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Building your ideal tribe is the fastest way to business (and personal) success in today's market. But attracting the right people is only part of that formula…

P.S. And if you still haven't gotten your copy of LAUNCH, you can get the book and $291 of extra bonuses by clicking here.

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70 Replies to “Build Your Ideal Tribe (Attracting and Repelling the Right People)”

  1. Got your book, and everything makes sense, you have shifted me in another direction. I will implement the strategies you are teaching. Everything is just great, and I know you put alot of work into that book. I have a story also, and will use this to help others promote their business also.

  2. That reminds me of that mantra I learnt when I was still in the corporate world -> “Some will. Some won’t. So what. Someone’s waiting.” A great reminder to keep focussed on serving our tribe and not be distracted by those that don’t get us or our work.

  3. I like your natural, relaxed approach Jeff – in that regard we share a perspective, I have no time for pompous asses who project stereotypes of wealth and prestige, I want to relate to real people who believe in sharing knowledge and helping one another out. This is a tough world and if we can help someone who is struggling through no fault of their own I think we have a duty to try. I am not into ‘launching’ as a business model, which is not to say I will never launch just at this point I am seeking a more sustainable steady means of doing business and helping others with my skills. In fact I have learnt a lot from you and your close associates, Eric and Paul – you guys have been doing the online thing for a long time and you provide a lot of value without asking payment – I respect that. Congratulations with your book, obviously it has resonated with many people. I am still in the process of building a tribe, I know the people I ‘click’ with and they recognize me, I just have to do a lot more of it! Cheers and thanks for the insights.

    • Heya Mike,
      Yes, I agree that Eric is great a great source of good info, too.
      I had the same initial mixology. And the 2 Jeff’s do look “somewhat” similar too.
      This Jeff is Jeff Walker
      Eric and Paul’s Jeff is jeff Wellman.
      Good too see that I am not the only one that had the mixing of the two.

      Best wishes

  4. Boy is that the truth.

    I’m with you.. BE YOUR SELF!

    It’s OK if pp don’t like you. In fact it’s a wonderful thing because that means the peeps that are with you, are truly WITH you. They relate. They engage. They share. They buy.

    Great reminder on this gorgeous (Texas) afternoon.

    darlene 🙂

  5. I just got my copy of Launch and I have to say… WOW!! I have read it 3 times already and im in the process of building up my first list ever!! Got 112 Subscribers so far and when I get to 300 I am going to do a Seed Launch!!

    I must say Jeff Walker you have completely changed my life and the way I do things.. I will meet you one day and shake your hand! haha!


    Launch ROCKS!

    • This is very encouraging. I haven’t finished the book yet; I feel so behind. But, I look forward to building a tribe, ’cause even my friends on fb (real-life friends, too) have not replied to my first few questions to open my conversation. :p

  6. Hi Jeff, i got the Launch and i must say my view on the business is taking a new direction. almost finishing it. it is setting me on fire.
    You are a great mentor. i have started to see why i was failing and i hope to set something worthwhile now.

  7. Hi Jeff,

    Just wanted to say that I am loving the book and I am already recommending it to others, so don’t let any negative views get you down. Keep up the good work!

  8. Great reminder that I needed to hear today, Jeff! Right now I am learning the importance of creating a culture and core values for my wellness center staff, which helps me to know who to hire and not to hire, and how we do things as a business. But you have made me realize that this culture can be created on a bigger scale- my tribe online, which can go beyond the walls of my office to create something powerful. I’m excited to incorporate this aspect into my online business now. Thanks so much!

  9. Hey Jeff, I haven’t got my book yet as I’m currently living in Australia, so waiting for my sister to forward from my UK address, however, i KNOW the book will be awesome, because everything you’ve provided so far just as bonuses and things like this video above, has been top notch!
    Thank you!


    • Hi Jeff!
      I love your book it makes so much sense!! Your writing style is wonderful and it is obvious that your desire to bring real value to people is authentic, not to mention an essential “secret” to success. My fiancé and I are so excited to implement your strategies into our businesses. I’m so grateful for you and your work Jeff…thank you!

    • Hi Jeff, thank you sooo much, you are a natural, inspiration. I love what you share, and your generosity is awesome…… to be there in USA with your Tribe, feels like a Powerhouse….:)
      Hi to Paul in Australia, i’m in Oz too, far south coast of NSW….sometimes it feels a little isolated here…….so tribe creating best done on the net for me….all the best

  10. Hi Jeff. Maybe the problem is that internet marketing sells internet marketing! As says Ali Davies supra “Some will, some won’t”… and some are simply jealous… I confess I am a bit jealous 😉 But I am working on it. You are brilliant Jeff, and thank you for sharing, and thank you for marketing us! You are a valuable man! Take care!

  11. “Lets stop competing with one another and start completing one another.” -Marie Osmond

    I have an awesome idea for a website. If only I can figure out how to build it. I am really enjoying your book.

  12. Haters like to paint themselves as victims because it’s always others that are doing them wrong.

    Heroes, on the other hand, are those that choose to portray their own misfortunes as blessings that help them grow and strengthen their own character.

    Each of us has been given the gift of free agency to determine our own attitude and how we will react to the hands we’re dealt.

    • Absolutely Steve, negativity begets negativity and positivity begets positivity and attracts more positive like-minded, generous, happy people. I know what kind of person I want in my tribe 🙂

  13. Hello Jeff. I live in Spain so your book have just arrived. I have just started reading it and is is absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing all this knowledge and giving so many people the oportunity to make their dreams of building an online business, into a reality. I am a lover and a member of your tribe, for sure. Take care

  14. Hey Jeff! Thanks for the tribe video. I think your message is clear and I just want to say I’m blessed to be amongst your tribe! Where I come from (Malaysia, Singapore), people are not so open to reveal their hearts out…but I think you’ve given me enough to think about how I want to position myself and my online business. Jfyi, I’m going all out to reach out and to start building my own tribe by first creating value and helping others. It doesn’t matter how hard it’ll be or how long it would take, I’m just DOING it. Please be with me in heart and mind yea. Adios 🙂

  15. I received my book and have almost finished it. Thank you for this kind of marketing. I appreciate the vdeos and the wisdom that I hear from all the resources.

  16. Hi Jeff,
    timely video for me. I just did my first mini-launch today…still not knowing how to do this whole thing properly at all. Really pleased to have your book. Been watching you for a year or so now on the web. Wish I had the freedom to join your program. But I’ll get a few launches under my belt and I might just do that.
    To your continued success. Many thanks for your efforts and support.

  17. Hi Jeff. I’m just starting out in the online world and I’m working through your book. It’s straight forward and gets to the point which is just what I need. Thanks for this blog post, it reminded me of something I keep forgetting: You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person. I like the idea of the right person being my tribe.

    Many thanks

  18. I tend to mellow out my personality to some degree, for a lot of reasons, but every so often I let it loose. The last time I did…I actually got some lovely comments from folks who got EXACTLY what I wanted from it and who said they loved my style.

    It’ll likely be a while before I get a compliment like that again, but it’s giving me the backbone to reconsider some of those plans I’ve had that I was dismissing out of hand. I’m already putting one into motion: a cookbook, which will include food found in my high fantasy series.

    Considering folks not infrequently ask me for recipes, I suspect it’ll do quite well as a tie-in. 🙂

  19. Love this message Jeff! I have been telling many of my friends and clients this very thing when people start hating! And I haven’t been getting a whole lot of negative and I know that I haven’t been sharp and focused enough with my message! Just another notice from the universe to turn my message up! I think my new focus will separate my tribe from my non-tribe. 🙂 Off to work my coaching materials for on Decluttering Your Soul. 🙂

  20. I just ordered your book and can’t wait to read it. I really appreciate this video and who you are. My “model” of success has always been of fast-paced city life, and someone who is flashy and polished. But the truth is, I live in the country and love it. My greatest moments of happiness are getting up in the morning to milk our goats and gather fresh eggs, and playing music in the field for hours with friends as the sun sets over the mountain. Your video gave me the courage to start revealing more of myself in my business.

  21. Congratulations Jeff on your awesome book LAUNCH! I just bought it and it’s great! I love your authenticity and how you share your knowledge to help so many. I feel privileged to be a part of your tribe!

  22. Hello Jeff: I got your book and it is #1 with the New York Times and with me also. I did not know much about you until Charlie Page mentioned you in one of his articles, he mentioned that you were the best at what you do and know after reading the book I truly believe it. hoping to see you at many TRIBAL meetings.

  23. joachim fernandez


    Hello Jeff: I m in spain and just received your book and an other sample from amazon england (I was so impatiant I order 2 to ceveived it as soon as possible…america is so far…I didn t read it, I integrate it in my body. I ts so fantastic, and youy are at millions of miles ahead,I ts awesome, you are really a visionnaire. Big respect in sharing your experience and knowledge, Congratulations and I want to be in your Tribal galaxy, I m sure one day I will meet you in one of your meeting to improve my professionnal carreer in Internet. Thanks so much to permit me to rebirth one passion!

  24. Hi Jeff, When I got your book and read it for the first, I knew then and there that PLF was my new home. I hope you continue writing and sharing your gifts. By the way, your 4.0 course should be a required course for anyone who is wanting to sell their products on the internet. I will bring my tepee to any tribal meeting you have. Thanks

  25. Hi Jeff,
    Well, I have to say I’ve been part of your Tribe since the very first video I saw of you. I have your book and am reading it, taking notes and working on creating a launch of my own. I don’t have much money right now, but hope to follow your lead and pull myself up by the bootstraps by sharing my interior design knowledge and experience through online teaching. Your presence in my life has helped me overcome a huge block of fear around that whole thing. Thank you so much! When I’ve made some progress and am feeling more financially secure, I will take your course and get all the inside info. ALSO! And equally important, your authenticity has inspired me to let go, finally and completely, of my belief that i have to look a certain way, or present myself in Designer mode to secure new clients. Mine is a very persona land intimate job and people really do want human connection. I’ve always known this, but have been afraid to drop the mask altogether until seeing you out there in the woods in your tee shirt shooting videos. I LOVE that about you!

    Thanks again, Jeff.
    You’re the real deal.


  26. Jeff just got your book and sat reading at cafe underlining so many points. Just starting Chap 3. The email list AWWWWW! I don’t really have one. Well I am going to keep doing my best to build one. Keep doing what your good at. Blessings to you your wife and family and team.

  27. Hey Jeff, the day we see you in a suit will be a new day and a new dawn! Love your book and it reads exactly as you speak and train and mentor. PLF 3 has come alive and funnily enough I like the written word and the hard copy hope to make it to AZ for the next live event ,My sincere best regards Susan

  28. Hi Jeff,

    I recently finished your book, and thought it was great!

    The strategies inside has made me rethink my whole marketing efforts with regards to my online golf academy. Http://

    I was definitely trying to pretend I had this big elaborat business. But people see straight through it. I’ve changed all the wording to “I and Me” instead of “we and us”.. At least until I employ some more pros..

    I’m getting me head around the whole being myself on camera and that’s the hardest part. I especially like the way you conduct yourself on camera. There’s no falseness, and I think that resonates with people.


  29. Jeff I got your book and i can’t wait to read it!!! Took a while to come in the mail cause i’m in Canada BUT I’VE GOT IT!!! And right one tiiiime !!! Cause i’m going in to the studio to record some music for this week!!! #excited!!! And You are SO RIGHT about not appealing to everyone – I used to be a Christian Recording artist and now my faith has changed to Hebrew Roots, so i do expect the haters to rear their ugly heads lol. But So far – even though i’m just starting out on youtube over again and have a tiny little blog, the support from those who want this music is beautiful! What you’ve said resonates with me so much that i think i’m going to make a video talking about why my fait has changed so that those who are on the same journey can identify – and those who are not, will either be intrigued or completely turned off. Anyway thanks again for doing what you do. You’re very inspiring to me!! Thanks Jeff!!!

  30. I’ve been running my online business for 12 years and I believe your Formula will take it to the next level. You’ve helped me zero in on comminicating to my audience instead of trying to message to everyone. The tribe blog was a good reminder. Love the book and will be doing a launch in a couple weeks. Script almost done and landing page started. All this since I finished your book two weeks ago. I’ve learned a lot by the way you present yourself as real.

  31. Hi Jeff –

    Launch is the next on my list – funny enough, reading Brendon Burchard’s Millionaire Messenger – then yours. This video is important because the book I’m publishing is a window into the darkest night of my soul – and I know there are people who will judge and hate me just because that’s what they do. I work each day on my inner strength and belief that their words have nothing to do with me personally. The haters aren’t the intended audience for my book. My book is for the person who will read my story and not feel alone in the crazy stuff they might have done during the dark times in their lives.
    So thank you for that reaffirmation – I’m excited to read your book and practice the steps.

    Let’s Do Launch 🙂
    Patty Blue Hayes

  32. Wow, so much value in one video. I make YouTube videos teaching things and I’ve been holding back a bit in terms of sharing more about myself because I wanted to appeal to many people. What you’ve said in this video has helped me realize that its perfectly fine to be getting some hate when you’re sharing things and trying to add more value to people who resonate with you. I can see that I would appeal to more people in a deeper way if I was more open as opposed to appealing to many people in a shallow way trying to appeal to everyone. Thanks for the video Jeff !

  33. Hey Jeff,
    Your book arrived this morning
    It is now 21:15 and I am on page 130 (I’ll have it finished today)
    Everything is crystal clear and 100% do-able

    The reason why people hate marketing
    Is they are not willing to put the time & money into THEMSELVES.

    Anyway thank you for making things a life clearer.
    Stephen f.k Findlay

  34. I think you rock. Your stories are very inspirational and I am really enjoying my copy of Launch. I consider myself well and truly part of your tribe. 🙂 I have been very busy building up my own over the last few weeks and it’s really starting to roll. There are exciting times ahead.

  35. Jeff,

    Your enthusiasm,”genuiness” and “likeability” radiate from every one of your videos. For some reason, I always find myself grinning when I watch them. Not surprising you’re not going to attract the folks who like living under a dark cloud. Who needs them anyway? Love the book – the sideways sales letter is the bomb! Working on getting it implemented now! Cheers!

  36. Sage advice Jeff. To be yourself requires self-confidence and a bit of courage. It is easy to be yourself when you have accomplished great things and you know your audience agrees. Not so easy when we aren’t so impressed with ourselves. My trick is to remind myself of my accomplishments.

    Perhaps you can share your trick when you were unknown.

    Doug Daniel

  37. Quote of the day: “If you try to market to everyone, you’ll market to no one effectively.” Well said, Jeff. I went through your PLF4 last year, going to Scottsdale in October to see you, and FINALLY getting my own launch off the ground in a couple weeks. Your book has helped me to laser-focus what I’m going to deliver and how to do it. Can’t wait.

    Thanks for being you, Jeff.

  38. I purchased your book because I needed to learn how to market my idea. But I needed more, so I also purchased your Seed Launch Deep Dive, which was what I was missing. I’m a writer, not a marketer, and I had no idea how to market myself. Your step-by-step course is helping me on my way. Now as I read your book Launch, I will understand better how to apply the other aspects of conducting a Launch. Thank you.

  39. Tom Livingston


    Thanks for the wonderful tips and guides in your book; I find you one of the most authentic marketers today and positioned at the top based on the results alone; a great business model for anyone starting online today; and today’s blog was right on!

  40. Jeff, I stumbled upon your book through Jeff Goins and it’s incredible the reaction it caused in me. In fact, I reviewed it on my blog and it isn’t the most glowing review – obviously because I didn’t read it the book yet, it hadn’t yet been released. But then I read it and I was blown away. It was liking looking into a mirror because I finally saw how OTHER PEOPLE’S LAUNCHES had affected me and I saw exactly why I personally had converted in the past. I read the book and now I’m enrolled in the full PLF program. So there you go. =) Thank you for what you do and what you teach. Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading it.
    xx Ritu

  41. Love this, Jeff! It is especially helpful to hear from you that you have haters, too; I do and it used to really get me down! Now I use it as a measure of how successful I am! Kudos to you for speaking up about it! I appreciate you and everything you are doing. Love, love, love PLF! Keep up the FANTASTIC work!

  42. Funny how every time I come to your blog, you say just what I needed to hear! lol Love you dude! And HUGE congrats on the book!! 🙂

  43. I received the book (UK) and was chuffed to bits to find the ebook was freely downloadable, too. There’s so much good information to absorb. I only hope you don’t object to marginalia!

  44. Jeff,
    Waiting for your book to come to Manila. Reading comments from folks just builds the anticipation. So yes I am tribe member since I have bought PLF since 2000 and am still slowly implementing. For example just did a launch for my e-book, “Think Rich Pinoy”, my seminar, Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar and my membership site Think Rich Pinoy Real Estate Investor’s Club (TRP-REI CLUB). Jeff may you never stop or give up or get tired of sharing your wisdom with us, your tribe. Oh and yes, do tell Betty, Larry Gamboa is counting on getting a copy of his ordered Launch book in Manila, Philippines, half a world away.

  45. Hi Jeff, your book made it all the way to Middle Earth! I’m loving it and your approach to business and how we get our message out there. Your authenticity shines through all of your training and it is obvious this is your passion … to pass on your wonderful invention of launching in this way. Of all the business training I’ve attended over the years, I certainly resonate with your approach, as it allows us to be congruent with who we really are – and align with our vision. We then attract our tribe to happily receive and share that message.
    This book, Launch, is the perfect platform for which to allow our true gifts, to be shared in authentic ways. We can truly live the life of our dreams, doing what we love, by implementing the blueprint your book provides. Much gratitude and Aroha from New Zealand

  46. Hey Jeff,

    I think you find haters in any kind of business. NO matter what you do or how good you are, some people will always complain and don’t like you or even hate you. It’s part of life. As you said: the formula to make a bad marketing is trying to appeal everybody. Anyway, You are doing a great work. I am one of your big fans.

    Thanks Jeff! Your “product launch formula” is changing my life for good.


  47. Excited to be one of the newest members of your tribe! 🙂 AWESOME hearing you speak at MIA (walked fast to the back so I could be one of the first 30 to sign up for sure!) and we’ll see you soon and also in Oct! Can’t wait!

  48. WOW Jeff Just the pep talk I needed as I just got my first 4 Star review for my St Lucia Photo Tour posted on Trip Advisor after receiving 22 previous 5 Star reviews , with 5 Stars being the highest. It is people like you Jeff who inspire so many of us to reach for bigger dreams and that my friend I believe is the genius of what you do.

    So a million Thank Yous for doing what you do … Rock On!!!

  49. Jeff
    I have been a fan and member of your tribe for several years now;
    Just got your book this week and absolutely loved it.
    About the One-Star reviewers on Amazon [I buy a lot of books on Amazon and look at the 1-star/2-star reviews first to see what the harshest critics say] : BUT If you click through to “my other reviews” on the reviewers name, you will very often find, that these 1-star reviewers give negative reviews to almost every book/product they review. So hating is part of their DNA. There are some good reviewers weho don’t like a book for valid reasons, but then you will see their fairness in other reviews. So the 1-star reviews should (mostly) be ignored.

  50. Hey Jeff – Thanks for these words of encouragement. You are right on! My pastor used to say, “You have to know that every time you stand up for your faith you’re gonna get it in the neck – expect it…” Same-same with sharing an authentic message of successful principles to empower and help others. I received my book just before I left for a week at the beach and between listening to baby monitors so the young moms in our clan could get in a little beach time and catching a few rays myself I nearly finished it. Home again and reading on… Great stuff Jeff. I have a book, Bounce! Don’t Break… being launched in Oct. of 2015 and can’t thank you enough for all the sage advice!! Blessings! Penny

  51. Nick Vaidya



    I am one of those who does not resonate with you. But I have to say this is a wonderful message on segmenting and focus. It is lost on so many people. That is why how you communicate this message is vital to changing people’s perspective. You have communicated it very well here. Kudos.

    Now, why can’t I stand you you talking on the videos or like your style of writing. You are right – it does not matter. It just me… has nothing to do with you.


  52. Awesome video. Haven’t read the book yet but I got it. Looking forward to it more now. I had some haters recently and the video resonated well with me and that situation. I didn’t really let it get to me but those kinds of blows can certainly make you reconsider things. Love how you turn it around and that no matter what you are doing there will be those out there that you just cannot or will not be able to resonate with. That truly is because we are all different and just because one person doesn’t like tea or coffee doesn’t mean it’s a bad priduct. They just don’t like it or it’s simply not for them.

  53. Hi Jeff! Great content! I haven’t read your book but I love your approach and honesty! Yes, it is so true, attract your tribe because… “What others mean about you or me is actually non of our business!”. I grow from feedback and believe in the corrections I have made to be on my dime!
    Take care and all the best!

  54. Hey Jeff, thanks for the reminder. I think it was President Abraham Lincoln who said ” you can please some of the people, some of the time. But you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. Let’s keep our heads to the sky!

  55. I am a new member to your tribe. I friend recommended your book to me a few weeks ago since I was going to be traveling to Mexico. I loved it so much that I have read it three times that same week. Never have I been this motivated by a book since the Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris. Well Done as you have a fan for life.

    on another note, I have a really unique group of people to market to and would really like to get some coaching through this process. I have a list of over 6000 emails to this group that I email to monthly but have never tried to really sell them on anything and I think it is time to hit but I cannot get my mind focused on exactly what. Any recommendations or thoughts on how to proceed?

  56. I am like many others who have posted a comment, the big takeaway is to be yourself. Instead of agonising over copy and it ends up being too fluffy, too general. I think you are right, when you are 100% authentic you will attract and repel.

    I have seen myself as deeply spiritual and have had many amazing experiences but hitherto I have been selective about sharing. But that has ended! I will stop trying to impress and just express.

    Thanks for showing us who you are, great role model

  57. Jeff,

    I am loving being your student. I have finished 85% of the book and have implemented a few of you pointers already. They truly work! The survey was such a great idea – I was amazed at the responses! Thanks again – I am really looking forward to my launch in September…


  58. Awesome message, Jeff. Just what I needed to hear as I gear up for my first launch next month! Thank you for addressing my biggest fear.

  59. Jeff, I love what you say about being authentic, and marketing sharply enough to have haters. I’ve read Launch, really enjoyed it. Among other things, I’m a fiction author. I’d love to hear your take or a case study on marketing a non-content product. I’m think specifically of fiction books, something that it is a bit harder to pull your “message” out of and give free content away on. Have you had much success with PLF in this type of situation? Thanks for your help and for all you do.

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