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You’ve heard about the classic “overnight success”… it makes for a great story, and this is a story of $10 million in success.

But we all know there really is no “overnight success.” There’s always a long history of someone working hard day after day, night after night to get that big breakthrough.

But sometimes there's a shortcut… and here’s a big one:

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49 Replies to “How To Be An Overnight Success”

  1. Hi Jeff, love the vlogs and I watch every one. One question I had is that sometimes you look like you’re filming the video yourself of a phone or similar. Could you tell me what selfie stick you use please. KBO … Mike

    • Hi Mike

      From what I have heard Jeff say, I believe that Jeff’s son is taking care of all the videos.

      Regards from Greece

  2. How do you get on the waiting list for the mastermind group?
    I have been searching for it for quite some time, but no luck.

    BR Mari-Ann – Denmark

    • Hi Mari-Ann

      I believe but am not sure that you would have to ‘wow’ Jeff first with a success story that’s based on PLF or Seed Launch Deep Dive to get his attention. Then you might want to repeat that. And then you should have good chances IMO to also be considered for Jeff’s Platinum or Platinum Plus courses 🙂

      Regards from Greece

  3. Thanks, proud dad, and congratulations on the success of your group! And your Facebook PLF group has been SO helpful and supporting in the stumbling forward I’ve been doing. Way to go!

  4. Thanks for sharing great ideas. What would be the best way to engineer a launch for a Porsche repair shop. I’m trying to figure out if I should do it with s physical product or create some sort of membership continuity program.

  5. Thank you Jeff, your videos are only 1 of 2 people’s videos I watch in their entirety.
    My niche is the ‘work from home online’ and it’s old and tired but that’s where I started 3 years ago and I don’t know anything else. As an affiliate marketer I realize it’s a dead end. I would love to have my own digital products and do my own launch but I don’t have confidence and living in Australia I seem isolated from the world or at least the US.
    I also feel being 58 is a barrier too. I have been at this full time for 3 years, made all the mistakes but yet to find the path to success. Perhaps you can make a video to inspire people like myself. We could really do with it!

    • Steve, I can relate to what you’re saying… I also started in the work from home inustry, and after 5 years of failing I started to develop my own “small” digital product line empire… After 10 years of hard work, I’ve surpassed $1 Million USD, on my way to surpassing 2… Nobody does have the confidence to start with. It grows along the way, step by step, success by success, mistake by mistake. The most important thing EVER, is to stick to what you love doing, do well, or can do well (and love doing). Because you will be doing it for a VERY long time. I didn’t like the money making niche, so I turned my own hobby (3D graphics), into my living. There is no sure way of “knowing” where to go, but to try it long enough. The path will be shown to you along the way, and you grow and see more of what’s around you. Ask yourself the following questions… What do you just love doing… What are you good at? What would you like to teach to others. In what niche? What topic? What problems would you like to solve? And just a side note: You will NEVER have the confidence for the next step… You just need guts. Confidence comes from doing it anyway… And the results you get along the way.

      • Val, thank you from the bottom of my heart… You said THIS so good, so right, and so exact the “problem buttons”. I just printed your post and put it on my wall.

      • Val,
        This short concise story of your journey, and the lessons learned along the way is amazing, and inspirational. You can tell by the way it fired up Yuriy. And I am telling you it fired me up too! Thanks for you sharing it here bro!!

      • Thank you sooooo much Val. Huge encouragement from your post. I have dilly-dallied for a while now, but have recently decided to ‘go for it’ against the stack of obstacles and challenges, and doubters (sometimes including me ! lol) Sharing your story and encouragement has taken me one giant step further in this truly exciting journey.

    • My only qualification for commenting on your idea that age might impose limitations on learning a new technical skill is that I don’t feel limited by being born in 1940. Despite that irrelevant fact, it never occurs to me that I can’t do something if I really want to do it. To me, thinking that age is automatically a handicap is just a limiting belief–one that will likely slow you down more than your age ever will. We all have short-comings; why add another one? You could just as easily believe that age gives you an unfair advantage, one that you intend to use to the hilt to show those young whippersnappers a thing or two. You’re looking at a number–58, in this case–and saying to yourself “OMG!! I’m ancient!! How’m I ever going to do this”?!!
      I say, Get a grip. You’re not old yet. Fifty-eight is just the number of times the earth has circled the sun since you got here. Don’t let it become a bugaboo as you try new things. For everyone, young or old, the path to success is through The Famous Forest of Failures. Imagining you’re failing because of a number you can’t change is a little self-defeating don’t you think?

    • HI Steve
      I can relate to you in so many ways. To be so focused on what you believe in takes ever ounce of strength.
      I started designing a product back in 2012 because I found myself out of work at 55 with two sets of twins under the age of 10. When my youngest turn 18, I should be about 70 years old, so you could say I have a big problem.
      I had to become so focused on creating a product that was totally unique and sticking with it through completion was the hardest thing.
      Your Friends or family tell you, you cannot do it or just stop talking to you, can make you think you are a little weird or even crazy.
      The point is stick with it, take that next step to the final step and see what you can create.
      Val is right! it’s that next step.
      Our first production run last week and now we have our own product after three years of trying and five years out of work.
      What a Great feeling to think it… then create it….
      The only barrier we have is ourselves.

  6. Love the authenticity Jeff. It really is wonderful to see other people succeed. In fact, one of my contacts over here in Australia is just about to read Launch and contacted me about the product they have because I’ve been able to develop my reputation as someone who can successfully launch products … and a large part of that is because of what I’ve learned from you.

    So, it aint just your platinums who are succeeding … it’s a stack of other people who experience your ripple effects.

    • Hi Nic, Im from the great land down under and are really getting into the PLF with various businesses of mine. Would love to connect if you have time. You can check out my website at and get in touch via there. Thanks mate

  7. Hey Jeff, congrats to your group! That’s fantastic. I just joined a mastermind group, so this video was very timely. Rock on, sir!

    p.s. What kind of camera do you use to film these videos? They are great!

  8. Carmen Roszell


    Thank_you for reminding me of the power of the mastermind. The need of like-minded people around us is so necessary. Congradulations!!

  9. Thanks Jeff, I too am bragging about Justin Livingston! Justin has been a student of mine and he is also my mentor! I said YES to The Leap! I am so looking forward to meeting you in October at your Live Event!!!

  10. I’m tired of living on someone else’s terms, I’m hungry, he said. Let’s do “launch”!

  11. Thanks for all your videos. I have learned so much and have taken some small steps towards launching – I have a product and want to plan a webinar to launch it. I’ve identified that i either need a mentor or a mastermind group to help me figure out what the longer term vision is for what I do and how to get there. Do you have any tips on identifying mentors or groups to join?

  12. Congratulations on your success…..simply richly deserved for your commitment to the art & science of what you do Jeff. Keep serving, keep achieving & making a massive difference. Live Deliberately, Scott

  13. Val,
    That was great advice and congrats on your success!
    I have been studying IM for years and buying many
    Products. Ive learned that I enjoy making and ranking videos for people and have decided that I need to create my own product and have a launch. I`m scared about failing and question who will promote my product without having affiliates lined up. Regardless, I will push on. Thanks for the encouragement that you and Jeff have brought to this post!

  14. There are two ideas here that I’m glad to see; first that overnight success often takes a long runway and that’s normal–and second, belonging to a good mastermind group can shorten the runway and make lift-off more certain.

    Thanks Jeff.

  15. Thanks Jeff. I really appreciate being in you Platinum Plus Mastermind and it has made all the difference for me. More than enough money, and created more than enough time in my life to be with loved ones, play music, exercise, watch movies, read a book every other day. I couldn’t have done it without you and the Plat Pluses. My first Mastermind. I had read about how great they were but being in one is definitely convincing.

  16. Dave Broenen


    Way to go, Jeff! Congratulations to you and your group! Your success is well-earned and deserved…and a testimony to the great work you do.

  17. Awesome Jeff. I can see that it makes you very happy and proud. Get the great info coming and have a great day
    Pat Gage

  18. Congrats to you and all the Plats Jeff… What a nice feeling, to know you’ve had a hand in IMPACT.
    Serving to create dreams is amazing…
    Looking forward to hear of the next one. 🙂

  19. I love how REAL and unpretentious you are, Jeff. I always enjoy what you have to say so thank you for sharing your brilliance, and for letting us all know what’s possible!

  20. Jeff, you absolutely right. There is nothing like overnight success.
    Overnight success is where preparation over a long period of ups and downs meets opportunity.
    I like to tell friends, “All you see is the glory but you don’t know the story behind the glory”
    Thanks Jeff for sharing…

  21. Congratulations Jeff, and those who are in your mastermind group. I like how you point out that this is not an over night success, and that it takes hard work. Just as for your group and year and a bit in the making. Great to see you give the praise. It’s wonderful to see you promoting a mastermind group. I am currently contracting for a small law small and they are part of a networking group that meet once a week before business hours and mentor each other. Something that a lot of small businesses could do anywhere to help each other help. Again great job and congratulations. Kind regards Kim 🙂

  22. Awesome Jeff… I love how excited you get about the success of those closest to you!
    That coupled with the authenticity with which you deliver your message is always amazingly inspiring.
    Thanks for being you and thanks for creating the Platinum Plus family! Being a long term member is something I hold close to my heart!
    See you soon 🙂

  23. Jeff … you and the entire group are inspiration in action!! It is so much fun to be part of such a dynamic and amazing mastermind. Celebrating success feels so good, especially in the Plat Plus group where we all make such a BIG impact in the world! Thank you for all of your support and inspiration!

  24. paulinemcnamee


    Mr. Jeff Walker, every now and then, your emails come in. I have a battered old computer, no teckie skills, no website, but you know what I absolutely LOVE to watch your videos. I think I just love your soft energy and velvet heart and can do excitement. Wishing you and your master group continued success.

  25. This was my favorite video of yours so far. You offered advice this time that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their finances or educational background. Also, it addresses one of the main reasons that people give up: lack of social support.

    An added tidbit for you: Did you know that for women, lack of social support has the same physical impact as smoking 15 cigarettes a day?

    I just published my first book a few months ago and my first original knitting design last week. Neither of these would have happened without friends who cheered me on and, as you said, held me accountable to reach higher than I thought that I could.

    I hope that everyone who watches will take this one to heart, reach out, and begin creating their own, special support group fitted to their emotional needs and financial dreams.

  26. Hey Jeff, this is Macela. Thank you for you videos, they inspire me a lot. I’m an English teacher for girls ages 18 to 26 that are up to do a type of exchange program called Au Pair. It’s a great niche, I have such good friends and 500 people in my list, thanks to your book… So I would like to know how to create a series of classes to teach the girls rather than doing it individually.. i have no idea where to start or how to give me them all the attention they need through a series of videos… Thansk for your help and congrats for a great book

  27. Hey Jeff, you always make great videos but this is the best one. It is so inspiring. I have always wanted to build my own mastermind. Thank you Jeff for lots of the great videos

  28. Hi Jeff. Firstly congratulations that is INCREDIBLE. This is a huge testament to not only your ability but your ability to give that ability to others.

    Do you believe that it is not good to keep an email list going with just value giving too long (e.g. in the case where you are still working out what you want to sell them)? I heard someone say that when you finally make your offer you lose a lot of people and people get confused because they got so habituated to just receiving for free and are wondering why you are suddenly selling. If there is a too long for value giving before making an offer how long is too long?

    Thank you so much for your valuable time and expertise!!

  29. You said don’t ask how to get into your group – haha, like a red rag to a bull… So guess what I’m going to ask?! I’ve read many snippets of your Plat Plus Mastermind and like other commenters here I’d love to hear more about the waiting list. Is it invite only? 🙂

    • @Lorraine: yes, it’s pretty much invite only, or you need a strong reference from someone in the group. There’s currently a limit of 35 people, and almost everyone renews every year… so we typically only have a couple of spots open each year.

      • Lorraine Dallmeier


        Thanks for the message, Jeff. I’m just waiting for my kids to be just that little bit older so I can join your PLF and then I’ll be doing my best to network my way in. 😉 Your PLF has done fabulous things for my business and I can’t thank you enough.

  30. Jeff: Your Plat Plus members and their AMAZING generosity of their time and talent to EVERYONE who attended – what an INCREDIBLE bonus of that event and PLF membership! What a group! I was especially touched by the efforts of Bill O’Hanlon, not only during the event, but with his bonus coaching and materials posted on the PLF Live facebook group. Now, Bill’s son is in in ICU, and I understand that the prognosis is not good. During PLF Live, there was a fundraiser that raised enough money to build whole schools in Africa in a matter of hours. Now, Bill’s daughter in law is struggling to care for her husband during what may be his final hours while working a minimum wage job. A Go Fund Me campaign has been started. I hope that we as a PLF community can put the level of effort and support we put into launching our businesses and charitable activities into supporting a member of our own family. Thanks for bringing this amazing group together. Cat

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