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The reaction to the blog post about my book FINALLY being done was AMAZING. There were over 170 comments, and it was fun reading so many peoples' thoughts and ideas. So I shot this BOOK UPDATE video to share the real reason why I wrote LAUNCH, a preview of what's going to be inside the book, why the subtitle of the book is so long, and a lot more…

Since this is just the beginning of this story, I'd love to hear your thoughts – please leave a comment below…

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281 Replies to “The Real Reason I Wrote A Book (+ BOOK UPDATE)”

    • Really excited for your book Jeff. Congratulations on putting it together and launching it! By the way, the title rocks.

  1. Jeff:
    Can’t wait for the book or PLF Live. Just wanted to say that I like the dorky insecurity because when you strip us all down to the real people we are, we are all a little dorky and a little insecure and well…human. Best wishes on great success with the Book!

  2. Hi Jeff! Do you will ship this books to other countries??
    Very exited here!

    • Hi Gabriel
      YES! he will send his book to other countries.
      Im living in Thailand and I requested for the book.
      And I pay for the shipping fee and 2 weeks later, I got the book in a good shape 🙂
      Hope this will help you with your question

  3. Very exciting! there is nothing wrong being a millionaire by working hard, taking risks , having a vision and never give up! Congratulations.

  4. Oh, sorry, I just heard you say it in the video. You will be launching in 5 weeks. Lol. I’m looking forward to reading it! Good luck.

  5. Rebecca Johnson


    Glad to see your book! Have followed you for about three years, and I appreciate your transparency, knowledge, and excitement about/support of your students’ success.

  6. Sérgio Bandeira


    Congratulations for your book. I´m from Brazil and I want to know how can I buy your book,
    Sérgio Bandeira

  7. Great video- great title. Not too long, not even that dorky 🙂
    You’re right, PLF is about more than launching products (although we certainly have done that) it’s given me some great momentum to launch our company to the next level and to launch myself and my attitude into the next stratosphere!
    Changing lives IS what you do – thanks for the impact you have had in mine!
    I’m coming back for more – see you at PLF Live 2014 🙂
    I am looking forward to buying “LAUNCH”
    Rock on!

  8. Hey Jeff

    I am really excited to get a copy of your book, I have been a fan for a few years but the PLF training courses were too expenisive for me to get at the time. I’m wondering if it will be out in the UK on June 25th also?

    Many thanks and best wished


  9. Jeff, I’d be interested to hear if you’re worried about the book cannibalising your sales of PLF online. Particularly if you’re putting the bulk of the information from PLF into the book, which I’m assuming will be priced more in line with other marketing/business books?

    I’m in the process of completing my own book on SEO so this is all good for me and I’ll be following your launch strategies closely.


  10. Super excited for your book Jeff.. I’v been following you for a VERY long time now.. Iv put in all of what you teach in to EVERY product and service launch that I have done..

    Thank you!

  11. Mr. Internet Millionaire,

    Sounds pretty good Jeff, but it is just one of tens, perhaps hundreds, of descriptions that might be used to describe who you are.

    I like “PowerStroke F-350” myself!!

    Have had PLF since 2.0. Each iteration since has been a distillation, yet — with the changing technology, a bit to chew on.

    Really looking forward to your book because distilling one’s process to its fundamentals is one of the most difficult things to accomplish.


  12. Thanks Jeff from you student from Manila who uses PLF and has NOT gotten massive success but believes in the system enough to keep trying it tweaking it a bit at a time.
    I’m using stuff from both you with PLF and Brendon Burchard. Between the two of you I hope to earn enough to allow me to come to your live PLF event next year. Remember Jeff my target is the 10,000,000 global Pinoys in 97 countries with USA housing 2,400,000 Global Pinoys. Can PLF really reach out to them? With your continuous encouragement, now with your book, I say YES! So Manila, here we come…

  13. Jeff, I’m so excited about your upcoming book. Very cool. It is a lot of passionate work to get a book just right. I will be at the front of the line on the 24th to purchase your book. The reason I know it will be a Great Book is due to the Great Information you share in all your programs and blog post videos.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Jeff, when is the next PLF intake? Looking forward to the book. Hopefully there is a pdf or kindle download available?

  15. Look here brotha Jeff, I’m ALL IN with your book.

    I’m excited to see you add the NEW YORK TIME’s best seller tag to your plethora of street cred Kiddo.

    Show all of us how you want to ROCK this!


  16. I cannot WAIT to read about your MASSIVE SUCCESS, looking forward to the release of the book, and have been for some time 😉

    Great job on getting the work done Jeff – congrats!!

  17. The Product Launch Formula is among the few internet marketing documents that I keep near me all the time. It is so clear and complete. I am looking forward to the book, I shall buy it for sure.

  18. Great title, Jeff, glad to see you finally birth this labor of love. But what about a kindle version…? Like most online entrepreneurs, I’m too impatient for print!

  19. Jeff, I just really like your humility and authenticity. It’s so refreshing in this day and age. The title works and I think you made the right decision to “get over” the millionaire word…it adds credibility for those that need that kind of proof. I will be looking for your book!!

  20. Michael Paumgardhen


    Thank you for posting this video-introduction to your book ‘Launch’. Your candor is refreshing as well as your humbleness. Juliet Easton & I look forward to reading Launch & applying your real-world mad skills to our own new businesses. Have a great week ahead.

  21. Jeff, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more authentic than you.
    Right after I bought PLF I searched for any books you had – seems a great companion.
    The title is long and perhaps too broad – but “who cares?” Is the attitude – those who know your work appreciate the value it has inside. Awesome. Congratulations on your well deserved success and thanks for being such an inspiring force. Leading edge marketing for all of us. Super!

  22. Jeff, one of the reasons I’ve been following you for years is just how genuine you are! Now that you’re ready to launch your book, I’m glad to note that you haven’t changed one bit :)! All the best… can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

  23. Hey Jeff… nothing wrong with a bit of dorky kinda self-consciousness. And I suspect that you know as well as anyone, that people so desperately want to deal with honest, real people who are genuine, have a good story and are not driven solely by self-interest.

    I used to think network marketing set the benchmark for phoniness, but I reckon the IM world has taken dishonesty and hype to new lows. You’re in the infinitesimal minority, but it’s just so refreshing to see someone in IM who can actually be trusted.

    Nice job! Look forward to getting the book when you launch.

  24. Hands down…

    The biggest turning point in my life, and that of my clients…

    Thank-you Jeff. I look forward to the read…

    JK 🙂

  25. Patricia Slocum


    I, too, have a book out there. (One of the ‘yeah, it’s finally done’ moments). So, I say to you- good job! Keep up the good work and keep working all of the marketing scoops and angles. Champion style for you. What a hoot.
    Amen and thank God.
    Manchester, TN.

  26. Beatrix Willius


    Great video as usual. You can already hold your book baby quite well. Perhaps you need to color-coordinate book and t-shirt 🙂

    I wanted to pre-order the book on German Amazon, but there is no Kindle version.

  27. Getting ready to do the prelaunch I have learned from you. Unfortunately, I could not afford the plf program you had. Perhaps next time. I have several ebooks plus digital products on the way.
    I really appreciate you sharing your information that gave me hope and ideas to follow.
    Thank you, kindly,

  28. Congrats, Jeff. I am sure it will be a New York Times bestseller, especially if you are going to use Brendon’s strategy. Pretty exciting and it’s a coincidence that my book is going live on Amazon quite soon too.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to buy your book.

  29. Steve Nebeker


    One thing I’ve always liked about Jeff Walker, including this latest video, is that you don’t come across as a slick, polished salesman. You don’t look like a “High Rolling Millionaire”. You ‘re just an ordinary, everyday guy like us; casual and very relate-able! That is what is so appealing about you!
    Now, about your book. Congrats on finally becoming an Author! I too am writing my first book and so I’m wondering: How do you get your first book to become a #1 NY Best Seller?
    Is it because you have a massive following or what is it? How can I do that with my first book?

  30. Tony Robbins once said “It’s in your giving that you receive”. Jeff, you have given us PLF owners so much that I know this book will be another of your gifts and blessings to product launchers all over the world. Can’t wait to lay my hands on a couple of signed copies to give away as gifts.

  31. Hei Jeff, Congratulations with the book and the upcoming launch. I look forward to getting a copy. You must feel satisfied Mr. Humble Pie! Good on you! Bob at

  32. Marianne (France)


    I like the way you present things and yourself of course… Humility and Vulnerability are the 2 words that first crossed my mind listening to you… Good luck with your Launch ! 😉 and I’m thrilled to read your book soon now ! This is given me a good boost for mine ! Thanks…

  33. Hey Jeff!

    This is super cool. Congratulations.

    You describe this as something that has taken years. Our product (not a book) has taken more than three years so far and we’re hoping to launch before the end of the year. This has been longer than expected because of the scale of the thing being built and also because of the high number of challenges (retraining for example) and development obstacles that have had to be overcome. The need for strict secrecy throughout has also meant there’s been little opportunity to tell our story and build our list to date (though we have plans in place to remedy that later).

    So much of PLF, as we understand it, has been about being agile – creating a conversation, building your list, product, and launching quickly as possible. Yours and everyone else’s success is testimony that this works.

    MY ONE BURNING QUESTION: has your experience this time brought you any additional insight/surprise about how PLF might work differently, if at all, for the less-agile who are committed to the long-haul?

    – Phil

  34. Steven Brynoff


    Truthfully there aren’t many books worth reading anymore, but I can’t wait to get a copy of Launch. You have walked the walk, and now you are sharing your success with all of us. What a blessing.

  35. Carlos Akira Higuti


    Hello, Jeff Walker!
    Congratulations on the release of your book!
    I am also looking forward to have a copy!

  36. Great title!!! The subtitle is perfect; It says exactly what’s in the book. Can’t wait to put my hands on it.

  37. Hi Jeff,

    The title is perfect – love the short main title and longer subtitle (answers the ‘why you should read this’). Looking forward to reading Launch and sharing it with all of my followers. Cheers!

  38. Good stuff Jeff.
    Don’t be shy! Anyone who follows your stuff knows your a down-to-earth guy. You deserve the success!
    Looking forward to reading the book.

  39. Hi Jeff, love your humility and sincerity. I’ve no doubt your book will walk off the shelves. Just in case that’s a UK expression, I mean it’s going to sell like gangbusters 🙂

  40. Jeff,
    I am waiting with great anticipation to get your book!
    I have been told by a very respected internet guru that your book
    is well worth the money. He read it and was very impressed.

    I hope you make a Kindle version or are willing to mail me a copy, I live in Thailand.

  41. Hi Jeff,

    Glad you are enjoying this book launch! I’d go with more color on your videos in terms of your clothing, esp. your shirt. Small point it might seem, but this could have a big impact in terms of the reception of your videos. You could split test shirts! Keep it within your comfort/trademark “laid back look” zone, but a grey shirt on white takes energy away from the shot IMO. Eben’s a step ahead of you on using color in videos, and knowing him, he’s probably split tested each color (all solid and I’m sure he has his reason). lol

    I’d consider working with someone like Liana Chaouli, Lisa S.’s friend (she’s on Facebook). I really don’t enjoy buying clothes unless I find someone talented to provide the insights. Liana does virtual buying by Skype or in person for people and did not seem to be ridiculously priced. She puts clothes on stars on the West Coast, but is a down-to-earth person and talented. She did a bonus class for our (Lisa’s) mastermind group and the transformations were pretty incredible to watch. Resonance is resonance, so every parameter in a presentation has the ability to bring in or repel buyers.

    I appreciate your lifestyle choice. Living without pretense is a low stress way to presence in life.

    Launch that book to the moon!

    Best regards,

  42. Hi Jeff,
    what a fantastic video! I could sense your excitement about your book and it’s quite catching! I am sure that I am going to get it once it’s out and I look forwards to learning more about your path to success.
    Martina from Germany

  43. Hey Jeff
    many thanks for the early warning about your new book.

    I LOVE the juxtaposition of the absurdly short LAUNCH vs the ridiculously long subtitle – your are, as ALWAYS, brilliant mate!!!

    Kudos – you bring fun, excitement an passion to a cynical world. Please keep being the man that you are – we appreciate the real.

    best James.
    PS how do I pre-register for a copy – don’t care how much I’m buying one, period.

  44. I like it all from you. I like the joy expressed from doing something you love, which is obvious! I like that you are coming out! (being a neighbor, friend and someone who loves your work, it’s OK to be all of you)!
    The book, like you, will change people’s lives, and isn’t that in the end what we strive for?
    Rock on!

  45. From one author to another, “Launch” is a great title and I could not be happier for you. Please feel free to contact me if you can use some help getting the word out. I would love to get this in front of my customer base.

  46. Amit Sarkar


    I already placed a pre order on Amazon.
    Order Number: 110-4889423-5233847

  47. Aileen Raskin


    I hope I can get an autographed copy! So excited for you and to read it.

    • @Aileen: for the girl who called my retirement from the corporate world all the way back in 1989… yes, you get an autographed copy. 🙂

  48. Hey Jeff,
    Congratulations on the book and one of the things I love about the way you do business is your authenticity and willingness to tell it like it is, warts and all. Just pre-ordered the book from amazon and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  49. Not that I’m not looking forward to the book, I want it yesterday, yet there better be a huge upsell for this or I’ll be disappointed 😉

  50. Hi Jeff,

    I am a PLF3 owner. I can’t wait to read the stories in your book! I like the title especially the part “build the business you like” 🙂

  51. George Ochie


    You are an enigma. I like the way you invited participation in your book jacket design. Can’t wait to read your book.. Congratulations!

  52. Congrats on the book! For the first time, I am finally taking PLF seriously (I know, don’t ask!)
    I wrote a book several years ago and will re-launch again via PLF principles

  53. Hey Jeff,
    I only discovered you a minute ago, via Maria Forleo. I am really excited about having found you and can’t wait to put my hands on your book. Have pre-ordered! One thing is your book, the other is who you are. You are so genuine, you smell of authenticity! It is totally irresistible! So incredibly refreshing! The world needs more people like you. I just know that your book will be packed with valuable practical information. Much gratitude in anticipation 🙂
    Edua ( new Australian fan )

  54. Rinaldo Fiorini



    Finally you did it… The soldiers are getting on position, the WAR of excitement is in the air… trying to figure out how to tell my family, friends, affiliates, partners and many others about that book and title, i believe that i’m going to call “GIFT LAUNCH” , congrats and thanks for all.

  55. I truly enjoyed this video. It came out very authentic. I like the short title. I would add “it” as encompassing, the product, the book or anything else. LAUNCH IT! It will also come as a command, and you certainly can do that since you have a proven record as a leader and teacher in this area. Best regards,

  56. Julie Cairns


    Hey Jeff… BIG congratulations on the book! Can’t wait to read it. And by the way, I LOVE the internet millionaire bit. 😉

  57. Ordered a Free Copy, just can wait to see it in my Mail Box!
    Also thanks for the Tara and Dave story, truly inspiring as much as you are Jeff!

  58. bruce curran


    Thanks for your cheerful sharing of your upcoming written fulfillment soon to LAUNCH – all magic stuff – in your verbal videos may I suggest you become more conscious of the wimpy ‘pause phrase’ that degrades the English spoken word …which, now and then, you use frequently … which is well “you know” its “you know” …it is a pregnant dark ‘filler’ which is becoming more and more common in the debasing of a great lingo and language!

  59. Amazing Jeff.! Can’t wait to get my hands on your book, and Launch my product and ideas using your blueprint. Thanks..!!!

  60. Jeff, you are Spring Santa! More business will grow with energy of spring and summer- and the guidance of a good mentor. Thanks

  61. Jeff, you look like a proud pappa holding his first child while you were practicing holding your book. I’m glad you got through your “labor” of birthing the book. It sure was worth the birthing pain, wasn’t it?

  62. Jeff, have been following your blog quietly for a while.
    Your book offer shipped to the UK at that price was enough to break cover! 🙂
    Great stuff.
    Looking forward to receiving.

  63. Great Video!

    The Title must say everything it is intend to say!!!

    I just got a copy of the book… can wait to get my hands in too it!

    Thanks and… by!

  64. Thanks for the free copy book offer, just ordered. I’m one of those no biz, no product, no list lurkers and hope to get some inspiration and make something happen. Congrats on the book launch!

  65. Love that you’re so humble…and so excited about your book! What an achievement and labor of love…


  66. Dear Jeff, I’m really excited too with your book! I know it’ll change many lives, and I hope it’ll change my too! See you soon. You should be proud of it, really!

  67. Hi Jeff, I’ve just booked your book and I look forward to read it.

    I think that the value you’ll spread through it is in the foundation of your work based on concrete business experience, continuous improvement and honesty.

    I wish you all the success you deserve with this new initiative.

  68. Great job Jeff! Having an internet marketing book based on real world success is a breath of fresh air and is the greatest! Your subtitle does a great job describing it. Love that sub-title!

  69. I just ordered it and i can’t wait to have it in my hands! Amazing!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    Best Regards,

  70. I ordered your book! 🙂 Looking forward to reading and learning from you. I hope I can launch my new product with it’s content. 🙂 Thanks for taking time to write. 🙂

  71. I admire your simplicity and I salute your consistency. You are a channel of hope and strength and I thank God for causing our paths to cross.
    By the way, you are an internet millionaire and including that in your title doesn’t make you arrogant. It actually inspires hope in the hearts of those who are currently where you used to be almost a decade and a half ago. Well done Jeff. I celebrate you sir!

  72. Your a good dude Jeff. I can’t wait to get the book, devour it and use it for my retirement.


  73. I can’t wait to get your book! I have something to say & need to build a following.
    Survivors need my message. Recovery is not only making progress, it is taking one step!

  74. Xandra Breban


    WOW! Thank You for making the book, I can’t wait to learn the methods to make money online! i always wanted to have my own business and this is a huge stepping stone! Thanks again!

  75. Megababe Kim


    Hi Jeff,

    Title: Launch (Perfect! Precise, straightforward…. Amazing!)
    Subtitle: I agree too long! If you feel squeamish about saying your a millionaire, the next series of books you print just don’t say it. Sqeese the title and make it more ‘them’ oriented.

    I can think of ideas after reading the book. (Guess that will be after June 24th, plus the shipping days… Early July)

  76. Hi Jeff, I have been following you and others from the success CD’s 2 years ago and here I am finally able to afford my continuing education with your Launching Your List 2.0!
    I wanted to buy your Product launch formula but I really need to grow my list and could afford the $197.
    From what you have said it is exactly what I need to get it done. I am hoping to grow my list this year to over 3,000 quality members.

    ……….Best Regards……….Richard

  77. Jeff you are on the top of my list of IM mentors – you are very cool – ethical, honest, great value, I can’t wait to read it.

  78. Simone Shipp


    Congratulations! Amazing impact. I got mine – its on its way. Yeah…love your clarity, simplicity, constancy, authenticity…love it!

  79. Hi jeff,

    I’m looking forward to reading the book and taking massive notes!!

    I’ve never bought PLF, but I know just the book alone will head me in the right direction.


    Mark–up here in Canada helping musicians.

  80. Hi Jeff,

    I just bought two (free) books! One for me, I’ve been through several versions of your PLF program, and the other for my brother who just recently launched his business here in Sydney.

    Oh and I think the title is great. Better a long title that says something than a short title that means nothing!

    Looking forward to reading the book.



  81. Jeff, thank you so much for writing this book, I’m super excited to receive my copy in a months time. Having recently written and published my own first book, Igniting Success Beyond Beliefs, all about overcoming the limiting beliefs that stop us following something like Product Launch Formula, know how it feels and I encourage you to revel in it. Even though you’ve done all the amazing things you have, there’s something different and special about becoming an ‘Author’, enjoy 🙂
    And once again, thank you for being a light and a way-shower in the world of internet launches.

  82. The coolest thing you do is show us you are a real person! I am bombarded every day with so many offers that will help me get rich on the internet. I write a blog & have a facebook page because I have an end product, I market Nutrition products for a global company, currently in 91 countries. However, as Michael Hyatt says there is so much “noise” on the internet it is difficult to stand out, especially with Facebook constantly changing what they show to my friends & contacts. I have Brendon’s book, “The Charge” and subscribe to his newsletter. So wish you much success on your book launch!! Kay

  83. Diane C Williams


    Jeff, are you sure you are not Brandon’s brother? I love your enthusiastic energy! Real is always attractive to me! I am Still looking to publish my book hung up in processing graphic/copyright issues? Hope to be launching, 28 yr in the making, book by 11/25/2014. Thank you for your Smile, best of luck on your obvious amazing future. Aloha, Diane

  84. Jeff – congrats on the book launch. I shot a note out to my 48 Days Mastermind members to all grab a copy today. We’ll be discussing it in the weeks to come. Thanks for generously sharing the principles from PLF in a common man version.

  85. Jeff,
    Love the book idea and eagerly awaiting it. The title was great. I will say that in the offer, it did not say “END OF JUNE” until after I paid. I won’t get it until July, and I will be overseas…No book to read ( I suppose my family could read it to me over the phone). I would still of course buy… BUT MY LAUNCH needs to be growing even earlier… PLEASE feature MORE EMAIL RAMP STUFF than you even planned, to fill this gap. Thank you and also thanks to Brendon Burchard.

  86. Congratulations, Jeff!! You should be very proud of your book. Don’t change the title — it tells a reader what the book is about and why they should buy it. I already signed up for my copy through your promo. I am eagerly awaiting the launch date of the book but I have to say that I will not be waiting patiently. 🙂 I am very excited about your information and how it will add to my Life Improvement Plan.

    Thanks and again, congrats!


  87. Hi Jeff
    Looking forward to receiving your book. Am currently planning the launch of my first online product so this is right on. Much success to you and I know it will be a benefit to me also.


  88. Can’t wait ! After years of stop/start and really receiving no training from products bought, I’m looking forward to receiving your book and getting started. Thanks so much!

  89. Ann naimark


    Been watching you on videos for a while. Brendan bourchard told me to get your book. Andy jenkins and mike told me to get your book. You told me to get your book. So I’m getting your book. Thanks so much for being awesome and generous. You just inspired me to consider writing my own book. Been resisting that for years. Even though my dad told me to write a book. Your comment about reaching people worldwide in the last video hit home. Blessings and love!

  90. Hey Jeff

    I think your title is awesome. I’ve been looking for books like yours that teaches me how to launch a product online ever since 4 years ago. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    I look forward to receiving the free copy.


  91. Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us, Jeff. I just finished watching your video about your book. Your enthusiasm is wonderful and your humility is soooo refreshing.

    I hope to see your face on the streets of Durango sometime, as I will be moving there in late summer.

  92. Maria Breakwood Swap


    I am very excited for the both of us. You for writing and lauching your book and me for getting a copy and reading your book. I just know this is going to be a huge success!

  93. Hey Jeff, your entusiasm and downtoearth style come across very well, nethertheless I ordered your book because my inspiration Brendon suggested so. I am amidst the launch of a business blogging and online marketing tool implemented as a SaaS on WordPress. Without having any list yet, but with about 200 FB likes, not more. I am lacking heavily loads of content. Therefore I did not order your video course, as without loads of content, any list building is impossible. I have however some good explainer videos, but I am stlll searching for more and better ways to get the diversified messages about my product out tomthe ‘right’ people. Hope I get some more clues from your book.

  94. Thanks Jeff. Looking forward to reading your book and seeing if you can help me educate millions of people why personal hygiene IS important, and why they need to upgrade their bathrooms to the 21st century’s ‘Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer’. Hoping you can help me transform people’s lives Jeff. Here’s to your book’s success!

  95. Jeff, I just bought your book. I am glad I got it at this offer. I am sure it is going to do well and the price will shoot up so I am happy I got in on the early deal. Thanks.



    Well done Mr Jeff.
    Thank you for your honesty, love and sharing which reveals who you really are.It is only someone fueled by Love who shares the best he/she has help others and bring the best out in them to make the world a better place to live in. I am very excited and waiting impatiently to read your book.
    Many blessings on you and all you do.

  97. Hey Jeff, Just ordered the book, can’t wait to read it. But the end of June, damn…lol. Thanks again 🙂

  98. Hi Jeff, Thank you so much! I am looking a lot forward to get your new book in the mail. I think this is the right time for me with that teaching. And I like to say thank you to Jay Abraham, who introduced me to Brian Tracy’s teaching, and Brian Tracy who introduced me to Brendon Burchard’s teaching, and now Brendon Burchard who introduced me to this opportunity you offer, as he showed me how to get your book and to learn more about how to launch products online! I am so thankful for all the wonderful teachings from you and all those great business men! I like the fact that you are able to stay so down to earth and humble – being such a business success! Look forward to learn all I can learn from your book! May God Bless you!

  99. Hi Jeff;

    I’m just getting started as a Rejuvenator and am looking forward to learning a lot from your book. In your video you come across as a very authentic and likeable person. Here’s to all our creations.

  100. Hi Jeff, pretty excited–just placed my order for your upcoming new book: ” Launch!!” As I am very optimistic in its helpfulness in both knowledge and effective operation of my business– for productive growth and longevity!!! Congratulations & all the best!!! Thanks!

  101. I love your passion and your drive! Blessings to you, Jeff!! Stay humble and Confident…Congrats 🙂

  102. Hey Jeff, I just placed my order and I’m looking forward to reading it. You are the real deal and I know what you offer is real. This is coming at the right time when I’m for the first time after 7 years online getting ready to create and launch my very own products. Very excited stuff!

    God bless you!

    Franklin LaSalle

    Muchas Gracias…

  103. Hi Jeff! I love that you seem like a “regular guy” and not some know-it-all (even though on this topic you do seem to know it all!). 🙂

    I just pre-ordered your book and can’t wait to read it! Marie Forleo also just promoted you and your new book in one of her bonus B-School videos, so I know it’ll be awesome.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  104. Ya know Jeff, I gotta tell ya, I LOVE how natural you come across in your videos. Especially when you explain how much of a “normal” guy you are (I put that in parentheses because your success puts you in the realm of legends). I don’t want this to come across the wrong way, but it gives me hope that if a normal guy like you can do it, then why can’t I?
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom, your authenticity, and your art. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading the book!
    P.s. at the beginning when you were trying to figure out how to hold your book, all I could think was Ricky Bobby, the Will Ferrell character from Talladega Nights, being interviewed and saying “I don’t know what to do with my hands!”

  105. Jeff – I can hardly wait for your new book to show at my door !
    Got a copy through JB Glossinger .

  106. Hi Jeff
    I ordered your book…look forward
    to receiving it in the mail.
    When I read/study the book, I will be
    in better position to make a comment…
    which I will surely do.

  107. Rita Agnese


    Hi Jeff,

    This looks like really exciting stuff!!!! It seems as if you have really found your purpose and are full of joy and enthusiasm about it and that’s a pleasure to be around. You must have put a lot of work into it. I only hope it will work for my business as a performing and visual artist as it is not a “regular” small business. Congratulations on your book. Can’t wait to get it as I so very much want to share my ART with the world. I thank you. Rita Agnese ARTisteEXTRAORDINAIRE

  108. Brilliant Launch Idea and thank you all the way from Cape Town, South Africa! Looking forward to what I find when in my mail 🙂

  109. Thank you Jeff… I’m looking forward to reading your book. Thanks for the prelaunch offer of the book. Btw, I came to find you through Michael Hyatt’s post about you! In case you wondered 😉

    BigHugs Jeff!

  110. Jeff,

    Thank you for all your years of research and testing that went into making your book “Launch” a reality. This will be a springboard to success for everyone able to take advantage and action with what you share with them.

    Here’s to a success book launch; or something better,

    Joe Zarek
    Ummy Yummy Cheesecake
    “Saving the world through cheesecake; one slice at a time”

  111. You inspire me! I am a newbie to entrepreneurship and need all the help I can get. I am really looking forward to digging in to your book. I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable, and so authentically Yourself. I think your title works. Thank you Jeff!

  112. Kevin Hollands


    Hi Jeff,

    I am looking forward to reading your new book.
    I appreciate your honest up-front manner of business and the various videos and instructional videos you publish.

    Kind regards
    Kevin Hollands

  113. Hey Jeff

    Cant wait for the book to come out wish I had been on the pre-release list but I guess I was not on the right list ah well – cant wait and I know it will be awesome and life changing – I would in the music business and I want to take some of your launch concept to artists and bands as they too can create unique product launches but most expect someone else “the record company” to do the marketing – its time to change The Engine is coming

  114. Jeff, I love your relaxed style of speaking, as if to a friend. Very engaging. Looking forward to reading the book and learning a lot. I love the Launch title and the subtitle is necessary, as you say. May the book bring you even more success and encourage people like me to “launch” their dreams!

  115. Congratz on your book 😀 Once I get a hold of your book I’m going to use some of the great stuff you teach to get my own book out there!

    I really believe in this and can’t wait to read it. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience, Jeff 😀

  116. Hey Jeff I can’t wait to read your book. I placed my order and I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive so I can open presents. Congratulations Jeff and good luck.

    Jorge R.

  117. Hi Jeff, Warmest heartfelt congratulations. Your story is inspiration for me. I have several unfinished book projects in the chute, literally years in the making, and I want to finish and distribute them. The first and oldest is Getting to What You Want, Defining and Having It!, It makes me laugh when I see the title. The second is Applied Mindfulness and the third is You are What You Eat, All You Take in is You! I just need the why and the how will get me to the finish line I trust. Thanks for your inspiration and honesty! All the best, Bob

  118. Jeff, the book cover is awesome, most importantly you wrote the book with love and passion for all of US…and that makes YOU even more AWESOME!!! So congratulations and I’m looking foward to receiving my copy after June 24th, cant wait!!

  119. Jeff,

    I want to say I love your work and I ma looking forward to always learning more from you. Also, thank you for the valuable information you gave me on lighting, that you and your son did, before I started the Shattering The Silence Tour and Documentary Project, at Stay blessed my friend.

    Connie Lee/

  120. Kathy Lemak


    Sounds like the book is a conglomeration of my notes. I hope is IS a workbook of sorts. I’ve got to put this in action. Meanwhile, I’m working on the website, and still have to follow through on the blog. Getting there, Jeff. Tons of enthusiastic congratulations on the book!! Can’t wait to receive it.

  121. humility
    James Michener who wrote the novel Hawaii among many celebrated others lived in the same home his whole life. It did not have a swimming pool and was in a hot climate. Your video reminded me of him and I commend you on your genuineness and willingness to contribute to the peace, non-violent communication, and ahimsa of this local universe.

  122. I am so glad you’ve figured out how to make it easier for the rest of us. Your course is so much appreciated, now that I’ve found you. Thank you.

  123. I just ordered your book this morning. You sound like a real humble guy. I hope to learn a lot from your book.

  124. Yes! Now, this book will have me! Very glad inch by inch it will be investigated and implemented in my online business.

    Jeff, thank you so much for this titanic work.
    How long have you wrote it, Jeff, 5-6 or 7 years?

    Good luck to all and good mood! Forward and only forward …

  125. I’m not quite as excited as you but about as….I always take the long route of perfection to everything but I’ve promised myself this time, that I’m going to observe and follow the expertise you have recorded Jeff to the letter. Gulp!

  126. Hi Jeff, congratulations!!! , what you are doing is amazing. I already bought the book, I can´t wait to read it.
    I like the title, love the blue, and is nice to see you so excited with your launch :).
    thanks to share your knowlage with us 🙂

  127. I want to really thank you and the powers that be, for me to be on your mailing list I consider this a real privilege and i know you will do well. I pray that I can learn some thing from you as I have been a stubborn S.O.B. and I have been struggling since 1998 still not made the grade? anyway i sell a difficult product I know, but the principles must be the same. I pray a blessing on you in Jesus Name Amen. (revbrian)

  128. I can’t wait to get the book and read it. I saw your video and it seems like you gave it everything got. Congratulations.

  129. Hi Jeff,

    Awesome! Congratulations for your book.

    I’m looking forward to reading it.

  130. Hello Jeff, I feel like I can call you by your first name as the video is so friendly and genuine. I have long been interested in the internet as a business source of income and have seen lots of videos and spent money for some of them. Disappointed in all of them. Really looking forward to the book and if it is as you describe I will not be disappointed.

  131. Trevor Yannayon


    Jeff, the title is perfect! I can’t wait until my copy arrives. Thank you so much for creating this and sharing your incredible knowledge with the world.

  132. david asher


    Well done Jeff,it will do real well,very similar to the book i bought from Russell Brunsons”108 proven split test winners”…nothing like having a real good book one can pick up and read and share with friends,bring out more books in future ..ok.

  133. I am so excited!! Can’t wait to get my copy!!
    Jeff, your title is awesome, I LOVE IT. I also love your warmth and sincerity.
    I am almost finished creating my first ever audio programme (book to follow at some point) and have so many mixed emotions about launching it into the big wide world. You, your book and your message have come along at the perfect time for me. Thank you 🙂

  134. Just ordered your book, recommended by Brendon Burchard who proudly claims he’s one of your students! I think it’s a pretty cool sub-title because it’s true for you, so that’s all that matters! Look forward to learning from you. Thanks for sharing your success!

  135. Thank you for your wonderful free offer – the timing is perfect for me. I love your story and your generous sharing! That’s how we all learn from someone else that has paved the path and there you are 🙂

    Warmest regards,


  136. Hi Jeff, I just ordered my copy and I’m looking forward to reading it. Congratulations to you!

  137. Jeff

    I just ordered your book and I can’t wait to dive into it. Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch recommended you. And man! i’m glad I did follow thru. The timing couldn’t have been better. The title of your book had really nothing whatsoever( long or short) to do with my taking up your offer. In fact I didn’t take much notice of the title. What caught my eye at a glance, were the words, in this order; JEFF WALKER, LAUNCH AND FREE followed by a snap recall of Mike talking about you as a plf genius, best of the best. I’ve followed up on a few of Mike’s recommendations, all great reading with lots to learn. Taking product action hasn’t been activated YET, though I am quitting my job (forever) end of July so that I can spend more time learning and doing. I look forward with enthusiasm to being one of your students. Cheers

  138. Hi Jeff, your ‘insecurity’ is actually very personable and I really appreciate that you added those thoughts about your book! It’s sometimes hard to feel connected with ‘internet famous’ people but I like how you come across as a normal dude 🙂

  139. Hey Jeff,

    So excited to get your book. I just purchased it today. Defiantly looking foward to your bonuses and most of all receiving your book and diving into it at the end if the month.
    Thanks in advance I know this will help me get to the next level!
    Thanks again,
    Michael Pruiksma
    aka Modernized Blogger

  140. Hi Jeff,

    I bought PLF a few years ago and followed your instructions. I was scared to launch and didn’t do anything for a while. Then I wrote a post like I’m doing now and you wrote back and said “Do It Giselle!” So I did, and I was amazed that I actually made sales on my first try! Then I got hit with Hurricane Sandy and it almost destroyed me. I have since rebuilt and now need another shot of courage. My fear is losing people on my list if I mail them with an offer to buy something, so I never make any money. I guess I’m getting this at the right time because I need to make that leap of faith again.

    Thanks, Jeff!


    • @Giselle: don’t worry about losing them if you make an offer… the reality is that you might lose a few, but if they’re going to leave because you made an offer, then they aren’t doing you any good anyway!

  141. Hello Jeff,
    What a delightful humanbeing you are. I just ordered your book. I so look forward to the transformation.
    Kind regards,

  142. I just ordered the book and can’t wait to read it and see if I can apply his knowledge and start my own launch

  143. Jeff, Just ordered the book. I’m excited look forward to getting it. My story is similar to yours when you started….. except, I don’t have a wife at home and my two boys are grown. So, I need it !



  144. Jeff – I am really excited to get you book. I am based in the UK and as soon as I receive it I will be up all night reading it. I am hoping to launch my online programme in the autumn – so really excited to be able to learn from the best.


  145. Hey mate great title – and I’m loving the idea of the F350 – what a beast of a machine!

    Looking forward to diving into a copy of the book!

  146. Hey Jeff – I am so excited to get a copy of your book! I am working on my own launch and the timing in fantastic… thanks again – you’re awesome!


  147. Awesome Jeff ! Congratulations for your book. I´m excited waiting for it at the end of June here in Spain. Many thanks for your gift !!!

  148. HamboCairns


    This book is being published on my birthday. What a great present!

    Best of luck and I will be digesting and actioning with determination!

  149. Hi Jeff,

    I just took you up on your free offer and can’t wait to receive the book!

    Just had to make sure I put this comment here so that I can look back in a couple of months and remember that this was it! This was the day I first bought an info product and started on your paid members funnel.

    I’ll help spread the word, insha Allaah.


  150. Hello Jeff
    Congratulations on your book
    Can’t wait to read my copy
    Thank you

  151. Hi Jeff, I just listened to your episode on entrepreneur on fire so obviously I took advantage of that outstanding offer on your book. Can’t wait to get my copy. I know I want to do business online and see if I can find some success I just don’t know what I’m going to sell. I’m working a day job and a part time video production business I’m trying to get off the ground now making under 30k and I know I’m going to burn out fast. I hope this book helps light a fire under me so I can be my own boss full time. If you ever need any video production I would love to help out.

  152. Paul Glazby


    I was once told ‘keep talking for as long as you can stay interesting’, with that in mind, your subtitle is cool dude, can’t wait to receive the book, and best of luck

    Paul 😉

  153. juiced about the book, heard your interview on EOFire and was really inspired by your story. thank you for releasing all of this juice to the world!

  154. Hi… I´ve just purchased the book and can hardly wait to get it here in Brazil! Big YES to you Jeff for sharing your roadmap to successful business online with us. Looking forward to the Reading. Cheers.

  155. I just ordered your book for free; thank you! I honestly don’t know how you plan to retain your millionaire status when you’re just giving away your goods, but I am grateful! You see, I am writing a book to encourage families who want to break free of public schooling, but are fearful of homeschooling; the drawback is that I don’t know how to reach the people who could benefit from my experiences. I’m hoping your “Launch” will light my path.
    Hopefully, Heather

  156. Hey Jeff,

    I’m from Brazil and end up in your website by newsletters from Erico Rocha, wich sent a few weeks ago an interview with you.
    I ordered your book and I’m really anxious to get and read it!

  157. hi! Jeff
    It was a lovely surprise to receive your email with this precious launch book! I am seeking to change my life, open a business, I still looking for a product to promote but first of all I need to study, to struct and to understand the road I want to pave. I am from Brazil I have been watching Erico Rocha’s video about the formula The other day I watched the interview you gave to Erico. I am not too familiar with internet and with lists, but I am keen to build my lists and I will go step by step following your instructions.
    Many thanks. Lilibeth

  158. Hi Jeff, I just ordered your book and looking forward to receiving it here in a wee corner in the south west of Scotland. Congratulations on becoming a published book author 🙂
    Have a great week, David

  159. I love how open and down-to-earth you are. I heard about the book on Amy Porterfield’s podcast during your interview with her. I’ve been told that my business won’t work but I’m not even close to ready to give up and I look forward to reading Launch when it shows up in my mailbox. Thanks for all of the time and effort you have put into it!

  160. Hey Jeff,

    Thank you for offering this published work for free! I am really looking forward to reading late this month! Thanks for all that you do. I look forward to purchasing PLF after I read the book.

  161. I’m getting this book because I’m just curious to find out how it can work where I live – a tiny country known as ‘the little Red Dot’. Hopefully the ‘Launch’ ideas work just as well here. Thanks in advance for the book, Jeff.

  162. Andre Cayres


    Hey Jeff,

    I’m excited to read your new book.
    And I´ll want get an autographed copy too! 😀
    Congratulations!! (From Brazil)


  163. Jeff!
    I’m super excited about your book!!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on it!
    Your enthusiasm is contagious!!!

  164. Jeff,
    I loved the honesty, lightheartedness, and truth in your video about your book. It was really refreshing. I like “real”. You come off very real and approachable. I also like your title. As a writer and avid read, I know how important titles are. Also, the symbol with the title Launch actually speaks volumes before you read the subtitle. I’m excited to read it! Blessings, Heidi Jo

  165. Hey Jeff can’t wait to get your book so i can start to build my business. i’ve been out of work for 8 year i fell 20ft while fishing and i’m totally disabled. disability check don’t go to far. to many days with no food. Your book is going to be my ticket to more food on the table. thanks have a super fathers day. jeff

  166. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am looking forward to reading your book and learning. 🙂

  167. Hi Jeff!

    I think the title is awesome and the sub-title may be long, but it is a tremendous marketing campaign statement. I look forward to gleaning from the book’s content. Thank you for having me in mind when learning the process, tracking the results and then writing about it. After reading and then applying what I have learned I would like to know that I will hear the word awesome about what I have done. Again, thank you and I look forward to learning more form you!

  168. Larry W. Coleman


    Mr. Walker;

    I’m not sure If this a complement in your eyes but it is by my standards.Mike Dillard is the only person in networking period that I hold any respect for as to being able to believe unquestionably to integrity, as well as class. In less than 30 minutes I’ve qualified you in the same arena.The reasoning is your voice was clear concise,and believable.
    I ordered your book and would have jumped off the highest building in my town to have been able to take advantage of your course offer.( no mon-no fun).

    Total success with your launch,but feel you’ll be spot on as the God of my understanding takes care of the chosen ones who HONESTLY show others the way. LC

  169. Hi Jeff,
    So glad you finally got the book out. I have wanted PLF for a long time but could not afford it.
    I hope this book will be able to teach some of the things that everyone talks about in PLF.
    Good luck to you and I hope you sell millions of copies!!!!

  170. I am part of Ryan Elliason’s change maker biz training, and he recommended your book, so I just ordered it… I watched your video, and really appreciate how and authentic you are.
    I Am looking forward to reading Launch, and applying your proven principles to my biz!

    Many blessings and well done;)

  171. Hi Jeff,
    Congratulations! I did a book that came out many years a go. I know how long it takes to put together your life’s work in a book format. Your title may be long, but I like it. It gives you validation for what you created. I’m looking forward to getting into the book and using your tools. Hope you sell tons and tons, actually I know you will.

  172. Hi Jeff! I was just introduced to you a few hours ago from my mastermind partner and I am SOOOO excited to get a copy of your new book! I appreciate all that you shared in the video above and I’m grateful to have you inspiring and training me on a portion of my journey as well.

    Thank you for your great gift to us all and I’m looking forward to getting my copy soon!!

    THANK YOU!! and HOORAY for your massive success to comewith your new book!

  173. Hi Jeff,

    I was just introduced to you by Amy Porterfield. Three years ago I took the leap from corporate work to running my jewelry business full time. Although I’ve had a great response to my product I am really looking forward to reading your book and propelling my business to the next level. You are a great inspiration! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’m very excited!

  174. Hello Jeff – I love your authentic, down to earth personality. It instills a sense of trust in me that you are someone who can confidently lead me with a sincere, humble, yet matter of fact common sense approach. It’s refreshing to meet (well, sort of!), or rather stumble upon, a leader who shares equally powerfully from both the heart and mind. With this small taste of what you can offer, I’m excited to get your book in the mail, curl up with a big cup of coffee and get guidance on how to embark on my own prosperous business by helping make people’s inner and outer worlds a better place to live. Congrats on stepping out in such a BIG way for the whole world to grow.

  175. Waiting for your book.Hope it is good. Too many times i purchased something , received it and I was Asked $$.00TO PURCHASE SOMETHING ELSE
    Thank You

  176. Hi Jeff, just got your link, never heard of you until a few hours ago, you pretty much got me at “Hello”
    Thank you for your honesty it really shows.
    Can’t wait to receive your book.
    My theory, “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained” education is in the quality of information received not the volume.

    Best wishes for your LAUNCH!!!!!!!

    Thanking You!!!!!!

  177. Congratulations and thank you! Fortunately, I got your information from Martin Wales/The Customer Catcher who retained your services some time ago. After viewing your videos, I took the plunge and ordered your Launch. Your humility and confessional manner was indeed endearing. You actually have me believing that I can do it too.

    So, I do look forward to receiving and reading your book which sounds like it is packed with crucial information for one who does not have an online product but desires to have an online business.

    There is no doubt that your LAUNCH will be an astounding success!

    Your sincerity won my trust! Heartfelt thanks!

  178. Congratulations Jeff.
    I’m from Brazil. I’m very excited to read your book too.
    More one time congratulations. Success in your career.

    Good Bye.

  179. Hi Jeff!
    Definitely NOT dorky! Really like the title and CAN’T WAIT to read your book!
    Looking to launch a book and online business of my own very soon!

  180. Uh oh… I hope the book is a bit more succinct than this video.
    I might have just wasted $6.95.

  181. Eager to read the book for launching 4 of my new products that are targeted to consumers and businesses in the senior living segment.
    Rick Hunsicker
    Hunsicker Senior Living Services

  182. Jeff, I loved your honesty and passion you shared in your video. I believe you will have continued success. My firm is launching new social media marketing technology in the next couple of weeks and appreciate you sharing your knowledge! I hope to be a case study for you going forward.

    Best wishes,
    Tobin Hellums
    Toucan Marketing Solutions

  183. Saiful Yusoff


    Jeff, I woke up in the morning, opened my email and saw your mail about your free book deadline. Straight away, without hesitation, I ordered online. Can’t wait for the book to reach my front door by end of June ’14. I am new to your tribe. but I can see honesty in your business. 4 years of internet business involvement makes a man more wiser.

    Putrajaya, MALAYSIA.

  184. I think what you said in the video matters to me most, and that is, you’re going to show us how to do it. I like the name though.

  185. Congratulations, Jeff. You’re very well spoken and engaging – you deserve your success. And I think the subtitle is perfect. Can’t wait to read the book!

  186. Hi Jeff, this title is just awesome! “Launch” is so pretty short and cool, just like a hit in the middle of the eye. It attracted me totally. I knew already what it is about, as it was explained in the recommendation email received from Brendon Burchard. But someone who does not yet know, will be attracted by the short and smart title but will then need some explanation of it, and the subtitle does this in an amazing way. This is the ideal combination of short main title and explanatory subtitle. I love it. Great job.

  187. What great timing! I have done so much wrong on my launch. Much right on my self-publishing program, but launching, no! I can’t wait to read your book on my Kindle. Thank you!

  188. Hi Jeff:

    I, just like in your situation in the past, am a stay at home dad looking after 2 little boys while my wife goes to work and brings home the bacon to support us. I’ve learned a good bit this past 18 months and I’ve made money online, but no way near enough to tell my wife to quit and come home to her boys. I ordered your book from (as I’m in Ireland) and it will be here any day now.

    I really hope I can mirror your success (or even get a small fraction of it) because she’s the best and we want her home NOW!

    Thanks for your sincere efforts with all that you do. 🙂

    All the Best,


  189. Mike Sandburg


    Congratulations on your Launch! I bought the book on Kindle to seek advice on launching my own. For many years people have been telling me to write a book, and perhaps this will be the catalyst to re-kindle (pun acknowledged) my own desire to do so. Your story is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing both your wisdom and your excitement.

  190. Got a link from Perry Marshall about your book. I loved 80/20 and I think this will be a great read as well. I live in Australia, ordered the Kindle version, which came to my Windows Phone Kindle reader about 30 seconds later, no wait for the shipping and I’m already enjoying it.

    I’m doing the stay at home dad thing and need to utilize my time and developer skills to bring a blessing to our little world.

  191. I love your video. Your authenticity pours out of you. Looking forward to read your book. It sounds like what I need to launch.

  192. Hey Jeff, I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about buying a marketing book to be honest.

    I recently silent released a technical training on website creation and made a bit more than 200+ sales and that’s the first time I ever release something so now I want to take it to the next level, do the formal launch and I believe your book and bonuses will teach me the proper way to do the whole thing.

    Thanks in advance man and great video! 😉

    Sergio Felix

    PS. You hold books like a rockstar!

  193. Donald Williams


    Jeff, I just ordered your book, “Launch” and I’m looking forward to following your instructions into the land of internet marketing success. This book is so timely because I’ve got a couple of businesses that I want to launch using the internet. Thanks again for all you do.

  194. Has anyone actually received their ‘free’ copy yet? I paid shipping a month ago and am still waiting… just wondering…

  195. Marion Sharka


    Please don’t change a thing. Not color, nor fashion, or anything else. You are the first “real thing” I have seen in quite awhile. Please stay genuine. I can’t wait for my book to arrive.

  196. I just love the warm hearted and down to earth reality intro in your book, I am so excited to buy it, I get the kindle since i can’t wait for the mail to deliver it. Looking for it a my guide to launch my dream business in jewelry.

  197. I just got your book from Amazon – the kindle version. Your product launch blueprint was a very useful guide. Just started reading. Expecting a lot from your book!

  198. Daniel Rioux


    Hey Jeff, Got your book a week ago & I’m on the third read. All I can say is Wow. This book has appeared at a perfect time in my life. I’ve been wanting to take my passion online and found a good business model when I discovered Fuzzy Yellow Ball. Then I needed a good marketing process. And here I am. Awesome. Now I’m working at carving out the time to create my online product and figuring out the technology components. Thanks again… Dan Rioux

    PS – Love the title… the subtitle is great too :o)

    PSS – My only suggestion would be that you move this comment box to the top of the comment area. You have so many comments at this point that I had to scroll forever to get here… :o)

  199. kristina alexander -australia


    Love the book. it certainly demystifies the online strategy. you sent me 2 copies so my daughter is passionate about your book and already putting it into practice. Thank you for sharing your secrets.

  200. Daniel Ulin


    Superb work, Jeff! I’m really excited for you and equally thrilled to have purchased your new book. I really can’t wait to read it.

  201. Gilmar Gallassi


    Hi Jeff.
    I Live in Brazil. I got your book last month. It’s amazing. I’m delighted with reading. Thank you for sent it to me in Brazil.

  202. Hi Jeff,

    I have started reading your book and I can say it is great. Especially, because of the true stories behind it. I am a writer myself and would be proud to write so engagingly. So thanks for the book and the video. All the best.

  203. Hi Jeff – your book has been out for 2 years already & I’m finally ready to put to PLF to work! My sweetheart blessed me with the gift of freedom from corporate life two years ago, and now it’s his turn to come home. I can’t wait to be interviewed by you once have rocked our corner of the world with a several phenomenal launches! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!
    Many Blessings,
    Sue & Jesse

  204. Jeff, I just love the title and subtitle of your book. Sincerely, It`s all great. I`m using your formula to leverage my work as mom`s mentor and public speaker, and I`m sure in short time I`ll be able to reach you with my amazing results.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

    Blessings to y`all

    Rosana Kassamatsu

  205. So great a book! Thank you for sharing all your successes in the book! So adorable!

  206. Wow, this is an old video, which I came here from an email that must have been written 4 years ago. HA! This is proof that once you set it all up, it just runs on auto-pilot for years. Well done, Jeff, well done.

  207. I look forward to your book. I know there’s a millionaire within me, I have the product I invented and patented. I have your worksheet I pulled from my computer about 4 months ago. I am currently reading BUILDING A STORYBRAND, and that book is awesome. I’ve learned a lot, but I don’t need perfection, just a little push from myself and then I’m off to the greatness God has given me to share with the world!

  208. Julie Kilmer


    Wow Jeff!

    I am truly EXCITED and EAGER to get ‘Launch!’

    This is December 2, 2018 and I’m going through a lot of personal stuff right now. I was immediately attracted to your number…22 years! I’m breaking up with my soul mate of 22 years and struggling with a lot of GRIEF.

    I recently had a birthday and I know the Lord is leading me to bigger things. I CANNOT WAIT any longer!

    I’ve been studying a lot of ‘guru’s’ and watching HOW the internet and commerce works.

    Jeff…I have so many ideas that need to come to fruition. It’s TIME.

    Cant’ wait to get the book and LAUNCH my ideas! I need your HELP.


    Julie Kilmer

  209. Debbie Boggs


    I love your sense of humor at how to hold the book LOL! I’ve already purchased and I’m excited to get it and read it :)…I also love your down-to-earth humbleness…and I must add that I didn’t have the opportunity to purchase your Launch program in February, but that gives me 12 months to get prepared for the next time around and I just hope and pray nothing interferes with that!

  210. Jesús Guizar


    You are my hero man!!!
    I am reading you book and I am loving it!!!
    Thanks Jeff

  211. Greetings, Jeff! It’s a lot of fun! I simply can not wait to get my hands on my book. Huge congrats!

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