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This is a funny business… you never know who's going to join your email list, you never know who's going to buy your product. And once someone buys your product, you never really know where they're going to take their new skills.

And I've been lucky to have an entire army of amazing students and clients that have taken my work to levels I never could have imagined…

Erico Rocha is one of those dream students that every teacher loves to have. In fact, his skills have become so advanced that he keeps me hustling to try and stay a half-step ahead of him.

Erico Rocha and Jeff Walker

Erico and Jeff at a Platinum Mastermind meeting

Erico has now done 77 launches, and he's done them in multiple markets. And every single one of them has been done in his native country of Brazil. Along the way he's run more tests in his launches than anyone I know – and testing is the real way to become a guru in any field.

And now Erico is aiming at the first-ever million dollar launch in Brazil…

The first sale I ever made online was in early 1997… and I was shocked that it came from Switzerland. Those were the days before I could even accept credit cards (secure credit card payments were like rocket science back then), it was before Paypal (can you imagine that?). So the “order” was simply an email telling me a check was coming from Switzerland (remember checks?). The beginnings of that business were so humble that I could hardly believe it when that first order came in… and I was utterly dumbfounded that it was someone from halfway around the world. I had never traveled internationally and I was running my business from the baby's changing room. And here I was, stepping into the world of international business.

Of course, since then the world has continually become more connected. Those international clients aren't so suprising anymore. I've got Product Launch Formula Owners from around the world – and at my last live event over 40% of the attendees were from outside the U.S..

And my Platinum program has members from France, Japan, Australia, Norway, Denmark, the U.K., Canada, Russia, Hungary… and Brazil.

Erico Rocha about to launch...

Erico is about to launch...

Erico has been in my Platinum group for three years now… and since I work so closely with my Plat group, I've gotten to watch him grow and evolve his business over the years. His business has had a number of twists and turns, and we've shared them all. During that time, Erico's contributions to our tight little Platinum community have become legendary.

So just about a year ago, when Erico approached me about creating a licensed Portuguese-language version of Product Launch Formula, I jumped at the idea. I saw Erico as the perfect ambassadoor for PLF… he has the PLF-chops, he's proven himself a great teacher, and he has repeatedly displayed impeccable ethics.

So now, after nearly a year of development, Erico is about a week out from releasing code name “PLF-BR”… the real name is “Fórmula de Lançamento”.

The quality of the course is going to be outstanding – there is no question of that.

The impact on the Brazilian market is going to be epic… there is no question about that, either.

(We only have to look at what happened in the U.S. after I released PLF in 2005.. check out this article on about the $400 million in launches by my PLF students and clients.)

The only question is whether Erico will break the million dollar mark – will this launch be the first-ever million dollar launch in Brazil?

(And yes, I know it's weird to talk about launches in Brazil in terms of “dollars”… but that million dollar mark has become the big target milestone. It's already been hit in France and Australia within my Platinum group… and now Erico is trying to keep up. 🙂 )

In any case, I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a proud papa here… but I just love to see my students excelling, I love to see my teaching spreading throughout the world… and I love to see someone like Erico succeeding at such a high level.

It's going to be fun to watch his launch this week… even if I can't understand a word he's saying in his prelaunch videos. 🙂

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99 Replies to “Big in Brazil…”

  1. Awesome Erico and Jeff – its amazing to watch both your journeys go from strength to strength..

    Jeff, you do sound like a proud papa and rightfully so..

    In the Plat group I also have the gift of watching Erico grow from amazing to even more amazing! He deserves every success and is one of the most intelligent people I know. Combine this with Erico being a massive action taker and you have the formula for huge success.

    Erico and I have spent many many hours talking about product launches and he has given me amazing advice which has helped achieve 6 and 7 figure launches! I watch everyone he speaks to walk away with their jaw dropped in total amazement of the magic that comes from every word..

    There are very few people in the world who are as honest, likeable and intelligent as Erico. An amazing asset to so many people.

    Congratulations Erico and congratulations Jeff for creating a student who will take your impact to another whole new audience!

    Michael Maidens

  2. Hi Jeff. This is awesome..I have seen video of Erico in your 2011 live Seminar..You must be really proud and fulfilled seeing Erico success.. Bravo Jeff! I relocate to India from Singapore after my brain tumor surgery recently.. I hope I can approach you for LICENSE Indian version of PLF in the years to come:):)

  3. Hi Jeff !
    Erico is indeed a fantastic individual – and an incredibly skilled entrepreneur.

    It’s amazing to see how fast he’s used PLF and grown not just one but at least 4 successful businesses over the last few years…
    Especially in a country where nobody would’ve expected Internet marketing to blow up so fast. (and it’s humbling for me to see that the Brazilian entrepreneur space is evolving even faster than the French space)

    I’ve been lucky to meet Erico back in 2010 in a marketing seminar in LA where we sat next to the pool and sketched plans about how we would make million dollar launches within a few years… And it’s all happening…

    That’s one of the coolest things about this guy : he makes things happen. He just doesn’t let go when he’s set his mind on something. And as he’s said many times over the last year, his mind is now set on raising the bar for Brazil !
    For anyone in Brazil reading this : you’re probably the luckiest country on Earth for having this guy… he’s the real deal !

    Parabens ERICO !
    We sipped caipirinha to my first million dollar launch… The champagne is on me to celebrate yours !!


  4. Congratulations Erico!

    I’m proud of promoting PFL/FDL here in Brazil 🙂

    It will only help Brazil grow and grow:

    more business opportunities everywhere, more partners, more knowledge, more help to everyone.


  5. Hi Jeff, I’m glad to be the first today… 😉 haha

    I am a student of Erico in Brazil and I have followed in his footsteps since I met him. As I already knew the original PLF, I knew the steps that Erico was taking in every video and content, yet have nothing more interesting to see how it unfolds the stories. The Brazilians are loving!

    So.. How about you come and take holidays in Brazil to learn Portuguese in the beauty of Rio de Janeiro or anywhere else wonderful here? o/ Maybe in the World Cup 2014!

    Erico literally deserves its recognition, congratulations for you both!

    Hugs from Brazil!
    Rychellon Hayslan

  6. George Newton


    This is gonna be epic! Erico has done a great job and I don’to know if he will break the million dollar launch, but I guess it will be pretty close.

    His previous videos were full of insigths and lots of comments about the buzz everywhere.

    But the PLF will change the market around here, no doubt about that.

  7. Bruno Hipólito


    Watching this launch from the inside has been epic! this is huge here in Brazil, everybody in the internet marketing niche is talking about it! We are just starting here, this is so exciting! Opportunities are everywhere! Congratulations Jeff and Erico, it was a pleasure to meet you both! This is a big “holy shit” moment around here! hahaha Now the business level is going up! 🙂

  8. I’m Brazilian erico met at the event in sao paulo here in Brazil, he is very clever and innovative things I learned from him was spectacular, no doubt existed something different on the internet after the emergence of Erico Rocha.

  9. Concratulation Erico and concratulation Jeff !

    Best regards from germany.

  10. Success in Brazil, really mean something to other countries which are not yet developed. I mean country like india, where IT and online ventures are very strong but there is lack of mentors like Jeff who can teach online business launch strategy. Its great inspiration to other less developed countries where you can implement Jeff’s strategy. Also I am trying too search a website for ERICO which gives me idea about launches but there is non in google..Can somebody help me with his profile website. Thanks

  11. Erico is a true master of product launches, and a real, awesome, super genius entrepreneur. I think he will be a Brazilian’s billionaire one day… he gave me countless ideas, about almost every aspect on my business to boost sales, processes, launches, etc.

    It’s a pleasure to see him succeed so highly ! Congrats for your launch of PLF in Brazil, and looking forward to see you breaking the 1 million dollars launch ! 🙂

  12. Sérgio Farias


    I am thrilled to see this project in Brazil, do the course Ignition digital Erico Rocha, and I’m eager to start making the intertwining formula. I’m sure that these teachings will be a milestone for Brazil.

    Very eager and enthusiastic by Erico Rocha.

    A hug Jef Walker

  13. I’m happy to read this post!

    Erico are doing a amazing job here in Brazil. The market will aswer well the launch and i’m pretty sure that will be the first U$1kk launch in Brazil.

    Erico, you deserve that!

    Brazil will really get a huge transform after this launch.

  14. Robert Antwi


    All the best to him with this launch I’m sure he should be able to hit that 1mil mark. A lot of red bull and good eating.

  15. Luciano Rezende


    GREAT !!!
    Realmente, o Erico é alguém surpreendente!
    Eu participei do último seminario dele aqui no Brasil em São Paulo e fiquei impressionado com tantas informações e motivação.
    Uma mente brilhante que está evoluindo ainda mais…
    Parabéns Jeff por sua criação!!
    Parabéns Érico Rocha por seu talento!!!
    Sucesso a todos!!!

  16. Yeah, Jeff! I have never seen anyone in Brazil with so good and quality content in the internet marketing world here in Brazil. We suffer here with information overload, but Erico did focus in what is important and lucrative.

  17. As you can see Jeff, now there is a community of internet marketers here in Brazil. Erico is helping so much people to learn and, more than learning, we are Doing! I have no doubt that this launch in going to be the biggest in Brazil so far. And we are just starting our engines! Thank You very much for PLF! And Thank You Erico for teaching us so well!

  18. Erico is a source of inspiration for all the members of the PLAT group.

    It’s amazing to watch him move so quickly.

    For sure he’s gonna be the “brazilian Jeff Walker” 🙂

    Boa sorte amigo !

  19. This is awesome Jeff. This is a huge step in making your dream of changing the way the entire world is educated come true. Big hats off to both of you. I know this will be a huge success.

  20. He’s amazing! Érico is starting a new way to build bussiness in Brazil. Our country has a huge potential to be big in online bussinees And we are with Érico to complete this mission..

    Thanks Jeff, for agree to the licensing of the PFL to Erico. You put your product in very good hands. 😉

  21. F Jimmy Pirie


    The fact is you have all the right in beeing a proud papa. Erico is a very capable and ethical business man. He is causing a revolution in the brazilian emarketing, based on his and your experience. Here comes PLF/BR !!! Congratulations to both of you! No doubt that he is going to hit 1KK.

  22. “Aí o sorriso cresce no rosto!!!”
    “É disso que estou falando!!!”
    Eu falei pessoalmente para o Érico e quero falar publicamente que ter conhecido ele foi um divisor de águas na vida profissional…
    Filho de peixe, peixão é…
    Obrigado, Érico, por tudo!!!
    Tiago Queiroz

  23. Erico has the midas touch and makes things happen, is the right person to move the internet marketing to the next level here in Brazil. We make sure that Formula de Lançamento will be a milestone.

  24. I HAVE to comment.
    Like you, Jeff, are proud of your son. I’m proud of my internet marketing mentor!!!
    Goooooo Erico, GOOOOOOOO!

  25. Mark Coudray


    Really great news for both Jeff and Erico. I echo what has already been said repeatedly already. Erico is the perfect fit for PLF BR. Having watched Erico over since the PLM training in LA in 2010, his progress has been remarkable. Always upbeat, exciting, and flat out brilliant. The combination of Jeff and Erico will bring a whole new level of IM to Brazil. There is no doubt about the $1M launch. Good luck and congratulations to both of you.

  26. Participei da Fórmula de Lançamento com o Érico Rocha.
    É muito bom ver o reconhecimento público e merecido que você está dando a ele, Jeff Walker.
    Puxa Érico! Que delícia! Parabéns!
    Um forte abraço aos dois!

  27. Jeff and Erico, you deserve congratulations and our thanks for open the PLF-BR. I’m sure that it will be a great event and will help a lot of Brazilian entrepreneur to achieve their dreams. Success for all of us.

  28. That’s great results, the best thing in this business is being proud of the students, i can only imagine your feelings, Jeff! Congrats to both of you. Greetings from Russia.

  29. Awesome post Jeff, changing the world 1 PLF owner at a time (now in Portuguese too!).

    I’ve had the privilege of hanging with Erico and Jeff in the platinum group for the last 3 years.

    This is so awesome to see!

    I wish I spoke Portuguese, if I did would buy the Brazilian version of PLF just to see what golden nuggets Erico adds!

    Erico is a superstar in every sense of the word, what a great opportunity for him to share his gift as a marketer and entrepreneur, it will certainly change the face of Brazilian marketing forever.


  30. Jeff what a great post. Having known Erico now for over 3 years and seeing his hard work and effort turn to success is very cool. I really enjoy speaking with him about deep business topics including PLF and he is a very smart business man as well. I have seriously considered learning Portugese so I could join him in Brazil because he is about to really take over that market. And he deserves that honor. And I wish he had more time to coach me on launches because my business would certainly benefit from that. I am excited forhis new market because those who get access to him are going to be highly sucessfull.

  31. I had the amazing oportunity of promote Erico’s PLF, and I am shocked with the quality of everything!

    I’ve never seen such prizes for afiliates in a launch here in brazil! I’m sure it will be a milestone for the brazilian internet marketing!!!

  32. What a powerful duo, Jeff and Erico. Better than Batman and Robin. These two are my heroes in how much they both give to help their clients and how successful their clients become. Both have given me great inputs for my own businesses that have helped me grow them. So many in Brazil are going to be blessed simply because of these two.

    Erico continues to amaze me everyday. I think he will become the Richard Branson of Brazil. Rock N Roll Amigo!

  33. It´s amazing that kinds of business. I´m trully happy that Brazil it´s getting in this list of great internet business of the world. We have future in this market.

    I´ve heard about ‘Fórmula de Lançamento’ and that a lot´s of best brazilians professionals that i follow talking good stuff about this project!

    See ya and good vibrations for all!

  34. I’m really excited about this program which Erico is launching here in Brasil. I’ve been following the formula of the original release, but nothing is better than something in our native language, since I do not speak fluent english.
    I just have to thank you Jeff, by having started all of this…
    And also to Erico for taking the initiative to bring this gem to share with us.
    Thank you all…

  35. Mr. Erico is really amazing, as well as you Jeff, I have a lot to learn from you, and now I’m commited to be a great padawan 🙂 Big sucess to you all!

  36. Parabéns Erico! And congratulations Jeff! There’s nothing more fulfilling to see that your kids are ready to fly by themselves. I would like to do something like this for México! We really need this information. Regards

  37. Hello Jeff,

    We see in Brazil a guy like Erico making history.
    Has done a fantastic job and helped many entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level.

    Congratulations to you Jeff for his unprecedented history and Erico exclente who has been a student of his techniques.

    Peace in your heart!

  38. Jota Marques


    I’ve been following Erico’s teachings for the last 4 or 5 months and I’m very excited to see all the advantages it can bring to my business. I only regret not having known Erico’s work before.

    I feel like we’re living the best moment ever in Brazilian online marketing and PLF will certainly raise the bar.

    Erico and Jeff, keep pushing!!

  39. Farukh Shroff


    Hi Jeff,

    I can only imagine how proud you must be to have Erico spread his wings and get your message out to the masses in Brazil!

    I’ve known Erico for about 3 years now and let me tell you it’s been an absolute pleasure. Erico is one of those people who has a combination of all the awesome traits you look for in a person. He’s super passionate, smart, caring, and one of the most real/authentic individuals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. And to top it all off he’s a brilliant marketer!

    I’ve never seen anyone just submerge themselves into learning a topic and then most important of all, take action on it! What I love about Erico is his uncanny ability to become an expert on anything he touches, and then putting his unique spin on it to enhance it, and make it even better. Very few people can consistently do this, and Erico is certainly one of those people.

    I am proud to call Erico a friend and a mentor. I’m no doubt he will succeed in doing a !M launch, but most important of all I’m excited about the lives of all those individuals he’s about to impact.

    Make it happen brotha!

  40. Julie Cairns


    Erico is a totally inspiring, generous, super-smart and fun guy. I have so much respect for him having spent the last 3 years participating with him in Jeff’s Platinum Mastermind group. This guy lives and breathes product launches, he knows more about how to optimize paid traffic than anyone I know, and he tests EVERYTHING.

    The fact that Erico tests so much actually gives a deep insight into his character – it shows that despite his numerous and epic successes (and PLF-BR will be another in a long line of success) Erico does not make assumptions about things. He evolves his knowledge by remaining humble, testing everything, and learning through doing. He doesn’t bring his ego into his process. This is his winning advantage.

    Little known fact: He’s also a good harmonica player…

    A great guy and every bit a team player.

    If you learn from Erico, you will be learning things that really WORK. And if you let him take you under his wing, he will make sure you keep up with what works… The core principles of PLF are timeless, that’s what makes it so powerful… But the best application of it is always evolving, so you will want to keep you’re eyes on Erico Rocha, because he is always at the cutting edge of evolving the application of PLF in the market.

    Go Erico!

    X Julie

  41. A Fórmula de Lançamento que já é sucesso em vários países tem sido uma maravilha para nós Brasileiros. Não vejo a hora de o próximo seminário começar para estar lá !

  42. Erico is THE MAN. One of the most creative marketers I know, and ahead of the curve. On more than one occasion a group of folks were discussing a particular marketing idea, and Erico said, “I’ve tested that, and here were the results…”

    Just an awesome guy. Genuine, generous with his time. Thanks for giving him some love Jeff 😉

    – Will

  43. Conrado von Held


    Concratulation Erico!
    Very nice to see this recognition! You are a milestone in the Brazilian digital marketing

  44. What an awesome example of what’s truly possible.

    Congratulations Erico on your vision and success.

    Thank you Jeff for everything you teach us to make this world a better place.

  45. Congrats to both of you guys, you both deserve it and are easily, without doubt, two of the most talented yet humble people I have ever met.

    Erico, mate, you’ve been an incredible teacher to me over the past three years and I’m just so excited for what is about to happen in Brazil over the next few months AND the next five years.

    Brasil (and the whole Portuguese speaking world) look out!

    Can’t wait to see you both in just a few days!

  46. Hi Jeff. This is awesome..I have seen video (1,2,3) of Erico in Product Launch Formula , is very good !!!!

  47. Rafael Abellan



    I’m brazilian, but I’m living in Australia now. I’m a Digital Insider, the Erico’s coaching program in Brazil. I’m so excited about this launch. I’m sure that will be the biggest milestone for the brazilian internet marketing. Congratulations Jeff and Erico!
    See you in São Paulo Erico!

  48. Congrats Erico! I’ve been working as a internet marketing consultant for many years and then I met Erico. Actually we did talk on skype and I’m really glad I had the opportunity to meet him… he’s very clear about the program, he knows how to explain step by step and turn the launch formula very easy to execute… go Erico! Your next launch is going to be awesome!

  49. Fred Lasmar


    Really something extraordinary is happening. Everything is so new, but very intense. “He’s proven himself a great teacher, and he has repeatedly displayed impeccable ethics” Jeff said. All we can say: this is very true.Thanks Jeff Waker and Érico Rocha

  50. Congratulations! Erico and Jeff!
    When I saw this launch here in Brazil, I thought: Hey this is the product of Jeff Walker… But like the Erico is in the Platinum Group, and he are bringing this skills to our cowntry, this is the best news of this year!!

    Take care guys!!

  51. I have also spent many hours with Erico talking product launches and I think he’s absolutely brilliant. I’m a licensed psychologist who works with practitioners and I’ve found Erico’s advice and suggestions to be cogent, insightful and completely right on for my world. He’s made a huge difference in my business. If you get a chance to study with him, I’d recommend you go for it.

  52. Michael Shuchter


    Very inspiring story. It’s always been my dream to launch multiple products/programs in rapid succession and now that I’ve heard about somebody launching 77 in 3 years, I know that my half dozen over the next year will be totally doable!! Thanks for sharing this!

  53. Something really intersting happened here…
    I received today an email from another person about his website (I am Brazilian).
    I am already involved with Internet Marketing.
    I never tough I’d get so massive information as he sent for free.
    I just tried to see what was the course he was inspired in and here I am, and luckly the first post I am seeing is about him.
    Congratulations to you two and success to all!

  54. Gerson Ribeiro


    I am one of Erico’s student and I’ve been to his Product Launch Formula course in April in São Paulo.
    This was incredible and a turning point in my life, to say it shortly.
    By now I’m so engaged in these techniques that every time I look to something I can visualize it as a new product and think about the launch for this.
    It’s crazy!!!!
    Thank you so much Jeff for teaching Erico, and thanks Erico for bringing this to Brazil!!!!
    We will shake Brazil’s ground!!!

  55. hi jeff ,

    i really andustood the concept of sideway launches, i am started my first launch on the 12 of this month and i will stay in touch and give you feedback on the result , i am in the french west indies ( island of Guadeloupe).

    Many thanks for the free video. Pr Negoti

  56. Rodrigo Ricosti


    Hi Jeff and Erico,

    I am following the formula of launch and am very interested. I’m from Brazil, and I have followed the work of Erico, I’m having lots of ideas, I will study this method and sure enough in a little while I will do my release. Congratulations to you, and keep up the excellent job inspiring!



  57. I was impressed with clean and functional form with which Erico transcribed the Produc Launch Formula for the Brazilian market. Other good American products Marketing has been reissued here, but are not entirely in Portuguese. Congratulations to Erico.

  58. John Gallagher


    Erico has to be one of the most brilliant marketers I know. Not only is he a great marketer, he’s an incredible teacher. He’s given me amazing advice that’s helped me on multiple occasions. Great work man!

  59. George Newton


    Just coming back here to say that HE DID IT!

    1 Million in his first 24 hours! A trully giant mark to the brazilian internet marketing community!

    • @George: I know he did… I was one of the first people that he told. It’s a huge accomplishment, and Internet marketing will never be the same in Brazil. 🙂

  60. Giovanni Pereira


    Hi, my name is Giovanni and I live in a small town called Pitangui – Minas Ferais – Brazil. It’s a pleasure for me to talk about a brazilian too. I’m following the growing of success of Erico and it is really amazing. I have not had yet financial conditions of investing in the product “Fórmula de Lançamento”, but I’ll do it as soon as I can, because I believe that it can really change my life. Congratulations Jeff and Erico.

  61. Carlos Solon


    Hi, Jeff,

    I’m one of those who bought Erico’s course and I must say that up to now he has done a great job regarding the modules that he has already put for us.
    I’m looking forward for his live event and I expect to have my website and my first videos done (as well as my email list) by that time to show him my project and have more ideas.
    I’m also following you here.
    Thank you!!!

  62. I’m a beginner in this market , but it’s amazing to see this new movement on the Internet in Brazil ! And the big motor is entrepreneurship ! I follow this way!
    Success for Erico and thank Jeff for your initiative and atitutide with PLF.
    Some day I will be there with you…on the top!

  63. He’s amazing! Congratulations Erico!
    It will only help Brazil grow and grow:
    He´re the right person to move the internet marketing to the next level here in Brazil.

  64. Congratulations Erico! PFL / FDL here in Brazil It will only help Brazil to grow every day more. Great opportunity for continued growth here!
    And again, Congratulations!

  65. the erico and an inspiration I’ve seen many lectures of him, a point of success that passes and that had never noticed that the great of digital marketing usually only have a product

  66. Nilton Quaglioz


    Erico is a great inspiration for all of us that we undertake in Brazil. It’s thrilling and inspiring to watch the performances of Eric and every new touch he brings to digital marketing. Congratulations Erico Rocha !!! Gratitude Jeff Walker !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Without a doubt, Erico Rocha has changed the way we sell our products on a large scale through FL. Thanks Jeff for the PLF and Eric for teaching us with mastery.

  68. my congratulations Erico and jeff you are inspirations for me, very good article, I’m starting now in digital marketing and materials like this help a lot to those starting it thanks

  69. The Erico Rocha is definitely an inspiration for many Brazilians.
    He speaks and is still able to present great and satisfying results!
    The guy is incredible!

  70. Great content, great book, it really makes sense the contents of Érico Rocha, has already become a reference here in Brazil!

  71. Exciting. Inspiring. Awesome!
    Erico and I have spent many many hours talking about product launches and he has given me amazing advice! I watch everyone he speaks to walk away with their jaw dropped in total amazement of the magic that comes from every word..

    Congratulations Erico and congratulations Jeff for creating a student who will take your impact to another whole new audience!

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