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Lots of people know me as the creator of Product Launch Formula®. It’s my signature coaching program. 

What they don’t know is that Product Launch Formula wasn't some grand plan that I grew from idea into reality.

I actually kind of stumbled into it. 

I’d been doing my own launches for awhile, experimenting and seeing what worked. When something didn’t go well, I didn’t do it again. The things that were effective, I’d try to replicate and expand. For example, when I started my first website, there were visitor counts at the bottom of each page. (Remember those days?) 

So I started adding more content to the most popular pages.

This is how I grew my business. I did it intuitively based on what I was seeing, and over time. I was thrilled with the results! 

And I was even more thrilled when I discovered from other online business owners that these results were far better than “normal”. 

That’s how the seeds of Product Launch Formula were sewn. I introduced the first version in 2005. My team and I update it every year, but the core principles are timeless. 

“PLF,” as people sometimes call it, will help you lay the foundation for a successful launch.

It turns your on-sale date into an EVENT that people look forward to. It can even help you get paid before you create your offer. And whether you’re offering a physical product, service, online course, membership program, book, artwork, or something else, Product Launch Formula can work for you. I’ve seen thousands of people have successful PLF-style launches in hundreds of niches. 

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