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We did it! My brand-new book “LAUNCH” is a #1 New York Times Bestseller…and I'm so grateful to share this honor with you! We're up there with the biggest books and authors in the world. But there's a big difference between us and people doing it with big budgets…

Please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you…

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274 Replies to ““LAUNCH” is a #1 New York Times Bestseller!”

  1. Jeff-
    What impresses me most is that you used the very techniques that you teach in your book to put that same book in the Number One position on the NYT Best Seller List. Well done!

  2. Great job Jeff

    Can’t wait to get my copy! I’m sure shipping will catch up very soon

    I have many projects and products that already exist but would love to put a launch behind them



  3. Brilliant news Jeff! Your excitement was so evident and genuine… you were literally bouncing with happiness and that was so lovely to see.
    Looking forward to getting my copy in the fullness of time, but in the meantime enjoy your time in the well deserved sunshine! 🙂

  4. I am just over half of your book and I have to say what an amazing piece of work this is! I have already implemented the formula thus far and sent it out AND received replies ! Imagine that! It was a pre pre-launch email. Love love love this book and your knowledge of this work. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  5. Congrats on your New York Times Bestseller status, I was one of the early buyers! It is a well deserved honor and a testament to your longevity in the industry and the value of the advice that you provide! Please keep it up for the NEXT 20 years!

  6. Great work, Jeff! What an incredible achievement! It’s one of the best feelings in the world when all your hard work comes together and you finally see the incredible results you’ve been working towards for so long. Congratulations!

  7. Love your Energy, Gratitude and Humility. You did it! Thank you for modeling getting to the top authentically!

  8. Congrats Jeff !! Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.. . . .may your fruit basket runneth over!!

  9. Juan Carlos Prado


    Congratulations Jeff! Even I am new in your community, I am very happy and very proud about you. I am reading the book at the same time I am new student of PLF. I have big dreams and I am working so hard in my list. So to know that Launch book in # 1 in NYT without any kind of traditional media, is a really good news for all the community. Best regards!!

  10. A big congrats to you Jeff, on your newly successful book LAUNCH! Can’t wait to dive into the book. Hope will receive the pre-order copy from you soon. From Malaysia

  11. Perfect testament to your system! So powerful to see it in action. Thank you, Jeff!

  12. Jeff I just want to thank you for the paradigm-shift in me !

    After 8 years of a traditional sales job with the focus of ‘redirection’ or ‘overcoming objections’ it is refreshing to now own my own business with a monomoniacal focus on solving problems while providing strategic direction for my clients. The way they respond is Positive & COMPLETELY different from what I experienced in the corporate atmosphere of ‘play the numbers’ or ‘smile and dial’ rather I am beginning to realize it is ‘really’ about providing Massive Value and giving ‘others’ a reason to smile when they think of you. I have a meeting tomorrow morning with a 23 year old female entreprenuer who bootstrapped (a Paleo Bakery). One of her goals is to be in ‘every’ Whole Foods Market in the US and I plan to do everything I can to assist her in achieving this goal.

    You have changed my life, my business and I am very grateful !!!

    If there is anything I can do to contribute to you, other than sharing Launch with everyone I know
    (which I plan on doing anyhow) please let me know.


  13. Congrats Jeff! Obviously, working smarter beats working harder all the time. I look forward to receiving my copy of the book…

  14. Congratulations Jeff! I’ so very happy for you. Can’t wait to start reading and learning from my copy. Well done Jeff!

  15. Congrats Jeff.
    But honestly 99% of us can’t do this. You had big time marketers mailing their list for you because of your history in this industry.

    Plus the real deal is to keep your book on the bestseller list which I would be curious to watch. Most likely it will drop off quick once people stop mailing.

    Anyways congrats again.

    • @Dr. Mian: whether everyone else can duplicate my exact effort is beside the point. It’s all a matter of degree and scale. My first launch, back in January 1997 did a total of $1,650 in sales.

      That launch was far far far more important to me than this book launch or any of my million dollar launches – it was important because I proved to myself that I could do it. That I could create a product and people would buy it. My thought back then was “if I did it once, I can do it again… and I might even get better at it.”

      That’s exactly what happened. I kept working at it, and I gradually got better. And then one day I ended up in the place where I’ve got a #1 NY Times best selling book.

      I’ve had students replicate my successes. I’ve had students beat my best successes. But that’s not the point. The point is people need to start where they are and then work to get better. We ALL bring different strengths, skills, capabilities, and assets. It doesn’t do any good to compare ourselves to others. We just need to keep getting better than our past selves.

  16. Jeff,
    you are truly a powerhouse, and a man of vision. I am so impressed with all that you have accomplished, and wish to be able to do the same one day. I am a dinasour with technology and it really a problem for me. Thanks for your love and inspiriation.

  17. Congratulations, Jeff!

    My wife bought it two days ago and she was so excited by the first few chapters that I simply couldn’t wait so we bought a second copy.

    Enjoy the ride!

    You deserve it!

  18. Congratulations, Jeff. You did a spectacular job writing Launch and I’ve enjoyed the tarnation out of reading it. Thank you. 🙂

  19. Congratulations! an amazing goal to have achieved. I ordered my copy last night and am looking forward to receiving it. I definitely think the ‘old style’ book launch/tour is not the way to go. So limited in who you can reach not to mention ineffective in terms of cost, time and effort. I heard your interview on Amy Porterfield’s podcast – I’m based in London – and a US-based book tour definitely wouldn’t have reached me here! Looking forward to reading the book!

  20. Congrats Jeff, what’s been accomplished here is truly amazing (and inspiring)! Hope to duplicate it in the near future once I finish reading the book and put its strategies into play. What I’m noticing about it (the book’s content) is that you actually lay down, in clear fashion, how to execute a launch. That’s pretty generous because I remember the time I couldn’t afford the $2000 PLF price tag, now, I’m halfway and almost done reading it. Thanks!

    Hope to see more super detailed info on how to execute PLF on my launch.

  21. Jeff,
    Congratulations! Your success is well deserved. I have just started your book, and I am already thinking about the strategies that I can use going forward. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  22. Congratulations Jeff,
    I received the book last week and already on my second read through – this time with yellow highlighter in hand. Launch really is an awesome tool for one’s toolbox. Thank you!

  23. Hi Jon,
    I received your book last week. My son brought it to me in Panama when he came for a visit. I’ve just begun to get into it but I am already encouraged and excited about launching my first product. You truly are an inspiration. Your happiness and positive mental attitude is contagious! Thanks so much for sharing your life experiences and formula for financial success with us! I’m going to order your book for my son too. I know he will greatly benefit from your teaching. It’s onward and upward!

  24. Jeff,

    Congratulations! You deserve it. Great book, packed with great info and a lot of heart. You’ve helped me a lot by sharing your knowledge & experience. If I can ever assist you with audio marketing or world class voiceovers, let me know. Onward…


  25. Great job, Jeff! I just finished the chapter about the Seed Launch, which is exactly what I need to do.


  26. Jeff Kanyumbu


    CONGRATS!! I was one of the early people to buy the book and have gone through it twice already. Good, brilliant stuff !! Keep up the good work

  27. Bravo! Congrats! Big Hugs for you Jeff! You made it and you deserve it! I’m soooo Happy for you! i agree with what Lourdes says above and we love you! I live in London and was one of the early buyers but I guess we will be receiving it later. I look forward to receiving my precious BooK & delving into it!
    Thank you Jeff I have been one of your followers for many many years, great to be one of your Tribe!

  28. Way to go Jeff! I’m just starting you read Launch. Thanks for putting this together.

    I can’t wait to find out all the nuggets you have hidden in this book.

    Hillary has nothing on you 🙂

    Great Job!

  29. Jeff,
    So amazing to read, see and learn from your journey – you’re AMAZING! Congratulations! You deserve everything – very inspiring!
    All the best, Jon

  30. Congratulations, Jeff! The accomplishment of you and your team makes me smile! I look forward seeing to the multiplicative effect that your book will have with entrepreneurs and all their tribes. 🙂

  31. Love your book, Jeff! Congrats!! I’m almost half way through and stopped… because it’s like, okay, gotta do that; so, I stopped to “do that.” I’ll pick up again for the next step (hopefully) soon. But this post is definitely inspiration to get with it and not procrastinate. — Hope to meet you one day. Thanks again, for the book and the inspirational videos. Let’s go get ’em!

  32. Christopher Tatum


    Congratulations Jeff! I just received my copy of Launch in the mail the other day. I cant wait to read it!

  33. I love the smile on your face in this video. You can’t stop beaming, which is a good thing. The way that you tell stories to convey the power of using PLF is inspiring and helpful to us non-business type of people. Keep up the good work!

  34. No one is more generous with information and goodness – you deserve this great success – Congratulations!!

  35. Hi Jeff,
    Congratulations! I couldn’t be happier for you, such a well deserved milestone to have reached and so quickly, too!

    I enjoyed the Seed Launch Deep Dive Training with you last May. Just as I was about to launch, I acquired a client which kept me VERY busy over the last year. Although delighted with that experience, I’m convinced now, more than ever before, that your product launch formula is not only more efficient and profitable–it’s a lot more gratifying. This influential network of dynamic people to meet and learn from is astounding and so exhilarating! Thank you for all you do and for the inspiring example you set for all of us.
    Sharon M. Fisher

  36. Congrats on your accomplishment!
    I was so thrilled to finally have a book to share with my team. I’ve been a PLF member since 2010 but just couldn’t get my team to share the same enthusiasm as I had towards launching products via the internet. The book is a HUGE help to get my team all on the same page – easily. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    My complementary copy came the same day my multi-book order came from Amazon. The books are now in the hands of my team. Can’t wait to shift gears and help more people turn their love of pets into a rewarding careers.
    Personally, I’d much rather be on the back of my horse or hiking with my dogs enjoying the great outdoors than doing trade shows and being in confining lecture spaces! PLF combined with ‘Launch’ is awesome!

  37. Júlio Barroco


    Your book is, by far, the best book on the Internet Marketing area i’ve ever read. In my view, this book really allows anyone to implement the strategies mentioned with a solid plan. In this format, the depth of the examples and the real revelation of the practice system are truly beyond other marketing experts, not to mention the resources – the list building blueprint offer alone worth many times the price. Thank you, Jeff!

  38. Congratulations, Jeff! Your book was a north star for finding you. I’ve read your 16 Rules (great!), listened to some of your blog posts and signed up for your posts, tweets, etc. since downloaded your book from Amazon. Am I eligible for the bonuses that come with the book purchase since I didn’t purchase it through your site?

  39. Bili Adebakin


    Congratulations Jeff. I knew LAUNCH was going to be a huge success given the meticulous and finicky approach you adopted to arouse desire for the work. You were so sure of the contents and the methods. Thanks for encouraging a newbie like me.

  40. Hi Jeff!
    This is truly amazing!!!! Huge heart-centered congratulations! I ordered your book with the first email from Brendon, because I just decided to do my own Launch, and I had no clue what to do. Although, I didn’t receive it till after my Launch, I was still following videos and emails from you, and learning. My book Choreography of Awakening became #1 in four categories on Amazon, and that was very exciting, but, of course, not as exciting as NY Times! I started reading your book and thinking about re-launch, to do it the right way! 🙂 You asked for a comment ‘what would you rather do– book tour or press button on the computer…’ Hmmmm…. I’d say both for me. I love book signings and talking with people face to face. I think it would be wonderful to be speaking and signing books at the event, while there is an assistant on the computer sending emails… What do you think? ..
    I love how genuine, authentic you are! Like you are my neighbor and I could just talk to you. It’s such a wonderful quality! Would absolutely love to meet you one day in person, and have you read my book :)) Would you?
    Much, much love and continued success!!!
    Faye Kitariev
    Author of Choreography of Awakening

  41. Congrats Jeff! Can’t wait to launch my seed launch. Your book and information and style of teaching is awesome, genuine, and straight from the heart, so thank you!

  42. Congratulations Jeff on achieving another milestone in your life journey.

    Just getting started in an online business, I choose ‘Push and send’. Just received your book and will read it today. Looking forward to learning from you.

    Congratulation again.

  43. You are the real deal, Jeff Walker. One of the things I respect about you is that your personal priorities are clear. Your comment, “I would rather poke my eyes out than go from city to city on a book tour” speaks volumes. Staying in Colorado and going mountain biking is more important. How many business people balance their personal and professional lives? Your achievement with Lunch is terrific. I have had the good fortune of engaging with you and your “tribe” and have met several of the people you mention in your case studies in Launch. When I came home from the first PLF live event I said to my team, “I have found my people”. Thanks for all you do.

  44. Jeff,
    No doubt! I just finished the book and loved it! I am one of your peeps and totally believe in attracting clients I love to work with. I’m literally just starting out and will be working with Spiritual Teachers, Coaches and Authors to help them market themselves online. I will be using the Seed Launch and will be signing up for PLF Coaching as soon as I make the $$$ to do so. I love your style, your openness and of course the strategy. This is a MUST read for anyone serious about online launches. Bravo, my new friend!
    With sincere gratitude,

  45. Hi Jeff,
    Congrats! I know that this is not the most manly compliment I am going to give you, but your genuine and down-to-earth gratitude and enthusiasm are uplifting and adorable. (See? I told you it wasn’t manly!) But really, I look forward to your video emails because of who you are and the optimism you share. I am looking forward to receiving your book – not just because it has skyrocketed to success with your knowledge, but because I love the idea of a Tribe and want to emulate you and give the gifts you give. Thank you very much for leading the way.

  46. Jeff,

    My son, Jonathan, and I each both got you book and it couldn’t be more timely or maybe after I read the book I’ll find out we’re late (but at least we aren’t ‘never’ :-)). We are set to launch a new internet endeavor in our pastoral leadership consulting business that could be a game changer for us. Thanks for investing in us. We’ll keep you posted on specifics from your book that work for us!

    Dick Hardy

  47. Who knew when we met in Austin a few years back I was bumping into a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author1? Great launch Jeff. And Durango any time of year beats… well… pretty much anywhere on a book tour.

  48. Congratulations Jeff!
    I’m a long time PLF member.
    Looking forward to receiving your book.
    A collectors item for library of business.
    Thanks, Rick

  49. Congratulations, Jeff! Loving the book! Taking notes like crazy and starting work on my plan. Thanks for the great info!

  50. Jeff I just want to say I feel so greatful that power has changed hands!!

    Man u launched a book in the comfort of your home!! And im also so greatful that Hillary Clinton was launching her book the same time as you!! Because I actually got to see the power of Push and send!! LAUNCH!!
    I am inspired and determined, and I think I just had to see your launch for your book alongside Hillary Clintons launch, and u really out performed, flawless!!

    God bless bro!

  51. Great stuff Jeff. I’m proud of what you have done – and who you have become! I would prefer to hit “send” AND do a book tour. I love traveling and meeting people! Either way, it’s all good

  52. Evan Gorman


    Well done Jeff. What you are doing is a huge win for the little guy with a bit of brains & tenacity. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to getting the book.
    On comparisons with Hilary. Her goal isn’t the NYT Best sellers list. It’s world domination… Ok next best thing. A stint in the White House.
    Have you thought about running?

  53. Ron Aguirre


    Congratulations Jeff. My good friend Robert Hollis just turned me on to your book, and I devoured it in less than two days. I’m excited for the vision your book has provided for me. I’ll keep you posted on the seed launch that I have planned for next month.

    Much appreciation…

  54. Great book, it deserves to be #1. Can’t wait for my own launch! Created my product while reading the book.

  55. Hi Jeff,

    I know a bit about how you are feeling at this point. I published my first……AND ONLY book in 1994 and THEN, I didn’t write another one. I encourage you to keep sharing your terrific message through this media. BTW, I am a PLF-3 owner.

    Congratulations on hitting the top in yet another media.


  56. Brandon Phelps


    I am SO thrilled to hear the news!
    This book has given me the strategy and strength to move forward with my own launch. Earlier this year I decided to start my business. Ive wanted to do this for 15 years and I finally got so sick of not acting on the idea that I just made up my mind that whatever it takes, it’s going to happen this year.
    Since then, amazing things have happened. And one of the best has been your videos and especially your book.
    Last week I sent out my first pre-prelaunch email to about 450 people and it has been so amazing to get these responses from people who actually want to learn from ME! My mind is still reeling.
    Tomorrow I send out my first social proof video with more of my story and how my program can really help my tribe (I have a tribe!) improve their own lives.
    I can’t say enough about how thankful I am that you are so willing to share everything so openly.
    You have made a difference in my life, my family’s life, and the lives of all the current and future members of my tribe.
    Thank you, Jeff.
    Brandon Phelps

    Prediction: …Under President Walker’s stellar leadership the country’s unemployment lines have turned into self-employment lines. A whole new mindset of empowerment , self worth and entrepreneurialism has swept over the nation since the release of President Walker’s new book called “LAUNCH”. Small business has been revitalized and there has never before been a more hopeful time for our economy. The American Dream is alive and well as regular everyday people have discovered that their knowledge and expertise has value…and not just in a monetary sense. This new breed of entrepreneur is finding purpose and fulfillment in helping their fellow man and bringing true value to the world while at the same time earning a substantial living for themselves. It is fair to say that this book has transformed the nation and sent shock waves of hope around the world.

    I’m so happy for you & the well-deserved success of your book. Here’s to a MILLION new launches, a MILLION new heart-centered entrepreneurs finding their footing in the world and Millions of lives changed for the better! You have given new meaning to the term “MILLIONAIRE”!

    Best Wishes,
    Tim Stenros
    Author-ity Leverage – “Helping regular people achieve authority status through authorship”

  58. Congrats Jeff!! What an incredible accomplishment! NY Times #1 Best Seller, amazing! I just received my copy this week and am looking forward to a relaunch of my new company and products. The first attempt definitely fell into the Hope Marketing category. I’m only 30 pages into your book and already I see the errors of my launch, not to mention that it mirrors John Gallagher’s 1st launch attempt. I was happy to see a company with a physical product use this launch program work great success. I feel confident that my line of natural beauty products sold only online are a good fit for your launch program. Congrats again on your major successes and thank you for setting me up with the tools to ‘build a business I love & live the life of my dreams’. Shawn Marie Paul

  59. Sarah Twynam


    Congratulations!! Its so nice to see you share your amazing achievement with your supporters you deserve it. THANKS AGAIN cant wait to try this out!

  60. This is great , Jeff! You and this amazing achievement represent what I’m striving for. Being able to launch an ebook, a book, an album, a product entirely online and still hit big is my kind of thing to do for a career. I’m an introvert so even though I’m good at social functions, I don’t like the old school idea of PR and marketing… So I’m grateful, you represent hope and possibilities!

  61. Jeff, it’s so sweet that you’re this genuinely surprised.
    Expect a call from Hillary’s people soon….


  62. Congrats Jeff. In the middle of your book now and love it. I’m also in the middle of building a launch around the importance of story in a persons life whether business or personal. Already getting some great insight and looking forward to using your formula in my area. Keep up the great work.

  63. Jeff, congratulations! I’m having a great time learning from you! Thanks for all the knowledge you are sharing around with your courses, videos and now your book!

    — Daniel Wildt

  64. Gary Brendle


    Congratulations, Jeff! I just got your book and look forward to reading it.


  65. You’re right, Jeff – I’ve done a few book tours and – while they might sound cool – they’re really no fun at all. Like you, I’d much rather sit at home and press “send.” THAT’s real marketing power. Anyway, congrats, Jeff. I’m halfway through the book and loving it. Great job, great information.

    Ken Haedrich

  66. John McCabe



    Off-topic, watched on my tablet. Going to full-screen lost sync between audio and video, kind of like an old kung fu movie. Regular size, sync back to normal. Funny!

    Well done…

  67. Michelle Nightengale


    Congratulations Jeff! That’s phenomenal!

    I’m a PLF owner and got your book. And I MUCH prefer to stay home and hit “Send.” A traditional book tour doesn’t appeal to me at all.


  68. Congratulations, Jeff!

    Still waiting for my book down here at the tip of Africa where elephants tend to sit on the lines and people still talk face to face 🙂 I can sooooooo much relate to rather being out in Nature and refreshing one’s mind and soul than doing city tours!


  69. Hi, Jeff!

    I learned about your book launch from Michael Hyatt, who sent out an email to his 80 million or so subscribers (lol). I signed up immediately through your website to receive your book by mail when it came out. I was too excited to wait, though! As soon as I learned it was shipping, I looked for it on iBooks (no luck) but found it on Kindle, where I purchased and began reading it immediately.

    I dove into that thing immediately, and I gotta tell you – I was so pumped from the get-go, I didn’t sleep for THREE DAYS, I was so excited! My blog is still relatively new, and I currently have a list of about 640 subscribers – the problem is, I’m not sure yet how many of those folks are actually opening their emails! Once I start sending out via MailChimp, though, I’ll be able to figure that out. But as soon as I think I have a significant percentage of folks who actually open their emails from us, my first Launch will happen, and I’m extremely excited about it. We definitely have a ground-breaking product in the works.

    Your joy and enthusiasm are infectious, and I want you to know how much i appreciate that.

    One thing I WOULD like to know is more about how you shoot your videos – what equipment do you use, do you edit the videos yourself, and if so, using what software? In what format do you export your videos (how do you get the “window” around your videos to look this way? Do you upload to a YouTube channel? I have a lot to learn.

    I know you’re busy, and I have a lot of questions. If you can merely point me in the right direction for this, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks again for everything – You da man!

  70. Way to go, Jeff! I finished the book within two days, and really enjoyed it. Certainly doesn’t have the depth of a PLF event, but of course, it can’t. Again, congrats, and yes, I’m with you–I’d rather be hanging around in the mountains than pitching product in a bookstore.

  71. Christopher Nesbitt


    This is so great Jeff! Very well done and congratulations. I think it is MUCH better to push send than be a ardous book tour. Certainly more fun to be moutain biking. I have purchased two copies of your book. I gave one to a friend last night. I am near the end of reading my copy and working on how I can use it. So-o-o-o exciting. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -Christopher Nesbitt

  72. Congratulations and best wishes for future success Jeff! What an awesome outcome for your book. I am reading it with great interest.

  73. hi jeff, im from iran and i congratulate you for reaching to only what you deserve. best regards man

  74. Very nice! Well done and a million congrats! I’m looking forward to reading the book and incorporating the strategies into my business.

  75. Ailton Pereira


    Jef Walker,

    What was my surprise to see that in my inbox was an email her and I went to see the video and I see a very happy person with a fantastitico done. His first book in the NYT. An immense joy, gratitude and a immense humility. For some time I’ve heard of your product here in Brazil. Your course is represented in Brazil by magnificent Erico Rocha and here you are a legend. I had the opportunity to do the course but I will do as soon as possible. I am starting on the internet and I see that in this market there are people of great character and auqlidade. People I would like to have around. I am very happy to have received your email. I do not know how it got in my mail box, but I will follow you closely. Congratulations and success!

  76. Congratulations Jeff. I’m really looking forward to receiving my copy… its got to get all the way to New Zealand

  77. Moragh Carter


    Congratulations, Jeff. I am still awaiting my copy, but mail is often very slow getting to the UK.

  78. Im so happy for you and am dead keen to read your book. I need someone like you in my life to kickstart me again. Bravo Jeff and thank you

  79. Awesome Jeff!!
    Congratulations. I’m reading the book and enjoying it. Let’s keep growing this community.

    All the best,

  80. Congratulations Jeff!
    You have included a lot of information in this book which would generally cost a fortune to attain and decades to master.
    Thank you for your generosity and unselfishness; You deserve it all.
    Enjoy! Yolette

  81. Way to go, Jeff. Have dived into the first chapters (use my iPhone Kindle and my MacBook Pro Kindle to read it whether I’m on the go or in my office. Congrats on your new title as a “Number One NYT Bestselling Author”. Your stories inpire us all.

    Craig O.

  82. This is very inspiring, I’ve received my book, and can’t wait to get started on it. I had not heard of you before this launch, but what won me over is my trust in one of your JV partners, and that you seem sincere and genuine. Congratulations!

  83. Noel Guilford


    Congratulations Jeff. Can’t wait to read it. When will pre-ordered copies arrive in the UK?

  84. Drew Harvey


    Hi Jeff – GREAT JOB! Congrats… you really deserve this for all your hard work. Looking forward to getting your book and getting started.

  85. Wow. Thank you Jeff. I got the book and I am reading and enjoying it. Its blowing anything I know out the water. I am planing on creating my own e-business and your book came at the right time. I am buying another copy of Launch for my son who has his on blog. You deserve to be number. You earn it.

  86. HI Jeff!

    I read 8 chapters of your book on the Nook to my husband Tom and our way to and from Maine back to our home in Massachusetts yesterday and today. And I got more and more excited as I read, because I could see that we already have the lists and the content to fit into your proven process. Moreover, it was astonishing to me just how credible and powerful your book is, due to the fact that I bought your book Launch in the first place because you used your PLF: I was able to go back and see where you had used each of your steps, starting from getting me on your list to the pre pre-launch to the post-launch. I was the proof that your product works and you have already reached the #1 spot on the NY Times best-seller list! What else do we need to see? The best thing though, is that you are humble and still lead a life similar to the one you had before you got rich. That is our inspiration. I do want to put your claim of the best customer service to the test, however: I tried to order a copy of Launch for Kindle, for a client of mine but the product got sent to my inbox and delivered to my Kindle Cloud library; your book is not able to be lent, so I cannot lend this book to my client, and in fact want to give it to her. May I ask your customer service people to just send another copy to my client? You will see that I already ordered the Nook version and the hard copy for me and my husband. Thanks in advance for your reply and Congratulations!!!! Warm wishes, Kirstin Elaine Martin

  87. So do a virtual book signing. Sell limited edition numbered hard copies for normal price but signed for those who attend an online event live. Somebody’s going to do it first. Might as well be you.

  88. It’s a great book Jeff. Congratulations. I do hope you will share with us exactly what you did for the launch. We want YOU to be the case study now. Give us the behind the scenes.

  89. Way to go Jeff! I’m proud to be your student. You are so genuine and gracious. Thank you for all you do for us, your students. Enjoy your new status. So well deserved!

  90. Hearty Congratulations! You are an inspiration in many ways. I’m totally with you. Riding my bike in the beautiful Montana summer places a Book Tour way below endurable!

  91. Congratulations!!
    Just searched Audible but did not see it there. Any info on when this will be in the audible store?


  92. Of course you can do this!!! You’re The Man Jeff! Congratulations on a great achievement, love the book, got it on Kindle so I can get into it anytime I want! It was a timely release for me, I’m just starting in a new niche and want to get this going as quickly as possible, so a refresher is just the thing! Thank you for all your fantastic information over the years!

  93. You have the look of the Walker clan. I have not bought your book YET. I am putting all I have into my own book yet unpublished and unedited by a pro and all of the other un’s. I will use the tools from Launch to promote my book Lovers Lies and Lilies and the second book Summer Help Wanted and the third book Jewella Crossing and the fourth book Mutual Transitions. I have been writing a long time and heard about free publishing which is far from free. Congrates on your success. People do not realize the difficulties bringing a book to the public involve and the critics are not the kindest people. I think many people have talent and books that will entertain but do not try due to many reasons. Foremost for me was the confidence that what I have created had any value. It was just not any good. I enjoy your blogs and thank you for helping and telling everyone THEY CAN. LOvers is on Smashwords in the Adult content section. I am nearing a launch on Pubslush to garner the funds I need to tweak and perfect the book as much as may be possible. Where are the people of your family from? Just curious. Congrates and thanks Ron

  94. Hey Jeff, Congratulations. I keep checking my post, looking forward to receiving your book and reading it cover to cover. You have proven that it can be done, I am looking forward to launching my book as soon as I have learned how to do it your way.

  95. CONGRATS JEFF!! I am extremely happy for you and excited for myself! I just received my copy of “Launch” in the mail on Friday (July 11, 2014) and cannot wait for grow this Empire of mine with your help. Thank you for all of the great information and wish you the best of success for years to come.

  96. Congratulations, Jeff! Such a testimonial to your acheivements! I’ve ordered the book and am really looking forward to sitting down with it!

  97. I like your ‘acceptance’ speech very much, delivered in a very honest and down-to-earth style. Goes to show, it doesn’t necessarily take a village to make the NY Times best sellers’ list. Just got your book the other day, will start on it very soon and am sure it will be stimulative, interesting and informative reading. Keep up the good work.

  98. Congratulations Jeff. I am currently one-third way thru my first book manuscript, Spent Matches: Igniting a signal fire for the spiritually dissatisfied.

    I am reading Launch and hope to put it into practice and follow you on the NYT Best Seller list. Thanks for paving the way!

  99. Jose Berrios


    Congrats Jeff. Just started following you by get your information from one of my mentors. Really appreciate your humbleness. Received your book on Friday and can’t wait to finish reading and implementing your strategies. God Bless.

  100. Got your book, Jeff! Very excited to absorb the wisdom it contains! I would much rather learn your method and use them on the two books I have written than the old-fashioned methods which exhaust a person…and do not have half the potential that your methods obviously have. Thank you so much for your generosity, your enthusiasm, and mentorship! Greatly appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  101. I am so proud of you Jeff for always providing us with such great actionable content. You richly deserve this!

  102. Brian Weber


    Congrats Jeff. On chapter four and loving it. Completely agree, hitting Send would be so much better then a book tour. The very best of luck to you staying at the top for a long time.

  103. Just got introduced to your stuff through a Michael Hyatt tweet. I’m loving the book and I’m pumped to put some of this stuff into practice. I’m in school for audio engineering, and I know music is a really crowded world. But I have the confidence now that getting my material out there is possible—knowing that with time and effort I can really make an impact in my sphere. Thanks Jeff!

  104. Way to go Jeff. I am working through the book right now after viewing the videos you used as part of the prelaunch for the most recent PLF offering. Yeah if I am going to travel the country, I don’t want to be grinding through a book tour. Just hit send.

  105. Congratulations Jeff on your well deserved success. So looking forward to receiving my copy. I’m about to challenge myself and start a new blog on the net, so I’m sure that your book will be most helpful. Cheers

  106. Almost halfway through the book. Trusting, believing, and learning I can launch! And BTW, I will be in Durango this Labor Day to hike some 14ers…

  107. Congrats Jeff! I am so excited for you and your team! You certainly walk your talk! You are the best testimonial for your product to show how it really works when you just follow the steps! Way to go! You are AWESOME! LLLAAAUUUNNNCCCHHH!!!!!

  108. Congratulations, Jeff! I’m with you — I’d rather hit send. I just returned from a trip to find a wonderful welcome home surprise — my copy of “Launch” arrived while I was away. Can’t wait to read it!

  109. Gillian Whitney


    Mazel Tov…. Jeff. So excited for your success. Book was great. Read it in three days straight. Excited to be thinking about my own launch this year.

  110. Congratulations, Jeff! This accomplishment is to show the superiority of innovation over conservantism. An intelligent, strategic means of reaching out to people´s attention such as yours, is truly powerfull and can be repeatedly duplicated likewise by anyone who is willing to simply follow your clear instructions. Your natural simplicity and humble ways are incredibly admirable!!!

  111. Congratulations Jeff! I read Launch while backpacking in the alpine beauty above Silverton, CO and was so excited by your message. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  112. Hey Jeff congratulations!!

    The book is RED HOT! Its like holding highly concentrated PLF. Shoulda mailed everyone a pair of asbestos gloves or tongs prior to delivery so they don’t get burned by all the launch flames from all the case studies in the book.

    My favorite parts of the book btw are all the little golden nugget case studies that explain how each student used PLF to fit their own unique niche, circumstance and assets. These passages make the formula SUPER UNDERSTANDABLE & INSPIRING!

    Thanks Jeff.


    Marco Magic Man

  113. Your work is amazing, and better yet – applicable! I followed along all through this book launch. I have to say that seeing it reach #1 is motivating. There’s great case studies and information, but seeing the system work is even better. I’m trying to work the steps currently, hoping I can reach even a tenth of your success. Thank you for putting your work together for everyone to learn from.

  114. Congratulations Jeff! Thank you for all of your wonderful content. I’m sincerely thankful to have found out about you.

  115. Congrats Jeff
    I’m so glad you did not do a book tour and have to poke your eyes out with a blunt knife.
    You did it the BEST way. The way you teach us is “Your Way”
    See you in October at PLF live

  116. Congratulations, once again, Jeff! The $400 Million Dollar Man, and NYT #1 Best Seller! My copy of Launch arrived the other day, just in time for me building my own product launches – can’t wait to read! Thank you!

  117. Hi Jeff

    Congrats on your new book and it launch, it is fantastic. New York Times Best Selling Author!!!! Well done.

    I have just come back from 4 day with Brendon Burchard at Experts Academy in Sydney and we were all talking about your book.

    Brendon was telling us about your journey of writing Launch and the ups and downs of the process. (He would know right!)

    I look forward to more great Launch stories down the track.


    Ed Keay-Smith

  118. Congratulations, Jeff. Of course it is good to launch and be in beautiful Colorado. It isn’t quite fair, however, to compare Hilary’s launch as being a slog across the country. and compare it to yours She is running for president, so going around the country is an excellent way for her to get herself known and meet as many people as possible. So your launch was right for you, and hers was right for her. That is the best deal of all.

    • @Diane: Good point about Hillary… she’s got other motivations in addition to selling books. I actually intended to make that point in my video, but these videos are unscripted… and I forgot to mention it.

  119. Congratulations Jeff. You certainly have proven that you walk the talk here, haven’t you? Sit back and enjoy your well deserved accomplishment and results. I truly love all the useful information of your Best Seller and I will make use of it very shortly. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your passion with us.
    Merci beaucoup Jeff.

  120. CONGRATS Jeff! So so exciting! I just got my book and have not been able to put it down.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts to the world!

    Thank you!!

  121. Thank you Jeff for this wonderful book. I’ve been waiting for this very book for a while, and love reading it. I’ve been interested in any thing about the web, online biz, affiliate marketing, you name it since the mid-90s. A California friend and I (Portland, Or) are reading it right now and we have lots of excitement about getting to our first launches out in the world. We both realize it’s time to leave the corporate world. I’ve always believed in the possibilities the web has made possible. Now is the time, thanks to you and your book, the member site, and all the resources you provide through this online venue. It gives me the confidence to do my first launch – and many more, as I won’t stop with one – and then finally have web business of my dreams. This is giving me the assurance that I won’t have to worry about how I will retire. And I’ve definitely found my tribe! Thanks and I’ll let you know how it goes with my first launch! Cheryl

  122. Hi Jeff,

    Congratulations on your Awesome Book, “Launch” ! And launching it to #1 NY Times Best Seller in less than 1 month… Actually from June 22 to July 12, that’s 3 weeks… Kinda fits exactly into the Launch Formula; massive results in a few weeks. I’m very happy for you 🙂


  123. You called your shot, and you did it! The book deserves all of the attention it’s getting, well done.

  124. I just finished reading Launch. Loved it. I loved your engaging blend of storytelling and data. I look forward to checking the online resources. It’s time to begin a seed launch! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience, and love of what you do helping others. Congratulations on Launching to NYTBS #1!!

  125. The book is about to arrive & I”m getting excited because this exactly the moment to put your methods into action. I have just published a new novel, a story of love and corruption set in the London & Hong Kong corporate world, and a new travel book Phoenix Rising: A Journey Through South Korea (nobody has done this). I think both deserve to reach a very wide readership for their themes alone, which are very much of our time, so you book and methods will be ideal to launch them!

  126. Hi Jeff,
    got your book and read it right through liked it so much that I was sorry when it ended. There is something very exhilarating about success. I am also fond of your genuineness. So congratulation and thanks.

  127. I just started reading your book. It certainly is motivating! I’ve been watching your videos and they are impressive. I love your down to earth style. What’s more important, your information is fantastic! Congratulations on getting to a New York Times Best Seller in only 3 weeks. Really impressive!
    I’m excited for you.

  128. Well done Jeff – a superb result. Looking forward to my copy arriving in the UK. Thanks for all the online content meantime, and keep smiling… it’s infectious 😉

  129. Jeff, I’ve been following your videos for a while and now I got your book. I never met you but I must say that I love you mate, you deserve all of this :-)!! All the hard work and the value that you put out there for everybody, keeping being true to yourself and who you are is so powerful. Well done again. God bless you.

  130. Denzel Pedro Smit


    Well done Jeff, I’m encouraged….can’t wait to receive my copy!

  131. Hi Jeff!
    Your book was recommended to me by Reid Tracy at Hay House when I attended a course he was presenting about a month ago. I’m only half-way through your book but I’ve implemented the squeeze page and e-newsletter sign up giving away something that people will actually find valuable and just over the weekend, my list has grown by over 30 people. That’s more than I have received in the first three months of starting my business! I’m looking forward to starting my seed launch!
    Just want to thank you for your generousity and your authenticity!
    You are a star!

  132. Very nicely done Jeff,
    You have always been a very classy guy.
    I also got my book over the weekend.
    Thank you
    Best wishes always

  133. This book is exactly what I have been looking for. I feel I often have great ideas for marketing my business but until reading LAUNCH did not have the tools to put them into play. Now I do. Hooray! And Jeff, I know it is good business to share all your amazing videos, but, it is also kind and of the heart, so, thank you.

  134. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Congratulations on being #1 New York Times Bestseller. Very happy for you!

  135. Carlos Akira Higuti


    Congratulations, Jeff! I see how happy that your book is being first in sales! Success for you!

  136. Congratulations Jeff! I received my copy last week and jumped right in … thank you for sharing this information. I’m going to use your strategies starting this week to launch a product!

  137. Great news! Bought the book after listening to you on Amy Porterfield’s podcast. Was in the middle of a launch, but after reading, decided to revise the whole strategy.

    Looking forward to using the Formula to see amazing results.


    ~ Leigh

  138. I too, just love where I live.
    No way do I want to do a big tour …
    Just let me work from my home office.

    Just received your book “Launch,”
    Hoping to be a sponge and soak it all in.
    Then takes the Steps needs to grow my,
    American Barn Quilt business.

    Blessings Jeff and thanks so very much!

  139. Jeff,


    Just read most of the book over the weekend. Great read and didn’t want to put it down because it sounded like something that I could do and I was getting excited about doing this for my business.

  140. So happy for you Jeff! It would be great if you offered a brief PDF outline of each of the pre-pre, pre, and launch steps you took with this specific book to get it to NUMBER 1! I am sure there are quite a few authors in our community who would love to follow in your footsteps.

  141. Jeff,
    I am so glad that I ordered your book! When it arrived, I had so many things going on, I had to put it aside. Later that week, I had to take my car to the shop (an hour and a half wait)…I brought along my copy of Launch. I was so engrossed in the book that I read it for another 50 minutes after the repair guys told me that my car was all set! Powerful stuff, thanks Jeff!

  142. I love seeing the joy on your face…congratulations! What a moment and what an impact on the world!

  143. Juan Rivera


    Kudos Jeff,

    From a commercial truck driver I have great expectation from your new book, videos and plain and simple down to heart advice, heck even Richard talking about you, following your advice,will take me to uncharted territory, and the sky will be the limit, from a newbie stand point, I am so excited.

    Let me tell you Sir, that you are the light at the end of my tunnel, my model to follow and my way out of this demanding job, that is destroying me and my family..

    God bless and your way to paying forward..

  144. Congrats, Jeff! We need to connect. I’m here in CO as and over the last year have gone to #1 on Amazon for each of my SciFi series books. But I never really thought about the NY Times bestseller list… I’ll buy your book – but would love to talk with you one-on-one and share our insights.



  145. Do the copies given away for free count as sales for purposes of the NYT Best “Seller” list? Or are your results based upon add’l sales?
    Just got my “free” copy and looking forward to reading it.

  146. Petrina Turner


    Congratulations, Jeff! Extremely happy for you! You absolutely deserve it. I pre-ordered your book and am loving it. Thanks for being the forerunner and for sharing your experience with us. And to answer your question, I’d rather be at home pushing “send.”

  147. Absolutely remarkable! About halfway through the book, all the pieces seemed to begin to come together to form this amazing picture of what is actually possible when you have the right blueprint and proper relevant information. Like others, I have been working on some things for a while but had trouble getting my idea to translate from concept to reality. Your book has helped me facilitate that transition. Thanks Jeff!!!

  148. Edie S-W, LMFT, CA


    Congratulations, Jeff!!! I’d rather be pushing ‘Send’ than slogging about the country. That’s my goal. Thanks for all of your work and energy.

  149. Hi Jeff!

    massive congrats – it’s awesome!! nothing wrong with doing a book-tour but you’re spot on about the shift in what’s possible online. You’re the best example and my most admired role model!!! Cheers, Kathrin

  150. Hey Jeff Congradulations on your New book LAUNCH hitting the NY Times # 1 list …
    You still rock are the main man for Product Launches.
    Can’t wait to receive my copy!
    All the Best

    ( Chipper )

  151. Congratulations! “Lunch” for making it to the New York –Best Seller List: Hoooah!

    I felt like I’ve known you for a long, long time, while reading your book (“Lunch”). I could almost felt your humbleness, sincerity and down to earth characteristic. First, you went straight to the point right away; and showed us how to print money with your insights -based upon your trial and errors. Second, I felt like the boat had left without me, because you’ve done it in 7 days and it’s an achievable goal – (hope I don’t miss the next boat again). Therefore, I’ve let too many seven days gone by and I still had to go and report to my boss. These were my goals the day before yesterday: (again I am running behind schedule). That I might be able to picked up the phone and tell my boss: Hey, Mr. Boss I am calling in retired! Jeff …Lunch had inspired me and motivated me and gave me another chance to rekindle my burning dreams that had been sets off: (after purchasing online materials from these gurus). My biggest regret was that I didn’t do my diligent duties before jumping into their boat. We didn’t even get off the shore and boat sank to the bottom of the Ocean. I am sharing my experience, so that our community will not repeat this costly uneducated mistake – (I am pretty sure they have done their homework diligently). I was so hurt and scared not to repeat these mistakes again. So, I and my computer grew apart for a long while, don’t want to visit online anymore because another guru might approach and offer me another sweet deal. Any good suggestions what to do with these junks? My wife said to rid of them, but I found them make good door stopper. I guess I talk too much here: As a new kid in town (in this Community). Jeff, where have you been! Not meant to be disrespectful but lack of better terms. I am stilling reading your wonderful book (“Lunch”), the statics and the magnitudes this book generated (was as exciting the day I hearing my wife say: “Yes”) on our 1st date. I am not putting this book down anytime soon –I’ve dedicated to learn from this book and set a wild fire in the forest by going from cover 2 cover till my name appears on the “Millionaire Club List” (but for now the Bank Institutes, don’t even know I exist). This book is pack full of meaningful information and resourceful tools as well: it taught me to be different from the rest. “Lunch” gave me the power and the tool to Print Money at my well. Jeff, you rock! You didn’t hide or hold back anything from us to benefit from: You just put everything out there/under the light for all to benefit from –as a father guiding and pointing his child in the right path.
    P.S One of my personal passions is creating music (write) and making lots of noises – mixed up music with videos.: (but I am like Marcia Treiger or worse -Tech Dinosaurs era) As reading from your book, I learned that you also love music and play guitar real well. Ok, now just one last example and I will let our Community for some peace of mind. Last week, I had already decided and made up my mind to go take some college classes. When I got to the front desk, lady told me, that the waiting time was between 2-3 hours before I could see a Counselor. And if I don’t mind waiting? I than pulled out “Lunch” (not my tuna sandwich -Jeff’s book): During those 2-3 hours waiting period, while reading through “Lunch” A subject in this chapter -jumped at me as though a lunching rocket lifting off from the Kennedy Space Center…Ping, ping, ping Huston Left Off… That’s how powerful this book is: here is an example why? I had an original college degree plan set out way in advanced as a Social Worker. Then, the 2-3 hours waiting turned out to be like a minuet. I was convinced by Lunch to change my college degree plan from Social Worker into: Video Productions – See how powerful this book is? When you’ve done going through this book you might come away with a different view but – The point will remain the same, it’s a tool to help us grow. Do you think this comment is way too long? Does it make any sense? Could qualified as a book huh? I know- I know- Jeff, advised us to keep our contents short and to the point. But I just want to be different.  Take good care my (“Lunch” community)

  152. Congratulations, Jeff! I’m just starting Chapter 9, seed launches, and have been sharing nuggets from the first 8 with our team all week! Thank you for living what you teach!

  153. Congratulations Jeff! So super happy for you!!! I started reading your book and I am loving it, it’s very well written and so down-to-earth-Jeff-Walker style as always. May you stay on #1 for a looooooong time 🙂

  154. Congratulations Jeff ! I have just received the book from the post and start reading it. Thanks for working so hard to get this book published. I am sure it can help a lot of people 🙂

  155. Jeff – The book is awesome! Not quite done, but it is highlighted extensively. I sure do appreciate your attitude. You deserve to have the best.

  156. Congratulations Jeff!

    I keep expecting to receive your book in my house here in Brazil.

  157. Waiting on the book, excited to get started reading it. Congrats on your book, I know this is a very exciting time……..

  158. I am looking forward and eager to be learning from you about launching a product online, Jeff.

    Thanks for sharing and for your wisdom.

    Hopefully I could affiliate with you soon =)

  159. Congrats Jeff!!
    Absolutely thrilled for you!!!
    Received your book last Friday and am looking forward to reading it. 🙂
    Wishing you a ton more success……………
    Love & Light

  160. Hey Jeff, I’ve joined the party a little late. Can’t wait to read LAUNCH (still keeping an eye on my mailbox hoping it’ll be in the next delivery). I will be re-launching my blog as well as a new leadership coaching program and book very soon. So, I’m pretty stoked about this discussion. However, I am still a little ‘scared’ as my list is very small and don’t have loads to spend on design, subscriptions, etc.

    How did you get over this huddle?

  161. Michael McNish


    Hey Jeff. Congratulations. Love your style and your book is truly amazing. Congrats again from Melbourne Australia.

  162. Congratulations, Jeff! Great job and great content. Thanks for pouring out that abundance juice on all of us. I just finished your book last night and I was truly blessed by it. Thanks again!

  163. Hello Jeff, I am delighted for you. To answer your question, I have been on a book tour with my first bestseller (not NY Times, but national Canadian), and I would far sooner sit at home and press Send! I did no signings on that trip; it was a media tour, rushing at breakneck speed from city to city and then across town breaking all speed limits as the local representative fought traffic to make the next radio or TV appointment. It was interesting (apart from the fact that I developed pneumonia and coughed and spluttered through the second half of the cross-country tour. I have done book signings for a separate book, and my sincere sympathy goes to Hilary Clinton. Sooooo boring! So silly!

  164. Hi Heff, Congratulations this is wonderful exciting news have followed you for a while now! Glad to say l just got my copy of Launch here in Australia, cant put it down, but need to because of commitments but every moment l have chance l am back ready Launch thanks so much Jeff

  165. Thanks for the reinforcement that we can do our own book launches and not spend a ton of money on them. I have been publishing group books for the Int’l Association of Professional Life Coaches for several years and it is not that complicated or difficult, especially when you have great joint venture partners to work with. I’m vacationing so your book is probably waiting for me at home, and I can’t wait to read it. Congrats on the successful launch. You’re walking your talk!!

  166. Congratulations Jeff! I’ve only recently been following you and just absolutely love your authenticity and passion. Just got my copy of the book, can’t wait to dive in it!

  167. First off, to answer your question: Definitely hitting send with an e-mail instead of slogging it across the country! 🙂

    Dude. Congrats. You might be on to something here…..

  168. Colin Donahoe


    Just finished your book. Read it in a day. You’re right, I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to put it into practice. I’m a Director of Business Development for a small business so it was fun to read it through that lens as well as what I could do personally on my own. Nicely done!

  169. Jeff, I’ve already told you this, but: congratulations. You are a light for others, and this makes me so happy for you. Soak it up. You earned it.

  170. I love your authenticity Jeff. Congratulations on your own launch! Waiting for the arrival in my mail, reminding myself daily that patience is a virtue 🙂

  171. Congratulations Jeff! At minute 4:26 in your video you solved the mystery of my struggle within the online marketing universe. While I enjoy being on a book or speaking tour, trying to fit the right widget into the right whatnot for online marketing is like “poking my eyes out with a dull knife!” I know your stuff works and it’s brilliant. So here’s the deal. If you can teach me how to launch joyfully, I can teach you how to tour joyfully, no knives needed! Go get em my friend. You’re awesome!

  172. Got your book in the mail and reading it avidly. Great read. Than you for your generosity and congratulations on your NYT best seller…much deserved. Can’t wait to put your expertise in motion in my future launches.

  173. Hi Jeff a big GRACIAS for your book “Launch” I am devouring it and moving forward with your instructions, I will meet you in person soon, this I know. Congratulations again!

  174. Amy Landers


    Loving the book and glad to see it’s a well-deserved #1 – congratulations!

  175. ken ca|houn


    Thanks again for a winning book, “Launch” has been on my coffee table since I finished reading it (twice); excellent content and tips.

    Quick idea for a new video here on your blog: “3 Broken Launch Mistakes to Avoid”. (like, sending out unrelated/competing offers to your lists during launch, or pitch-only videos w/o content, etc).

    Thanks for leading the way, once of your Launch book tips is helping me a lot with a big current internal launch, which is crushing it in the trading biz. Thanks! 🙂

      • ken ca|houn


        Thanks, Jeff. Also a BIG thanks — I’m crushing it in my current launch, dozens of sales (in summer!); nothing like the feeling of a winning launch and the ‘launch high’ (and sales $) to make for a winning year. Although I’ve done launches on my own for 14+ years, it was your PLF process that taught me the importance of community; of having comments on the launch site, and multi-step video release, and more — so Thank You very much for that; it’s a bona fide winning process; you’ve changed IM for the better, and my life personally so a big thanks to you. 🙂 PLF is an A+++ rockstar process, crushing it like a boss. Dancing all the way to the bank… and helping my customers in a big way. ty -k

  176. Thanks Jeff got your book a couple of days ago …I’m not much of a book worm … unless its grabs my attention… So far I’ve made time to high light as i go …don’t wont to miss a thing.. Congratulations.

  177. Congratulations Jeff. I got the book and inhaled it in 3 days. Then I ordered 2 more copies to give as gifts to friends. Now I am going through it more slowly and strategizing. Thank you for sharing this wealth of information and making it simple. Bless you, Kim

  178. Good Morning Jeff and team!

    I thank you for your dedication. This is a big investment in the people development.
    All of us have dreams. Some dreams can be turn in goals.
    So, you and your team, help us to convert dreams for clear goals.

    Again, thank you for your work with heart. I hope your success, in all projects that you wish to.

    Have a nice day!

  179. Congratulations Jeff!! I am loving your book and couldn’t agree with you more – I would rather stay home with my family and hit SEND than pile in a stinky bus and go across the country. Your method is amazing and the book is challenging me and encouraging me to LAUNCH my stuff in the successful way your strategy has proven. Thanks again for the book! Great stuff.

  180. Congratulations! How exciting! I have been watching the videos you have been sending me in anticipation of receiving your book. I have been looking for a way to build my own business without a store front and without employees. Your book is exactly what I have been waiting for. Thank you!

  181. Daniel Rioux


    Congrats Jeff. I’ve had your book a week now and I’m on my 4th read. Awesome material. Planning to do my first launch this fall.

  182. Hi Jeff,

    Here we are I finally got the Launch book yesterday night =)

    I wanted to thank you for the time you put writing this book to explain a easy step by step Launch process.

    And tell your team that International Launch book order are delivered right now…. That’s amazing I just got your real paper book in my mail box yesterday night !

  183. Hey, I forgot to tell you this, I don’t know of what your cover is made off, but I love the touch of your book !

    I’m sure this is not the most intelligent comment to give about the Launch book, but I had to tell you 😉

  184. Congratulations Jeff! It’s an Amazing Book and very well deserved! Bravo!!!!

  185. Jeff, I loved the book! I wrote a book myself and I had dreaded the idea of book signings. The publisher said that’s the way to do it. THANKFULLY, I read your book before I had to do what Hillary is doing. Now I can press “SEND” to my email list of contacts and do so in a way that actually works instead of just “Hope Marketing” to them all.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank you.

    Chuck Gray
    Living The American Dream

  186. Maloah Stillwater


    Congratulations Jeff!
    I am so happy for you and for your wonderful success. I love your enthusiasm and joy!
    I’m looking forward to reading your Number 1 NY Times Best Seller and learning all about it.
    Thanks for being so real, and for sharing your wisdom and experience with us so freely.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  187. Congratulations! I love your book (program) and have been recommending it to all my clients…thanks so much for a functional and above all ethical, venue to promote products and services.

  188. Congratulations Jeff!

    When I got the news, it felt as if I had become a #1 NY Times Bestselling Author! I was so happy for you, and I am proud. You are genuine, and the world needs to see this! Thank you for having the heart to give.

    God Bless!

  189. Great Job Jeff!
    I spent the last two days in a “Glamping” tent cabin looking out on a gorgeous lake in the Trinity Alps here in California. Great place to digest the book’s contents and to plan my next steps over the next six months to take the business to a new level. I didn’t not purchase the program when it was up because I wanted to get and read the book first. There are probably a bunch of folks like me who after digesting the book are ready to commit. I understand the PLF time frame, but think it was unfortunate that you were making folks commit with having received the book (Even though the three videos were wonderful).

  190. You deserve it!

    I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales from product launches over the last few years, so I am living proof that product launches work 🙂

    Looking forward to having my copy arrive in the mail…

  191. Awesome Jeff, congratulations on #1
    You deserve it!
    I am loving your book and looking forward to launching in the future!
    See you in Toronto.

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