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One of the most common questions people ask me is “How do you launch a ______?”

Great news. No matter how you fill in that blank in your mind, the answer is the same.

Launching anything isn’t about what you’re putting on the market. It’s more about following a plan based on certain principles.

And whether you’re launching a physical product, a service, an online course or membership site, or something like a book — those principles don’t change. 

They’re psychological. Technology may change, but human nature doesn’t… and hasn’t… for thousands of years.

Which is why I’ve seen successful launches in markets as diverse as dog training, tennis instruction, music instruction, herbal healing, crochet, business coaching, real estate, stock trading, workshop hosting, language learning, test preparation, farming, virtual assistants, and documentary films.

And those are just a few… there are so many more markets where my launch principles have been tested and proven.

In fact, the only thing I know of where my methods won’t work is if you’re launching a business that provides emergency-type services, like a plumber, locksmith, or bail bondsman. The urgent nature of those needs pretty much overrides any sort of promotion.

What about launching a piece of artwork? A lot of online entrepreneurs are passionate about getting their art out into the world but aren’t sure how.

The short answer is — get your audience involved. Share the story behind your work, and show them what it took to create it.

The longer answer is… check out the articles you’ll find here for more info on launching a product, service, or pretty much anything else.