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After two decades of teaching folks how to start and grow an online business, I've learned that mastering marketing is the ultimate tool for keeping your business afloat, especially in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

In this blog post, I'll explore what makes marketing such a vital skill… as well as how you can great at it so you feel totally comfortable asking for the sale… without feeling like a high-pressure salesperson.

First off, let's look at why marketing matters more than ever…

The Unprecedented Rise in Online Competition

Over recent years, one thing has become clear – the level of online competition has escalated, with every market getting more crowded by the day.

The obvious downside is that – with more folks than ever launching, expanding, and enhancing their online business – pretty much every niche has now reached “super-competitive” status. And that's a problem because it means that having a good product, service, or idea is no longer enough to stand out in your market. You need something more.

You also need excellent marketing.

The Magic of Marketing

Back when I was just starting out, I desperately wanted to build an online business that would provide for my family. To do that, I knew I needed two things – a great offer and an audience wanting to buy it. That's when I discovered the magic of marketing – and how it helps solve both of those problems.

Marketing not only helps you promote your products and services in the best way possible, but, great marketing effortlessly attracts the attention of your carefully chosen dream clients (while also repelling nightmare clients – a great bonus!)

For me, this was a revelation, so I started absorbing everything I could about marketing. And the more I studied, the more engrossed I became, getting deeper and deeper into all the nitty-gritty tactics and strategies.

That's when I noticed – the more I learned – and applied – about marketing, the more my results improved.

The better marketer I became, the more my business grew. It was almost like I'd tapped into a source of magical power.

After about eight years, I began sharing what I learned with other business owners, so they could develop this superpower skill too. My experience made it clear to me that marketing was a core skill every business owner needed to be successful.

Even if you don't aspire to be a world-class marketer, you still need to be able to recognize great marketing when you see it, so you can hire the right people to help you drive your business forward.

Overcoming the Marketing Hurdle

After teaching my strategies and ideas to thousands of students, I've know a lot of folks have an almost allergic reaction to selling. It feels “sleazy” or slimy in some way. But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, it SHOULDN'T be that way.

As we've seen, marketing is more important than ever, so you need to get good at this.

The days when you could just put up a page on a website and attract customers have long gone. That's because, as competition has increased, so has skepticism. Customers are more clued up and careful about the online world now. Not only that, but budgets are also tighter – everyone is feeling the squeeze.

The upshot? Making the sale is more challenging than ever.

But it's not all doom and gloom. The amazing opportunities offered by building and growing an online business still remain. Nowhere else gives you the opportunity and platform to start a business with a small investment and grow it as much as you want to.

Marketing helps you tap into all these awesome opportunities.

Marketing: Your Gateway to Success

If the idea of marketing, selling, or asking for the order makes you want to take a shower, you need to shift your perspective.

Because whether you're building a business to make a living, support your family, or impact the world, it's impossible to achieve unless you have clients. And you can't get clients without marketing.

Whatever stage you're at…

Whatever niche you're in…

Marketing is your route to progress and growth.

Marketing will get you where you want to go.

Marketing Can Deliver Value

If you want to help people, make their lives better, and create meaningful impact, you have to reach them first. And to do that, you need great marketing.

Some folks believe that marketing can't deliver great value. But, in my experience, that's not only wrong… it's the exact OPPOSITE of the truth.

The most effective marketing delivers value so compelling that it actually inspires people to take action. And part of that action involves them saying, “YES!” to you and investing their money in your offers so you can be the one to help them get results.

Embrace Marketing, Embrace Success

Now you've seen not only how powerful marketing can be, but also how critical it is to your online business success, here's how to get good at marketing…

Spend time studying and analyzing all types of marketing. Pay attention to what you like and don't like… what works and what doesn't (and why).

After a while, you'll get a feel for marketing… and more than a few ideas you can use in your own business.

Once you start using and adapting these ideas, you'll see for yourself how marketing can seriously improve your business.

The more time you spend studying – and using – great marketing, the more people you'll reach, the wider impact you'll have, and the bigger your business will grow.

And if you're anything like me, after a while, you might even start to love marketing.

Because falling in love with marketing is really about falling in love with your customers journey, your impact, and your business. And what's not to love about that?

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