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Have you ever wanted to attract top tier celebrities or “big names” to your business? That's what this Product Launch Case Study is all about, and it's happening right now…

Will Hamilton has a tennis instruction site at, and he's used his past product launches to attract the most successful professional doubles team in history. Bob and Mike Bryan have won more professional doubles titles than any team in history, they've won 11 Grand Slam titles, and earlier this year they won Wimbledon.

And now they're partnering with Will on a new product… and a PLF-style product launch for that product.

Product Launch Formula Case Study in the Tennis Instruction nicheSo how does a tiny web site with a weird name put together a deal to partner with two of the most accomplished professional tennis players in history?

This story starts about a year ago, when Will went through my Product Launch Formula program. He did his first launch last July and did $35,000 in sales in a week… that was for a product that had already been on the market for a year with only mediocre sales. Then in September he did a relaunch for that same product that did $65,000.

But that was just the start – in December he launched a new product that did $105,000 in sales, and then another one in March that did $170,000 in sales. Do you see the pattern here? 🙂

(Full disclaimer: Will joined my Platinum Mastermind Group in October, so he had additional access to me in addition to his PLF training.)

Those four launches caught the attention of a sports agent that represented Bob and Mike Bryan (known as “the Bryan Brothers”)… and after some negotiations they inked a deal where Will would work with the Brothers to create and launch a product on

So now Will has created a new tennis instruction course with the Bryan Brothers, and they are in the middle of the launch. They've already released three great prelaunch videos which have gotten hundreds of enthusiastic comments.

So far, it's classic Product Launch Formula in action… sharing great content, and getting the community enthusiastically involved and eagerly anticipating each new video. They're about a week out from launch day – and it's looking like a big winner. This launch is “hitting on all cylinders” right now…

There is definitely a lot to be learned from looking at the way Will has structured this launch and the prelaunch content:

Click Here for the Bryan Brothers Playbook

[ Click here to follow along with this launch ]

One of the things that I've taught over the years in Product Launch Formula is how a well-executed launch can bring a lot more to your business than just the revenue from the launch. It will often build your list, build your positioning in the market, attract new affiliate partners, help you plan your next product, activate a list and make it more responsive… and in this case Will's prior launches attracted the most accomplished doubles team in tennis history.

Pretty cool stuff!

P.S. Yes, I'm an avid tennis player… so this Case Study is extra cool for me. And I've gotten a chance to hit with Will (he's really good)… but he hasn't hooked me up for a game with the Bryan Brothers yet! Hint hint… 🙂

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23 Replies to “Product Launch Case Study – (”

  1. Thanks for the case study! Hoping it will give me enough tips to make enough in my upcoming product launch to be able to buy the product launch formula; there are a lot of imitators lately but yours is the real thing 🙂

  2. Hey Jeff,
    Awesome, perfect timing actually since I’m creating a product to launch on my blog middle next month.

    I’m going to follow your formula and see what kind of results I get, especially since I have 5600 subscribers now (4000 on aweber and the rest on RSS).

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing this case study! It does show the power of consistency using a proven system. I got to you through Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy and trying to learn as much as I can about these unique methods. Again, thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve been following FYB almost since the beginning and it’s pretty cool to see as a marketer he’s doing pretty well and follow his passion. Been a great role model for me 🙂

  5. Wow, that is awesome. I would love to try out a product launch in a non IM niche, looks like he is getting a ton of feedback and is about to absolutely kill it!

    Well done Will (and Jeff!)


  6. Thanks Jeff. My best friend and daughter are Tennis Pros here in Tallahassee and I love the sport myself. I play almost every day. I love watching the Bryan Brothers. My daughter has twin boys, Avery and Addison, who will soon be 13. Addison is doing quite well in tennis, but Avery is into YoYo’s right now. He does play, but does not seem to be as interested in practicing as much as Addison does. Thanks again for the videos. Chris

  7. Steve Olsher


    Awesome Jeff! This is very helpful. I will be launching INTERNET PROPHETS: THE WORLD’S LEADING EXPERTS REVEAL HOW TO PROFIT ONLINE with Yanik Silver, Mike Filsaime, Mike Koenigs, Dan Hollings, Marc Ostrofsky, Leslie Rohde, Armand Morin, Steve Harrison, Carrie Wilkerson and many others over the next few months. This is excellent information and very timely for our efforts. (PS – Would love to have you participate if you’re interested…. 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing.

    Steve Olsher

  8. Hey Jeff,

    Like the post, gave me lots of great ideas, as you always do, for non-IM launches.

    Will and the bros really put together a cool video on the opt-in page.

    Hope will gets the hint!


  9. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing this great case study. We met through Tim Ferriss in Napa. This is perfect timming and information for my book launch. Thanks

  10. Thanks for sharing Jeff, just curious what is the actual product is it coaching lessons or a playbook?

  11. Jeff,

    Maybe you’ll see this and respond. I’ve communicated for two years with your assistant and never heard from you. I’d love to talk with you.

    I used PLF 1 and had great results with my off the wall guitar course. This isn’t your average ordinary rehashed guitar mumbo jumbo. My guitar course works like wild.

    Combined with PLF 1, it was excellent.

    Anybody here thinking about PLF or anything Jeff is offering, save yourself some energy. Don’t think about it. Just buy it, do what he tells you to do. It works!


    • Jerry,

      That’s awesome to hear about your success… I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier.

      If you didn’t upgrade to PLF 2 or PLF 3… well, you would be SHOCKED at the difference. They weren’t minor upgrades – I completely remade the product both times, and added a huge amount of stuff I’ve learned over the years (it’s been six years since I created that first version). We have a REALLY generous upgrade special. In addition, it’s a lot easier to get my attention… we have a full portal and community with PLF 3, and I’ve answered hundreds of comments and questions. In addition, we do live Q&A calls… so I’m very available.

      – Jeff

  12. Thanks Jeff, keep these case studies coming. They are motivating!

    BTW Did you get me email re the one quesiton I have for my upcoming launch?

    In case not, here it is again:


    I am launching my book in October, as an Ebook.

    Your PLF notes suggest not telling people you are launching a product.

    This is not possible for me because people know from the outset that I have a book that I will be launching.

    My question is this:

    At the beginning of pre-launch what is the best way to introduce the pre-launch given that all my thousands of subscribers already know there is a launch coming.



  13. Chris McCargar


    Amazing… and quite inspirational!
    Mix 1 part initiative,1 part creativity, a generous helping of determination, bake in a PLF format until results roll in, stir after initial taste, reinsert into PLF, serve up another winner, don’t stray too far from the lab as potential partners and investors will be looking for the next winner.

  14. Jay Rosenberg


    Hey, Jeff,
    New ideas here. In our videos we haven’t to date, but from now on will preview/tease what’s up next video; gotta do that. It’s so natural and it builds powerful anticipation.
    Secondly, dropping in an FAQ pdf to print out with future questions, says watch for the future answers linked to an upcoming video, wow. Compelling.
    The Bryan brothers and Will present beautifully.
    Hope everything is cool with you… am carrying the gospel to the streets and working on several launches. Three totally diverse business categories… hair color… photography and mental health. Far out, yes. And will bring out my own product soon, The Quant Method which is personality type based marketing, very powerful tool for relationship building and sales.

  15. This is so great. Two of my favorite subjects together: tennis and breakout marketing. I’ve been following FYB for a couple of years now and it’s been a total delight to see them grow and take it to new levels. I haven’t bought their products yet though myself, so I realize maybe the next level launch will engage even hard-nosed pros like myself… 😉

  16. Jeff –

    Been following you for a long time and I believe this is my first comment ever.

    I just started following FYB to improve my game and it has tremendously. I’ve been watching their Tennis Ninja primer videos and it looks like a great course.

    Then I saw your post and it is very cool to see that Will is a student of yours.

    I’m working on a course currently and have been taking many notes from you, FYB and others.

    Thank you for your awesome information, great blog and being passionate about what you do. It is excellent finding experts out there who truly care about helping people.

    Dr Ben

    • Dr. Ben,

      Thanks for your first comment. Will’s been doing a great job creating massive value, both in his prelaunch content and in his courses… and he’s a perfect example of how you can leverage up your business with these types of launches. A year ago, if you asked Will whether he would be working directly with the Bryan Brothers, I bet he would not have been able to even imagine it.

      I’ve got a feeling this launch will do very well.

      – Jeff

  17. This case study is interesting. Good to know that your PLF course has given Will enough confidence to approach the celebrities.

  18. Hi Jeff,I enjoy all of your posts. Am a slow reader, being totally deaf. You impart a lot
    of wisdom in a humorous way, so much to take in and think about. One recent post that really stuck in my mind was your excellent “The Discipline of Gratitude”. All I can
    comment on that one is WOW!! I must also add my congrats on your 15 years of internet success. Long may you continue.

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