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My new book “LAUNCH” is a #1 NY Times best seller, and this is its SECOND week on the list (it's currently at #2). So this week my video is about whether YOU can write a best selling book… what does it take? The answer might surprise you!

If you haven't gotten your copy of LAUNCH yet, then what are you waiting for? You can get the book + $291 of bonuses at this link.

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76 Replies to “Can YOU Be A NY Times Bestselling Author?”

  1. Jeff, loving your book buddy. We met about 4 years ago at a Frank Kern event. Been following you ever since and applying a lot of these teachings to my business. We now have one of the largest followings in the health niche. Just wanted to say thanks.

  2. Hey Jeff … really reasonate with your video today. My first ‘launch’ was in 1997 … since then I’ve used launches for all my businesses … and I’ve taken a couple of your trainings as well (PLF and Seed Launch) to help me get better.

    4 years ago I releases a self-published book and made a few thousand in sales. I have kept taking steps over the last 4 years and published another book this month and not only hit Amazon best seller for the category, but got featured and studio interviewed on all three of Australia’s national TV morning shows.

    And like you say … now it’s about continuing to build that list and those partnerships … and I’ve got NYT best seller on my radar now too.

    Thanks for your example. Much appreciated.

    • @Nic: love it… it’s all about progression and moving in the right direction. Just a couple of years ago I couldn’t have done what I did… we are all on a journey, and as long as we’re moving in the right direction, we’ll get there.

  3. Jeff… Congratulations for a remarkable achievement. It’s a testament to both the value you bring and the authenticity with which you delver your message. I’m a Raving Fan! I just emailed your team that I want 36 copies to send to my clients for whom I’m building an online academy so they can deliver their genius to a broader audience. They ALL need you and what you offer!!! You and I connected at Eben’s MetaMind around “client engagement” and “instructional design.” After the excitement of your launch dies down… let’s connect! Again… YAY YOU!!!

  4. Hi Jeff, I so understand your joy of doing so well with your book!

    I wrote a book as well. If I had known all what you know, I would probable have sold more books. But, the thing with writing and publishing a book is the credibility it brings., because it is a big commitment to carry through.

    I am looking forward to receive your book soon. Blessings, Margherita

  5. Hi Jeff, What a great book, I have both the PDF version and hard copy and have read them both twice.

    I am looking forward to your webinars about the book.

  6. Hey Jeff, congratulations on the success of your book. I love that your advice is to continue to take baby steps. Continuing to build and build that is exactly how you see bigger and bigger launches. Have a great week!

  7. I have comb through the book Launch since the day I received it, as a matter of fact I have read it through at least three times. I had to purchase an kindle version of the book because I have already started wearing out my copy of Launch!. I have read a lot of material over the years and the information in Launch is a direct short cut to a strategic process that will change any business you are in or associated with. read it, use it, your will love it !

    Thank you,

  8. I am really enjoying your book. I feel skeptical whether or not I can increase my paltry list of 17 and make it into something to generate an income. However, I am willing to take baby steps and follow your process.

  9. Hi Jeff I wrote my first book last year one scoop or two for the frozen custard industry, and doing well at thousand dollars a copy .
    This year I’m writing another book and I hope to employ some of your techniques . This book is geared more towards online dating crowd and will sell for around $10. (
    Thanks for the book….bob

  10. Hello Jeff,
    Thank you for the reminder and encouragement to be where we are in our paths to success AND to stay the course one step at a time.
    I am studying Launch Formula now, creating time to read and then put into practice what you are so generously sharing in your teaching.
    Thank you!
    Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

  11. August 1, 2014 marks the start of my journey to launching a blog, starting a list, and building my baby step journey. I wonder how fast I can get to NYT #1 best seller from the 5 subscribers I have now. It’s not if… It’s when!

    Thanks Jeff!

  12. Thanks Jeff, great to listen to you inspire me to take that baby step as I write my first book on Facebook recruiting. Thanks so much, learned a lot from you and keep up the great work you do!

  13. Hi Jeff
    I have been on your list for some time, and would like to be closer to the PLF instructions.
    I am in the very closing stages of my first ebook, and would love to have your advice for the pre pre, pre and L.
    Can you point me in the direction of where to find out your various “mentor” programs please?
    Well done and well deserved, I am over half way through your Launch Book here in Australia, and it is absolutely Outstanding, thank you ever so much.

  14. Hi Jeff,

    Fantastic book! I love it. My husband and I just finished Total Product Blue Print and I found you from Brendon Burchard. We are getting ready to launch a new project and my book is on the horizon. I am super excited to keep building my list for that launch. I don’t look at it like there are 99% of the people that won’t hit NY Times Best Seller….I look at it like what do I need to do to be that 1%! I will follow the launch formula and stay in touch to let you know how it goes. Thank you for your energy and optimism. I love it and congratulations on your book!
    Best Regards,

  15. Hey Jeff,
    Somehow I ended up with two copies of your book!
    I teach authors how to write marketable books and build businesses around those books, so I’ve been trying to learn exactly what you teach. I was so excited to get your book, and this video was very interesting to me.
    All three of the books I’ve launched since 2012 have been Amazon bestsellers, and I’d say that having a list has definitely helped. I continue to build it and to work ever harder on finding partners. The latter is my newest step.
    It can be hard to create a bestseller–especially a NYT bestseller–but the formula you propose helps tremendously. Thanks for this video.

    • Hi I am trying to build my list but I don’t seem to moving ahead quickly. I wrote my first book and it will be out before Christmas 2014 and I want to “launch” it. I have a list of maybe 150 people. Do I just go to other like minded people/authors in my same business and ask them to support me and if they would share their list? What would be in it for them? I guess I don’t really understand how to engage the “big” guys when I am such a little fish.

  16. So awesome! You are right….isn’t that the point. Its setting the right example for what you teach. Loved your book and launching my new product this week!

  17. hello Jeff, thank you for your gifts!!! i love your kindness and enthusiasm! Your list is a love story. ;-)). to day, i saw you supporting the program of 10000fans..on Facebook!!!! i said to myself : ok, if Jeff support this program, then i will do it!! I was at Tony’s seminar in San Jose,i did the firewall…..Everything is fantastic in the US!!! Every moment is opening a door….I do thank you for your invitation at Scottsdale.
    i am happy to be able to share a so great event. All my gratitude to you. My best wishes to your family: wife, sister, brother, your son, and your team. france

  18. I came to you via. Brendon bruchard link he referred to you several times in his works and finally linked to your work so I jumped on the link and ordered the book and loved it! Thank you
    Gary Hill

  19. Congratulations Jeff! I’ve already read your book and LOVED it! I got so many ideas from it and will be implementing them soon. I can’t wait to start. Thank you for sharing your deepest secrets so we can all put it to work for us.

  20. G’day Jeff, good to see you still smiling and congrats on the book. I’m sure you carry that book with you everywhere you go!
    I received your book last week, thanks, but I find I need a mind-set adjustment. That is, I’m not a reader of books. I have your book on my desk (along with Burchard’s “The Charge”) but I find it so difficult to make the time to read.
    I wonder if I’m the only person in the world who finds it difficult to launch into a book..pardon the pun. I will though, I promise.
    Ciao from Oz

  21. Most overnight successes are 10 to 20 years in the making… so true. : ) Thanks for giving people hope and direction by your own actions and example.

    Side question: Your videos look great. Do you have a film crew or is this done solo? Love to know what camera, lighting, etc. you are using.

    • Jeff’s videos do look great, and I remember watching a video a couple years ago that told about how his son helps with them and is in charge of that part of the business. (Maybe Jeff will get a chance to tell you more.)

  22. Love that great reminder of being an overnight success after 20 years! 🙂 Baby steps taken consistently… Love your book and love this video. Thanks Jeff! Joyful blessings, Tina

  23. Dittos with Daniel Decker – give us a hint at your lighting & camera. This video looks like natural light from a window, and from watching your videos it looks like you’ve got the camera on a tripod.
    I bought 2 more copies of your brilliant book to give to friends. One of those gifts seems to have been a waste of time. The poor guy insists you and everybody else in that book, as well as all the other really successful online coaches, are just “lucky”. He has a super brilliant idea for a business that he is going to abandon because he doesn’t feel “lucky”. I guess I’m feeling really “lucky” cause I’m going for it all the way! Thanks so very much. You ARE an inspiration. Blessings

  24. Congrats again, Jeff. You deserve it! You hit the nail on the head – it is all about baby steps. But on the flip side, maybe it’s not the NY Times best-seller list, but with a proper launch, using many of the strategies you teach, anyone can write a book and make it to #1 on Amazon for their chosen categories – even if it is for an hour or two. It’s a great credibility and confidence builder for new authors. When I launched my first book, I reached #1 on Amazon in a few small business and marketing categories a few times during my book launch. It’s a lot of fun and one of my many goals is to also reach #1 on the NY Times best-seller list in 2015 for a book series I’m working on. I’ve been doing launches full-time since 2003 (my first million-dollar day launch) – and have learned a lot from you. Keep the information coming. Hopefully you have more up your sleeve!

  25. Jeff McClelland


    Hey Jeff,

    Congratulations on the bestseller. I love the fact that I could watch your launch happen and then see the results. Now that is true social proof. I just finished the final draft of my book last Friday and I am so thrilled to have a great formula in front of me to use. I think your formula makes all the sense in the world, so thanks for sharing it with us. I plan to become one of your success stories.

    Jeff McClelland

  26. Hey Jeff – LAUNCH is an incredible book. I’m halfway through and watched all the pre-launch videos. I’m sold out on the concept and can’t wait to finish the book and do my first launch. It really is all about the list and that has been my biggest area of opportunity as a blogger for the last few years.

    I write a lot about marriage and fatherhood on my blog and one challenge I’m facing is the differentiation between the two topics, but also what a “product” might look like. I’ve mulled over a few eBook ideas, but the LAUNCH methodology seems to focus more on a product with a limited time offer. Have you seen this work with eBooks where they are available for a short period of time and then go away? Curious to hear your feedback.

    Keep up the good work.

  27. Jeff,
    it’s the first time I heard about you and I must say that I am really happy I did. There are not so many people out there with such an honest message. I loved your book and cannot wait to put it in practice on my first launch. Thanks a lot for what you have already brought to my life.

  28. I have been reading your book and watching all the videos and I must say, I am gonna follow every item on your advice and then get it to happen! I am now soon launching my book and my coaching program and I believe God sent your strategy and methods to me. Watch this space! 🙂

  29. Jeff Congratulations !. Very happy on your success and thanks for reminding the fundamentals

    Thank you


  30. Thank you so much, Jeff Walker and congratulations on the success of your book! I couldn’t wait to read it. I am taking the baby steps and am truly committed to building my list.

  31. Jeff,
    received your book last week! AMAZING stuff, i’ll read it more then once. It is packed with high value content, thank you! A MUST READ!

  32. Very cool stuff Jeff. Thanks for writing the Launch and hammering home the crucial step of building a list in the above video.

  33. Jeff…
    After 5 magical years as a PLM and so many new businesses launched for clients I’m loving the fact that now I get to launch another for me.

    I’ve done this once before for myself but that was way back before PLM. I used info gained from your free videos to build an awesome business that I ended up selling and I’m now so excited to have the skills and be doing it for myself.

    Who knows…maybe there’s a book on the way…

    Congrats again for the best seller and all the awesome lessons…

    JK 🙂

  34. Hi Jeff,

    I’m a PLF owner and found your book extraordinary valuable to reinforce all I learnt at PLF Live in 2013. I took volumes of notes at the event, and your book is both a great shortcut and reminder of the strategies, but also much much more. It’s a reminder that in this new economy, we can all bring value to our customers by following the business strategies and philosophies behind PLF. It’s a fantastic read. Congratulations on hitting the NYT #1. I’m looking forward to putting your strategies into my second launch and attending PLF Live 2014.

  35. Another awesome video Jeff, thank you.
    You’re so right about the prospect and buyers list; email list!
    In the early 1980’s and maybe 1000’s of year prior, we had our prospect and buyers lists on paper.
    Without our list, we had no business.
    Thank you for being here for us, to encourage us, and demonstrate the value of the Email List,
    and help us break through the technology barrier to transform the old fashion paper list to the modern web-list of projects and buyers… From local to global.

    Love your book, congratulations!

  36. Jeff — congratulations on your well deserved success!

    I’m about 1/3 of the way through the Kindle version of “Launch” and filling up notes as quickly as I can type them out.

    Regarding today’s video:

    The phrase “isn’t that the point” resonates really well! In the old days, I used to think just like the person asking the question. Words like “can’t”, “no”, and “never” were a bit too prevalent in my vocabulary. (And I had the good fortune to be around cherished friends and family members who pointed this out to me…) But that old thought process is in the past. Now, I use the launch mails, videos, and promotional emails as valuable learning experiences in my own business. Now, I can tell how big/successful a launch will be, by how many different emails I receive from big-name marketing and business experts.

    In fact, the exercise of reading through various JV perspectives and unique bonus strategies for big launches has been huge! I wrote an article about it a few months ago, examining the lessons from 3 big-name marketers; each was a JV for a particular product launch, and each sent an entirely different email, story, and accompanying offer. Undoubtedly, several — if not all of them — learned directly from your techniques.

    Loving the inspirational and instructional videos. Keep up the great work!

  37. Hi Jeff, I have a couple of things to say. First, I am encouraged by the “baby steps.” That’s where I’m at right now, and intend to keep taking them. Second, I received your book about a week ago, and intend to dive in today. Can’t wait.

  38. Hi Jeff, “Baby steps” is exactly where I’m at and I’m encouraged to hear you say it. I received your book last week and I am diving in today.

  39. I love the “overnight success after twenty years” because that really brings home the point that it takes a lot of baby steps and hard work to keep moving forward towards a goal. It’s hardly ever the case where it really happens overnight. And, we are all capable of putting in that work to make our dreams a reality. Thanks so much for the inspiration and for sharing your strategies.

  40. Jeff,
    What I love about you is that you’re so real…..I’ve gone and studied with bigwig gurus out there and was always so disappointed…..and I just somehow ran into you, got your Launch book and have been feeling so amazed at your authenticity! And for some reason, you make sense to me where so many others haven’t when it comes to the internet. Yes, you have great lists but I also think it’s because you have an awesome heart!!!
    I’m going to be one of your ginny pigs as I put my 1st book out there, a memoir, Nothing Ever Goes On Here, and literally, on the internet, I’m starting from scratch….I have a huge and amazing following in life…..but I ‘ve never been able to warm up to the internet… now here goes…..but with you by my side…..I swear I feel literally excited about using the internet….a huge game changer for me! So, I’ll keep you posted as I use what I’m learning from your book and everything up on your sight that I can gobble up! When is your next course? It would be perfect timing for me!
    Thanks for being YOU!
    With much Gratitude,
    Ellen Newhouse

  41. So, I’m really seeing a lot of folks like you and Brendan and Eben and folks in the motivational speaker and success genre having a lot of well… success. But what if you’re not in the success genre? For instance, I’m a healing artist. And I just don’t see healing arts trending the way I see success folks trending. Is there a secret to being successful that has to do with being positioned well within what is trending at the time? And if what you are good at or into just isn’t all that popular to begin with… well, good luck! Or…can the power of one’s effort and presence and enthusiasm for ones work build a new trend? I mean, I just love the work I do. I believe it has a place within the hearts and minds of many many more people than I am currently reaching. But it’s a little esoteric and may be off beat. Question is do I doggedly keep with it even though it may never reach the audience I believe it deserves? Or do I jump ship and try to get on the bandwagon of what’s trending now?

  42. Hi Jeff,

    Congratulations! What a big smile I have on my face for you! But what I really appreciate is your turning around and encouraging us to take our baby steps. That really makes me smile, that you could just be rolling around in your success, (and you certainly should) and you’re taking the time to keep encouraging us.

    I am a Beginner. My website is under construction. I wrote my book first, which is coming out later this year. Now, I’m just trying to figure out which email service provider to choose and wallowing around in all the choices.

    Well, it’s all such an adventure with so much learning to do, but the point is to provide a service and/or product to people that will help and uplift, right?

    So thanks for putting some lift under my wings as I take off.


  43. Hey Jeff,

    Really pleased for you getting the number one spot! Awesome!

    I really like your focus on the long-term value of a client and the importance of building your list. This is such a powerful business model and shows that you can be a success and still sleep at night because you truly value your customers.

    Question: Do you believe that anyone is capable of building themselves into an ethical brand in any marketplace by giving value first? And what is the biggest barrier?

    A great lesson, Jeff! Thanks!


  44. Absolutely loving your book! I started in the Specialized Information Publishing world years ago, fresh out of high school… I ended up opening 2 successful construction companies down th road, along with my husband, but have been considering getting back into the publishing business, on my own. Your book has given me a new found motivation, to put verbs in my sententences and start moving forward. I read bits and pieces of your book while my two young kids sleep and always feel motivated, inspired and full of new found ideas and possibilities. The future is looking brighter..! Thank you, Jeff!

    • Megan, sounds like you are a woman who loves to learn and take on challenges. I love the idea of going back to your publishing passion and roots. Good for you. Blessings to you today, Coach Miriam

  45. Melody Goff


    Hey Jeff,

    LAUNCH is hands-down the best business/marketing book I have ever read, and I’ve read a few. 😉
    I was only a quarter of the way through before I was contacting my ex-business partner to GET THE BOOK.
    Thanks for sharing so that all of us could benefit and a huge Congratulations on the NY Times bestseller list!

  46. Congratulations on making the New York Times bestseller list. Curious how the process works to get to be on the NYT list and then to be number 1? Certainly the size of your list and those of your affiliates is key as you talk about in your video above but what’s the specific formula? Because it appears to have very little to do with actually selling books, at least among the bet selling internet marketeering authors with big lists like you and Brendon Burchard. But instead it appears to be about how many books you can give away to your list and those of your affiliates. So would you share how many books you had to buy yourself and give way to get to be number 1 on the NYT list?

  47. Jeff, Thanks so much for the positive difference you have made in our business! We bought PLF in its early days and had a terrific mastermind group as a result, plus brought in a nice profit with our launch and added names to our list! Now we’re about to launch Sweet Freedom from Sugar (to help those addicted to sugar and sweets) again, and we’re using your time-proven techniques again. We don’t have enough words to thank you; just know you’ve had a big impact in our lives. Thanks for the authenticity and service over the years. And please thank Betty for us too 🙂 Love, Dr. Stan and Cristie

  48. Ok Jeff, Now I’m diving in your book, which I must say it’s quite entertaining and easy to read. Great content and I’m already applying it to my business life. I like the way you write in a conversational way. Now, can I be on that NY Bestselling list? Well, I’m aiming for that. When I get there, I hope to reduce that 99% to 98%, and I believe by that time, many others that you’re helping will make this go lower and lower; 90% to 80% to 70% and so on. Let’s take that challenge!…

  49. Hey Jeff, thanks for the reminder of baby steps. It is not easy and you also remained diligent. You kept at it. I am self publishing my books. Can I get on NY Times Best Seller list if the book is self published? Just curious. Have a great day.

  50. Fabian Barahona


    Hey Jeff, this is an amazing book, congratulations and thank you so much for sharing this resources with us…
    Definitely you change my perspertive of a great launch and i don’t finish your book yet, AGAIN, thanks…
    Have a great day

  51. Jeff,
    I ripped open the package when I got your book in the mail and started reading immediately. I love the book and your approach! You’ve spoken often about being a stay at home dad. When I hear you speak about that, it makes me wonder how you’ve kept that balance. As parents, (and children to aging parents) it seems there is always something more urgent to do than finish the book, write the blog post, etc. How do you do it? Are you just more disciplined than the rest of us, or is there a “sideways sales letter” approach to that as well. If so, please share! And thanks for all you do!

    • @Tami: with regards to being a stay-at-home dad and starting the business… there were a few things:

      First, in all honesty, I don’t think I was an awesome stay-at-home dad. The kids had a bunch of barely supervised play time. And they ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. I certainly wasn’t anywhere near as good a primary caregiver as my wife was once she “retired”. That all being said, they’re amazing kids and they love each other and they love my wife and I. We have a VERY close family.

      Second, I was a lot younger then – I was a pretty young dad, and I got by on very little sleep.

      Third, I was desperately hungry – I needed a change in my life, in my family’s life. I found a way.

      Fourth, I had a very supportive wife – she was happy to support me working in the evenings and on weekends.

      • This is a great recipe for success!
        1. Willing to be okay at some things to be great at one thing
        2. Energetic (be it youth, enthusiasm, or combo)
        3. DESPERATELY HUNGRY (would bet this is 90% of it)
        4. Supportive spouse / fam…not just “go get ’em honey”, but rather, “honey, you said you were going to do this…go do it and don’t come to bed until you have done it!!” (with love, of course)

  52. Jeff is right. Take your baby steps one by one. Yesterday I’ve had my ebook in the bestseller list at Amazon Italy, and it’s the second in a row that I get listed… and you know what? I’m not a writer, and the success It’s only thanks to my highly responsive mailing list (and content of course).
    Jeff is absolutely an example to follow, for all of us.
    See you at PLF live in october 🙂

  53. Jeff – Loving Launch. Curious…just how big is your list at this point? How big would you estimate a list would need to be to have a shot at NYT Best Seller? (assuming you have captivating content and a great launch plan, of course!) Kudos on your success. Hope it has made all of your hard work over the years worth it!! (…and hope to be there in 20 years myself!)

  54. Everytime i watch your videos I get more excited in having your Launch Book 😀 Im from México and i just buyed your book some weeks ago 🙂 Thank You Jeff!! you rock!!

  55. Daniel Rioux


    Hey Jeff, I so get it. The way you lay it all out makes it all so doable. I’m just starting the journey and really, really excited.

  56. As I can see you didn’t only Launch your book, you also redesigned your blog !

    Could you tell us in one of your next video what kind of lightbox did you use – How did you make the lightbox ?

    Ps: I started your book, I love the way you wrote it with lots of passion about what you’re saying !

  57. Jeff – Thanks for (again) highlighting the importance of focusing on the list. And thanks for the continued encouragement to taking baby steps.

  58. Rose Croshier


    Great video and information. I have a few more chapters to read of your book., and I must
    say it is an eye opener for me as I am new to the marketing business. I like what you said about
    taking baby step and the reminder of the list and how important that list is.
    Thanks again,

  59. Great book. I feel like it was written FOR ME personally. I truly am sitting on a winning lottery ticket as a parenting expert (see the video on my website)….hopefully PLF will inspire me to take the action steps I need to move forward. THANKS!

  60. James Beauchamp



    Really enjoyed the book…read 3/4 of it the day it arrived (if hadn’t been 3am on a “school” day I would have finished it). It’s now being abused by highlighters, underlines, and note cards full of notes doubling as book marks. I might “product launch” my overly used single copy of your book in a few months after soaking it all in. One lucky person gets great wisdom plus illegible chicken scratch for 37 cents….and because we give value to the world…no extra charge for the note cards!

    My question for you about the seed launch is what is the most efficient method to build that first small list in a niche that is relatively non-existent in my social media and contact list? This niche is new in a sense that their are no major players with information products…actually their are no information products that I could find and I’m a programmer that has several years under my belt of scouring the internet for help. As you may have guessed my type of prospects are software engineers and web developers. Should i invest a small amount in PPC on Facebook or is there a better way to generate that first small seed list?

    Thanks a million!

  61. Nobody should make excuses and buy into the belief that they can’t do it.

    All that is needed is a book that has tremendous appeal, some killer copy and a list big enough to generate sufficient sales. You’re an inspiration Jeff!

    Just FYI- I used your PLF formula that I learned ONLY from your free videos and I did my first product launch last February. That launch generated over $8500 in about 2 weeks from a list of just over 100 people while turning me into THE guru in the industry. Your stuff is awesome!! Keep up the good work!

  62. The book is great. Very helpful and inspiring. I’m excited to get going.
    I just have one question that I am having trouble getting an answer to probably because it only affects a few sites and so big time marketers can’t waste their time.
    I have a site that gets 70% new people every day. Once they hit the site once or twice, they don’t come back. It is a travel site about a specific place. Building an email list is difficult since nobody is interested after they visit the region. I have one chance to sell to them. Also, doing a big launch is difficult because the only people seeing it are those interested in visiting the region at that time. I also understand that it is also a big opportunity because I get 70% new people every day who are interested in what I am telling them about the place.
    I have some ideas, but everything I hear these days is about building an email list. I would be interested to hear what you have to say when building an email list is not an option.

  63. Thanks Jeff, for that wise advice… take baby steps… I’m writing a book and preparing to do my first launch. Being a #1 NY Best Selling author is one of my goals for my book… part of those baby steps include, keep writing… do that first launch… build my list.

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