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How to Tell if Your New Business Idea Will Work

by on May 25 2018

It can feel pretty devastating when you put a lot of heart and soul (not to mention time and money) into starting a new business, only to find out it’s not going to work the way you’d hoped. Here’s a way you can figure out if your idea is likely to succeed without going through all that.

Let’s Play a Game

by on May 19 2018

What happens when you combine a tiny piece of painted metal with your most passionate clients?

Strategic Bragging

by on May 12 2018

If you’re going to brag, then brag about your clients’ success – it’s one of the best ways to build your business…

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize?

by on May 05 2018

As entrepreneurs, we gotta get SUPER-INTENSE white-hot-focused on our goals. But sometimes those goals are just an illusion. Here’s something that can be a lot more important…

Living in a Bill Murray Movie

by on Apr 27 2018

What would you do if you had to live the same day over and over again? Here’s where I would start…

The Only Thing Worse Than Being Wrong…

by on Apr 22 2018

Part of being an entrepreneur is making choices. Some are easy, and some… not so much. The thing is, you’re not always going to make the “right” decision. Here’s why you should stop worrying about being “wrong” or “right” (and the one choice that practically guarantees you’ll fail)…

A Million Little Decisions

by on Apr 14 2018

Five years ago, I was walking on this exact same beach when I was inspired to shoot a video that completely changed my business. This video is about those little moments we all have, where we take a chance and decide to do something different…

Should You Do A Podcast?

by on Apr 06 2018

Starting a podcast is a great way to publish new content, spread your message and grow your tribe. But it’s definitely not for everyone. Here’s how to figure out if it’s right for you (and a few tips if you’ve been thinking about starting your own show)…