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What if your marketing could create the same anticipation for your launch that major global brands enjoy? And what if your marketing program could have people eagerly counting down the days until they could buy your product?

It can. 

You just have to learn the marketing strategies that have helped thousands of PLF Owners generate over a billion dollars in sales in dozens of market niches. 

These posts will help you do this. 

You’ll gain a thorough overview of some marketing resources you can draw from to help position yourself as a go-to authority in your niche. And I’ll tell you about simple marketing funnels that have proven to be effective for tons of PLF Owners. 

You’ll learn fresh new strategies that help you create value-driven content and irresistible offers. But, I also show you how to leverage timeless tactics that I’ve used for 20+ years to continually grow my business.

In addition, I share my wisdom about specific marketing tools such as email (it isn’t dead!), social media, and video. I’ll tell you how each of them can be used to ignite your product launches and help you make an impact. 

What I won’t teach you is theory. Instead, I teach you real-world marketing strategies and tactics that have proven to be effective time and time again for PLF Owners around the world.

Maybe most importantly, you’ll hear a lot of in-the-trenches stories that will inspire you to take action and build a business and lifestyle you love.