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Here's how you can completely screw up your product creation in just a few easy steps…

I would love to hear about your successes and your mistakes you've made creating your products… please leave a comment below.

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62 Replies to “How to Completely Screw Up Your Product Creation”

  1. Hey Jeff,

    So true!

    My first product was an ebook. It took me a week (in the evening) to write and then published it perfectly.

    I fight everyday with perfectionism… it’s a real battle. My previous job for 25 years depended on accuracy and being right… So, trying to unwind is like riding a wave… you have to wait a bit and get ready to crash on the beach…

    …BANG… which I do…



  2. Thank you for making these videos Jeff, I have learned so much from your experience.
    I’m getting ready to release my first product. You have helped me get over my desire to make it perfect which has kept it from getting out there to the people who need it.

  3. Great video! Get by the fear of the first launch and just do it.

    How does one go about getting the Product Launch Formula?

    I see the link for the “Sideways Sales Letter” and I have followed it and listened to it, but it seems to end there. Am I missing something on the page?


  4. One of the biggest rookie mistakes is the “if you build it they will come” kind of mentality.

    This translates into spending too much time on product development (perfectionism) and not enough on how you get it out there (i.e. marketing it or more accurately “route to market”).

    Result: slow sales at a time when the product creator has already run out of time and money!

  5. Hey Jeff…

    The first product I created, a LinkedIn guide (some years ago) took a long time and the biggest mistake was that the market I was targeting at that time (the regular IM crowd) wasn’t yet prepared to think of LIn seriously.

    As a result it tanked (made only 5 sales) but I was able to recover at least a bit of that, by re-purposing some of it into a free report to build a list around the topic.

    Best advice I can give anyone is to start from the research, of what people ALREADY want. Look closely at questions people ask in Forums. That, there, is GOLD product creation wise.

    Steve ✉ Master eMailSmith ✉ Lorenzo

  6. Hi Jeff,

    I love your insights. I think they are so down to earth and useful. And you always put heart in what you do. We can feel your passion and interest for our success. Thats’s awesome!

    On my side, I must admit I have been postponing my first product creation for years now, just because of perfection seek… That’s right. I got the virus…

    So for me, 2013 will be THE YEAR of my first launch! Perfect or not doesn’t matter. It WILL happen. In the mean time, I have gained experience with launches by building sales funnels for clients. My last client generated 650K$ in 10 days on his very first launch! He did all his videos himself, but of course the technical side had to follow.

    So now that I’ve got the mechanics nailed down, I just need my very own content!

    Thanks for your regular posts and for all the wonderful work that you do Jeff.

    God bless you!

    Bruno Fortin

  7. Yup… perfectionism is a stinker! I struggle with it all the time. I am about to put a seed launch out there. I did a “shot across the bow” e-mail to see if the topic was of interest to my list and got what I would consider to be a fairly good response (seeing as I only have a list of about 200 people). I think if I were to put it out there today I would get about 10 sign ups. I think I could comp in a bunch of others and might get some more through some basic advertising locally. So not super lucrative, but I think what you say about having to get out there and communicate with your audience to learn more about how to teach a subject is BANG on. I learn so much every time I deliver a workshop…. now it’s just a matter of transferring that on-line. I’m having trouble pricing it though…. it’s likely going to be 3 x 1 hr sessions with a few bonus sessions likely… I’m thinking 67$ for my first crack at it. What do you think?

  8. Very engaging video Jeff, I like your style here! 🙂

    I’m personally just in the process of finishing my first video-course, exactly following what you taught in PLF. I have gotten a lot of feedback of what people’s problems, pains and wishes are, and I think most of the hot points are in the product.

    Still I feel that uncertainty of not knowing how this will turn out. I especially worry a little about being to meta (not specific enough with examples and specific detailed advice), since I’m a bit of a big picture type.

    But right now I seem to be at a point, 75% done (presell videos still have to be shot), where I probably just have to push forward and then make the launch.

  9. Hello Jeff! I’m from Brazil and I just bought the training of Brazilian LAUNCH FORMULA Erico Rocha and already started my studies. I’m enjoying the content and also follow your blog and see your videos. We have a training and consulting company and want to say that this process will completely change the way we create and sell info products and more importantly, how we change people’s lives. Thank you!

  10. This video comes in a very good timing. I have just sent my first ebook to my platform. I was trembling, but they were very enthusiastic! I am really glad I dared to send it. I am sure that the final version will rock (besides, first feedback say that they love it! 🙂 )

  11. Jeff I am in the process of releasing my first course around building willpower and I remind myself of the humble beginnings of PLF. I think you said you had 6 people.

    I’m also reminded of a comment by Ramit Sethi who says, perfectionism is for losers. It makes me laugh, but it also reminds me that great programs are the offspring of ones that started out being pretty good (even though we thought 1.0 was great).

    Also wanted to mention you are moving into Steven Pressfield and Paulo Coehlo territory with your video series.

    • @Dean: yes, you’re exactly right… the first time I offered PLF, it was a live teleseminar-based training that I called the “Product Launch Workshop”. I offered it at a live event, and I only sold 6 copies. I delivered the best training I knew how, and they loved it. That was 2005, and I’ve been constantly improving the product since then… and I’ve now sold more that $20MM worth of PLF, and I’ve had over 10,000 PLF Owners go through the training.

  12. Hey Jeff,

    My biggest mistake so far is in NOT CREATING my product! I just realized watching your video that I’ve been letting that nasty little gremlin “Perfectionism” get in the way of sharing my message with the world! You are so right when you talk about the “curse of knowledge”! Stay tuned…. my creativity is starting to flow again…

    Susanne Hemet

  13. Great video. You are so right – perfectionism is a big no-no. I wanted to launch this couse. I thought it was a great idea and had huge potential. But I was very busy planning, thinking of every eventuality and it still isn’t launched. Thanks for giving me this additional encouragement.

  14. I have no list so all my test content creation is with local people associated with a place where I have an affiliate relationship; I was scared because I thought nobody would show up. 7 people did and one was a yoga teacher. What I learned is that perhaps my audience is really yoga teachers who are looking for more ways to be better yoga instructors. So I certainly agree that getting something out is better than letting the product fester. I would have never known about yoga teachers as a potential audience unless I let go of perfection.

  15. hello Jeff, thanks for this great video. i must confess i am only and still fighting with technical issues: how to install a paypal button on my sale page ( optimizepress) to be able to go further and sale, i am working with a french webmaster and this is a long story: since i asked him to helo me for this: or install the button himself, or give me the tutorial to do it myself on skype, He does not deny, but promise to do it….bu HEt has always urgent stuff to do before……this since february,,,;-(( and give me always good reason to ask me to wait for him???? i know i am shy and , probably too, perfectionnist,tand not enough assertive..and so on…but the real fact is this technical issue exists.Someone would tale me : why not change your webmaster, but it’s not so easy to find someone….???
    so is there in the US a site which can give me the solution for this technical issue???

    yhanks a lot Jeff for your attention. I have learnt a lot with you and feel ready to launch my product which is ready.

  16. Excellent video again Jeff! I’m taking your advice. I am super excited because I’m in the middle of preparing for my first really big launch, next month in July. Everything’s lining up now and I’m going for it all-out. I’ve even managed to land a HUGE JV partner. I’m executing this one “Seed Launch” style to make sure I meet the market demands to a T, not just go off of what I *think* they want. It’s shaping up to be amazing. While my internal autopilot still has tendencies to try to make everything “perfect”, I’m adjusting it each time to strive for excellence, not perfection, as we talked about in previous posts. Awesome stuff. Thank you for your guidance.

  17. Best quote I’ve heard all month: “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” THANKS! I’m going to let that one sink in. 😉

  18. Excellent video again Jeff! Thank you very much. I try to be perfect and that is why I lose quite a lot of time to bring something up and running. I have difficulty to find the balance between the perfect and the good enough to go 🙂 I appreciate your comments and guidance as in this video and am looking for more in due course, have a great day!

  19. Fernando Goncalves


    Awesome Jeff. I really think that many people must hear your message because these problems are so common.

    I’m participating in the Product Launch Formula training in Brazil, with Erico Rocha, and I’m struggling to define my niche of activity. I’m a computer science student and I love help people but I don’t know yet how to do this in a effectively and good way, putting these two things together.

    Any way, your message will help me as soon as I decide my niche and start think about my first product.

    Thank you a lot.

  20. <— So guilty of this… It's like you were talking directly to me! 🙂

  21. Hi Jeff,

    As always it’s good to hear from you. Aside from knowing you have great content and info to share I enjoy your videos because they are in the raw form. I can tell when someone is reading script and sometimes that can seem a little fake. I realize that it can be a little scary in front of the camera and some script is useful for guidance but my preference is just raw, authentic video. It’s more sincere and even if there is a mistake now and then, it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who isn’t “PERFECT”. 😀

  22. Takeaway: We suffer from the curse of knowledge – so we don’t have the beginner’s mind

    Gotchas: Trying to come up with “it” all in your head.
    being interactive in your creative process will make it better.

    Thanks Jeff

  23. Hey Guys,

    Love these vids by Jeff. Perfectionism is the cause of procrastination for many people it seems like. There is an entrepreneur I stumbled across several years back that built her entire business model around. I haven’t bought any of her products but listened to an hour interview by her…seems pretty solid. Hope someone gets value from it. Freedom.

  24. Heather Craik


    Gosh, I don’t even want to think about my first product! I’ve had a few, none of which were massively successful, and I agree that it’s probably because I spent the entire process in my head.

    Working on something now the opposite way around and it’s refreshing as hell and much more likely to work.

  25. Always learn something new from you Jeff.
    I have given up on the whole perfectionism stuff, I’ve got 4 websites out there in the noise.
    Looking for someone to appreciate them and learn from what I have to share.
    Great vid as always… keep them coming.


  26. Hi Jeff, so true!

    I created a 7 video series called “How to create an maintain effective relationships at work” to 20 chosen prospects/friends/colleagues. (Including three freemium videos and a sales video) Cost a bit but the value it gave me was amazing. Now list building for the next iteration the seed launch of the live webinar series called “How to build your Realtionship Strategy” (Still a working title). Stiil battling the perfectionist challenge but the Seed Launch programm has been a huge help Watch this space, well my web site! List size dependent launch in July!!!


  27. Hi Jeff,
    Great video..very inspiring and motivational for me. I must say, I haven’t launched a
    product yet..Don’t know if I ever will.. For now I’m in Affiliate Marketing and I write about
    things I have learned and the misstakes I have made, keeping it real for those in need.
    Hopfully it will help others who are walkin down that road as I.

    Thanks for all you do..

  28. Hello Jeff, how are you doing ? I hope you are fine.

    Product creation can be tedious especially when doing it for the first time, but it does get easier with practice.

    Some of my main successes have been:
    -Customers and buyers sharing and spreading my content across the internet,
    -A list of customers who follow my methods.
    -JV partners working with me,

    I have developed a series of tips I find are key elements of product creation, which others can use, such as:

    5 Product Creation Success Tips
    1. Over deliver in your content, so that the buyer gets more than they bargained for.

    2. Have a strong affiliate program, which offers many affiliate tools to let affiliates promote this. . Offer a high commission to affiliates, 75%- 100%

    3. Create a variety of products such as videos, mindmaps, ebooks, physical products etc.

    4. Make sure you do everything to its ‘best potential’ in the creation of your product. This can be everything from graphics, content, video creation,

    5. Make sure you don’t lie on your sales page, which will only hinder you later on.

    You will learn stuff as you go along, aswell as mistakes so these can be accepted as part of the learning curve and Don’t let these put you off.

    Otheriwse I hope you are fine Jeff,

    Matt Morgan

  29. Absolutely you are so right! Perfectionist maybe,
    Procrastinator, I believe it’s what I am or both.
    Since January 1st, 2013 I told myself this
    is the year that I would launch my product.
    July is around the corner and still my plan is
    in my head and not on paper. Why?
    Because I’m afraid of making mistakes.
    I love this video Jeff! It’s what I needed to hear.
    Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us!


  30. I went to Brendon Burchard’s Expert’s Academy and listened to you on the stage. I was so blown away by your sharing of info that I joined your Seed Launch program. I haven’t completely started it (life…), but I have my workbook almost completed. My message is a motto from my inspiration (and childhood crush), Peter Tork of The Monkees. His motto is Be a Hero to Yourself. The motto was one of my ah-ha moments last year. I decided to create a workbook to help people with self-esteem issues find their inner hero and become confident, healthy, happy people again. The workbook is entitled: Become Your Own Hero. I have completed the rough draft and had a friend look at it. She offered some advice so I will be tweaking it. I have just signed up for WordPress and got a domain name through Bluehost. My domain name is I don’t have anything on the website yet, but I am in the works and will be ready soon. Because of the advice I received from you and Brendon, I have put my perfectionism aside (somewhat) and I am working to get this out there in a week’s time. This email and video was RIGHT ON TIME!! It kicked me in the butt and reiterated what I told my friend, I can always revise and update the workbook at any time as I think of new ideas or get feedback from followers. Thank you for validating that idea for me again. I appreciate this advice and information. When I am ready to launch, I will be learning from your on-line course. Thanks for you help!!

  31. I thought I was just in a minority group sick with perfectionism that does not allow me to move and finish my first info product. I’m so much worried to develop a mediocre product — that in that panick, I continue rewriting and rewriting and never finishing for at few years now.

    And here you are, Jeff, with your very timely kind advice, which along with all other comments I’m sure will create a miracle for me — so that I stop dwelling on each paragraph for days.
    Wow, how wonderful to hear you now when a “voice from the sky” was so much needed.

  32. Hei Jeff,

    Perfectionism ends up being another excuse for not getting it out there. A real show stopper for sure.I have some good products, hidden in the basement of perfectionism. Interaction and feedback from the market is valuable and essential but what to do when you do not have a list to speak of/ Recommendations and guidance? Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Bob Tewsley

  33. I must say I have been struggling with the perfectionism thing allot. Thing is I have been focusing on developing software and unfortunately when the coders can’t get the basics done I cannot launch. Call it a sort of minimum requirement.

    I think we overshot the launch date by three times the original planning and at almost double the budget. Now when I am finally ready to start bringing the product to market I had to cut so many corners that I am almost not happy with it, but at least it works.

    Only now am I facing the uphill it seems. Sselling it is giving some headaches. As you said, it currently isn’t even the product that is giving me the issue. It is getting people to buy it. I think I broke all three of the basic two product creation rules. Hopefully I can turn it around somehow.

    I think it will most likely take just as long to align the sales and the market as it took to put the whole thing together.

  34. It’s absolutely true, but there is one important learning which I want to share. While product can be far away from perfection, it has to be complete so that customer can try it. It can’t be half way or with some obvious missing things which you know upfront.

    • @Satish: absolutely… the product needs to be complete. And it’s been my experience that most people tend to err on the side of never releasing their product because it’s not “perfect”… when nothing will ever be perfect.

  35. Hey Jeff,

    I have been watching your videos, never commented. but thought of connecting with this one 🙂

    I released my first product with no perfection at all.. but coz of the value I provided got no refunds 🙂 got great feed backs and now know what my market wants from me…

    thanks for reminding all THAT..

    Rohit Thakur

  36. Fabio Campos


    here, in Brasil, we say “the ‘best’ is the enemy of the ‘good’ “… Of course we have to try the best, but we can’t forget the very big important god called “TIME”… I understood your ideas with the filter of action + time, using the necessary feedback of the lists… Good, very good video and contents, thanks for it and sorry for my english, 🙂
    best regards,
    (from Rio/Brasil)

  37. Hi Jeff, you are so spot on! Perfectionism is a huge challenge for me. I did a product review of the things I’ve created the past six years doing the consulting and training part of my business — and was stunned at all the pieces I’ve got in my basket. I didn’t consider any of them good enough by themselves to use as list builder products and certainly not for sales. So I took another look with an eye toward clustering related pieces and refining into a much more robust product. I’m nearly finished with the first one and intend to use it as my list builder (ashamed to say I haven’t done list building yet). You’re comments have fueled and energized me to get it finished – now. Like those college papers, it may not be perfect but its time to turn it in 🙂 — Thank you so much.

  38. Hi Jeff, Thanks for yet another helpful video. I have plans to launch my first product in two weeks from today. I AM scared of all the crazy reasons, even though I’ve taught the content over and over again for 12 years, this will be my first tele-seminar. Yikes, oh, I meant, Yeah!

  39. Jeff,

    Great video. As someone with perfectionist tendencies, the delays don’t seem to come building the perfect product. I sometimes get hung up on looking for the perfect product idea to act on. Is it better to have more chances at bat than to take the extra time to really research before picking the product? I do the research because I must convince myself first. I can’t sell something I am not totally passionate about.


  40. Jeff, I enjoy your videos!! This one rang bells!! I am working on my product…an ebook. It is scary, and although the information is sharing knowledge I have…the process is intimidating! I need to get it out there, and improve with the next one! Thanks so much for being there!

  41. Great video, Jeff. I have been following you for about 4 months now. I really enjoy each video that you put out. I am in a large personal/professional growth stage right now, and have really begun to understand the value in Information Products.

    I created my 1st Information product last month, and now conceptualizing many others!

    Look forward to working together one day. When? Time will tell.

  42. I see your point about not being perfect because you want to get the experience and knowledge along the way…..BUT you don’t want to ruin your reputation on your 1st launch either.

    I mean, I think thats where we have the issue. We are afraid of the negativity thats going to come from not having a “High Quality” product.

    That could lead into some negative reviews about your product or even future products. It could also lead to your reputation being ruined as a person who launches weak or not up to par products (sorry trying to use a nicer description of the “type” of products I’m talking about:)

    Or it could keep potential BIG affiliates away from promoting your product in the future, also.

    There is A LOT in stake there for a lot of people. Anyways, I hope you see my point. I mean I am sure that it won’t matter 100% of the time, because if it did then a lot of very successful IM’ers wouldn’t be where they are today.

    But nowadays you want to “STAND OUT” as much as possible and when you do you want to be “known” for something GREAT not for something LoUsY. So I think you should take that 1 chance you have and do your best so you don’t have any regrets later.


  43. Hey Jeff,
    Great video. It really makes sense and the moment i realized that the first product version does not have to be perfect was the moment i got to the next level in my business.
    We need to fight the perfectionism and eventually we get to be so good at product creation that it will come naturally.
    Thanks for sharing this video.

  44. Working on a new site and product. Thanks for the good advice. I need to plan and just begin… small steps… just get something out there!

  45. Hi Jeff,
    you know what i think the biggest mistake is on a first product…or 2nd or 3rd- usually, is that people dont realize just how many people they need to be in front of, whether it be on their lists, or following them on social media in order for the launch of their product- no matter how awesome it might be, to have a successful launch. You need to be in front of a TON of people to convert that launch into a paying customer, and you really really need to garner their trust first, unless you are, well- you…or Tony Robbins or someone ( no intentional brown nosing ) . Isn’t the typical conversion rate about 5%?? I always tell my clients…Traffic first!!! Would love your thoughts on this

  46. Hi Jeff – great tips. I’ve been helping people develop training programs and infoproducts for nearly two decades now, perfectionism is certainly an issue…but we can look even deeper to find the REAL problems which are typically either:

    1) Not clearly understanding the objective of an infoproduct which is to deliver transformation toward a desired outcome where you clearly have the desired outcome in mind. Most product developers do NOT have the desired outcome or transformation in mind and so they struggle for direction which often manifests itself in their belief that it is perfection that stands in the way. Instead, it is actually uncertainty around the real objective. When you know exactly the outcome you are aiming for, your product development is much more certain and fast

    2) Lack of belief…this one is a real killer, if you truly don’t believe in what you are doing or in your ability to bring about the transformation in your product then of course you will never want to finish it. So, knowing your desired outcome and believing in your ability to help people in their transformation will get rid of 90% of the “perfectionism” that is really masking uncertainty and lack of belief.

    Hopefully this helps free others on their road to successful product creation.


  47. Yes, yes, Jeff … this video & info is right on. Dealing with perfectionism is a problem, but the BIG point you make is so true about … working from the “expert’s” mind. As we create products from the “expert” point of view, our CLIENTS will tell us what they need. Most clients do not know what you know … so a successful info product or program has to come from what they need to learn. I am just releasing my new program, Signature Program Design Formula … & working with my existing clients tell me what needs to be included. If I tried to create this Program inside my own head, it would be completely different and possibly too advanced for where my clients are coming from … People are coming from their own experience and current knowledge. Our job as teachers is to bring them along from where they ARE to a more knowledge & experience. The biggest challenge is meeting people where the ARE now … not from where you are coming from as an expert. Thanks again, Jeff … Tina Scheiner

  48. For me the biggest issues come when I don’t focus on who my target market is. When I think about expanding and writing something for “everybody” it’s never worked. When I write for my target, it works a lot better. Focus. Thanks for the video, Jeff!

  49. Totally been there and done that. As a military instructor teaching new systems, we do not have the luxury of time to be able to get the “perfect” student guide or lab checklist out in time to meet the needs of the military. We tweak our material after every class.

    Right now I’m working on a leadership webinar and am looking forward to the feedback I’ll be getting on it.

    Thanks again Jeff.

  50. Maria From Club Wellness


    My first product (and only product that I have been able to get out there) was an international matchmaking service. I had the experience and people knew who I was. The biggest mistake I made was to be afraid of my competitors.

    Now I am struggling trying to find a niche or a new product to market. I want to help people that I am sure. I struggle do to my limitations and I lose confidence.

  51. Rose Scarlet


    Hi Jeff,
    I’ve been an academic librarian for almost 25 years, and as such, I have access to literally almost all the recorded information in the world. You can imagine my dilemma in choosing a topic to run with! But I have chosen one and am working on my first information product. I’m starting from scratch. No list, no website, no product. But I do have a passion for helping students and I am designing a product around that. Thanks for your encouragement! I can’t start anywhere but where I am, so here goes!

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