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How would you feel if you could get 1,000 opt-ins per hour? That's a pretty amazing number, but it's only part of the story…

Can you do a Product Launch Formula-style launch for an independent film? How about a feature-length documentary? What would happen if you had a FREE worldwide online premiere for the film?

And here's the question that the producers of the film are probably most concerned with… can you change the way the world looks at food with a totally self-funded documentary?

Well, it's still too early to tell since we're a couple of weeks from Launch Day… but the early signs are looking pretty amazing.

The launch is for the movie “Hungry For Change”… and it's a full-out classic PLF-style launch – with a bunch of twists. This is a full-out high level professional film, and it's definitely a “cause-based launch”… it's all about the state of our current food industry.

I've been following this launch because one of the principals behind it is in my PLF Platinum Mastermind group – so I've had a ring side seat.

The prelaunch is rocking… they're using “reverse squeeze” pages, and at one point early in the prelaunch they were generating 1,000 opt-ins PER HOUR. Here's some more stats – they were at 59,435 opt-ins in the first week of prelaunch, and the first prelaunch video already has over 124,000 views on YouTube.

And this launch is still picking up momentum… for instance, they've recently picked up endorsements from Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Gaiam TV.

The launch strategy has some unique twists. For instance, the first piece of prelaunch content is the movie trailer… it's very compelling and has very high level professional production. And you can watch the entire trailer without opting-in… it's a true reverse squeeze page.

The second piece of prelaunch will be clips from the cutting room floor – movie clips that didn't make the final movie, but are still very relevant to the launch.

All of this is leading up to a free premiere screening for the film – they're literally giving the movie away, with the hopes that it drives sales for the DVD of the film.

Will it work?

Well you can never say for sure, but their last film – “Food Matters” – has already sold over 240,000 copies.

You can go look at the launch page at this link…

And here's the movie trailer:

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43 Replies to “Hungry For Change”

  1. Jeff,

    I was actually waiting to read a long case study but its all good.

    I’m going to watch the movie and hopefully gain some inspiration.


  2. Hi Jeff

    Pretty powerful. Makes you want to change what you eat, for sure!
    Need to work harder on impact of all that we do: websites, family, health, etc.


  3. Very good film!!

    My girlfriend was telling me, why we did not think about?

    I have foodmatters, it is a great film too, I will not be surprise that this one is going to be as successful

    When the video “The Secret” launch, thousands were sold when was just launched because our recommendation. We did not have any affiliate commission because I did not know until recently what an affiliate was. thanks to Jeff we are learning the launch process, ready to hit the unlimited with this. anyway, thanks for the link Jeff


  4. Challenging the conventional paradigm will always be a challenge.This is a message that needs to be considered and if the statistics you quote are correct there is obvioulsy interest in the subject. Good luck to them -they will ne to be resiliant!!


  5. Andrew Nicholls


    As a parent of tenagers I’ve yo-yo ‘dieted’ all my life and it;s been a lifelong frustration. I’ll be making sure my kids watch this and {we all will} learn a better way.
    As a marketer- I’ll be watching the launch much closer- I was emotionally moved by that clip and that’s a powerful connection… right there.
    The production values exceed my humble resources but the lessons are priceless.

  6. That is a great launch. I guess that PLF could easily work even at launching and promoting some music albums and singles?

  7. This is a critical message that needs to be delivered to the kids… the parents and the institutions of our society. The information is there… now the “will” must be there to change behavior. When change is successful, we call it growth. Reach for life, thrive where you are planted, find contentment and find great gain.

  8. Yes the trailer is moving and inspiring. Among many other things, I loved seeing the girl sticking her intentions on the mirror – seeing herself healthy… that put a real-world, personal perspective on the truths that the experts were teaching.

    My wife Denise and I recently watched Joe’s “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” (highly recommend it) and she’s now on Day 6 of her juice fast. I’ve never seen her eyes shine so bright – she’s feeling great and losing weight.

    One thing I wonder about this unique launch: after watching the online premier of the movie, will people want to buy the DVD or will they feel satiated?

    Here’s to juicing, drinking lots of water, living foods, and lots of movement. What’s the point to making a millions if you lose your health in the process. We can have both.

  9. Amazing trailer. At last, experts exposing the secrets to creating lasting change to help the people who want to transform their lives for the better.

  10. Great to hear that one of the PLF guys got this gig Jeff…they have a powerlist and partners to boot, so everything points to a nice result.


  11. This is really great. I’m not overweight, but I know I eat too much sugarery foods, so I have to take a look at this. Changing ones eating habbits is not easy.

  12. Hi Jeff, i love the movie “food Matters” and i give it away as gift to everyone. I’m totally into raw foods and balancing the acids and Alkaline, keeping away from sugar totally. we have a store here in Sydney, Australia that is awesome and right up to speed and even ahead of anywhere else in the world. I’m a former WTA Pro Tennis player and very passionate about getting this message out….oh, about the trailer – its great! there is no doubt it will be huge.
    All the best.

  13. Wow that was an awesome trailer, I took away some ideas to implement in future with clients. I like idea of the reverse squeeze page.

  14. POWERFUL!!! Makes you want to really, really see the rest of this!!!VERY POWERFUL!!

  15. I love the launch video. So it is the “reverse squeeze page” right? Jeff can you please describe what is “Reverse squeeze page” and how is it different from the traditional launch style?

    I watch the video but the idea to me is still not very clear.

    Anyway, thank you for this post.

  16. wathched it again to see any obvious marketing and the content is brilliant, it cuts through the facade of the food industry. we have had years of exposures of what is supplied to us as food but omg this could be awesome .parts of the food industry should be very very scared.

  17. The paradox of life….We are fighting and searching for ways to lose weight while people in third world countries are fighting and searching for food to survive. We have problems with weight because of excess and they have problems with weight because of lack.

    We have become fatter through our indulgences, lazier through our abundance and now and insensitive to the need of others, which is why we need 1000 and then 1 techniques to help us address these issues – no wonder!

  18. Jeff-

    I don’t mean to insult one of your mastermind partners, but this looks like the same stuff that’s rolled out every 18 months about how no one knows how to eat and how the FDA are idiots and how we have an epidemic, blah blah blah.

    Eating crap sucks, and diabetes and obesity numbers are through the roof. There is nothing new here. Like anything else, nothing will be able to stop it.

    I’m sorry to be so glum about it, but people will only change when they want to. Seeing how bad this is for you won’t change but a few people. As a matter of fact, it will likely just make them eat worse.


  19. I LOVE hearing that this is a PLF Launch, because I’m already signed up via content managing for food related resources, yep, Twitter. Yes for the “change the worlders!”

  20. Wow Jeff, must be amazing to be dealing with people like that who do awesome things like that. You’re truly blessed, and the greatest thing about it is that you earned it. It’s inspiring me too!

  21. I have to comment again, I feel that the movie will be a great succee, yet, I feel that is missing some important parts that don’t seem to be cover. Wa more than a weight problem our food quality, one of the reasons we eat a lot is because we eat bulk but not enough nutrition in our soils, by using all kind of pesticides we kill not only kill the bad microorganism, but the good one that transform inorganic material into organic, the plants are not absorbing those organic materials, therefore, we are starving for those essential nutrients.

    Eating balanced is not working! Even organic foods are not the answer because what constitute organic according to the laws does not guarantee enough nutrients in our plants.

    We are hungry all the time because our body is starving for nutrients, we eat bulk trying to get those nutrients, but the obesity occurs,

    On top of that, because lack of many nutrients, we lack the energy and the desire to exercise, plus extress and depression are easy experienced because the lack of nutrients that help our body to resist better extress, and what do we do? Consume drugs, by prescription and not, damaging our body even further.

    Also we are consuming too many toxins, and one of the natural ways for the body to protect us is by diluting those toxins into producing more fat, and retaining more water, but the obesity occurs, and worst, body inflammation, a cause of a lot of diseases..

    On top of that, we are feeding our animals like cattle, fowls, etc with low nutritional food, and we are injecting them with all kind of garbage.

    We live in a rich country, but obesity and all kind of illness are creeping into our societies, and diets are not the solution, is just a temporary start, we must go deeper than that.

    I applaud what the movie is trying to accomplish, but we must address a problem that if not, it does no matter how much people try to improve their diet, the cause of a lot of our problems will grow instead be solved. Toxins, pollution created by us, lack of nutrients in our foods, maassive misinformation, etc.

    I guess I have in me a PLF Launch to expose the problem and the solution…


  22. Jeff,
    Thanks for this post! My first impression is that it looks like this movie will do for Food what The Secret did for personal development. I am really looking forward to seeing the film ! (and how the launch turns out too).
    dmark Wheeler
    Author, “FAT is all in your HEAD”
    (soon to be released)

  23. Desiree Stimson


    Love this! I’m living proof of how diet and exercise can change your life and health.
    People need to hear what these guys are saying!

  24. Love the use of the reverse squeeze page! And I love how they created the contest after you sign in so they can get more traffic from Facebook, very cool idea… One suggestion for you Jeff- is to make your links here open up in a new page– I found myself clicking on the link and then losing your site and had to back track to get it back to finish the article.

  25. Thanks for sharing Jeff. Living in the 21 st century is tough !

    Could you talk a little more about this launch ?

  26. Nicely shot and well edited piece. Good camera work.

    On the personal side – my niece is a model. She was – obviously – always very careful of what she was eating. One day she got a 6 month scholarship in the States. When she returned she was 10 kilos heavier. All I want to say with this, that the food industry in America has a lot to offer. Probably it is very hard to resist all the temptations, especially when everybody around you does not really care to eat healthy food.

    Sorry, if I was off topic.

  27. Please would you update us on how well the launch did?
    How many units did they sell during the open cart phase?
    How do the makers of Hungry For Change feel about their strategy now? Would they do anything differently?
    As the Launch Guru, Jeff Walker, what do you think was done well … and where could other filmmakers improve on their launch?

    …from Hungry For Answers

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