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One of the big reasons I'm where I'm at today is because about 15 years ago, after watching the infomercial over and over… I suspended my disbelief long enough to buy Tony Robbins “Personal Power 2” home-study course off that late-night commercial.

At the time my life was totally flat lining – I wasn't going anywhere, and I had no prospects. And I had almost no money whatsoever. Spending that $129 was a HUGE decision.

But, like I said… I suspended my disbelief, and I went ahead and picked up the phone and ordered the product.

As soon as the product came, I tore into it. I followed every single step, and I did EXACTLY what Tony told me to do. I was desperate to change my life…

And that was the start of everything… my life went from flat lining onto a trajectory that I still have a hard time believing. I can easily trace everything back to buying that course and going through it. Tony Robbins is the dude that turned everything around for me and taught me how to think/act.

Which is why it was REALLY cool to be invited to meet with Tony and tell him how to use the Internet to grow his business.

That was October 2008 when I got the call… and I flew out to San Diego to meet with Tony and his staff.

And I wasn't going in alone… my friends Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Mike Koenigs were there as well. I mean, if you're gonna meet with Tony Robbins, it's great to have some compadres with enough marketing brainpower to power a small city.

In any case, we met at Tony's offices in San Diego… where we proceeded to COMPLETELY rock Tony's world. I mean… I think we just about melted his brain when we shared some of our strategies, and explained exactly how he could drop them into his business.

(As a bit of an aside, it was amazing to have Tony – the guy I considered to be my success mentor – look at me and tell me that he knew I created the Product Launch Formula and the entire product launch phenomenon… and then tell me what his questions/concerns were about using the model in his biz.)

Tony was very interested in how we do stuff in the Internet Marketing world, and he asked tons of questions and basically just soaked everything up. We were able to work up a plan for him in no time… and they started putting it to work right away in that conference room – and they've gone on to generate some huge results with that plan.

For me – this was thrilling … Tony made such a *huge* impact on me (Frank and Mike and Mike felt the same way)… and to walk into his office as a gunslinger and completely rock his world – well, that was fun, amazing, and gratifying. And it was big-time validation that the greater world wants and needs the Internet Marketing knowledge that we live and breathe every day.

For those interested in Tony – one thing became VERY clear immediately in that meeting… the guy has a HUGE passion for helping people and making an impact. He's very genuine, and just a regular, cool dude. Running the business is something he does so he can continue to make the impact, but running the business is clearly secondary to his mission in life.

But there's a funny postscript from that meeting – it was 45 minutes after our meeting was scheduled to be over, and we were still going strong… but Tony had a call scheduled with Ben Silverman of NBC about a possible weekly prime-time show featuring Tony.

(At the time I didn't know who Ben Silverman was, but it turns out he was the Chairman of NBC)…

Well, Tony kept Ben waiting (!) for about five minutes while he wrapped with us. Then he jumped up and said “OK, we have to take some pictures!”… and then he ran off to get on the phone call – ten minutes late.

Of course, that wasn't enough… about five minutes later, Tony put Ben on hold and called back into our conference room because he had a few more questions he wanted his staff to ask us!

And now the final twist… almost two years later, that prime-time show on NBC has become a reality (I guess Ben Silverman didn't hold a grudge about Tony putting him on hold!)… and the first show – “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” is airing tomorrow – Tuesday, July 27th at 8:00pm eastern.

The show is all about Tony doing what he does best… helping people make massive changes in their lives – fast.

You can see the trailer (and download some cool goodies) here:

Personally, I can't wait to see this show… because I feel like I've got this tiny little personal connection… but more importantly, because I'm an even bigger fan of Tony now than before I met him.

And that's saying something.

Because finding a mentor is a life-changing thing… and Tony changed my life in a big way.

I would love to hear about your mentors – and the impact they've made on your life…

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105 Replies to “Tony Robbins: mentoring a mentor…”

  1. Who are the two on the right? 🙂

    The rest of the gang, i already know them lol


  2. Hey Jeff,

    I wanted to comment and tell you that Tony has had the same type of impact in my life. About ten years ago I was still relatively young, but felt like things were going nowhere fast. I’d borrowed some of Tony’s stuff from a relative, and from there the transformation began. Listening to Tony is life-changing, and anybody who is genuinely ready to live life to the fullest WILL benefit from the teachings of Tony Robbins. I have to say I’m a bit jealous that you got to meet him, as it’s been one of my goals to meet him someday (which I still plan on doing).

    Anyway Jeff, great story and I too look forward to the show tomorrow night!


    Dr. Paul Ciurysek, MD

  3. It’s not often I get to be first so to leave a post so here it goes. Tony Robbins also happens to be my favorite personal success coach. Although I have yet to manage to put all of the required ingredients together to make success a reality, I know in my hearts of hearts, that it is in the making. It is thanks to litterally everyone in this picture, that I still have the faith to persue my IM dreams.

    Thanks Jeff,


  4. It’s like coming full circle.

    He was there (at least his product was) to help you through a challenging time in your life and now you’re in his circle of influence helping him succeed in an area he needed help with.

    It happens every day; we just aren’t aware of how we impact others with our wisdom, kindness, and help. Thanks for sharing your experience. It encourages me to think bigger and know that anything is possible.


  5. I’m very excited over this new show. I even wrote a blog post about it on my blog to share my point of view and get feedback from others on the subject.

    I am glad to see more an more networks pick up on the newest trend of POSITIVE reality TV. Through this new reality series with Tony Robbins, viewers will be able to benefit from his life changing advice, insight and knowledge for free, directly into our living rooms!

    It will be a huge benefit to simply view and listen to the knowledge and techniques Tony will be providing during his weekly episodes. Can’t wait!

    To Your Success,
    Sean Smith

  6. Adrian Shepherd


    Robert Kiyosaki got me started with “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” then it was Tony’s “Awaken the Giant Within” along with his “Get the Edge” audio session…and finally I ended up listening to Jim Rohn and I was simply blown away. I’ve listened to tons of other speakers (Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Keith Cunningham, etc) but these three guys were the ones that I credit to turning my life around.

  7. Hi Jeff –

    I think YOU are impacting my life … and I haven’t even bought your product … (yet 😉

    So cool to see the connections that have changed the lives of people who you already appreciate – expands (and in this case reinforces) my circle of mentors and underscores your importance in my own marketer development.

    How’s that for gushy listee-love? Grin.

    Thanks for being you Jeff,


  8. Jeff,

    Very cool story about connecting with Tony. I still have my set of Personal Power 2 CD’s sitting on the shelf and I regularly re-listen to them when I need to recharge my batteries for my business.

    Can’t wait to see what he does on the TV show,

    Andrew Seltz
    The Go-To Guy!

  9. > That is Pam Hendrickson and Mark Peysha…
    > they are from Tony’s team

    Thanks Jeff…
    I thought they are marketers that I didn’t know about yet! LOL

  10. Jeff, you have become one of my mentors. I enjoy reading your work and hearing your inspiring story.

    Over this past three years I’ve gained a lot of traction and felt more success than ever before in my life because I have repeatedly studied Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, and the eternal, Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

    I’m happy to consider your teachings by example as rating among these classics for a great source of inspiration. Thanks again for all you share.

  11. Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing your journey and full circle moment with us. I too am looking forward to the new show.

    I love this part “the guy has a HUGE passion for helping people and making an impact. He’s very genuine, and just a regular, cool dude. Running the business is something he does so he can continue to make the impact, but running the business is clearly secondary to his mission in life.”

    Thanks again Jeff!

  12. Sweet… I would love to see that show, wonderfull post, I think that almost any entrepreuner can apply Internet Marketing strategies to grow his or her business. I want that course how can I get it?

  13. Hey Jeff!

    just swinging by really quickly to say what a great post you’ve got up. As a young person I’m passionate about creating opportunities for other cool young people out there as I believe adults are too quick to kill a young person’s dreams these days and mentoring plays a HUGE role in my mission.

    I’ve learnt an incredible amount of tools, techniques and success stories from you, Frank, Mike and last but not least Tony and it reminds me to keep going through the hard times because one day I’ll end up in a photo with my mentors, just like you guys.

    Thanks again Jeff – Dream great dreams, Build amazing things, Inspire those around you, and Lead through motivation!


  14. Tony is very good at what he does – repackage other people’s ideas and work into something he can sell – and he is definitely a master marketer. I know from experience because I have spent over $20K with him and his organization – that is, until I realized he is also a master at keeping you on the hook, promising that you will learn (in his NEXT program) what you thought you were promised you would learn (in his LAST one).

    Nothing wrong with what he teaches – some of it is quite good, and it is often the first introduction most people have to the principles. And yes, I’ve seen him facilitate massive change for people – I just got tired of never actually getting the goods I was promised.

    So, I had to laugh when I heard he was getting into internet marketing because I knew it meant he was seeing more dollar signs. But, as I said, he is a master marketer, so it makes sense he would tap the brains of the people who had already created success on the internet. That’s part of what Tony does best – he is an expert modeler.

    Once I became tired of the empty promises and took classes to become an NLP practitioner (just before I completed my last class with Tony), I was able to actually observe how he “persuaded and influenced” (a.k.a. manipulated) people. It was very enlightening.

    My advice is to pay attention to what he DOES (and model that), instead of just listening to what he SAYS, since that is only his rehash of what other people have already done.

    In other words – go to the source – Walker, Kern, Filsaime – instead of the Tony rehash that is sure to cost you much more than the originators would charge.

    And remember, in the end it is less about what others say and more about what you choose to do with what you have learned.

  15. Wow, wow! Congratulations on helping your “college” idol 😀 I’m just starting to think about another product launch for my own products, so wish me luck 😉

  16. It is nice that you bring Tony’s show notice.
    I saw him with Jay Leno a couple of weeks ago and he has this great personality
    that people enjoy so much.


  17. Jeff, thanks for sharing that story. I heard you speak at Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy last month – liked you then and now, with this post, see and believe that you are just as down to earth as……well…..the rest of us. Tony Robbins has been an influence in my life – as well, I have worked with, and have a lot of respect, for my friend and mentor, Lou Tice. Similar information to Tony’s – it’s all powerful – the key is to implement :).

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Pat Mussieux

  18. Great picture! And thanks for the heads up on the show. It looks like it’s going to be fantastic. I noticed on Tony’s site that AFTER each show, you can head over to the site where Tony will have personal ‘coaching sessions’ free of charge so you can learn how to apply the principles from the episode in your own life.

  19. Thanks for letting me know about this.I am a great admiror of Tony,I am reading his book “Unlimited Power”. I am ansious of getting that kind of help,unfortunatelly I live in Colombia and it is not so easy to get into contact with Tony’s help directly.
    How can I see those shows? Is it just for the U.S.A.?

  20. Had to laugh… that was me over 25 years ago, single, in my 1 BR walkup in NYC with the bare bulbs and the roaches bigger than Buicks, listening to Tony’s infomercial at 3AM while eating Haagen Dazs out of the container. I ordered the tapes (yes TAPES, folks, what they used right after papyrus).

    I’ve used his stuff ever since and gone to a lot of his seminars. I was even a group leader at the amazing one in Hawaii on 9/11 (if you have not seen the clips from that on YouTube, you must). My success has been good, and sometimes spectacular, but not consistent, and I can see that unlike you I have not always applied what I learned consistently, and have allowed myself to get sidetracked and very discouraged at times. I see now what a waste of time and energy that was. Great to see another instance of Personal Power at work! I’m going to dust off my cassettes (OK, now I own the program on CD) and get re-inspired, thanks to your example.

    Looking forward to the show too!!!

  21. Jeff

    What a great story. Thanks for taking time to share it with us.
    I am always amazed when people don’t like Tony. He has made an impact over and over again in my life.
    I have even used some of his ideas, training and wake ups with my Coaching and Hypnosis clients over the years… still do in fact.

    Love him, love you and your great energy and spirit of wanting to share and help just like Tony…
    Maybe that should be your new nickname… Jeff- Just Like Tony-Walker….

    Thanks again for sharing a great story!

  22. I got Personal Power as well, I bet it was 20 years ago. It really did make some permanent (and very helpful) changes in my thinking.

    It makes me laugh to see you and Frank looking kind of … short. Tony changes the frame of reference a little, doesn’t it? 😉

  23. Hi Jeff:
    Yes, Tony is a tall guy, extremely cordial as well. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak with the man himself, being that I live in San Diego and have for the last 26 years.
    Actually, he and I have spoken at a few “Fund Raisers”.
    I’m excited for you and the rest of the crew, that you found validation through Tony Robbins.

  24. Tony is the best , my wife got the same course. She made me listen to the whole thing years ago. I must say it impacted my life for sure and i draw from it actually more than i know. I love Tony’s hour of power also on his new stuff.

    When Tony said in his course that he lives off of 4 hours sleep and you must wake up and seize the day. I really didn’t know what that meant until i listed down my goals in life and realized there are only 24 hours a day lol dah and i was not going to get them all done by sleeping 10-12 hours a day like i used to. So now i just jump right out of bed and feel inspired everyday. I truly love what i do each and everyday.

    “Jeff” how super cool that you got to thank him in person for his contributions to you’re successes.

    I sometimes wonder what i would say to Tony if given the chance. Would i just thank him or would i ask him questions. “Could i even ask Tony a question he has never been asked before”. I guess just a simple and sincere thank you. Ok ok i know im fooling my self i would ask a questions or two.

  25. I have benefitted from Tony’s helpful mentoring via “Unlimited Power” CD set when I was very discouraged.

    I’m a Tony Robbins fan. Thanks for letting me know about his new show.

    I think that Tony Robbins and John Bradshaw are 2 modern hero pioneers for soul medicine—i.e. mental/emotional health.

  26. Jeff, you and Tony inspire the notion to never give up–even when when the odds against you appear to be hopeless. Belief inspires us to take the right action.

  27. Thank you for sharing your story. I love to hear the power of investing in yourself (even when you think you can’t afford it) and the power of mentorship. I look forward to watching it.

  28. Hey Jeff, Tony did it for me too back in 1995 with his Personal Power II program. Less than 4 years later I achieved my ENTIRE list of dreams. Tony rocks!! I’ll be watching tomorrow.

  29. Hi Jeff – gr8 to hear the story. I knew it was going on – my partner and I promoted Tony in the mid 80’s in the midwest along w/ny/la – we used to help run the cert pgms. I’ve seen the Tony effect among certain IMers & noticed when he jumped into the fray & modeled all of u guys. Pretty cool – and very fun to hear the story.
    After firewalking many times and learning how to go beyond my self-limiting beliefs we developed a Dolphin Camp program we ran for 12 years in the Keys & Mexico – another amazing “mentor” as dolphins with their expanded brain capacity operating in alpha, beta, delta & theta all at once (what we do in a genius state) they “entrained” us into that expanded state – and of course I’ve never been the same since.
    We took that into doing corp teambuilding programs with ropes courses – another experience of pushing beyond our limits and helping others to do the same.
    I believe the greatest mentorship comes from within – when we push ourselves to take risks, to explore our outer bounds & become more than we were.
    How exciting to live in a time & place where we have these opportunities & ride the wave of shifting consciousness. I love Greg Braden’s work about how quarks and molecules move into form based on our intention put upon them. Be careful what we ask for – we just might get it! In other words realize how powerful our “creative” abilites are and use them!

    Thanks Jeff for stepping into your power and being a mentor for us –

    🙂 Cary

  30. Great post Jeff, I’m looking forward to this show as well.

    Tony’s programs along with “Think and Grow Rich” are amazing tools that I recommend to friends quite often..

  31. In no particular order : Zig Ziglar, Tom Peters, Tom Hopkins, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, Gary Halbert, Brady Whittingham (the guy who invented the free plus shipping model with a few of his inner circle), Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, Corey Rudl (great man), Yanik, Mark Joyner, Jeff Johnson and there are countless more.

    I bought cassette tapes of a lot of Brian, Zig and Tony’s stuff way back in the 90’s before the internet took off. Those three are the one’s that have been impressed me with how they have embraced online with their offline expertise.

    Being outside of the US it’s difficult to see these prime time programs unfortunately. But there is always a way, so I will be following the program.

    I’ve been involved in the search/affiliate world for over 11 years and started following the product launch crowd a little over a year ago, it’s been interesting to see the cross over of the likes of shoemoney, dk and John Chow, it’s like the coming together of two great super communities and I can only see big things for the future.

  32. Jeff,
    Thanks for this heads up. I knew the show was due to come out soon but didn’t have the exact date. I’m a huge fan of Tony’s also having studied his books and DVDs, and would put another dude in the mix…Napoleon Hill.

  33. So fun to hear your Tony Robbins Story. I have loved his stuff for decades and have even done a Fire Walk with him. What a great meeting you had! I can only imagine how fun that was for you! Thanks for the heads up on the show!!

  34. I spent 4 years in college and only 4 months were truly valuable. That was because of my professor, Cheril Hendry, CEO of Brandtailers ( She opened up the world of online marketing to me. But even more important than that, she inspired me to do more and be more than I ever expected. She currently mentors me on all my business activity and helps me in ways I could never repay. And she is completely selfless in her ways. There’s too much to describe, but one can see her passion with her support of a great charity,, and what she continues to do for them.

    I owe so much to her.

  35. Hey Jeff,

    I was in LA at the taping of the Break-Through shows and it was incredible!! I know EXACTLY what you mean about Tony’s passion to help people because once you meet him in person you can’t help but see that.

    I have been listening to Tony for about 17 years and he is amazing BUT it never sunk in how passionate he really is until I was at the studio in LA and witnessed how he is around people when nothing is being recorded or taped.

    He is truly a blessing from God:-)


  36. Well, like most of those in here, I was attending Tony’s “Unleash The Power Within” seminar back in 2003. Back then, I was only 19 years old.

    I wasn’t working at all, and I borrowed $1,000 from my grandmother to attend that seminar. The ticket alone was already around $1,000! Also, I have to fly for 2 and a half hours over to west part of my country in order to attend that seminar!

    I am glad I did that, I’ve made the best choice in my life, for setting out my first step on the right path, that’s following what Tony has taught…

    I remember that was the first “sub-conscious-level” lesson I had in my whole life.

    One thing I’ve discovered was, the impact doesn’t has to be FAST and DIRECT. It could be indirectly impacting you without you knowing it personally.

    The never-give-up and “I CAN DO IT” spirit and mentality never vanish in my sub-conscious level. It still remains in my brain until today, this very moment where I am typing this out!

    This was my 4rd year on the internet marketing arena. The different thing was, I treat this as a full time business, not just some small/part time online passive income kind of stuff.

    To testify how great was Tony’s impact on my mindset, I DID NOT EARN ANY SINGLE CENTS from the internet for the last 3 years — Yet, I did not give up, and still going strong! I’ve only started to see money coming in since the early year of 2010

    That’s how powerful Tony’s course/seminars are.

    Thanks for the heads up, Jeff! This is a very good post!

  37. I know what you mean about Tony Robbins, I feel Tony actually saved my life, back in the mid-eightys! I went to a pre-event seminar, the 4 day event started a day later. Problem I did not have the $500.00 event fee, but Tony stated, “no one should miss this event for lack of money”. So I went to the event intending to beg him for a seat in the program, magically as if by pre-cognition the staff told me to pick up my name-tag from a table. I walked over and found a tag with my name on it, and never looked back. I went from near suicidal, to actually making money a short time later. After the “fire-walk” at the end of the first night, I realized the depression and thoughts of suicide had no place in my new perception of self & life.
    Thanks Tony, & when negative people start putting Tony Robbins down, I am happy to quickly come to his defense! He is a wonderful human-being!
    Mack Machen

  38. It was 11 years ago at a Unleash The Power Within weekend in Baltimore that had the most impact for me. My way of thinking about what’s possible and how I look at the world has been totally revolutionized by Tony’s teachings. Since then, I’ve been promoted several times, started a few businesses, married my dream girl and so much more. God is #1 in my life for inspiration but Tony is definitely in my top 10 LOL! 🙂

  39. Hi Jeff,

    Like most are mentioning, I too have lived by the words of Tony for quite some time now. I would put on his CDs during my work day and simply have his words inspiring and motivating me as I get my work done.

    It is so amazing to see you and the others side by side with Tony. You are now responsible for a new goal of mine: I want to grow along a path where I get to be in the room with Tony Robbins. Period.

    Jeff, you rock. Thanks for everything thus far. I’m absorbing SO much from you. An acting teacher of mine once said, “You can certainly steal, but just make sure to steal from the best!”

    And you are no doubt one of the best ;]


  40. hi jeff thanks for sending the email about this post, because i think you have found me a new mentor. i have looked at vidioes of toni on utube hes a great guy, looking forward to his new show.

  41. I’d have to say the biggest inspiration I received from Tony was the Frank Kern & John Reese interview about “belief”. Ever since watching it I’ve just been climbing. Thanks for letting us know about this Jeff! 🙂

  42. Hey Jeff,

    While I was reading your story how Tony’s Personal Power II changed your life I thought I was reading my own story!
    In 1990 I was at cross roads in my life changing careers from Iron worker welder to the male burlesque world! Yes you heard me right! It was a radicle change but if you know anything about steel erection and iron work the alternative was much more lucrative and attractive at the time.
    While at a friends house one day I notice box full of cassettes sitting on his book shelf. It was Personal Power (one) by Tony Robins. My friend had been giving this awesome gift but had no interest in it listening to it. I asked if could bower it not knowing what I was about to do for myself
    I jumped right into the 30-day program listening to it daily keeping my journal just as Tony instructed. Over those 30-days my whole thinking process changed opening my mind for many more gurus of wisdom to come in! This created a huge appetite for learning for me so I purchased Tony’s Power Talk tapes series and have been investing in Tony’s products ever since.
    Thanks for sharing your story Jeff as I have always wanted the opportunity tell Tony Robin’s how he helped me change my life in a hugely positive way!


  43. Yes indeed Jeff ~ as you know, I used to be a National Trainer for Tony. He was one of the first people to give his blessing on my product using the Dream Bar Cafe principles.

    Here’s to creating positive impact!

  44. Do you ever go to the IMC? (Internet Marketing Conference)?

    Would like to hear you speak in front of a live audience… one day we might as well run into each other 🙂

    You inspire me 🙂

  45. Awesome stuff Jeff!

    I actually attended one of Tony’s seminars in London a few years back – Unleash The Power Within – it was totally incredible. He is the most motivational, inspirational and energised person I’ve ever encountered, bar none. The guy should be President!

    Great to know you only work with the best!


  46. That’s really cool Jeff! My best friend is partners with Mike Filsaime, who I get to meet soon and heck, the others are mentors I religiously follow for my own education. Tony Robbins included. Hopefully, soon, I can get RPN International launched into full light so many thousands more can benefit from honest and friendly coaching.

  47. I’m a huge information junky, and huge fan of Tony’s work. I own a lot of his products, he is amazing and always high energy. Thanks for sharing I actually got a email from tony about the show as well 😀

  48. Tony is amazing (a clear understatement). Have his CDs, went to one of his gigs in Dallas and did the fire walking stuff, etc…

    Meeting him in that personal setting had to be amazing…he definitely seems like an authentically cool guy. Can’t wait to checkout his new show.

    As an aside, years ago I got certified as an NLP practitioner and am still amazed at Tony’s mastery of getting his NAC (related to NLP) into the mainstream…to the point if you ask 100 people if they know who Bandler or Grinder are you’d get shrugs, but if you ask those 100 people if they know who Tony is you’ll get a good % of them knowing what he’s about.

  49. What a great story about the convergence of Content Marketing Masters in one room! Great minds huddled together in one room to create great marketing strategy – so that thousands of people across the globe can be inspired, informed, entertained, connected, and changed forever. Thanks for sharing the love!

  50. Tony Robbins is such an awesome cat! Freaking love his stuff!!

    To meet him in person must have been one hell of an experience… That’s freaking cool dude… I look forward to the day we can all hang out at a party in Hawaii or something! That would freakin rock! 🙂

    Tony has had a HUGE impact on my success as well… So it would really be an honor if I can meet him someday. 🙂 And seriously, you’ve helped me a lot too man… So it would definitely be real awesome to meet you in person as well.

    Cool post dude!


  51. Jeff
    I had no idea until now that Tony Robbins started your online rise. Great story and I appreciate your genuine outlook on life. I look forward to my first product launch as I see EVERYONE who is anyone doing them now. Four 20 minute videos, great free content and a Q&A and call to action at the end…great stuff. It’s fun to watch others do it using your strategy as everyone adds a little spice and variation to the core recipe

  52. I’ve bought books from Tony Robbins. His stuff is amazing. I think that he understands human behavior better than the people with the fancy titles. I’m happy for the opportunity you were given by meeting him.

  53. I’m a great fan of Tony Robbins — starting out borrowing his tapes from the local library years ago, moving on to buying used copies of his CDs on ebay and now as a subscriber to his internet marketing series.

    Like Asimov and Sagan, Robbins is more of a popularizer than an originator. He takes ideas from many sources, blends them, and brings them to the rest of us in an easy to understand — and well marketed — format.

    But he still sets the bar for the key issue facing a lot of people: it’s not enough to have goals, the question is “what’s preventing you from acting on them?” That’s what I like about his internet marketing series. The marketing secrets are nothing really new to anyone who has been following the affilate marketing game for a while. But the Robbins insights into how to stay motivated through the tough spots are unique. It must have been really cool to meet and work with him.

  54. I also bought the same program from Tony Robbins, and from there I bought the Money Masters series. I have grown in an amazingly significant way, and now I’m off to launch (thanks to the product launch formula) a potentially huge movement among Mexicans in Mexico and abroad, to teach them and mentor them in all these same concepts of growth, belief, passion, and potential.
    I am seeking mentors and coaches to help me with this task. I already have a few who are committed to the cause.
    Check out (meaning:, it’s my first landing page.
    I have to say… this is the most exciting time in my career, and in grand part I owe it to you all.

  55. Jeff,

    My life changed when I attended Tony’s Unleash the Power Within event in Singapore. It was AWESOME and my life’s never been the same. Infact, I came back and started my Hypnotic Sales Pages that Triple Sales Conversions and it just took off because people realize that unless you have a POWERFUL sales page, your going to convert at 1%.

    Forever Grateful

  56. Wow, finally “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” is airing tomorrow! I was there last year for the last show shooting in LA. That was such a great show. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes, including Tony’s, too. My family and I all love Tony very much! He’s such a great mentor to us. If you ever have a chance to go to his seminar, his TV show, don’t miss it. You can learn so much from him!!

  57. Hi, Jeff. It must be great to meet the guy who ignited your success and change in life, especially if it’s somebody like Tony. I guess his coaching and training helped a lot of people at one point of their life. He can really look back and say that he had a major impact.

  58. I have two role models: William Zinsser and Seth Godin. Both have helped tremendously through their books and personal communication to guide me in the right direction with my business and life.

    But Tony has been there every step of the way.

  59. Well, its like everybody has already said everything here 🙂 Tony Robbins has inspired many, and me, at times of stress, distress, and when you’re questioning where you’re going, what you want etc. He has made me get that internal smile going on numerous occasions…the feeling that you know “yeah, this is exactly what I need to be doing”…just the right connection. Anyway, can’t see the show as i’m overseas but might check out the course after the show anyway.

    Thanks Jeff for the story!

  60. Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing your story with me!! You know if it is the one single thing that we agree on, it is the most important!!! Having a mentor when you first start really does save a lot of head aches. I have to tell you about the very first mentor I have. Her name is Kimberly Bohannon. She took me by the hand out of the goodness of her heart and for no other reason, and did success coaching with me to begin with. Then I joined her program launch about 6 months later, GFYD Member WordPress Website Workshop. It was the single most important move I could have ever made in my business. I am sure I will have many more mentors in my life, and I am seriously believing that you may be just that mentor, as I am wanting to move into affiliate marketing more heavily.
    Again thanks for the story and I am also looking forward to Tony Robbins new show.
    To Our Massive Success

  61. Hey Jeff,

    THANK YOU! if you’d not sent this email, I’d never have known about Tony using Viralinviter for this campaign as the tell-a-friend solution!

    Exciting! I didn’t even know! 🙂

    Norman Freeman

    PS: I think we both never meet personally except a brief chat at Mike’s 2007figure workshop… Maybe somewhen this year at a seminar. Have a great day!

  62. At last is airing today! Tony has had a HUGE impact in the success of so many people that this show can’t be missed. Everybody can learn so much from him. Their ideas taken from so many sources, are easy to understand in a well marketed format.

  63. My mentor is MaryEllen Tribby… she has completely rocked my world during the last 120 days! Just last fall I was comfortably ( and I say comfortably behind a screen, talking to only who I wanted, not having to deal with customer support, orders, WebEx, lists, etc)… building my 7-figure copywriting and marketing company. My income was great but I was getting bored…..Saw MaryEllen offer her exclusive mentor program and after self doubts, wondering if I was ready for this or if she would think I was ready…. I applied. After going thru 700 applications I got a call from MaryEllen personally that I had been accepted into her private mentoring program. That’s when it all started…. Dream starts coming true…

    Fast forward to today- my small list of 3500 grew to over 45,000 customers! I hired staff, created 5 On Demand classes that now resell every single day on our site, got to work on a JV with, was given referrals by people I had previously only known because I was in their class! We also created 2 continuity programs… in less than 120 freaking days! MaryEllen Tribby is the BOMB!!

    I can so relate Jeff on how mentors can come in and propel you, kick you, inject you with steroids to go forward…. it’s been amazing… LIFE CHANGING!

    Tony is one of my favorites… he’s the first person I ever heard say, “you were created for something more”

    Love what you do Jeff!! Thanks for sharing this and for allowing us to share our mentors!

    Sandi Krakowski 🙂

  64. Great story Jeff! Tony has been my mentor since about the same time he became yours. I recorded the show and just finished watching it; nothing short of what you would expect from Tony… a total blast!
    I’m studying your Product Launch Formula 3, and getting ready to put it to the test with a new info-product I already have online, in a few weeks. So you can say YOU are now my new mentor, as I’m moving everything I have into the Internet Marketing world.
    Warmest regards,

  65. Aloha from Hawaii Jeff,
    Thanks for letting us in on your experience. I have great admiration for Tony AND the rest of you in the photo. This is an exciting time!

  66. First saw Tony in Birmingham England in 1993, brilliant and life changing. Did his life mastery in Hawaii and played the Bagpipes on stage with him. This was one of the best 20 minutes of my life for sure! Carpe Diem! Still lots to learn!

  67. Hey me too! I was 32, I just lost my husband to a sudden illness, had a brand new baby boy and started listening to Tony Robbins late at night when I’d be up with the baby – yep those midnight feeds were an interesting time for me! I also did EXACTLY what Tony said – the first time I’d ever actually committed that way to anything, and the next thing I knew I was flying business class to Australia and meeting the first (of many that came later) multi-millionaire success giant (on the plane – we talked for 3 hours solid) who opened a tiny door for me, which then led to more of those, and now a dozen years later and I’m still loving the career path I’ve been on as a coach, mentor and ‘idea to author-ity’ expert climbing fast to the top of my mountain. Tony was a HUGE influence then and I am finding Jeff Walker to be a pretty amazing act to follow too.

    Thanks, thanks, and thanks some more…
    Maria Carlton,
    New Zealand

    PS – And I’ve raised my son on a whole lot of Tony Robbins thinking and he’s turning out pretty amazing too!

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  69. Jeff,
    I am always inspired by your posts, I just wanted to tell you that I have been totally blessed by finding you on the internet, you are my mentor, just by all you share. Thank you for being. Tony Robbins is one of the best people I do not know. 🙂 Well not personally anyway.
    I hope that you do not mind me putting your link on my Blog… some of the stuff you post just has to be shared! I am done now, again thank you for helping me succeed.


  70. Very cool story, getting the call from Tony Robbins has got to be one of those moments where you know you have done something no one else has done. Thank you for reminding us that the impossible happens every day.

  71. Recognized you immediately. Feel like I know you from PLF 3.0 – Thanks for that! Nice picture but who’s that big guy in the middle. And where’s Andy? Really, thanks for all the great info and great launches they have been a huge help to me and my husband. We have amazing content and now finally a way to get it out there. THANKS AGAIN!!

  72. Thats a pretty incredible post, I can honestly say that since I was a member of PLF 2.2 and 2.3 I have been able to create some pretty decent launches and will be going into a full blown one here in the fall, Bottom line I am so thankful that you spent the 129 on TR course and not something from Don Lapree, LOL…..

    Bottom Line Jeff, Thank you, You have changed my life….



  73. Tony Robbins is a GIANT in every way, isn’t he?

    Obviously, some of his students are growing into GIANTS too!

    That’s the trademark of a great Mentor, you mentor your students into greatness 🙂 !!!

    Love to you all, Pearl.

  74. Mr. Walker
    I heard your story about starting with a stock market newsletter, and focussing on building a list and relationship. Really solid, and very calming and methodical, I might add. I think a lot of people are coming around to your methods now – 10 years later.

  75. Yes, this is some good stuff Jeff. Well, a true master is not someone who creates many other business owners, but one who creates many other masters.

  76. You know what, I live in Ecuador, my mother language is spanish…. even though happened to me the exact thing that happened to you:

    Tony Changed my life

    With personal power 2….

    And the thing is that although sometimes I forget what I’ve learned from him, someone like you is always there to remind me of.


  77. I can only say” Tony Robbins has had a tremendous influence on my life and has been one of the reasons that when things are tough that despite the inclination to give up, I don’t I take another step and continue to take action, as they say feel the fear and do it anyway.
    P.s Jeff I appreciate, your honestly and integrity it is unfortunate that there is so much crap on the net, and thank you for putting out the good stuff!!!
    Take Massive Action and never give up!!!!!

  78. Hi Jeff,
    The cool thing is it all comes down to having a dream and then be willing enough to work hard to make it come true. Thanks for the encouragement for sure…

  79. Matthew Miller


    Great blog post Jeff. I’m happy to hear people like are so open and willing to share their experiences with Tony. He. Has a lot of haters out there , me NOT being one of them. I feel Tony has pulled me out of the wrong direction I was headed and pushed me to strive for qn outstanding life rather than just mediocre where mossy people live. You rock- Tony rocks. And I absolutely love your inspiring story. Cheers

  80. Great Story and Picture!
    We met at Mass Control in San Diego in the outside bar. What a night. Beside you I talked to and received advice from Jason Moffatt, Alex Jeffrys, Harris Fellman, Maria Androis, Trey Smith and John Carlton.

    My Primary mentor has been my Mom. She always believed in me and kept telling me I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. She encouraged me to take my last trip to San Diego for the iZigg crush it conference where I met Jared Robbins, Tony’s son. He is a incredible speaker like his Dad.

    I started internet marketing buying a course from Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham, Then, since it was delayed 4 months, I bought Product Launch Formula and got rolling from there. You provided wonderful advice on the phone mentoring sessions.

    Frank is kinda my idol and getting a chance to hang out with you and Frank and your buddies was very cool.

    I love to learn and am reading on audio version “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. If I knew this stuff when I was in the corporate world I would have been even more successful. You won’t see me criticize anyone ever again after reading this book.

    Thank you for all you do Jeff.

  81. Clay… I remember that afternoon very well. Beautiful day… beautiful spot… surrounded by some of my best friends… and on the eve of a great event.

  82. James Kelly


    Nice story Jeff. I’m ironically enough connected to you through Tony. I went a UPW event last year and signed up for the New Money Masters. I’m new to internet marketing but during the UPW weekend Tony spoke highly of you guys. I’m looking forward to getting to know you



  83. I’ve had a number of mentors over the past decade primarily. My first mentor was a guy named Ken Roberts who opened my eyes to the world of investing. After that it was Russ Whitney and his vast knowledge of real estate. In the past few years, I’ve shifted my focus from investing to more personal development and some of my biggest mentors have been Raymond Aaron, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor etc.
    I’m always looking for new mentors who can help show me the way to achieve the goals I’ve set. Jeff, I’d even put you in that category as I’ve followed some of your work, and look forward to putting a product launch formula into action for my own business soon.

  84. While I’ve had really few live mentors, the messages taught via books from the greats have been the resource for my path. George Ross (trumps attorney) and his 2 books have been huge for me. Obviously Robert Cialdini. Robert Kiyosaki and good ol’ Dolf DeRoos split my head open. Lately Tim Ferris has had the greatest impact on my mindset. I owe Tony Robbins a serious review.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog in a day. Like watching “24” via netflix .. Dont have to wait between episodes.

  85. Hello Jeff, its so humbling to know that a great genius like you is not ‘big-enough’ for a mentor. Jeff, your testimony of how Tony impacts your life needs to be tatooed on the heart of every gifted up-coming youngster…its a big lesson; that you’re cannot be too gifted to be mentored. i also bought, read and owned Tony’s book ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ in 1998; 15 years ago. as of then, the book was the most expensive book i had ever bought…i valued the book till date more than a Rolls Royce car…Tony Robbins thru the the book really, inspired me to awaken the ‘wisdom’ giant i am endowed with; i have written six bestselling human development books; one of it the ‘Nigerian Dream’ has sold over hundred thousand copies in Nigeria; that is rated a poor-reading country. one of my life’s goal is to meet Tony Robbins 1-on-1…and i believe that will happen not too long. i pray God bless Tony with more strength and length-of-days for him to carry-on with his life transforming mission.

  86. It was my privilege to work with Tony Robbins for many years, as a master trainer conducting certification and mastery workshops in Hawaii, and facilitating Date with Destiny events. While people know Tony as a master at personal transformation, he is also a great systems thinker. I was Tony’s first paid strategic planner, and enjoyed multiple sessions with him creating and refining new concepts. We once attended a W. Edwards Deming (the quality guru) together, and a week later Tony was teaching Deming’s material with great skill! I learned so much from him, and his greatest legacy will be influencing the many thousands of leaders his ideas reached.

  87. Hey,

    I am writing tony a hand written letter and was wondering if you had any tips my plan is to mail it every month adding little tweaks till I get a response. I am almost done with my senior year and helping people is my passion I have started several businesses and currently have around 30 employees. One thing I have found is business is fun and gets my excited but nothing compares to mentoring my younger employees one day I will be in Tony’s shoes. Any tips? Best of luck to everyone!

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  89. Such a cool story. I listen to so many different podcasts and study under so many different marketers (their training courses) to master internet marketing and SEO. I look forward to being able to meet some of those people and tell them I took their course or studied their method and it got me results.

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