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Sometimes when you're in a big launch, you get to see where the marketing power really lies. This time we're talking about email vs. Facebook advertising…

The product I mentioned in the video is “The Machine” by Ryan Deiss. It's advanced level training on how to get better results with your email marketing. You can get more information at this link.

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33 Replies to “Email vs. Social Media (Not An Epic Rap Battle)”

  1. Hello Jeff,
    Excellent content and suggestions.
    I’m reading your book – Launch – eagerly.

    I’m counting down to my first release and have invested heavily to increase my influence on Linkedin.
    This video was so important.
    A Big Hug from Portugal. Thanks for everything.

  2. Hi Jeff;

    I continue to be inspired by your videos, emails and other things that you have produced. While I have not been able to afford to do your program, I do follow your site and listen to what you offer so to learn more about how to grow my business/service. Sometimes I wish there was a really basic list – service/product, website… then what – I have figured out that I have no email list, I have no marketing experience and some blockers where marketing and sales are concerned. But I can tell you that I wouldn’t have made it this far if I hadn’t gotten on your list. I would still be stuck at a job that was crushing me. Now I am self-employed working to figure it all out. So while I don’t really have a clue yet – I am getting there and when I can afford it – I will do your product launch to get to the next level.
    Anyway – sorry for the ramble – I mostly wanted to let you know that you are very inspiring and I will keep watching, listening and learning!
    Thanks for your time!
    Tanya OGrady

  3. Thank you for the reminder. It is so easy to focus on the parts that don’t matter.

  4. Good insights from your experience Jeff. If you were just starting out in today’s online marketing environment, what type of list and relationships would you build…ie, what target market? Thanks,


  5. Joe neville


    Thanks Jeff
    Really great stuff in the driving email to your list using Facebook. Currently working on free report in topic of indoor grow. I don’t have a Facebook yet. So thanks for insight.

    Cheers Joe Neville

    Get your hands dirty and Keep growing

  6. Hi Jeff. I’m in the middle of viewing and enjoying your suggestion on Ryan Deiss’s video series ‘The Machine’. What’s great is that you recommended him. His info is really strong and has got me thinking in a good way. There are so many folks doing videos and I sort through most. Having you talk about this guy makes him more credible. Thanks

  7. Thank you for reminder about purpose of our FB page. Side note here about my experience wit Ryan Deiss’s intro video. It is too long & an insult to one’s intelligence. He keeps leading a person on with trying to build the case why he (meaning us) needed a Machine product. There is no respect for the viewer’s time. I clicked off. No sale.

  8. Jeff,

    As you know I love email and utilize relationships there to create crowdfunding success on Kickstarter for my board games.

    I utilize social to bolster the relationships with people on the email list so that they REALLY care when we email. Especially when we email about new games.



  9. Facebook marketing expert. and former Tony Robbins marketing assistant, Amy Porterfield agrees. Facebook is a great platform for turning fans into leads. She has a lot of valuable free content available and several paid programs geared toward social media marketing, focusing particularly on facebook lead gen. Her emphasis, too, is on building an email list. She further refines this focus on email marketing by stressing the need to deliver content that entertains, educates and empowers. Amy’s most up-to-date facebook marketing program is called “FBInfluence 2.0″…

    No doubt, there are varied objectives to email marketing campaigns. Some campaigns will reach an end, too, where a marketer’s cause for engaging a lead is no longer valid, as the lead has either turned customer and has no added marketing prospect in sight, or no longer has an itch that needs scratching. Niches where reputation and branding are essential for turning “one and done” leads into customers present a unique challenge to social media marketing. Here, the marketer’s task of establishing authority might be served with a social media presence, yet the possibility of using a site like facebook for the sake of gaining fans who can be converted into leads simply is not likely to prove a worthwhile endeavor. Could this be where LinkedIn marketing becomes particularly attractive?

  10. Hi Jeff
    Thanks for the great video. To tell you the truth, I don’t do very well with Facebook. The click to converting to email list is not good. I personally think that squeeze or opt-in pages don’t work so well. There is people who disagree and who’s rates are a lot better. I’ll keep on testing Facebook until I find a winner. Thanks for your time Jeff. Have a great one.

  11. great info! I’m just beginning to use my facebook page and I’ve been tempted into buying leads… Thanks for the reminder!

  12. This point of clarification seems small, but I trust it can make all the difference in the world. I hope to be launching soon, thanks for the great value you continue to bring in these videos.

  13. Thanks for the great information Jeff – especially the “behind the scenes” data. I’ve been following you for several years and you do a great job building relationships through email and the related videos/blog posts.


  14. Hi, I love the idea of a leaderboard. I don’t remember reading about that in your book.

    Can you give me some examples of the of rewards that might be given to the winner?


  15. Mucho Mahaloz Jeff. What a perfect example on the importance of building stronger relationships with our group/list/network/etc. It’s no surprise, really, coming from you. Your video highlights the comparison, while at the same time, you help fortify the bond you already created with us (your audience)…brilliant!

  16. Thank you Jeff for the reminder that it most important is to building relationships! Social media great for gathering interested people yet the email is where the conversation WITH them is.
    Warm Regards,

  17. Great video Jeff. I’m doing this now, using social media to get people into my list and then generating value / content to engage.

    I’m getting lots os great feedback and learning from my list how to generate more value and content that is aligned with their interest.

    — Daniel Wildt

  18. Great clarification! They say the difference between a master carver and a non-master is how sensitive he is to the wood. Hearing about sensitive differences like this in marketing bring me hope and clarity. It is appreciated.

  19. Heads been a little hazy recently therefore i’m more inclined to watch your videos because it requires less cognitive load 😀 the books been a great help, been dipping in and out. i think the best approach to engagement would be to treat your subscribers like your partner. Giving them their space but still being there for them when in need. doing something that they wouldn’t expect, that could manifest in many ways, for example, i really appreciate when someone of considerable status takes the time to engage on a 121 level.

  20. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your video, I am currently taking an internet marketing course through a very prominent Marketing Company and can’t wait to finish. I really appreciate your e-mails and it’s very helpful contents. At this time, I can’t afford to purchase yours but will continue to follow. Thanks again.

  21. thanks for this info. I am not that big on facebook> I do see some value and I agree on the relationship thing. I am just starting so i need to build an email list that are my tribe..

  22. Thanks for the video Jeff. A great reminder on relationship building. I’ve only watched a few of your videos but your integrity shines through!!

  23. Email marketing rocks and will most likely keep on rocking for a long time. Thanks for putting social media into perspective. Love your videos Jeff (and those mountain views too). Can’t wait to get back to my home in Colorado. /Dan

  24. Hi Jeff, great blog posts – thank you.

    I’m brand new to this whole universe of online marketing and have a ton to learn. I’m 100% sold out to my message (hope & help for disordered eaters) but have always been bumfuzzled by “marketing” UNTIL reading about it through your eyes. My web guy suggested your book, LAUNCH, and I must say I am intrigued, inspired, and a bit scared too. I appreciate your generous spirit!

    You have a new fan 🙂

  25. Thanks Jeff. What we really appreciate about you is that you are not jumping all over the place, making people crazy. Rather you just stick to what works, has been tested and optimized year after year. That´s why you keep being so relevant for us.

  26. Hi Jeff!

    LOVE the video. Really good point about not just “following the crowd” and doing Facebook because it’s “the in thing” to do. Thank you!

    I have a quick question. I’ve heard people talk about having a “social hub” on Facebook, and getting people to like the page, and in return, they get a freebie by opting in to your list (for example). Then you can build a community on your facebook page where people can go and share their thoughts, comments, and talk between themselves as well as with you. So basically, your page becomes the go to place in the industry for discussions and sharing.

    What do you think about this strategy of building your list using social media, whilst at the same time creating a community on facebook?

    Thanks Jeff, I look forward to your reply 🙂


  27. Hi Jeff – nice to meet you! A friend of mine sent me this video after a conversation we had about email captures. Here’s my issue: I was recently hired to do on and offline marketing for a wonderful, (niche) company who ultimately sells high quality, custom homes – my boss (great lady) does not see the value of email captures – she feels that email marketing is aggressive, and sales-ie and believes that her online presence (mostly facebook) is strength enough… she said to me that if people are interested in her product they will find her and she doesn’t want to shove it down their throats. Ii happen to believe strongly in honest relationship building through email… so there’s the rub. If you have a few moments to speak to this, beyond what you already mentioned in the video above (excellent btw) I would be most grateful. Thank you for your time and for sharing your wisdom. S

  28. Jeff!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are truly the answer I was waiting for…yes it sounds very dramatic but for over a year I’ve been trying to figure out what to do next. Then the Navy decided to get involved and move my family and I to the BEST STATION EVER…Sydney Australia, so my young and tender business that I was just getting started has to begin ALL OVER AGAIN. It’s ALL good because we are in the most wonderful country. I have clients Stateside who “do want more of me”, something I watched in another video, but I didn’t really know where to begin. I’ve started an email campaign to really develop and cultivate our relationship. I am all about my clients and student and they keep asking me for more, MORE, MORE!!!! Now I know where to start! ‘Follow the yellow brick road…’ comes to mind! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, story and insight!

  29. Hi Jeff. Love the video and a fantastic reminder to build an email list and building a relationship with your list. Great to know that email marketing are still tops.

  30. Brenda Stewart


    thank you Jeff my first time reading your blog I have learned a lot but I would like to learn a little bit more this is my first time doing online marketing but I’ll see you have a lot of impact on others I have a long email list but I haven’t started send me any information to them yet. I will be very grateful if you can give me a little bit more information on internet marketing and thank you, you where very helpful love you video

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