit and listen to that 10 o’clock news. Or even worse, they lay in bed and let that negative dribble be the last thing that goes into their brain as they dose off. The net effect is that you mind will have been set for replaying all of the bad news that you’ve just heard, even if it’s subliminal.

  52. What a profoundly authentic post! It needs to be shouted from the rooftops…

    …except those who need to hear it would probably be in a daze and not get it.

    That means it’s our greater responsibility to set an example of love by monitoring our own nurturing.

    We can influence others through our heartfelt vibes of good fortune for all by toning down our inner critic.

    There’s scientific evidence that our heart’s give off 5000 times greater electromagnetic energy than do our brains.

    Energy connects everything because everything is energy.

    So there’s hope. Love does conquer all.

  53. Well said! I find that some of the same people who put me down when I first started, are now jealous of me and angry that I don’t have much time to spend with them. While they worry about their jobs, they are angry that I am not worried.

    Well, I’d rather be the target than the jealous one 🙂 And I am spending time building my life that I don’t have time to waste on the naysayers. I am no longer in their club by my own un-invitation. Perfect for all.

    Thank you for your continuous contribution to this world and making a ton of money doing it!!! Cheers.

  54. I HATE the news because of that fact, and I definitely understand how people do what they can do derail you when you are succeeding and they are not! It’s a shame that there are people like that. We should all be encouraging and edifying others, but jealousy is an ugly monster! Thank you, Jeff, for the great post!

  55. Well written. Negatives from any part of your life can slow you down, while entrepreneurs need all the energy they can get. It’s a constant challenge.

  56. So true Jeff! I’ve also restricted TV watching a few hours before bed, for the same reason. What’s the use having that ‘poison’ in your brain while you’re asleep!

  57. I realize that so many of those people glued to their digital screens — large and small — and drawn into the mindless dramas that has become the media’s obsession, are also my potential customers. When I meet and deal with them, so often the value I bring is obscured by the dark shadow that envelops them. They just don’t get the fact that feeding their mind with poision, as you so eloquently said, is not just a momentary snippet on the screen but all consumming. It eats away at the very soul.

    How great to know this and shut it off.

  58. Mindset is everything. As an entrepreneur, you are and need to consistently be a leader. Perhaps that the reason that so many businesses fail. Simply because of a lack of leadership from the people trying to develop the business.

  59. I almost DELETED your email with this subject of INJECT POISON… thinking it was negative sales hype of some kind. Ha! This is one of the most illuminating articles I have ever read.

    Truly, this wisdom you have expressed, Jeff, would have saved me lots of grief had someone explained these FACTS OF BUSINESS LIFE much earlier in the game for me.

    Even so, as a sensitive, I have learned to be very firm in whom I let into my inbox, psyche, and consciousness.

    When we start out in business, we think we will be admired and appreciated for our contributions. Alas – it comes as a BIG SHOCK when we find out it is often the opposite… due to the workings of the BIG GREEN MONSTER, and other insecurities of those around us – close and at a cyber distance.

    By the way, I have not owned a television for 30 some plus years. My health and wealth improved dramatically when that CRAZY SCREEN MONSTER left my life.

    It is gruesome to have spend time in a room where the addicts are getting their hypnotic fix staring at the darn thing.

    Betrayals by “trusted” business associates has, however, driven me to a new life work’s project in teaching Forgiveness!

  60. When we became entrepreneurs we realized we hadn’t turned on the boob tube for almost a year. I agree, the news is really a happiness sucker. What a great feeling it is to be free of that and to have our own positive media channel where we pipe in teachers such as yourself to fill the well of confidence, forward thinking and rich possibilities!

  61. …this post worth 100 hours in “normal” universities lesson…

    it says what a lot of entrepreneurs feel and experience inside, by reading it, it frees your mind 😉

    Thank you Jeff. Roro

  62. Right on Jeff! You have to get up and try again, if you you’ve been knocked down…don’t
    quit…..My father was the most negative person I ever met, and was so jealous as I proved him wrong, to become a millionaire, at the age of 33. Thank goodness for my wife
    and mother who encouraged me to keep going….

  63. There’s another lesson to be taking from that experience.

    Think about what you’re doing to other people with your actions. I’m willing to bet the restaurant gave no thought to what they were doing to their customers by playing that news show.

    So for those of us that are marketing, give thought to what our promotions, our websites, our ads AND our products are going to do to our customers. Maybe our promotions and products will make us money, but will they enhance our customers lives at all? Will they at least provide a bright spot in their day?

    If we’re thinking of doing something spammy or scammy, what will that do to the people we pull it on?

    Let’s not be guilty of injecting poison into other people’s brains.

    Excellent post, Jeff.

  64. Traudl Wöhlke


    Jeff, I was delighted reading your beautiful words. You are so right. (English is not my native language so I find it a little hard expressing myself.) Self care is important, and this includes to me avoiding people that counteract my efforts. And of course, being very selective about what I “take in” such as movies, news etc. I do not waste my time with “being entertained” with stuff that has no relevance to my life.
    To me one way of coping with tearing-down people is being fully aware of my own pure intentions, of my mission and values. This makes it easier for me to forgive myself any mistakes I may have made.
    And I have learnt to not keep those people and their deeds in my mind. It’s just like spilled milk. You can’t get it back. The only thing you can do is wipe it off and then go on. As long as you do not forgive – either yourself or the other person – you are tied to the negative experience.

  65. Hi Jeff

    Well written – can not agree with you more. Some people will watch the most horrific things on the screen and them wonder why there are so many fights and killings world wide. The value of human life is not regarded as highly as it used to be.
    Some people never see the beauty of the outside world. It is like the two men who were in prison – every night they would look out their window – one say bars and the other saw stars. It depends what you appreciate when you look at anything.



  66. All people have a soul, and we all need some sort of compassion towards them. That is the way God’s heart works, the same yesterday, today and forever. Now, with what you said, about those that can poison you, that is true and I truely believe that, because they carry a spirit that is not right, you rub up against them you will catch it to. Our God, the righteous one wants us to claim big things claim great things. What you say is truth and what I say comes from the heart. Thank you for allowing my input, it was in my email box so I wanted to respond! Everyone Believe Jeff Walker about this!

  67. Jeff,

    You are right on target. I remember how much my mental health changed when I reduced my consumption of ‘news’. Cutting out the negative chatter is essential to keeping focused and productive.

    I spend every day doing direct sales and learning to keep a positive attitude is essential to dealing with the rejection.


  68. Hi Jeff,
    I’m glad to see people in positions of influence, spending the time to talk about things that are important to all of us.
    I stopped watching television years ago. I have the occassional indulgence, with an educated guess as to what I will be viewing. There is so much negativity on TV these days. If Elvis were alive today, I’m sure he’d be lining up a store full of televisions in front of a gatling gun!
    Our mind can be devastatingly powerful, but also easilly affected/manipulated under the right conditions. TV gets right into our subconscious whether we are aware of it or not. If only more people knew..
    But so can everything else including the people and environment around us.
    I’m blessed enough to be surrounded by a family and my friends who all support me 100%, so I’m thankful for that. Many others aren’t so fortunate, and you have offered very positive advice here for many people.
    Thank you Jeff.

  69. It’s the old catch 22.
    You are damned if you do
    and you are damned if you don’t.
    But you are more damned if you do
    than if you don’t.

  70. Great message Jeff. I know you live your life to give value to your customers and value your message. I’m in the Wyatt Woodsmall NLP training in LA and when we were talking about the good guys in IM during the break your name was at the top of our list along with Frank Kern and Eben Pagan. Love you and your work.
    Bob Chambers, PLM

  71. Thanks Jeff!

    Good, solid, practical and inspirational advice.
    You can never get too much of it.


  72. Great food for thought on the day after 1. My first internet marketing “soft launch” with all it’s feedback and 2. the rescue of the Chilean miners.

    It’s important to remember that our natural human tendency, unchecked, is to pay more attention to the negative than it truly deserves (see Prof Richard Wiseman, 59 Seconds) – and take steps to do the opposite.

    One of the pieces of content in my launch is a “Power Switch” technique to direct a person’s attention to the positive with a single question – I’m looking forward to seeing the results of more people knowing about it.


    You are not just another entrepreneur , but your post to me demonstrates you are genuinely a “cut above” in many more ways than just money. I celebrate you Sir. Thank you. Adel

  74. I’d have to agree with the thought that letting a negative action, like the robbery situation mentioned at the beginning, take a hold of your thoughts is like injecting your brain with poison. However, what would something like the rescue of the Chilean Miners on the news do to our brains? This on the other hand would have an effect of inspiring and motivating people to get out and do the things they love, including starting businesses, starting a health regimen or to just go out and contribute and give back to the community.

    There will always be people who, for whatever reasn, will always have something negative to say or do about those who try to better themselves or the world around them. We can not let this get to us. We must keep on keeping on!

    We should take a lesson from the miners and put it to use in our marketing and daily lives. Even after 69 days of being trapped 1/2 a mile underground, in a hot, damp, dark “prison”, with no guarantee of rescue, the miners never gave up hope. And so neither should we!

    Just some “food for thought” I guess.

  75. I fully agree… I hardly turn on the TV due to this reason. There is no room for negativity in an entrepreneur brain much less the time suck it creates daily. I love the line “Use the haters as motivation.” Sometime it takes a little pain to really get leverage on yourself to make it to the next level.


  76. Nice post, Jeff. Some smart person once said, “no thought in your mind goes rent free.” If we put in garbage and poison, nothing of value would ever be conceived. Finally, the most important thing to success is one’s own resolution to succeed. The value you bring to the table is well worth my time 🙂


  77. Jeff- many thanks for this timely reminder. One does set oneself apart from a lot of people(certainly family and friends) when one does something out of the norm. It can be a bit lonely and you may find yourself asking ‘am I doing the right thing?’ This has happened to me a few times. What has kept me sane and on the right track is associating with a group of like-minded people. People who understand what you are trying to achieve and they support and encourage you to keep going. If there are entrepreneurs out there looking for such support go check-out
    Cheers, Davina

  78. Great post. Can you imagine what happens when you STOP watching TV altogether, by the way? Do you know how much time you free up in a week? The average American watches well in excess of 14 hours of TV per week. That’s 14 hours extra to outsmart the competition, write that book or create that prototype…

  79. I like this sentence very much:

    “It’s almost like an intelligence test. The people who are stupid enough to listen to the bile and hatred are not intelligent enough to be your clients.”

    I will read your whole passage again and again.

    Thank you Jeff.

  80. Thank you for posting this Jeff. One thing which is absolutely certain is that you will always get support and challenge and the way you handle it is the key. I like to take the challenging events and ask, “what are the blessings and benefits and what can I learn from them and how can they be used to serve and help others?”

    When people criticize you or “try” and tear you down they are doing it because they have what I call incompletes in their life and in many cases do not understand what you are doing, especially when it comes to your business. They would love to have the results that you gain from it but are not willing to take the time and effort to get there, so they’ll criticize you as a result.

    I say, follow your mission and vision and how you can provide tremendous amounts of value and service to others and you’ll see how the “naysayers” drop by the wayside and in some cases those same “naysayers” may actually come back around at some point 🙂

    Great post again and I’ll see you all in Scottsdale next week.


  81. Very well said Jeff.

    I’ve been reading The Science of Getting Rich (over and over) and one of the things I’ve taken from it is to not let the toxins get into your thoughts or affect your actions. Keep out the negative thoughts about the world, including worry about the future or guilt from past failures. Avoid negative literature (media in this day and age), avoid places, situations and conversations where the negative may infect your mind.

    Basically, protect yourself from the negative influences in all forms that would attempt to sabatoge your success. If it’s okay, I’d like to send the link to this blog post to my subscribers at some point. I think they would benefit from your insights.

    Thanks again!

    Mike G.

  82. Ohhh, the story of the miners…such a wonderfully inspiring story for sure & they’re all out! Yahhhy.

    Regarding toxic doses of the daily depressors, newspapers and TV, I agree.

    I’m positive our cells are dynamically altered during continued doses of toxic ingestion via eye, ear and senses. Not good.

    We are born to encourage, inspire, motivate, enthuse and empathize with our fellow beings.
    The other is just too toxic to think about…yukkk!


  83. You are right Jeff,
    The problem is that people (including me) are news hungry and with minor exceptions like the miners, good news doesn’t sell. Also, once the media has got all the “air time” it can, it drops the story, like the floods in Pakistan, where the problem is so huge no one has the urge to resolve it fully.

  84. I used to be offended by the scorn others gave to my effort to improve myself. But the more “enlightened” I become the less offended I am. There but for the grace of God goes me. Every time I stumble or dawdle in my struggle to succeed the naysayers cheer. Now instead of hating them or fearing their scorn, I feel a kind of paternal grief. If only I could make them understand that failure is less traumatic than fearful inertia. My serial failures are soon to be an interesting story of the steps to my success. At that point I’ll probably be resented for my success instead of ridiculed for my failures.
    I aspire to be as humble and graceful as you are in your success. Thank you.

  85. You are so right, John. I have been on what I call a “thought diet” for most of my life, especially the past ten years. Our family does Netflix instead of TV… and I am convinced this is a key component of the happiness, harmony, and success we experience as a family.

    Just the other day, I realized a new facet of forgiveness, too. When you are living at a place of cause, where you are responsible for everything in your life, suddenly it becomes clear that everyone else is “Off the Hook”. This realization gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of forgiveness. If everything I feel is truly up to me, and has always been up to me, then everyone else is off the hook. And I forgive myself a lot too. 🙂

  86. Hey Jeff – when I started your post I thought you were going to rail about the quality of the breakfast lol!!

    I don’t think our news is quite so sensationalist in the UK as you describe (at least on the BBC!!). It’s been a bit of a turnaround the last couple of days as we have been filled with the heart-warming story of the rescue of the Chilean miners – that was a great start to the day yesterday 😉

  87. Hey Jeff

    I find that as an entrepreneur, the highs are higher and the lows lower than when you work for somebody else. I’ve just seen my business all but wiped out thanks to UK government spending freezes in the category I supply; $150k orders, gone overnight.

    But, from the dark days we find the light. We’ve banged our heads together and spun our service 180 degrees to come up with something that consumers will love.

    If we survive long enough it goes live later this month.

    The easy option that the poisoners tell you is to give up, to quit. I choose to think smart and act fast, but acknowledge that some days it’s damn hard.

    Accept you won’t be 100% positive, but go for it when you are and keep the lows to a minimum.

    Keep the faith,

  88. A thought provoking post Jeff. What comes to my mind is ancient wisdom from my country that we need to look more inside than outside to better know ourself. The new ways of immersing our senses with information overload which is not needed is crushing our ability to look within. That is why our attention span getting lower and lower.

    Anyway, you may find this an interesting read from a Swami more than 100 years ago talking about same abilities referred about 5000 years back.

  89. Thank you Jeff.

    Toooootally agree with you. I’ve learnt the hard way and I know what you are recommending is right. You are who you hang out with, what you read and what your watch. Plus never let your kids watch the news, except when Chilean Miners are getting rescued, that’s the first inspiring story for a long time!!

    Have a great day and keep at it 🙂


  90. A great artricle thanks Jeff. It’s incredibly hard not to take comments personally sometimes, your comments are nothing short TLC, something most of us could use more of!

  91. michal brown


    Hi Jeff,

    How TRUE!!
    I stopped watching the news one day following the murder of PM Rabin, in 1995, and have worked diligently at cleaning my life of naysayers ever since. ( I am an Israeli, so that was a seriously traumatic event for us).
    I call these people energy suckers, because their mission in life is to suck away at my good energies (and other people’s, too).
    Instead I fill my life with people who are supportive and positive!
    Thanks for a lovely post!

  92. Hi Jeff
    It is indeed interesting that empathy that I have with you in not buy into things that increases the heat in our body which according to Buddhism a sin as both merit & sin are really mind related. Except when I have the capacity help or make things better without too much attachment thus too much reaction. I am from Sri Lanka and we are from different background and circumstances differ widely in fact for many a years I have stopped watching news except bloomberg which I stopped watching for awhile when the reporters inversely lapped up the juicy misery of the economy which to my mind exacerbated economic downturn. At least for selfish reasons if I cannot find equanimity I avoid such situations when it is not compelling. Appreciate your kindred thoughts

  93. Hi Jeff,

    Great advice which I totally buy in to.

    Someone once said to me that if you really think about it there is no rational reason for anyone to worry about anything. If something is out of your control, you can’t influence it so don’t worry about it. If something is within your control you can influence it so there’s no need to worry about it either.


  94. Very well said Jeff!

    All too often we face unhealthy criticism and doubt, from friends and family among others, and it’s very difficult to maintain focus and ignore their negativity and still believe 100% that you’re doing the right thing. I’m still fighting this battle everyday – deep down I know where I want to be and what I want to achieve, but getting there is proving more difficult than I thought. I will however continue to fight on – I will not quit!

    Thanks again for an inspirational post.

    Keith | Home Based Business

  95. While reading this blog I felt so touched and I felt I straightened my shoulders and my head came up. This comes at a really good time for me (no such thing as coicidence of course :-)) I am very busy perfecting my website, to get it out so that I can show myself into the world. It took me two years to get to this point. this blog gives me the courage to really do it and show myself in all my power and strenght to the world!
    So thank you Jeff, this was just great.

  96. A long time ago I sat in a business seminar that taught that very lesson… Which was basically “Garbage in, Garbage out.” in other words expect to be a product of exactly what you have fed yourself… In every sense. Thanks for reminding me ofbthatbvaluable lesson.

  97. Heads down, plow on and believe in yourself.

    It’s hard enough trying to learn new things without negative people telling you it’s not going to work – but who are we if we do not try to learn and improve ourselves? Whatever learning you do is yours forever, especially learning how to not do certain things!

    Spend your energy on yourself and let others waste their time posturing. The armchair critic is just a noise maker. I have better things to do.

  98. I don’t usually comment about emotional stuff like this, because it usually is some kind of political or religious screed, or some lugubrious, naive BS. But I have to say that you expressed something very important, and you did it very well.

    Thanks for giving us something positive and useful to start our day off with.

    Brian (a.k.a. Professor Homunculus at )

  99. Jeff – great thought for my morning. I just watched the CNN coverage of Chile mine rescue… and felt happy and optimistic… and even there I saw that some people were beginning to criticize the Chile government for using the event for “media purposes”. I think it is a moment worth celebrating. I read once “learn to tell the diference between skeptics and cynics” skeptics are useful – they help you improve once you overcome their initial objections; cynics are poison – they only want to bring you down.
    Turn that TV off and get out to the mountains!

  100. Yes, Jeff…it seems the media and politicians are constantly trying to force-fed us poisonous thoughts.

    Sadly, it works too often. Most people live in bondage to fear. Fear of others, scarcity, and disease.

    I remember something from the Matrix about perception and how we need to free our minds, take control of the program, and bend it to one of your own choosing.

  101. excellent post Jeff, and so true. it often is family, they get kind of tired of all the ideas that pour out. then it is those that are close around you in your office, they can be the worse. Many people only want success and will only like an idea once they see success and everything else is stupid. It takes a lot to keep pushing past all those people,
    You just keep pushing

    great post, bruce

  102. Hey Jeff

    I think the hardest bit is to forgive!

    It’s easy to do what you say and avoid the doom mongrels but when they attack your reputation and values…that’s bad! I can’t wait to prove them wrong!!

    best regards


  103. well done Jeff. I’m on the verge of bankruptcy for a real world construction related business, but know I will survive and grow. Staying positive is tough, but avoiding “downers” is part of that strategy. I look forward to more inspiring posts!

  104. Great article! It is important for people especially entrepreneurs! I work with small to midsized businesses day after day and you can see the excitement in the entrepreneurs eyes once they start their business. Unfortunately when the entrepreneur runs into hurtles as all businesses do, the first one to tear the entrepreneur down is friends and family.

    Your advice regarding staying away from criticism and remaining confident is very good.

  105. James Normand



    Thank you very much for sharing this truth.

    As for envious behaviour It is much easier for people to tear down buildings rather then build them up. This is an unfortunate truth. We really do have to be the guard of our minds. Our mind is like a garden, the seeds we plant gives us what we get in life. Sometimes foxes or other animals eat away at those seeds and you would not get a good harvest. It is important to keep the seeds natured and protected!

    Again Jeff, thank you for sharing and contributing to new entrepreneur by bringing an awareness.

  106. “This “news” had absolutely zero impact on their lives.”

    What if it does? What if violence has an impact on the entire world, as long as it exists?

  107. “This “news” had absolutely zero impact on their lives.” …Actually, it may have. I know that when I see coverage of tragic and depressing events a part of me feels good, Not that I am happy that people are suffering, you understand…it’s simply that I put on my rose-clolored perspective glasses and feel glad that these horrible things didn’t happen to me and mine. And I try to do something positive in the wake of negative events that seem overwhelming, like donating food and clothing to the victims of Katrina in New Orleans. That being said, I fully agree that you should limit your intake of bad news in the media…staring at a picture of a black house will eventually bring you down, even if you don’t live in a black house.

  108. Revenge as a motivational strategy works because we are more motivated to get away from pain than we are in recieving pleasure (approx 80- away from pain 20% to pleasure) Our learning strategies are more about survival and personal protection before pleasure. Once we’ve created our castles we begin to search for pleasure. However as rightly pointed out, being in a position to ‘download and brainwash’ yourself from the negative effects of other peoples lack of self-worth and self-esteem is a surefire way to quickly lead yourself into a downward spiral.

    Some great strategies here to help prevent this, thanks for your post


  109. Jeff,

    Oh YEAH? Well you are just plain are full of it! That will never work in spite of what you say!

    At least that is what I have been the victim…er..I mean the target of many times. My greatest battle was in trying to advance while friends and family would just shake their heads and think I was crazy. Especially from my wife. Finally I had to just say screw you all and kiss my grits!

    I never had the words to say but you have done an excellent job of giving them to me. I most definitely agree about distancing from the poison comments. One more thing I think you should have added is that you should surround yourself with people who make more than you as well as people who are like minded. We all need encouragement and stimulation to do better.

    Thanks for your post on this as it is long overdue for so many of us.

    P.S. I refuse to be a victim and a target. I am tenacious in this. I will never give up.

  110. Jeff you have touched on one of the most important themes of our time: conscious living.

    When you are in that hotel breakfast area, you may not be able to turn off the TV (but perhaps if you complained to the management they might?) — and you can’t always choose what happens around you — but you CAN choose where to place your attention.

    You CAN be aware of the motives of the media (to influence you and set your mood, and to get you to buy stuff.)

    You CAN be aware that you have choices about what you allow into your mind (and — to my current understanding of this — that is what power is all about.)

    Take your own power back by choosing what you will and will not allow into your mind. That can make the difference ultimately between your ability to thrive — or even to survive during times of rapid change.

    Jeff you have me grinning today 🙂 Thanks.

  111. Great Post Jeff. Perhaps there is a “conspiracy theory” between the US media and the drug manufacturers! Feed them depression and sell them anti-depressants! LOL

    Here’s to the real thinkers out there unwilling to be caught up in all the cynicism and choose to think out of the box!

    Personally I’d rather be around the thinkers, the shiny fun people than the sloth like individuals that lazily feed like a vacuum sucking inspiration and creative thought spreading the poison of negativity.

    I prefer the BBC too Cathy P. I would love to see more human interest and inspirational news, but sadly US media doesn’t “get it” and continues dumbing it down. As someone who lives in a foreign country it amazes me when I talk to people in the US and hear the negative perceptions. It seems to be epidemic.

  112. . Remember… “the best revenge is a life well lived” … go out and create……

    Hey Jeff, is this a set up for another up coming product launch?

    Just kidding.


    Listen, I always enjoying hearing from you. You know that.

    One of the things I have done very well in my life is that I have been able to use haters, doubters as motivation to continue to push myself ahead. It is fun when you do that.

    At first you do it because you want to show them that you can do it.

    Then when you succeed doing it, you are at the top, you realize that it was not worth proving anything to anyone after all.

    Trust me, something else will come along as a catalyst to cause you to keep striving again.

    As long as you are prayerful, have patience and perseverance, you should be ok.

  113. Jeff,

    So true about fixating on the negative. It does not bring you happiness, and will throw you off target. We can turn off others comments, just like we can turn off the TV, or change the channel.

    Easter Becker-Smith

  114. George Lennox


    Yours life, your accomplisjhments and the image you have given us are all a picture of greatness and it is good for the soul just to catach the vibrations you are sending out the world needs more people like you you have inspired my life and ambitions

  115. Thanks Jeff for a great bit of wisdom to start my day. I totally agree and for about two years have eliminated watching the evening news. Instead I watch comedy shows or nothing during the normal News cycle slots. So tired of hearing about all the problems in the world.
    It’s about time someone stood up to the stories of mayhem , murder and worse that news directors try to fill our minds with each and every day.

  116. Jeff, thanks for the heartfelt reminder. A valuable post to start the day.
    It’s very true “Iron sharpens Iron”

    Colin Wiebe

  117. Jeff,
    What would you say to people who are always encouraging you? Is this type of flattery useful?
    Thanks for the great article.

  118. This is great Jeff, and quite apt to recent discussions in my life. My family likes to mock me for not watching the news 24 – 7, I feel like it is such a farce that “keeping up on the news” is healthy. Especially when the “news” consists of nothing but sensationalism exploiting the “mental triggers” of fear and anger.

    I have been busy working on my business and have watched less than 1 hour of news in the last three months. Perhaps this is a bit overboard, but guess what? I feel great and have gotten a ton done.

    Amen brother!

  119. I’ve been a fan of yours since 2007 and at first I didn’t understand why it was important to have a blogg.I was clueless but finally figured it out and have been getting my blog digged ,trackbacks and pinged which is pretty cool I finally got it figured out! It really helped to go on a media fast and drown out all the negitive stuff and find positive people like you to follow!Thanks for all your value you offer to the marketing comunity! Kimberly

  120. Jeff – I hate to say this but you seem to be falling into your own trap.

    I’ve been running businesses since 1981 and I’ve never found that it’s a given that people want to tear you down because you’re an entrepreneur.

    It’s just not true in my experience. And I’m operating in Britain which is generally reckoned to be the home of the neg.

    However I do agree with your main point about avoiding exposure to negativity on thenews. We have news south east here after the main BBC news and if we don’t have 3 violent incidents a day we haven’t had our money’s worth. The reality is that there are all kinds of good and interesting things going off which could and should be reported but aren’t.

  121. Thanks, Jeff. Very timely post given all the backbiting and nastiness floating around lately.

    I have now learned which poison to avoid.

    I do think it is VERY important not to tar every critic with the same brush. it is actually dangerous to think that anyone who criticizes is a jealous hater.. Some critics are criticizing us for good reasons. It is there, at times, to make us better people and to help us grow.

  122. People have always asked me how it is that I have not had what is called a “job” for the last thirty years. My answer is always the same…I think things up, then act on them. What you think about, you bring about. Let me say that again, “WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT, YOU BRING ABOUT”. Think in the positive tense, always use the positive tense.
    As a veteran Class 5 kayaker, I always tell novices that where your head goes, your body goes. Look only at where you want to go, rather than where you don’t, for the same reasons. Those who would tell you why you can’t do something are those who create their own self-fulfilling prophecies, just like I do.It’s a matter of choice. What do you choose?

  123. Hey Jeff – I’m in the middle of a product launch motivated by #3 above…. if only the Aweber unsubscribe notifications would stop injecting poison into MY brain! Lol…just kidding.

    Excellent article.

  124. It’s very true. I have been unemployed since March, and not because of lack of trying, so i decided to start my own website and company to actually help fellow unemployed. It’s amazing how much skepticism i encountered. I truly want to make a difference, and it’s sad to see how many people are looking to put you down. Well, i’m sticking with it.

  125. This is really great advice, especially the part about surrounding yourself with supportive people. And staying away from Internet critics. My big “negative junk food” indulgence, that I should avoid, is the Huffington Post message boards, wherein you can spend hours arguing with negative, snarky people. And it’s so addictive!

  126. Ditto. Thanks for saying what we all needed to hear today. Over the past few years, I’ve come to love the Weather Channel more and more. Far less drama and doesn’t put poison in my brain. Loving your blog.

  127. I don’t normally read every word from such mail.
    But I did with your mail Jeff. And it was very helpful to me. I am trying to just get started and my friends are injecting negative vibes to me. I obviously need to move away from them and concentrate more on the process of getting my ball rolling.
    I believe I’ll be reading more of what you have to say!
    thanks Jeff, Bruce

  128. Nice job Jeff. You are so right, people will attack you when you stand up and stand out. And it is all about the fear and jelously they feel because they wish they had the guts to do the same. All entrepreneurs, in order to know success, must be willing to persevere through the slings and arrows that will come. Got to know that going in. Thanks!

  129. The advice to control what you allow into your brain is good, but I dislike the focus on people who “will try to tear you down,” and I suppose that comes down to the fact that one man’s poison may be another’s medicine. For me, the message that people will try to tear me down is poison, so I skipped most of the latter half of the post.

    I know there are people in the world who try to tear down those who are pursuing and accomplishing goals, I’m not arguing that fact. But *expecting* that sort of behavior has in the past warped my relationships and interactions with the people who love me most, and who are supportive rather than destructive.

    For me, reinforcement of that message is poison because I know that lesson already, and need to focus on the opposite lesson now: that there are people who will love and respect you and support you through both failures and successes.

  130. Jeff, How do you differentiate between someone who’s trying to tear you down and someone who may seem a bit negative but who’s actually got some useful information or advice that could really help with your business?

    Because if you ignore everyone who says anything negative, you could end up making some big mistakes.

    Do you have any tips about making the choice about who to listen to and who to ignore?

  131. Jeff,
    Great words, it’s poison because it kills the life in you. How could anyone expect to have a healthy life, when day after day and hour after hour, you ingest poison? I agree totally. Stay away from negative influences. Don’t allow people to control you. Keep your confidence and always reach for the stars. Failing is only Failure, if you give up. But if you, pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes you will reach your desired destination. Keep following your plan and you will not only make it, but you will blow it out.
    Keep up the good work!

  132. Right on! To many times we allow others to influence on how we think or how we live. We all have talents and passions and beliefs. We must put ourselves in a positions to succeed in those and not allow others to tear us down.Basically garbage in and garbage out. Good in good out. Be blessed

  133. Good stuff Jeff. I think a lot of us know this and forget (or know it but don’t want to believe it). Thanks for the reminder.

  134. HI..I love this post. I experienced the same exact thing in Florida. I was going to see what kind of Food was in the “free buffet,” expecting sugar and corn syrup. I was right, no “real” food. Kids getting the sugar buzz and their parents happily intraveneously feeding them the crap that the kid’s are brainwashed on TV to believe as real food.

    But, I could not get over how loud the 5 flat screen TV’s were describing all the negative news of the day. At all we could not miss anything, the TV’s were blaring. The Parent’s sitting around with no idea how this gets programmed into the young brains of Kids. Before the age of 7, your Kid’s are picking up everything subconsciously and learning how to be in the World.

    So, I left quickly realizing that:

    -A lot of People who should get it, i.e. Parent’s, don’t.
    -A lot of People would rather feed their kids what society feeds their Kids mentally and spiritually.
    -And I needed to develop a Product for turning unconsciousness into Consciousness. (So, I did and it’s a hit.)

    Which proves given better information, some People will change.



  135. I thought you were done when you got to the bit about “The breakfast spread had lots of bagels, cereal, toast, and such”–that would have been enough “poison” to ruin my day!

    One of these days, I’m going to get a TV-B-Gone (Search on it; I’m not an affiliate and I don’t want to be putting links into your post). Walk through airports–quiet! Doctor’s offices! Lines anywhere!

    Thanks for the post!

    • @Karen I was thinking about putting something in there about the poisonous breakfast… but the whole post was complicated enough already. 🙂

  136. You’ve said it so well Jeff – I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire business life and I’m also a husband and father of 3 small children. My wife and I are SO cautious about the poisons accessible to my children on TV, in the movies and online. It affects all of us no matter how thick we think our skin is. The onward and upward business principle applies to every other aspect of our lives. Thanks for sharing – CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU IN PHOENIX NEXT WEEK!

    Continue to be well my friend,


  137. Sure… it’s a cliche, but you are what you think about. And just like a computer, garbage in – garbage out.

    Very timely Jeff. Thanks for the reminder!


  138. Great post. Maintaining the right attitude can be hard at times. It seems especially so when first starting out, but I suspect every step along the way has its unique challenges. One thing I’ve been observing lately is how useful failure is. You have to do something in order to fail, and it’s only by failing in specific ways that I learn to do it right. And then there’s serendipity — long story, but someone else’s video camera failing at a crucial time led to mine getting fixed.

    Same with others’ (and my own) negativity. I’m learning to ask the question: What am I afraid of losing that I’m reacting so strongly to this (whatever it is)? In other words, why do I care what this person thinks, for example? If there’s something real at stake, then I can work with it in a rational way. If it’s some insecurity or anxiety totally within my own head, then just identifying it can help to take it out of “crisis” mode and take it out of the other person’s control.

    I never knew going into business would teach me so much about life.

  139. All great tips Jeff, and #5 is pure money because forgiving is letting go the person so they no longer have any power over you.

    Thanks for sharing!


  140. Jeff…the poison is everywhere. I haven’t watched the news for years. One day I was watching a rather inspirational episode of Oprah and when she went to break with a promotion for her next show. The next show highlighted the victim of a despicable act. I couldn’t believe the pictures that they had just planted in my head. It made me sick.

    You must be ever vigilant and not poison yourself willingly. Thanks for a great post. You’ve inspired me to write one on this topic as well…I’ll link back to yours if you don’t mind.


  141. Good reminder Jeff! Protect that valuable asset…our thoughts and desires.

    I like this teaching by Don Miguel Ruiz: “Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others do is a projection of their reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” Anthony de Mello says the same thing, “don’t be attached to the opinions of others…weather they are positive or negative.” Be aware and present. Anthony has a great book…if your ready for it: Awareness.

  142. Unfortunately, we may be exposed to information and events that we find objectionable even disgusting. The important thing is to teach ourselves and our children to learn from the good stuff, discard the bad, and know the difference. We may not be able to avoid the garbage but we certainly do not have to accept the “gift”.
    The other thing to note is that people were mindlessly watching the veg-o-matic (or texting) rather than interacting in the here and now with real human beings at their tables. We are so lonely in our togetherness.

  143. very very true. The hard part is when you’ve been around that negativity and stuff for so long that those “voices” have actually taken up root in your head. I will literally be pacing up and down my living room addressing and battling negative thoughts, doubts, voices i’ve heard before, until i’ve “slayed” every last one of them with reason, logic and the truth.

    Some people might call that extreme… but, the fact is, i am an extreme person, with extreme experiences and it takes extreme action to counteract extreme outside factors trying to pollute my peace of mind providing VALUE to other people’s lives… Now, how messed up is that… Tough one to figure out.

  144. Most people have allowed gory, punishing, mean, derogatory, etc., comments into their personal airspace. No one should feel bad about making changes when it comes to their TV watching, business associates, or even friends. We all have to make a promise to ourselves to “guard our own brains.” Thank you, Jeff, for putting this message so eloquently. Please share this wisdom with as many people as possible. Remember: Do not only “guard your own brain,” but guard against putting trash into someone else’s brain.


  145. Interesting post, Jeff.

    I’m curious though. There are 171 comments here and I didn’t see a single one that took issue with anything or made any negative comments.

    With all the stuff making the rounds right now – negative or not, true or not – I find it hard to believe that there haven’t been any negative comments. It seems highly suspicious, to me at least, when there are so many posts proclaiming the greatness of the post and none saying otherwise.

    It almost seems as though only the positive stuff is getting approved. I’ll be interested to see if this does or not.

  146. Jeff –
    Another inspiring post – and great feedback from everyone else in the comments. I was also bullied this week and it really created negative energy that I needed to let go. As an entrepreneur, many times I feel like the Lone Ranger – but I am not alone – as everyone above me has shared. Thanks again Jeff for making a difference with your words.

  147. Jeff, there is a rude phrase about opinions and how everyone does have one. Well said, as we often get absorbed in the noise and do not realise the impact it has on our thoughts and belief in ourselves. I have learnt to pick my company wisely and that lesson continues.

  148. WOW! You are so right, Jeff! People need to get their priorities straight! I had some urgent medical treatment I needed. I was broke. My father in law loaned me the money for the treatment, even though it meant they had to borrow money from their church for groceries for a while.

    Well, then I found Product Launch Formula and figured this would solve the money problems. My wife was furious, my father in law was furious, and I had to put off my medical treatment, at least for the time being. But that is life and life has risks!

    Long story short, for a lot of reasons I wasn’t able to do anything with Product Launch Formula. But! It still gave me some good wisdom, and everything worked out anyway thanks to some help from friends and neighbors. I’m still optimistic that one day when my health returns, I will be able to use my new knowledge to full advantage.

    So people, don’t pass up education because of circumstances. Not having money is no excuse. You can beg, borrow, or steal, but do whatever it takes to feed your mind. That’s what I’d say. People all told me how I was so wrong putting Product Launch Formula ahead of my medical needs, but even with good health, if you don’t have the knowledge, what is the point of life? I may be in poor condition today, but I will always have hope for the future! Keep your chin up, people!

    • @Kent I would never want anyone to spend borrowed money to invest in my trainings…and certainly not someone with a health condition that needed treatment. So while I appreciate your enthusiasm, please contact customer support and let them know who you are so we can issue you a refund. Thank you.

  149. Bob Mccarthy


    Thanks Jeff,
    Your timing was perfect. Too bad we have to keep being reminded to keep the poison out.

  150. Great post! Excellent reminder. I discuss this with all the authors I work with AND prepare them for what happens when you succeed — we call the negative stuff/people: ENERGY SUCKS (or energy vampires),

    Negative comments can sometimes be positive as in the example you shared about your $4 million product launch. Such sweet “revenge.”

    “You can’t get there from here” comments did not stop us from working to launch a children’s TV series. I wondered how I would know if/when it was “successful.” The answer came from the LA Times newspaper comic section when a comic strip joked and made comments about the show! (By the way – it’s still on TV.)

  151. Jeff,

    Awesome post! Once again, we are all faced with that daily challenge of which dog to feed. Do we feed the positive dog that’s a going to take us where we want to go or do we take the easier route and feed the negative one who is going to take us one place: down.

    I love your post and always gain something useful out of them. Thanks for sharing!

  152. Bob Matthews


    How very true Jeff, it is a sad fact of life that jealousy can bring out the worst in us.
    The UK unfortunately is a country where success is not very often applauded, people her for quite some time seem to live their lives based on “bad news”. To them the glass is half empty. Great article keep up the good work.

    Regards Dr Bob

  153. Hi Jeff,
    Jim Rohn once said “You are what you think and read”. – i think this also relates to what you watch and listen to.
    keep the inspiration coming! you share great things 🙂
    – May

  154. Good post, Jeff – great advice for non-entrepreneurs as well! I often suggest to my job-hunting workshop participants to banish poison-mongers from their lives, if at all possible. You know, those people who say, “Nobody’s hiring.”

  155. I never post comments on these things, but this one’s really valuable. Thanks for taking the time and talking about the personal, emotional journey of the successful marketer and entrepreneur, it really helps put things in context. There is a big lesson to be learned from the title of this post…

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  158. Jeff,
    Good stuff. I remember reading Charlie Tremendous Jones and how the first thing he eliminated in his house was the negative news as he headed toward success. You can’t keep poisoning your mind and expect to live a healthy life…
    I haven’t had a TV on in my house for more than 2 years, because I hate the way I feel after listening to the horror of the local news. I stopped listening to talk radio for much the same reason.
    I often wonder how many of the top earners spend their mornings watching that stuff.

    Have an amazing day,


  159. Herman Booysen


    Hi Jeff,

    Great post I really enjoyed it, and also liked Gail Fay’s reply.

    Kind regards


  160. Jeff,
    This is the first time I’ve viewed your blog, well said! I’m a real estate broker in Washington state so you can imagine how many people are saying I’m not going to make it through this market even other brokers. By not enabling those people to influence my direction and resolve, I’ve seen my business grow and I have become one of the most successful brokers in the area. We need more people like you sharing these insights to help change the way we alow our market place to be influenced by negative people. Thanks for the good words

  161. This is SO true. I think it is important to focus on positive things. Not to neglect negative things and live in a rosy bubble. But that which you focus on grows. If you see the best in people, people will try to live up to that. But if you see the worst in people, people will also live up to that in some way. I’m not sure what the exact mechanism behind that is, but I guess that our perception (or our interpretation of our perception) really has a profound influence on our reality.

  162. Jeff, you never cease to amaze me. This is a very insightful post, and displays a depth of character that I truly admire. It inspired me to write my own post (at my blog), and provides a good guideline for all of us: controlling what goes on inside our own heads is the highest-leverage part of the game.

    Thanks for being a voice of positivity, and for all that you do for our community.

  163. Thanks, Jeff. I highly respect your advice and what you’ve taught me about product launches, even though I’ve never purchased from you yet. I have total confidence that you are authentic and know your stuff.

  164. Love what you’re saying. I’ve learned long ago to ignore poor behavior which has been a stepping stone to my success. In fact, Jeff, you’ve inspired me. I’m going to write about ignoring poor behavior.

    Thanks for your wisdom and contribution to entrepreneurship. My friend Stevie Knight told me about your blog, to her I’m grateful… Have a beautiful weekend.


  165. Hey Jeff, so I’ve been thinking about this blog entry a lot, and decided to pop a note to find out if you’re interested at all in learning more about building humanity and helping on a deeper, more impactful level, despite negative media attention.

    If you’re the kind of person who wants to make positive change to the world and wants to make strides to change the way the world things about humanity in general, I’d love to hear from you. Otherwise, ignore my comment. 😉

    I’ve been on your list for about 3 years now and have sent plenty of people to your list as well. You give great content and I appreciate your efforts.

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  167. Hi Jeff,
    I learn alot of stuff from you since during your pre-launch for your product launch formula 2.0. While watching your pre-launch videos really inspire me.

    I have applied what you said, model what all the successful people are doing, don’t reinvent in the wheel, build your business, make more money and enjoy more freedom!

    During this year, from 29th Aug, I began to see results modeling what my mentors does that makes him successful.

    And the feelings was great. Though I have experienced small, humble success in my business but in my personal life in dating and relationships, I still have those poison in my mind keep attacking my confidence and injecting negativity in my brain.

    So when I read your blog post, it really comforts me and serve as an important reminder to always keep our brains strong and filled our minds with positive and uplifting stuff in order for us to be successful in both our personal life and business life.

    Thanks lot man!


  168. Hi Jeff,
    this post is timely. Interestingly enough, aren’t they all. This is a bit of a segway but have you noticed that when you need to hear or read something , it just appears…!

    Thanks for this Jeff as I have been struggling with external criticisms too and the conclusions that we entrepreneurs start to come to as a result of it.

  169. Dave Rogers


    Your advice is soooo true.
    I also have been successful and lost lots.
    Yes I did (do) tend to look to blame others
    and have infected poison onto my brain
    without resizing it. Like a drug it sometimes felt good.

    Im trying hard to detox and build my online business!
    Thanks again

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  171. I’d say protecting your confidence is super important. It’s amazing how we work as humans. We can have hundreds of satisfied customers but it takes one critic to take the wind out of your sails. But only if you allow it. Good post… Going to evernote

  172. Hi Jeff, Yes, we must avoid toxic thoughts, info+people. I formed Tribe Of Blondes around the resilient, positive spirit we need to overcome challenges, be even more successful and create great relationships with everyone in our life. We’re all born with this spirit. The secret is to keep it alive, with the help of supportive friends+positive thoughts and actions:
    When daily TV news drags you down, change the channel. When your inner critic puts you down, smile and send that inner voice on vacation so you can be your own best friend. When friends or family block the success and love you deserve, you choose to spend time with positive, supportive people instead. When jealous people criticize your success or savor a failure, privately forgive their ignorance and feel thankful you use your talents to change the world.
    Thanks, Jeff for helping people launch businesses and live their dreams now!

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  174. Jeff –

    I’ve been working my way through “The Artist’s Way”, trying to learn this same lesson. And what you say is absolutely right. Family can tear down or support, but the ones who tear down are ones stuck in the need for absolute security (always an illusion) and can’t fathom risk.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to find a circle of supportive friends who make the difference in my life as no one else has ever managed to do. For that I thank my lucky stars each day.

    Revenge may be sweetest when served cold, but the lasting satisfaction is success and the life well lived with passion, adventure, gratitude, and striving.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this posting. Thank you for detailing it for us.

  175. Absolutely. Mindset is #1.

    But, we as humans are fear-based animals, it’s how we are wired. And fear makes us inherently attracted to bad news. We just gotta realize this fact and focus, like you say, on our own positive mindset. Otherwise, we get what we always got.

  176. Thank you Jeff, Your wisdom and compassion are inspiring and I agree whole heartedly. I was dealing with this issue very recently, getting both positive and negative feedback, especially on my youtube yoga videos and I finally decided not to read them any more;) Eliminate the poison. Have a blessed weekend. Namaste, Dashama

  177. I believe much of life’s motivations is driven by “the best revenge is a life well lived”. However, while the statement is true, it is an empty person whose sole, or main purpose is revenge. More like, “find a way to live life well, and things like revenge will not matter nearly as much”.

  178. Yes, It about empathy, forgiveness and most of all having and inner awareness of our true essence and our eternal presence. Once we cultivate that, stuff just bounces off of us or just gets swept clean right away by our awareness. We gotta commit to mastery, in business and emotionally, in the end its the same thing. Nice post. thanks.


  179. Thanks for a great post. I wrote a course on stoicism (of all things) and got a lot of nay-sayers within my own circle. But the course took off. In spite of the snickering, I found just writing the course inspirational. I like to believe that if you have never been criticized it means that you have never dared to do anything worthwhile.

  180. Great post jeff! it’s very true… You have to watch what you put in your mind. It’s not called “TV Programming” for nothing, it programs your mind.

    Funny you mentioned utah because I have a flight to utah tomorrow!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for being the positive change you want to see in the world.

    David King

  181. Hi Jeff,
    I consider you to be one of the smartest people marketing on the internet today…

    I refer to this as GIGO

    garbage in, garbage out

    If you put garbage in your brain, you are going to get garbage out of your brain…

    TV news is garbage, I refuse to watch news.

    I do like my nascar tho…LOL

    keep on rockin!

  182. Hey Jeff,

    The fact that you want to give that gentleman Kent his money back, shows what kind of man you really are. That tells me that you are a man of principle and values that has sympathy in his heart for his fellow man. I like that… This is why you have come as far as you have.

    Take care,

    Brian M Connole

    P.S. Good post too!

  183. This is true! It is even more true in South Africa.
    We can poison our brain all day everyday.

    The difference of being informed and poisoning must be a subject for someone.

    We are working hard and having fun making a difference to people lives and thus compete against our wild crime (20,000 murders alone every year).
    Simply think of the loss to us, their families and much more.
    So, let us get cracking and feed our mind the right stuff to GET UP TAKE ACTION AND WIN!Nice day there1

  184. You’re singin’ my song, Jeff. Keep singin’! You have a large audience and a great opportunity to make a difference.

  185. Dear Jeff,

    Every word of your blog post is like a motivational pill for today’s morning (and may be for couple of more days ahead).

    Sometimes we all know and even can control the situation. But by someway somehow we become out of control. That’s our test. We will pour these good thoughts in our brain by time to time.

    Keep Injecting Good Thoughts. Have a Nice Time!


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  187. Jeff,

    I agree. Great post. Point #3 about use haters as motivation very useful for short term boosts. Like you said revenge is not a long term solution.


  188. Jeff – Thanks for a great post; it all rings true.

    Creative people (entrepreneurs and artists) attract destructive critics who attempt to pull more powerful people down to their level. Your advice is great; ignore them, expand and be prosperous.

  189. Jeff

    Another common place where we have to protect against brain poisoning is the gym. That morning news blaring out of the TV includes both the horribly detailed police blotter and the financial disaster report. You go in there with a fresh brain to do something good for yourself and you end up getting bombarded. I often take the weights into the hallway and do my cardio on the steps outside to avoid the barrage. Even at the breakfast table on a beautiful Sunday morning, the front page of todays NY Times had a story about unending deflation and depressed consumers in Japan, warning that the US was headed down the same path. I love the way you put it: “Always Protect Your Confidence.” And by the way, I bought Kajabi from YOU because I loved your bonuses. So good job. I have taken a couple of courses on this platform and am hopeful it will be everything it promises to be in our business of training voiceover talent and business speakers in my Berkley Persuasive Voice Academy. Thanks Jeff. –Susan Berkley

    • Susan, I agree about the gym. I don’t spend that much time in gyms, but I always bring my iPod with me so I don’t have to listen to the TV.

      I learned that phrase “always protect your confidence” from Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. Dan is my coach, and he’s a very smart man.

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  191. This posting is so true and I find many people have a really hard time dealing with those naysayers. I’m in the business of helping others changer their lives and one part of that transformation is having people around them telling them crap that knocks them off their feet just to keep them from growing.

    It can be a lot of work for a person to avoid some friends and family long enough for them to get some personal gain. What is a real win is to see them get the gain and then figure out that they don’t want to remain friends with those people that have always kept them down.

    That’s my two cents

  192. Al Munkacsy


    You are right on about “protecting your brain”! Even having that stuff on in the background allows your subconcious to absorb the negative messages. Watching and listening is alot like eating….you eat junk food and your body goes. You watch and listen to negative anything and your mind goes……


  193. Tom McCutcheon


    Hi Jeff, Thanks for the great article! This is something we all need to hear and think about oftentimes. Too often the naysayers are at the door- we must ignore them and move ahead. To success, Tom

  194. Well put! It is very tough starting out, especially if you have lots of negative people around you! Your suggestions are great; I especially like “use the haters for motivation”…it’s always been my favorite. Cheers to gaining feedback from failure!

  195. ‘Cling to the Good’, is what I always say and ‘keep your trap door shut’. Most inspiring article Jeff, thanks!

  196. Rache Balancio


    I agree with Jeff… I believe that “poisoning the mind” means injecting more FEAR to people; making our brain work with FEAR in everything we do… and as we all know fear will never move us forward, specially as entrepreneurs. so let’s all be cautious to what we put in our minds.

  197. Jeff,
    Appreciate you sharing your personal insights.
    Perseverance, mental control and spiritual discipline are key attributes to successful leaders.
    My dad taught me regarding marketing, the well known saying; some will, some won’t, so what…move on to your next prospect and don’t dwell on the doubters.
    If you provide value, are authentic and place the customers best interest first and foremost…they will come and follow. That’s all I need to focus on.
    I also find getting out on the bike and riding the trails is great for cleansing “the poison,” in more ways than one.

  198. This is so true. I’ve had number of people suddenly “asking me for favors” since I can afford much more things or expecting me to be generous on certain events as if my money fall from the sky. There are others that try to teach me that money is bad and doesn’t bring any good.

    This article is such a relief. Knowing that there are so many others like me.

  199. I love strategy nr 4: “the best revenge is a life well lived”.
    There is nothing more powerful than knowing you’re on the right track. Then let the jealous hordes howl and slander and try to bring you down. It’s no more than roaches trying to corner a Jaguar: it just won’t work! If you feel empowered about what you’re doing, nothing in the world is going to stop you!
    Thank you, Jeff, for putting it so clearly!

  200. Jeff, thanks for sharing your personal insights…appreciate.
    Look forward to testing Kajabi.

  201. Jeff I love your lifestyle. You really know what is important in life, and manage to be surrounded by good energy and positive people.
    Here, in Chile, we have just been able to see a miracle. 33 miners were trapped in a mine, and after 70 days, we (the people, the government, the engineers, everybody helped, we all felt a part of it) managed to take them off to the surface, and back to their families. This was a really powerful and positive experience. If those 33 men could wait with hope to be rescued, we here, with fresh air, can do anything and everything. If you want something, there is nothing that should make it not happen.

  202. Great post, the really sad part is sometimes its your close friends that pull you down the most. But with that said, you need to make tough choices in both your professional and personal life.

  203. Carolina,
    (Sorry Jeff, I have already had a say, but the miners story is too good not to comment on!)

    Carolina, the world sat enthralled daily watching with your nation’s combined hopes for the safe extraction for the miners from the bowels of the earth and back into the sunlight.
    It was an amazing story. The fact that babies were born and named Espiranta(or however you spell HOPE in Chilean!), that a camp sprung up called HOPE and the fact that the world pulled together as one in hope that your men would be saved, is one of the most inspiring spiritual group hugs the world has experienced for quite some time, I’m sure.
    It was truly an honour to be part of that event. Thank you Chile, thank God.

  204. Beautiful Jeff!
    You couldn’t have said it any better and precise.
    If only we will feed our minds with the right food, what a happy and fulfilled life we all would live!
    Thanks for bring this out of your mind.

  205. Thank you Poppie!
    It is really amazing how the entire world was watching that night, live, the rescue.
    Thank God we all have HOPE (esperanza).

  206. This was very good… I even feel like it was directed at the situation that’s going on in my own life. I think we also need to learn to censor our own inner critic–ok, maybe not censor him, but definitely get him to be quiet for a while. 🙂

    But the news is totally about getting ratings–I think since the news channels have gone to a 24-hour format, there’s more of a focus on the negative because, unfortunately, that’s what a lot of us are drawn to.

  207. Profound advice Jeff, thank you for your post, it’s good to make a conscious effort everyday to be positive, and try to filter out negative influences. There are people out there who say things that are implied to completely deflate your self confidence and reduce self esteem. Theirs is jealous immature behavior. It’s important to rise above it.

  208. Pingback: Tales to Tide You Over » Blog Archive » Interesting Links for 10-22-2010

  209. Jeff this was a really well written article you explain a lot of feelings.
    I have when I see friends getting upset about crime out of there province.
    It is taking up a lot of their precious time. They are poisoning there
    brain for sure.

  210. Brenda McCaffrey


    I’ve read that studies have shown that we tend to remember things that have the most emotional impact or the things that happen last. It is possible to change that by reinforcing the good things. Every morning (every morning!), my husband and I recall the “three good things” that happened the previous day, even if it is something small like “I ate my favorite breakfast.” We’ve been doing this for a couple of years, and it’s amazing how much better the world looks. Try it!

  211. There is an old saying in Buddhism that our enemies teach us because the only way to learn tolerance and understanding is through the tough tests that they give us. I think that this belief directly applies here. Learn that all the tough tests and ‘poison’ out there is a constant test for us to rise above…

  212. It is an amazing motivation. I am at the crossroad, deciding should I continue doing affiliate marketing on my site, since it did not make any sale from September last year until now.
    This is my first project, I got a lot more to learn. So I will not give up and continue my journey on Internet Marketing.

    Thanks Jeff.

  213. Hi Jeff, you are a master of the word as well as IM. sound advice for beginners and gurus alike. I, of course, continue to use your methods for success each and every month. thank you. MP

  214. I am in the middle of a launch, and just today I realized that critics tend to remain in my mind more vivid than praise. Perfect timing, reading your post. Thank you! Great 🙂

  215. Bob Nussbaum


    Jeff: Thanks, I needed that. I came from the corp world and the negatives from that sector gets crazy. Nice to be among like minded folks. I am learning to ignore and forgive. It facilitates a return to positive energy. Bob

  216. Enjoyable read;0) Jeff;-Thinking makes the difference ,Thoughts become things.Thanks for thinking of us.

  217. Great post my brother. I truly believe what you have shared here is true. Thanks for the work and I am from utah…Moab rocks…God bless you my brother! Rock on!

  218. I will sum up your entire blog post Jeff to state…. Become an ENERGYTARIAN. What is an energytarian. Exactly the same as a vegetarian except you become VERY particular about your energetic diet.

    I have switched off the TV and barely watched it in 5 years, I never watch, listen or read news, and I have gone and chosed all new friends and chosen people to be my new family as I outgrew everyone else.

    Now my life is BLISSFUL.

    BIG love

  219. Randel Taschner


    Hey, its always nice to hear a native of Colorado. I am also a native but not quite successful yet, I thank you very much for your way of reaching out to the souls that are on a similar conquest as yourself. I’m a young aspiring business guy just trying to learn as much as possible. Thanks again. I’m sure you will be hearing from me in the near future.

    Randy T.

  220. Martin Berger


    Jeff this is great text. I have experienced both side of “3. Use the haters as motivation.”. When one of my friends started succeeding in his goals, and they were pretty large for his situation, i felt parallel jealosy and desire to be like him. And i knew, i shouldn’t feel jealosy but i was and it was very demolishing. Over time i managed both. I learned to love other people’s success. It was hard. It was like i was hardwired to hate success of other people. At the end i figured that that all were my projections… We humans have a lot more to learn about ourselves. It seems that we still function on basic primitive drives, mainly. Good luck Jeff.

  221. Hey Jeff,
    Sometimes the poison we take in mentally lasts much longer than food poisoning. Sometimes it can last a lifetime. It is vital to separate from haters of all kinds. There are people all around trying to get it done. They aren’t hard to find. They will help.

  222. Hey Jeff,

    This is a nice message. I think this is something we have a privilege to understand because we have to face challenges in our businesses that no one else in the job market will face. When we have a negative mindset, our personal productivity and personal growth kinda slow down. It is important that we consistently focus on improving ourselves.

  223. Beautiful post Jeff! I totally agree with you and think its so important not to take any mean comments personally. Ive seen people say such horrible things to others and when I questioned them about it, in every case they apologized and it was because of some pain or frustration they were experiencing themselves that they let it out by criticizing someone else. Thanks for the constant inspiration you are and the reminders to protect our environment. Wishing you and all your readers a terrific week.

  224. Too right,

    Just starting a business puts you a cut above the others who merely dream and do nothing to make their dreams turn into reality.

    Average folk complain about their lot in life. They blame anyone and everything for their own failure.

    And this usually means they remain rooted to the spot all there life.

    And these bods are the ones who are most critical.

    You won’t find successful people being critical because there far too busy being successful.

  225. Wow so much I could say about this awesome post Jeff, and so true that you are setting yourself apart when you go into business for yourself. It is so very essential to success to understand this and how your mind needs to be fed with positive thoughts and your focus on winning and succeeding at whatever your endevour. Unfortunately not everyone around you, and yes not even your own family, will share your vision or support it. I have been laughed at, told I couldn’t and heard my share of venom over the years as a business owner, weak minded people think this way and I have learned to just tune it out, but my mind is also tuned in to the ones who understand and get it too. The positive ones always have a smile for you and something worth hearing to offer and those are the people that I spend my time on and give my attention to, because they deserve it. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy, but if you want the reward, you need to be willing to step up, no risk no reward, be bold and take the chance and on your journey that is why it is so important to believe in yourself, what you are doing and stay focused and positive ALWAYS. So I will share with you all some of my favorite recent quotes, you all deserve it, all of us do, just remember to pass on the positive energy — “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions, small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can be great” – Mark Twain “If you want to be the best, you have to be willing to do things that other people aren’t willing to do” – Michael Phelps “There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t, what you’ve got to do is turn around and say, watch me..” – Layne Beachley “Don’t ever let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling” – Unknown

  226. Hi Jeff,

    I have seen you talk before on your videos but I had never read your blogs. Your words are powerful and go right to the heart of the matter. Thank you for sharing this. I had a few negative experiences as I put myself out there in blogs, videos and books and it would have really helped to have read this blog beforehand.



  227. Wow… awesome post Jeff!

    You are absolutely right: There will be a lot of critics when you start out and give it your all, but once you do succeed, they like to take credit for it and say things like “I knew you would do it!”

    Thanks for the “REAL” issues you blog about!


  228. Hi Jeff,
    You said “This news had absolutely zero impact on their lives.” because it was from 2000 miles away. You also say you have faith that humans are evolving into something better.
    I’m not sure ignoring bad things that happen in the world just because they’re far from you is a way of being a better person.
    I agree with the positivity elements though.
    But as Tony Robbins says, by repeating to yourself “there are no weeds, there are no weeds” will not remove the weeds from your garden.

    • @Av: while a convenience store robbery that took place 2000 miles away is significantly bad news (and horribly frightening) for the people directly impacted, it had absolutely zero impact on the people watching that TV.

      I’m sure there were dozens of other violent crimes (and hundreds of accidents) happening throughout the world in the time those people ate breakfast. There are “weeds” all over the world all the time… if those weeds have no impact on our lives, it’s crazy to focus on them in my opinion.

  229. Hi Jeff,

    I agree its not good to dwell on the bad things happening in the world.
    But as a compassionate humans we should be aware of them.
    That global awareness will hopefully put an end to atrocities that are happening outside our peaceful priveleged bubble.
    To obtain that awareness we have to focus, just for a short while.

    But I guess people who are on holiday/vacation may, understandably, want to turn off the heavy pressures of the world so they can enjoy their break before getting back to the grindstone.

    So, yes, I agree. In that particular hotel, perhaps they should change the station to the Discovery Channel.


  230. Well said. I’ve worked in insolvency for 25 years and business for 45. When I’m assisting businessmen turn their business around, I always tell them to keep their ideas and plans close to their chests until they are ready to make the decision – and only then – then make it and tell only those who need to know.
    Many potentially successful businesses failed because of the “that’ll never work” brigade. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO risky!
    It’ll never get off the ground Wilbur, and you’ll look such a fool.
    Better join the Civil Service and let the tax payers look after you.

  231. Jeff,
    I lived in Moab for 6 months, and I don’t recall even owning a tv! It’s awesome beauty there. I can’t believe a hotel would have a news station blaring such garbage! And to think people would give up even a little of their vacation in such an astounding location for such “entertainment.”
    I am new to the business world, writing my first book and knowing that I need to market my brand (my author platform), so I am taking what you say to heart. It’s a scary good time for me! Thanks for your wisdom and willingness to help.

  232. The media has a lot to answer for Jeff (where is all the great news? – and there is lots of great news) – but you’re so right – we (nearly) always have the chance to ignore or avoid it and make a different choice. Our tv broke, we haven’t replaced it. We’re not missing it at all, in fact we’re wondering why we didn’t get rid of it a long time ago!

  233. Well said Mr. Walker. Thank you!
    Looking forward to reading your new book. Congratulations on that.

    After experiencing a stroke awhile back, I forgot how to do much of the work I’d done in the past 15 to 20 years (mostly IT/Information Technologist stuff in various countries), but memory from 40 or 50 years ago is fine (like driving).

    A long-time friend reminded me that I used to do black & white photography (as a research tool for airbrush illustrations long before airbrushing went digital too). He suggested that I could now waste all the film I want to in the process of updating my knowledge on that (step-by-step order of processes are the part that seems to be the most confusing). Anyway, being wiped out financially, my little sister let me charge for a camera, fish-eye lens and a few related processing software programs.

    Some people say you don’t know how few friends you have till rough times hit. However, I found out how MANY friends I have! I have been staying with one, and then another, for a couple of years (trying not to wear out my welcome). And my life just keeps getting more fun and wonderful.

    I have been practicing and learning spherical panoramic photography (mostly by trial and error) for about a year, and a friend introduced me to a company which sponsored an “app” for me to display my photo-spheres (as Google calls them).

    “Wa State 360” is now a free download at Apple’s app store or iTunes). It is a nice start, but not under my full control, nor for multiple platforms … only for IOS devices … iPad/iPhone). So, perhaps before this year is over, I wish to create something similar, yet far more customizable with more location information and such of potential value to my audience … something that can run on most any platform. Not sure exactly what,, but have a couple ideas.

    And I also plan to use your “LAUNCH” book as a roadmap/blueprint/formula to assist in this fun I am having in my life adventure!

    Thank you for writing about that very important subject.
    Timothy Oldfield ~ spherical panoramic photographer

  234. kristina alexander -australia


    Hi Jeff. I never watch TV and advise all my clients who are growing spiritually not to do so. This is in their Personal Energy they are ‘living in’ during the breakfast hour. A time one regroups with their angels and sets energy for the day. It is not a time you need to socialize or inflow noise of any kind. it is a silent time. No wonder you felt so upset. Also I feel you are an evolved soul. it comes out in everything you are saying and doing. I would like to congratulate you on that.

  235. Thanks for sharing this! I completely agree, I haven’t owned a TV in 14 years. I won’t fill my brain with that poison. I have to be positive for my patients. Traveling is always a challenge. It’s crazy how quickly you can be exposed to negativity that you didn’t intent. Go 5 star and get room service!

  236. Very true Jeff…
    Garbage in, garbage out. It’s a shame some of us are so addicted to garbage and don’t even see it…
    We need detoxing, on a regular basis.

  237. Thanks Jeff for the great reminder. It helps to remember that when people criticize us it usually has little to with us and more with them. Also for me when we keep our focus on who really matters, the dyslexic children we’re trying to help, then these critics really don’t matter.

  238. I’ve been in that exact same situation, Jeff. The children… how does that land on young minds that are developing, loving, trusting. And to think, that exposure for them, it’s just accidental. In some ways, it’s almost as a big a crime as what was happening on the TV.

    I submit that the 7 holes on our face are sacred entry ways, and should be treated as such. They are the gateways to the brain, stomach, and lungs. I don’t want any of those littered if I can help it.

  239. Thanks Jeff,

    I’m a new convert. I love your style, and I agree – don’t feed the trolls. Creating value will also create enmity. I tell my assistant, the number one thing when dealing with our clients is to treat them with kindness. Best, Al

  240. Gregory Jay


    Those are great observations. It feels like I knew those things intuitively and have just seen them in writing for the first time.

  241. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for ALL.

    I just sign in your list today.
    incredible it is the first time I access your blog.
    I am very impressed with his teachings.

    Thank you!!!

    Otton Moura

  242. Hi Jeff,
    I was just going through PLF Module 4 when you talk about pre-pre and launching your blog. So of course, I had to come on over here and check it out 😉 … Well this post caught my eye and it is so aligned with my values and belief (about TV “news” AND the nay-sayers) that I want to shout it from the roof tops! Which I will now do virtually by posting it on my FB page 🙂 THANK YOU!!

  243. thank you so much for this amazing post man.
    You are absolutely right: There will be a lot of critics when you start out and give it your all, but once you do succeed, they like to take credit for it and say things like “I knew you would do it!

  244. I’m an expert writer who loves to bring smiles to people’s face.

    Writing is what I do for a living and I am so passionate about this. I have worked with several organizations whose mission is to help people solve writing problems.
    I love traveling and have visited several places in the past few years.
    I’m happy to have written several books that have contributed positively to the lives of many. My books are available in several parts of the world. And I’m currently working with service providers that help people save energy. Being a part of this team has open more opportunities for me to excel as a writer. I have worked with different people and met many clients as a writer.
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  245. Jeff,

    This is such timely information for right now.

    I just spent hours this week involved in several trauma-related conversations. And listening to a detailed study about trauma and how it is affecting our lives in the USA. And globally.

    I am glad you had the insight to write this post ten years ago.

    I read Barry Friedman’s comments about how sacred the input into our brains is.

    I am a believer, Mr. Friedman. And control all input.

    And I actively delete toxins and toxic people from my life.

    My brain cells are too valuable to store other people’s toxins.

    Jeff, thanks for your thoughts. And being such a consistent and long-term thought leader in several areas.

    Respectfully, Alvin Wayne Weiss

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