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If you’ve got a product that can impact people’s lives, you owe it to the world to communicate its benefits through an authentic and powerful marketing strategy.

There are numerous marketing tactics, tools, and programs you can leverage that will help you do this. Many of them will be covered over time in this blog.

However, the foundation of any marketing strategy you implement must be a strong awareness that you are not your market

Here’s what I mean…

If your business is teaching people to play guitar, you’re much more advanced with those skills than the people you’re selling to. If you have a fitness training program, your knowledge in this area is more advanced than that of your audience. 

Compared to you, the people you sell to will mostly be beginners. So their concerns are different from yours. You have to enter the conversation that’s going on in their minds and recognize what their concerns are — and address them. 

The basis of all the marketing strategies you use must be a strong sense of what’s holding your prospects back. What are their pain points and frustrations? What pleasure are they seeking? What are their hopes and dreams? 

All your marketing strategies should be designed to address these questions and concerns. So remember, if you’re a skilled guitarist selling a program to people who are interested in playing guitar… you are not your market. 

So as you plan your marketing strategies — don’t get caught up in what’s going on inside your own head. Focus instead on what’s going on in your prospect’s head. 

Start from this point of view, and any marketing strategy you implement will be much more effective.