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I remember the first time someone ever bought something from me online. I jumped so high I think I almost punched a hole in the ceiling.

First off, I was amazed that someone would actually buy something from me. And equally amazing was the fact that the person was from Switzerland.

It was hard to fathom that someone from halfway around the world would buy something from me… that I was publishing out of my home in Colorado!

Fast forward 15 years… and I've now sold many millions of dollars of stuff online.

And unless you were hiding under a rock, you probably noticed that I released Product Launch Formula last week. As usual, it wasn't on the market long – we filled up the program and closed registration after approximately 58 hours.

And one of the cool pieces of data that my team turned up from this launch was that we have new PLF Owners from 41 different countries:

New Zealand
South Africa
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Russian federation
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
and, of course… the U.S.A.

NOTE: that list is NOT the “all-time” list, it's just the list of the NEW people who registered for Product Launch Formula last week.

Think about it… one week, and I've got new PLF Owners from 43 different countries!

Even after all these years doing business online, it still amazes me that my company can have that kind of global reach.

Just fifteen years ago, that would have been completely unthinkable. Now anyone can do it… you just need an idea and the hunger and drive to see it through.


So where will the next 15 years take us?

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93 Replies to “Where are they from?”

  1. Thanks so much for your inspiration… I have been getting it together for years now and realize that the only thing holding me back is me… it’s totally go time – Thank you all that you do!!

  2. It is truly astounding to think of the reach that an internet business can have. My parents own a pool and spa company. They enjoy what they do, but there is quite a bit of overhead with inventory, lease, and employees.

    My business, however, only contracts work when needed, can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world, and is completely mobile. It’s nice to have that sort of freedom.

  3. The internet has certainly extended your customer reach from a traditional bricks and mortar business to one that is truly global. The biggest challenge I have found is with an Internet business you certainly can’t be shy! To me, that has been the biggest barrier of all.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing this! Very inspiring post!

    Yeah same here when I see on my clients’ list and their different cities and countries,
    it also amazes me that with technology how a service firm from a 3rd world country can
    have clients in all 1st world country 🙂

    Next 15 years are impossible to imagine, what about next 15 months?!
    As smart-phones are already spreading in whole world, and Square (mobile payments
    processor) is already processing more than 1Million dollars a day payments!!

    As you rightly said in a previous blog post, that more and more people and businesses
    will come to online and our IMers; skill will be even more in demand and valuable!

    Thanks for being a valuable Pillar of IM market!
    Best Regards,

  5. The word is definitely spreading that the Internet opens the door to opportunity almost without borders. Let’s hope that those borders that still remain continue to come down and that everyone gets the chance to live the dreams that we all aspire to. Oh… And thanks Jeff for the contributions you make towards that end. 🙂

  6. I’m glad to see so many countries represented including Canada where I was born. BTW, if it wasn’t so cold I’d still be there – ha. San Diego is more my style these days.

    Thanks for the global reminder of how far we can reach if we truly put our mind to it.

  7. The power of the internet never ceases to amaze! Congrats on your journey and your success. The next 15 years will be productive and fruitful! I am looking forward to it! Thank you for all you do!

  8. Jeff:

    You have great stuff! We’ve already made money just from your FREE content and we’ve even weaved some of your strategies into our online courses. Just wanted you to know that we appreciate you and to keep doing what you’re doing.

    Sensei Mack

  9. Very inspiring Jeff.
    Loved the Blueprint and look forward to being able to achieve a similar result with some of my future projects.
    No point having all these great contacts around the world and not sharing great information with them.

  10. That’s amazing Jeff. A really diverse collection of countries, many of whom I wouldn’t have thought of as having a strong presence on the internet. Well done! We truly live in a global economy!

  11. Hey buddy

    It is SO interesting to see how far and wide an internet business can reach – it would be REALLY cool to see the average earnings from PLF from each country 🙂

    I always get surprised when I look at this stuff for my business – just recently saw that a crazily disproportionate amount of people from New Zealand bought my recipe book in my last evergreen round. NZ is really small! Maybe I’m famous in NZ….

    If you do happen to dig a layer lower on this info I’d love to see it!


  12. Helping others realize self-empowerment potential is universal.

    What I’ve found is that it’s not about the product at all – it’s about the connection.

    That’s some serious geography and powerful evidence.


    Invariably awesome.

  13. Hi Jeff thank you brother for this inspiring information. I look forward to learning more about your product launch formula. I am very grateful for making it to the top 5 in the best brilliant idea for humanity contest with my “love mission” and love game Syncrohearts! I am sure you PLF could help me spread a message of love around the world!!!
    Lots of love
    Dr Love

  14. Hi Jeff,
    First thank you for all the free stuff on the launch. It inspired me and I learned so much from the foundation you gave.
    Was not in a position financially to sign up at present BUT as I read the list above I had an obvious (therefore radical) thought.
    I have several totally original products of my own creation and I would love to do a joint venture with someone doing your work. Someone who is inspired by my products or does not have a product of their own to work with. Creating positive joint ventures within your community seems like an obvious next step. Comments?
    Thanks again,

  15. It is Very Cool Jeff and i am One of those Aussies! CAn’t wait to Implement Product Launch Formula with my International List and reach Women on all 4 corners of the globe! It’s going to be amazing to empower women all over the globe about their money and mindset, i am very grateful to you and the merry tribe of InternetMarketers i follow, buy from and learn from Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern,Don Crowther and Brendan Burchard Lovyaa all MWah and Congrats on a fabulous Launch.when are you coming downunder?

  16. I was chatting with my mother (who is 89 is completely internet illiterate) about my coaching business that I’m just starting and she was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough demand in our small country town. I assured her there was no need to worry because I could reach a world-wide market due to the internet. Problem solved.

  17. Great stuff Jeff!

    It’s interesting to see the absence of China in this list! Any thoughts as to why that is? I suspect in 15 years we might all have to translate our products into Mandarin!



  18. Hi Jeff, you would actually have had 42 countrys represented if your shoppingcart had listed “Guernsey” as a separate listing, as many of them are doing now. We have to sign under the umbrella of UK, but are in fact an independant state – a small island of the coast of north west france. Made famous for many recently by “potato peel society” book, which was based on my lovely little island….
    Great stuff, really enjoyed module 1, looking forward to next weeks module.
    All the best

  19. The future is the internet. The next 15 years is going to be very fun and amazing. I look forward to working with everyone around the world. Thank you for all you do!

  20. ngih thomas


    Thanks so much for your inspiration… I have been getting it together for years now and realize that the only thing holding me back is me… it’s totally go time – Thank you all that you do

  21. Thank you so much Jeff!! I have (personally) learned from Bob Proctor and now have a business created. I now look forward to learn from you and really put it out there. Thus far, we have done off line sales for 6 weeks and done 25 000 dollars. I will expand the sales force, but with PLF and a translator it’s time for those 41 one countries. 🙂

    Thanks again

    Joakim in Sweden

  22. “…and the hunger and drive to see it through.”

    Exactly so.

    Grateful greetings from a customer in Finland. Bought 1st edition of PLF on 1st day.

    • @Juho: wow… a first day PLF Owner – that was way back in October 2005. We were so busy that day there was no time to reflect on where people where from!

  23. That is great stuff Jeff. I am one of your PLF owners from Germany. What holds to your advantage is that you publish in English and reach a much bigger market than lets say I publish an e-book on a raw food diet in German. Still trying to figure out if writing the whole thing in English wouldn’t make more sense. On the other hand there is much more competition. But since your product is so awesome you don’t have to worry about competitors so much. Will highly recommend you to my peers! Cheers

  24. Hi Jeff,

    Just goes to show that great products and proper marketing make the sales effort superfluous. Signed up again this year just because Trey offered a 1 hour one-on-one consulting and expect the result will more than pay for the investment in PLF 3.1.

    When you and I met last year at PLM, I was getting ready to launch Finally had our first workshop in May. Then just six months later, received unsolicited email testimonials including one from Joe Funk Construction where they had already turned the $10,000 workshop information, tools and templates into $484,000+ profit! See

    As a result, our $9,997 workshops are sold out and as of right now there are over 2,243 trying to get in. After the workshop, the membership program is $997/month (or $9,997/year) and once they get a taste of what we provide, they never drop out.

    Create enough value and there is no limit to what the right customer will invest.

    Thanks again and all the best to you and your team. We’ll see you at the next event.

    Warm regards from Texas, Doug Reitmeyer

  25. In hopes that I too will be able to look back and ponder my first sale online and see how much I have grown. I look forward to this and other great outcomes. Thanks!

  26. Hey Jeff!

    Wow, that first line you wrote about seeing that first sale come through and nearly punching a hole in your roof is something I can totally relate to.

    It was so surreal the first time I saw sales coming in…..Everyone had been saying to me for years: ‘making money on the internet is a pipe dream…’ get a real job, use your Law degree!

    Uh, I’m so glad I didn’t.

    Nevertheless, whenever I’m releasing a new product or doing a new product launch (I’m in the middle of one right now…) all those insecurities are still there…’what if no-one buys?’ ‘what if they think my videos are silly..’, all that jazz.

    But I always surprise myself, and as you said, now ANYONE can do it. Luckily for us, you’ve paved the way and made it much, much easier for us to learn and make our own money using your techniques.

    I think the key is to do (make products, deliver content) from a good place….not just for the sake of making money…because people smell that stuff from a mile away!

    I admire your work so much and I just LOVE your videos! I get so excited when I see a new launch! I am a total fan of Jeff Walker. 🙂

    Thanks for this post, Jeff!


  27. The use of video has added a great boost to my reach online. It has also helped to strengthen my brand as a speaker. This year I share the stage with Tony Robbins and Richard Branson..! Not bad for a guy that started out the first 3 years of his working life stacking shelves in a supermarket!

  28. Jeff,

    It’s amazing what the internet has done for so many people, including myself.

    I came to the US from India in the year 2000. Even though I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, I still had to work at a job for many years just to get my greencard, without which I couldn’t go into business full time. So I paid my dues. And along the way, I became extremely successful at what I do. And eventually, I was able to quit a very, very lucrative consulting gig, my wife gave up her own highly successful career, and we’ve been able to go in to e-business full time, and am currently living a life of my dreams.

    Which is why, every year, during thanksgiving, I make sure I thank Al Gore (for inventing the internet … lol), the Internet itself, Google, WordPress, ClickBank (for helping me sell online many many years ago, at a time no other company would – or could – help a fledgling moonlighting entrepreneur like me sell online).

    And of course, cheers to the “few good men” left in the IM world – like yourself 🙂


  29. Hi Jeff,

    We started on Ebay a few years ago and have now started moving more into the IM area and although we still sell on Ebay that is taking second place at the moment.

    However since we started on Ebay we have sold and shipped items to over 27 Countries around the world and agree that it is amazing to think that it is possible to achieve that all through the power of a PC at home … plus some expert packing skills 🙂

    All the best!

    Gary & Val

  30. Hey Jeff, well done on creating such a fantastic product. I’m looking forward to integrating it into my existing business which has zero online presence.

    One of the key elements to PLF membership is meeting other interesting people and getting really solid advice on which programs to use and how.

    Your band of loyal customers is a testiment to your character Jeff. Well done and it’s a pleasure being associated with you and your team.

    As for the next 15 years for you Jeff… keep rolling out PLF 4,5,6 and enjoy the fruits of your success!

    Jill x

  31. I love the global part of my business! Selling my art all over the world is one of the greatest things I know! How cool is it to have pieces on 6 of the 7 continents? The internet truly rocks! Great post.

  32. Hi Jeff, I’m new to PLF but can already see the value in your product. My problem is having enough time to learn all of it because I am so busy teaching. But I am confident that I will reach my goals to open up more time through this venue and bring the gifts of yoga and empowerment to those seeking it worldwide. Thanks for your knowledge! Giselle

  33. Hi Jeff,

    Thats fantastic! Ireland isent listed there but I was on the previous course PLF 3

    The Irish Inspirational Blogger

  34. Okay Jeff. I am coming to believe. Here is my beta-test. I am publishing a new Book I just finished titled IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU CAN SELL YOUIR BOOK; Putting Chutzpah in Guerilla Marketing for Christian Writers. If I listen and learn do you think it is possible for me to sell 200 Books on the day I receive my books, about March 22?

  35. Great post. I can relate to your jumping up and down story. My first order was from the UK and it just blew me away! The power to market worldwide that has been laid at our feet leaves me breathless at times.

  36. Congratulations Jeff and Team! That is so awesome! I am so glad I was one of the ones that got in for PLF3 – can’t wait to see how many countries I can sell my products to!

  37. Linda Grunewald


    Jeff—It is heartbreaking watching so many people who are in dire financial straits pounding the pavement looking for non-existent brick and mortar jobs when with just a little spark of an idea and the Product Launch Formula they could have the entire world at their fingertips.

    I’m loving the idea of going global with the PLF!

  38. Wow, that is pretty amazing. Such a global reach for a product that you wouldn’t think would be such a global commodity. I can only say that us in the United States have always believed we were at the top of the food chain in terms of the internet, marketing, global power, but that is all slipping and we will have to all adjust or fall behind.

    I look forward to launching my own product soon! Thanks again for all the great information.


  39. Yep I started a online biz built from keywords, just over 2 yrs ago, selling a very specific physical product fact the most expensive solution in the niche…and its a global niche. Im just a little guy in San Diego and I have customers all over the world…simply amazing.

    As a PLF 3.0 owner I have gotten pretty good at special bundle launches…Im here to say it works…every time. Thanks Jeff

    Rock and Roll it’s Tequila Time

  40. Hey Jeff,
    This is just what I was looking for to launch my coaching products from the Virgin Islands. I have to thank Mike Filsaime for the connection to you.
    My first career was in the baking industry many years ago and PLF3 is the greatest thing since sliced bread… 🙂
    Coach Freddie

  41. This is so amazing! Who would have ever thought when we all got our first aol accounts years ago that we would be here today, having this kind of reach from all around the world. I love it. We have virtual assistants who work for us in the Philippines and that is something we could never have done without this amazing technology!

    The world has grown smaller and closer with new technology.

    And BTW- love your program. Your list building bonus was worth the money for the entire program. Just that by itself! Thank you, totally shifted my mindset. Coach Katerina

  42. Awesome and congrats Jeff! I am one of the people who bought PLF3 (from Canada) and I’m really looking forward to getting through the course and hopefully making some new contacts too!

  43. Just go to show how powerful this internet really is. Thank you. Glad I found you and connected.

  44. I purchased PLF. Have not gone through all the material now being covered but so far it is great stuff. Perhaps for the up and coming next 15 years years, “where are they from” you might want to develop PLF that is appropriate for space and time travelers and alien invaders/visitors?? 🙂

  45. update – so that newbies can understand the power and scale of the internet that is possible for ANYONE… here is a email I just received from a company in Belgium that just found me last week…they distribute to 17 countries in Europe.
    … go BIG my friends your only limitation is right between your ears…

    Hi Karl,

    My customer received the products this morning to make the test .

    I was talking about those products today to my customers in Saudi Arabia en Dubai and the are very interested in this to.

    They are asking if I have some images of the both products to show how they looks like. Can you please send me the image of both kits . Also if you have something
    in Spanish, it would be helpfull for us, we have customers in Spain and Portugal.

    Thanks & regards

  46. The first time someone bought a class from me from outside the USA, I was equally blown away. “Wow, I’m an international businessman! Little ol’ me. How cool is that?” Thanks for being an inspiration Jeff.

  47. ngih thomas


    Thats fantastic! Ireland isent listed there but I was on the previous course

  48. @Ravi Comment #41- I love your story, thanks for sharing! This is how a free market is supposed to work, anyone can rise up in this country no matter where you come from, no matter who your parents are or what they do. Very inspiring story. May I quote you in one of my blog posts?

  49. Hi You are my savior, I have spent so much money on empty promises until I meet you, you have saved my life or should I say my bank account. This is one of the best program I have ever seen, you play it straight and honest, Your video traing session are fantastic and I have learned alot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am so gad I found you.

  50. Singapore is not on the list 8-P

    Have yet to make a single cent from Internet yet, previously there was a sales but that affiliate site did not pay me. Despite repeated email through Support, they just don’t reply. Worse yet, the site is still up and running ! Seems to be selling the same stuff !


  51. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I’m just about to launch a membership area on one of my websites. I have over 270,000 visitors and 4,500 newsletter subscribers still wonder if anyone will care?

  52. Amazingly Inspiring on how you can not only reach so many people but help improve the quality of their life in doing it:)

  53. Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring growing global network.
    I feel blessed to have witnessed your growth within your personal life over the years I have known you and now the global community that you have been inspiring to create change in the way we all do business these days.
    May we all grow to connect globally and unite our inspirations that serve to enrich our lives.
    In gratitude,
    Hansraj Singh

  54. I am very interested in joining the course. Is there any more space?
    It would add one more country to your list!!!

  55. Inspiring, Jeff. Yes, we live in a global village. And the opportunities are huge, especially for small companies that can adapt quickly. What you’ll see in the next 15 years is exponential change, based on progress in science & technology. It will be possible to market stuff in very different ways. What we think is rapid change in IM is nothing compared to what will come. So when people have come to the end of your course, the stuff you begun with will already be old-fashioned.

  56. Jeff,

    That is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing this with us! It really is amazing how the internet has made this world of ours a much smaller place.


  57. Jeff, thank you for your inspiring blog post. As I am a Japanese national and a resident here, I feel I am now a part of your PLF community after joining PLF3.1 last week. I am glad my country is included there.

    I am now going through your videos and materials and feel more so. By the way, if you allow me to make a suggestion, I think the title of your blog post will make ones from those countries part of your community if it is “Where are YOU from?” than they. Well, it will be that way going into the next 15 years.

    Thanks and I am looking forward to be part of your community in all those years.

    Nobuji Kanai

    ps. the website will be open next week.

  58. hi jeff? thanks for the product,am from Nairobi,Kenya. I would like to know if i have the same opportunity compared to the other 41 countries. Am really passionate about being an online entrepreneur and really hope you can be my mentor. Kindly help. thanks.

  59. I think its amazing how we can take an idea and create that into so much opportunity, not only for ourselves but for others as well. Its really the mind shift, thats the only difference between now and the next 15 years.

  60. Hey Jeff… Kudos!

    You’ve set the bar high for integrity here, yet at the same time reduced barriers to entry into this exclusive club!

    (…with all due respect) I think you are a GREAT example of what the “average” guy, or gal can do if they have the motivation and the “stick-to-it-tiveness”. While PLF has probably made You a ton of money, you’ve also opened the door of opportunity to a lot of us who might otherwise have been shut out. THANKS!

    It’s wonderful to be among such an enthusiastic and diverse group as we have here in the PLF community! Thanks for your vision and inspiration, Jeff!

    All the Best!

  61. Best add India to that country list. My credit card is from my bank account in Canada but I live and work in India.

  62. Can’t really believe that Singapore is not in the list.
    They have a vast pool of guru status affiliates.
    Even non-English speaking Japan has made it.
    Is the list sorted according to the sales volume?
    If it does, this is a very interesting finding

  63. Jeff,

    That is an amazing stat. Like you, I have always been amazed at the power of the internet and what the potential we have to better the lives of folks all over the world.


  64. The power of the internet is not just restricted to digital products. We sell golf clubs and it never ceases to amaze me that people find us in different parts of the world, review and compare our products and place an order.

    If international shipping was not so exorbitant, we would sell even more abroad.

  65. Hi Jeff
    I’m really astonished by the quality of your course. After reading it several times over and over again, a bigger picture is rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

    Although I’m a bit stuck in creating my own digital product /I’m a physician from Poland and my job requires more face to face contact/ but the Product Creation bonus has come along.

    And another great news. Last Thursday /with the help of your support and visiting the US Consulate in Krakow/ I was granted a visa, so my doors for Live Event are open.
    The ThankYou postcard and confirmation e-mail were very useful !!

    Sorry for the very late post but I’ve never bought a Product like yours before and visited the US.
    All initial buyers remorse wore off and the next step is to benefit from acquired knowledge.

    PLF 3 Owner from Poland

    After only 2 months my brand new list has 236 subscribers,
    some Patients have come to my surgery after watching sequentially sent videos of mine /sometimes more than 100 miles/ and really treated me like an authority.
    Nothing to brag about in comparison with your case studies, but at least a step in right direction.

  66. Jeff,

    I’ve been building successful mostly recurring-revenue Internet businesses since the launch of my very first company Internet Communication in 1994 (domain names were still free then, you just had to write a letter to Washington and request it).

    Many companies and experiences (mostly good, but a few bad ones as well) later I find myself more interested in the Internet then ever before. I have to admit that I had never before heard of you or your PLF product, but I sure am looking forward to see what you do and “compare notes.” 😉

    Let me know how I can get one.

    All the best,
    Internet Pioneer

  67. Fabiane Paulet



    That is amazing! We are in 2020 et you remains The Best!

    I‘am looking foward PLF in frech Version .

    Can you provide me some names of your platinum members bases in France?

    Thanks in advance and Best Regards,
    Fabiane PAULET

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