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There’s a launch coming up that I’m super excited about… and it’s not even mine!  🙂 

The “big idea” behind this launch goes way beyond just a marketing hook – it’s actually the driving force that gets people to buy the training, consume it, and become raving fans. 

In this video, I dig into the positioning and the big idea behind this launch… and why I think it’s going to work. Consider this a little behind-the-scene peek at what I predict will be one of the biggest launches EVER.

(P.S. Want to watch this launch in action? Go here:

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21 Replies to “More Than Just A Big Idea…”

  1. Jeff, great stuff!

    Any tips on creating a great big idea to build a launch around

    Best! Dave

  2. It’s definitely going to be a launch worth watching. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

  3. To be honest the phenomenon of self education is nothing new, we are well into lots of independent course builders, this has been going on for years now. Perhaps these guys are pinning their launch on this concept, but Udemy, Lynda and WordPress course plugins are mature projects! I get how this could be useful to observe Jeff, lots of hype driven projects lately.

    • Udemy, Lynda and WordPress are just platforms – they’re enablers. There is still a HUGE gap for people to teach small solopreneurs how to use them to create knowledge based businesses. The platforms may be mature, but the knowledge of how to use them, and the teaching of that knowledgr, is definitely in its infancy.

      • Definitely and I’m enrolled in your PLF course to learn how to roll out my classes and programs exactly how you are teaching. I’m back to beginning now and thoroughly learning PrePre. I still have problems with learning the tech side like WordPress. I decided to perfect the knowledge of PLF and then get outside help on technical platforms. Your course is extraordinary Jeff and I can always tell the difference when I receive ads info etc on other processes other than yours. See you live in April. And btw I’m turning 77 in March and my AVATOR are 55+ especially men. They said it couldn’t be done. I’m saying ITS NEVER TOO LATE. ♥️

        • Rikaza shakeer


          Yes.udemy…..all just give the lesson but KBB is totally different. I attend the webinar previously when they open registration but I couldn’t enroll as I was enrolled already for PLF and HTC ( High ticket closing) at the same time and I was unable to absorb the contents as both were over whelming. When we combine these it’s great practical knowledge . Not just knowledge…. They teach us how to master it…I exactly understand the procedure now…

  4. Randy Johnson


    Thanks for the insight into the thinking behind the launch. I’ve watched many launch processes but getting a glimpse into how the leaders of this industry think and their vision.

  5. Hey Jeff, I got a D in Algebra, in 1993. Yesterday, I needed to place in a college math placement test at a Math 65 level or above. By studying YouTube videos alone, I placed at Math 111, which is trigonometry. Self education works, but only if there’s material to educate yourself with. Thanks for the lessons and marketing material.

  6. Thank you Jeff. i love your presentations style and the information you share.

  7. Thank you Jeff! Had heard about the launch through PLF Latino group and was super curios. Also had the opportunity to hear Dean at LaunchCon share the strategy the used and it was a game changer as to what is possible…look forward to watching this launch.

  8. This is an excellent video. Straight and to the point.
    I totally agree that we now live in an era where the market for self-education will eat a big chunk out of the mainstream education (a.k.a. college, university, MBA, etc). This change becomes now visible at corporate level. A couple of weeks ago I spoke with a senior Learning & Development person to whom I was pitching my training programmes for her senior managers. The lady told me that her (and other companies) more and more and more are sending managers to specialist training programmes by hands-on experts (online or classroom) instead of flying people to one or other MBA school.
    Individuals and corporates start realising that there is so much great and practical info products available out there at very competitive prices. In my book, PLF is definitely one of these great products.

  9. Carol O'Connor


    Great, thank you, I’ve signed up and am watching them for techniques as well as information.
    See you in April!

  10. Hi Jeff! Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to let all of you know that I am 2 weeks away from doing my first ever Launch! It will be an insider launch followed by the book ‘Launch’ written by Jeff. As I went through the book I watched a couple of Jeff’s videos and picked up a few more details, but I have not taken his class or workshop. I have no idea how this is going to go; I’m feeling both anxious and excited.

    Anyway, if any of you out there are wondering how this might turn out then I’d love for you to check it out and watch me go through this process.

    I am going to keep it as close to the book as possible and make it a five day Launch. I literally have no idea how this is going to go…

    If you stop by the site, leave a question or comment. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

    I hope this provides some insight to the process. This will pretty much be a testament to Jeff’s book since I never heard of him before reading that. If it works, that book may very well be the most valuable gift anyone has ever given me. Thanks everyone, and thanks Jeff 🙂

  11. Hi, Jet here, entrepreneur from Singapore.

    Thanks Jeff, was researching on how to market 500,000 copies of my book in the next five years, and it brought me here to this “big idea” video, and thereafter to your chat with Tony at his house.

    Seems I have found the right person for online launches.

    Thanks. Keep in touch.

    Should fly you down to Asia some time after Covid19.

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