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Last year I wrote a note about this weird thing I call the “Discipline of Gratitude” – and it got a bigger reaction than almost anything I've ever published… so I decided to re-run it here now that I've got an “official” blog.

And I couldn't think of a better day to publish it than on Thanksgiving…

This is something I do my best to practice every day… but of course I’m not perfect (by ANY stretch of the imagination.)

But I've noticed a direct correlation between the amount of GRATITUDE I have during the day and how those days go for me.

I’ve also noticed that the more gratitude I have in my life, and the more I hang out with other people with lots of gratitude in their lives… well, the better and more graceful my life is.

And the more I'm grateful, the better I get at it.

So with today being Thanksgiving (at least in the U.S… if you’re outside the U.S., this holiday might be one of our greatest contributions to the world)… well, I couldn’t think of a better day to send this to you. I know that I felt inspired again just reading it – and I thought it might do the same thing for you…

Because I just had an incredible day. It was a day filled with family and close friends, good food, games and friendly (but fierce) competition, lots of time spent outdoors… all the ingredients for my perfect day.

It really left me feeling grateful… something I’ve been feeling a lot lately.

After all, my life has changed radically since I started my online business… when I started out, I just hoped to make $10,000 a year to help pay the bills.

Well, I’ve done a bit better than that. 🙂

My business has grown way beyond even my wildest dreams. In fact, when I look at the magnitude of it all, I just have to laugh at what’s happened – it’s almost hard for me to believe…

And that’s just the start of it. I’ve got a wonderful family – a great marriage and fantastic kids. And we’re all healthy and strong.

We live in a beautiful place – out in the mountains in Colorado – in fact, we live exactly where we want to live.

And I’ve got amazing friends who help turn my life into a crazy adventure.

I've got a fantastic team that makes my vision for my business happen with style and grace.

And that business has enabled me to help people from all over the world start and grow their businesses.

(That means a lot to me – I think that entrepreneurs are going to be the saving grace in this world… and I’m proud to say that I’ve helped a LOT of entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses.)

There’s a lot of people who have been able to quit their jobs and start successful businesses by following my teaching. I think that's really cool, and it's something I'm hugely proud of.

I could go on and on… but you get the point. Things are going pretty well. 🙂

So yes, I’m grateful. Very grateful.

And that’s important – because I’ve learned that being grateful is one of the most critical life skills you can have.

I call it the “Discipline of Gratitude”…

Now I know that’s a lousy name, because it sounds like a lot of work. But stick with me, because it’s actually really simple and easy… and all the benefits are pretty much automatic.

It’s just a matter of consciously taking time on a regular basis to acknowledge everything you have to be grateful for.

And trust me, we all have LOTS to be grateful for.

Please humor me on this… just take a few minutes right now, and reflect on FIVE things that you're grateful for. If you want to be an overachiever (and feel even better), than think of ten things that you're grateful for.

Now this is even more powerful if you actually speak those things out loud instead of just thinking about them. And it’s even better if you write them down.

Go ahead… do it right now. I’ll still be here when you get back.

When you’re ready, scroll down.

So how did that feel? Do you feel happier? Lighter? More alive?

This really is a wonderful exercise to do each morning when you wake, or at night when you go to bed.

But here’s the magic part – when you exercise the Discipline of Gratitude you will not only be happier… but you’re going to start to achieve more in your life.

Now I know this is starting to sound really “out there” and “woo woo” – in fact, I almost deleted this entire note because I know a lot of people won’t think this has anything to do with business and marketing.

But trust me, this is powerful stuff. I have experienced it over and over in my life.

It comes down to this: you can go through your life with a chip on your shoulder, looking to blame other people and wondering why things aren’t coming easier to you… or you can go through your life feeling grateful for all you have.

It’s your choice.

But I’ve been around a LOT of super-successful people, and they pretty much all fall on that “gratitude” side of things.

Bottom line – if you want to achieve great things in your life (and great success), then the Discipline of Gratitude is one of the key life-skills you need to master.

The good news is that it’s also one of the easiest. And you'll be a lot happier for it. 🙂

Have a happy and loving Thanksgiving.

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119 Replies to “The Discipline of Gratitude”

  1. Thank you Jeff!

    I’ve been using a very similar routine with my morning thoughts! Not only does it feel great – but appreciation and gratitude are the gasoline of creativity – and good things flow!

  2. You got it! Whatever season of life we are in, it’s good to greet the season. To find the beauty in the day and to know that there is hope in tomorrow.

    Happy Thanksgiving Jeff!


  3. Jeff
    Certainly a very timely post!
    You couldn’t be more right about this advice either. I’ve noticed the same in my life and in my business. There is nothing more rewarding then being able to help someone realize their dreams. Focusing your time and energy on those who do do have a positive and great full attitude will in turn feed your feeling of giving….it’s a great cycle!

    Keep it up
    & Happy Thanksgiving

    Matthew Shields

  4. Great post, Jeff. Although I have not reached all of my business goals, yet. The “Discipline of Gratitude” really resonates with me on a number of levels, including business and my personal life as well. Thanks for the post and the exercise.

  5. Jeff,

    this is great. we all focus on doing more in less time and often forget to see the bright side of life, what we already have and what we achieved so far. one will be super happy to get back what he had yesterday and never used it in case of losing it 🙂 ..

    so this simple exercise is a great way to start my day and see things brighter.

    Happy thanksgiving,

  6. Guy Yang-Ting, from Paris, France


    Thanks Jeff,

    What you’re saying is so true! Thanking life for what I have fills me with ever renewed energy! This energy gives me the ability to do more and make stronger choices, with greater confidence. Another benefit of being grateful is humility, which helps be more considerate of and helpful to others.

    Again thanks for sharing this! It feels great to read from others like you, who live like that. It’s a great encouragement to be even more grateful and keep learning how to do it ever more often.

  7. Mr. Jeff Walker,

    I have heard of this mostly described as having an “Attitude of Gratitude” in all that we say and do. However you wish to title it, I believe it is absolutely the BEST way to live your life.

    Thank you!

  8. Hi Jeff. I remember this from about a year ago. A brilliant note that got me thinking about all the things I had going for me.

    Thanks for posting this on your blog (bringing it to my attention again).

    I would like to post the 5 things I am most grateful for in the hope that others will follow. Sharing this could help us all realize how lucky we are as a group of people.

    Here it goes:

    1) My personal belief in God.

    I am religious and believe that God has (and does) assist me through the tough times in my life. The guidance I have received from the various scriptures has been invaluable in navigating through both the good and bad.

    2) My family.

    I have been blessed with a very loving family. We have been spared many dramas. I am lucky to have avoided many of the negative influences that others face (from their family).

    3) My friends.

    For me loyalty is paramount. I have been blessed with some of the most loyal friends. It is a great asset to not have to worry whether or not someone will be your friend tomorrow.

    4) My health.

    I have been blessed with an almost perfect bill of health. I have not had to go to the doctors in almost 9 years. To this I am infinitely grateful.

    5) My country.

    I am from Australia. Many Australians have the same pride for their country as Americans have for theirs. Living in a free and somewhat prosperous country is an opportunity granted to relatively few throughout the history of mankind. For my part in this great country of Australia I am very grateful.


    Hopefully this will inspire a few of you guys to share what you are grateful for.

    To Jeff’s American readers (as well as all those who celebrate thanks giving) I wish you all the best during this holiday and much success to you all.


  9. Thank you for sharing your Wonderful story, I know what you are talking about and its true. I also love to share of my love – gratitude, and it is wonderful.

    We are not created to resist anything: we are created to Grow through Everything.

    Conscious creation is the act of making conscious effort to create the life you want.

    Sending Love and Light, Beauty and Joy…)

  10. A posture of gratitude has always worked for me. It’s a comfort to read your shared sentiments. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

    Continued success to you!


    PS: How are you enjoying Mark Twain’s autobiography? Any insightful gems yet?

  11. Mohammad Asaduddin


    Thanks for reminding us about feeling gratitude on this day and for that matter every day. All religions teach that.

  12. I’ve learned over the last few years that what we all need is an Attitude of Gratitude. Makes life a little happier, sunny and soooo much more.

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  14. I think that it in part has something to do with the law of attraction. When you recognize those things in your life that are good, instead of all the bad, more good things will follow. And as you express your gratitude to others, you certainly reflect more positivity back to yourself.

    Wishing everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving a very happy & healthy one!

  15. Yep – a great practise and one we should ALL do everyday! I have started this but have not been consistent – So thanks for the article as it has prompted me to get more consistent! Starting today with a journal to physically write it all down! How great it will be to read it back at the end of the year! happy thanksgiving to those across the Atlantic!

  16. Yep, this practice definitely works! I begin and end each day with what I call my “gratitude practice,” where I speak or write at least 5 things I’m grateful for that day. Some days it feels challenging to come up with 5, and other days it’s hard to stop at twice that many! But even on a “bad” day, I realize that I have lots to express gratitude for, and it always, but always, puts me in a more joyful, positive frame of mind. I highly recommend this practice!

  17. Its amazing how I just completed writing out a very similar newsletter as your content and then went to check my email and here was your message. Gratitude is an attitude of abundance.

  18. It is too easy to forget all the abundance we have around us… but if we compare our lives to our ancestors 50… or 100… or 500 years ago, we have so much! Yet we often get lost, not remembering how much we have.

    Gratitude takes us out of that spell, and reminds us! I try to do this all the time, and like you, the more I do it, the more my life flows and my business “works”.

    Thanks for the inspiring reminder!

  19. Great Post Jeff!

    This is a big part of the process of success. I move through my gratitude list in the morning. It is a great way to leverage the rest of my day. It seems to steer the direction of things to come.


  20. Hey Jeff,

    thank you for sharing so much of your experience and giving back.
    Thanks and an awesome day for you and yours! 🙂


  21. Hi Jeff, Happy Thanksgiving day!

    My 5 things with great gratitude:

    1. My family member’s are in good health and I live with them. Thank you.
    2. I learn a lot from great business people like you, Frank, Eben and so on. Thank you.
    3. My eyes were opened by the possibiliteis I can achieve. Thank you.
    4. I have good friends, who can work and laugh together. Thank you.
    5. I know that, with continuously learning and take action, I can achieve anything. Thank you.


  22. Happy Thanksgiving to all to my neighbors.

    Thanks for the post Jeff reminds me of this poem by Rumi

    This being human is a guest house.
    Every morning a new arrival.
    A joy, a depression, a meanness,
    some momentary awareness comes
    as an unexpected visitor.
    Welcome and entertain them all!
    Now, begin to say gently, “Welcome anger, welcome pain, welcome fear..” (or whatever it is)
    Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
    who violently sweep your house
    empty of its furniture,
    still, treat each guest honorably.
    He may be clearing you out
    for some new delight.
    The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
    meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
    Be grateful for whatever comes.
    because each has been sent
    as a guide from beyond.

    Let’s help each other to see that it’s really not so difficult to be grateful. This is our true nature, nothing foreign. We just have to see that the struggle isn’t working, it’s a war we will never win. Then we can be here, present and grateful just like this.

    In kindness

  23. Jeff- wonderful post, you are so right… I have another name for it I borrowed from Esther & Jerry Hicks and it’s called “the rampage of appreciation.” Whenever I might be feeling low, I stop and think of all the things I appreciate, I’m grateful for and just feel sooo much better.

    It’s amazing when I take time before I go to sleep and when I get up to either write down, or just sit quietly and list all of the things I’m grateful for, how much this has enhanced and changed my life. It’s so simple, yet so powerful! Thanks for sharing this again on a bigger scale.
    Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!

  24. Jeff,

    Thanks for letting me take some time to reflect on my business but especially my life. I’m thankful for what I now know, which is what I should always know to have “Gratitude.” Thank you Jeff Walker and Happy Thanksgiving.

    – Luka Yang, MN

  25. It is interesting how many people see this world as a mundane place ruled by science when in reality it is ruled by magic. Gratitude is a magic that opens hidden doors. It takes the mind back along the pathways from which all your gifts have come and opens you up to receive future gifts that are already on their way to you.
    Be grateful for today and expect the best for tomorrow. The things you manifest in your life are not the measure of your efforts but the measure of your gratitude, expectation and efforts.
    The world is full of potential and you now know how to tap into it.
    Thank you, thank you , thank you.
    Bob Polan.

  26. Thanks a million, Jeff for a great reminder. This falls uner the category of “it worked so well for me that I stopped doing it” at least a dozen times. Thanks for reminding me. You might even decide to just post this every year to help us remember. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  27. Great post… and not everyone will see the power in this. I posted on my FB page that I’m grateful for friends… family… life and opportunity. I’d like to add one more and that is I am grateful for understanding my shortcomings and affirming my desire to improve myself a second… minute… hour… and day at a time.

    Thanks Jeff.

  28. We in South America do not celebrate Thanksgiving and maybe that is why we are still an underdeveloped continent. We should celebrate it wil all our hearts.
    I am a positive person and always try to see the good part of things, but I never thought of having a Discipline of Gratitude.
    I already started with the 5 things I am grateful of, and believe me I will do it every night before sleeping and every day when I wake up.
    T H A N K Y O U !!!!!

  29. Spot on, Jeff. I’ve had a gratitude practice for many years and it makes all the difference in the world as to how happy I am, no matter what’s going on externally. My practice consists of not allowing myself to get out of bed in the morning before I’ve acknowledged being grateful for ten things. I also have a little booklet near me all day where I can jot things down that I’m grateful for, as they occur. I have often expressed gratitude for the PLF course, and now I get to thank *you* for making such a huge difference in my business life!

  30. I have practiced Gratitude in my life for the past 5 years and I know unequivocally that this is what has helped my life to expand massively. In the moment you find the blessings in life, the more is added unto you. Its kinda like going down to an ocean and scooping up water, except every time you go to the waters edge you magically have a larger bucket. A Grateful Attitude = Gratitude! Big Hugs to an abundant Thanksgiving to everyone on this thread and all of your families Worldwide!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!
    Alex Karis

  31. Jeff,

    HappyThanksgiving.. But more importantly, I appreciate you not trying to extort your subscriber list on this Thanksgiving Holiday unlike some of your tacky, greedy colleagues! (Can you tell that I’m just a bit irritated waking up to sales pitches in my email box today?).
    With that being said. I love that discipline of gratitude post. If you don’t mind I think I’m going to use it today at my family gathering…

    Live Well,

  32. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I think your “Discipline of Gratitude” is a great name for this most effective and truly helpful step to take for becoming successful in any walk of life.

    Larry Brady

  33. Jeff: Thank you for reminding me how magical gratitude can be. I’m generally the type of person who’s always grateful for the even the smallest things. And you know what, things have always worked out for me, eventually. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season for all of us and many more. 🙂

  34. I took Jeffs suggestion- started writing all the things I’m grateful for.
    The list got longer and longer- and if it wasn’t digital — would have flowed right out the door!

    So many things I took for granted -that with my open eyes now  I see

    Gratitude really is the happiest attitude so –


    to you all from me!!!

  35. When I express gratitude and love, I am allowing the voice of God to speak through me.

    I am most thankful for the ultimate grace of knowing and expressing this awareness.


  36. Thanks Jeff, this is a good reminder for me,just listing the friends that I am grateful for led me to call one immediatly, just to say hi & I appreciate you.
    Sometimes we are so caught up with what is not going right for us that we ignore the many things that are going right. Thanks again, great article

  37. Morning Jeff. Durango is about as good as it gets. I’m trying to eventually get there on a permanent basis I’ve got a kid going to Ft. Lewis and it’s right now something that I’m very grateful for. She gets this amazing experience of being there and I’m thankful for the built in excuse I get to visit Durango!

    Best to you and your family. Thanks Jeff.


  38. David Ndegwa


    Jeff, This great ! I will practice this from now on for the rest of my life and I am sure I shall some good news to report to you in a weeks time.
    God bless you!

  39. Recognizing and exercising our “power of choice” is one of the greatest gifts to be grateful for daily.
    I could not be where I am today on an awesome path to happiness, health and financial freedom without it.
    We together can move many in a positive direction by using our spiritual gifts to passionately serve others.
    Thanks Jeff…keep the valued posts coming our way.

  40. Thanks Jeff! You’ve inspired me to express my gratitude in a special post today to my fellow alpaca enthusiasts. Six years ago my husband and I “re-invented” ourselves when we left the city and moved to the country to raise alpacas. Now with a herd of over 50 we are so grateful for every day we share with these incredible animals and keep warm with the items made from their fabulous fleece. Showing this gratitude becomes a daily expression of our living our dream… sharing this belief that it’s possible for anyone is our inspired goal.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    Julie Roy

  41. Im Grateful for being around awesome & supportive people, and for being in a position where i can now fulfill my lifelong dreams

    Peace ~Z~

  42. GRATITUDE! Right on Jeff. Until we learn to surrender to a life of giving without expectation we will never be free. Often during the day, I will pause, take in the landscape, above and beyond, and simply give thanks for the awe inspiring wonder of it all. We spend our lives chasing the all mighty buck wondering why it is so difficult to get ahead of the game when the secret to it all is giving it all away. Thanks again for the reminder of giving thanks for the simple things in life.

  43. It’s amazing how many organizations will only use money to show gratitude and appreciation. When management takes time to look someone in the eye and give the employee a sincere “thank you,” it makes all the difference in the world.

  44. Jeff, Thank you for helping us stay balanced by attending to the good things we already have in life.

    I am thankful for these things today:

    1. My family and the uniqueness of each member.
    2. Friends who bless us with caring, and who also bless us by giving us the opportunity to serve when they have needs.
    3. Financial stability and ongoing opportunities.
    4. My country, the USA, that thinks it is important to stop and thank God and each other.
    5. Psalm 103:10– He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.

    However you celebrate Thanksgiving, may you all be blessed!
    Sue Hull

  45. Thanks jeff.

    We don’t have the kind of Thanks Giving celebrations here in Scotland as you do in the US. But I do enjoy a personal nightly expression of gratitude as the last thing I do before I go to sleep. It simply involves recalling six happenings of the day that I am most grateful for. And I am grateful that more often than not, I have a good night’s sleep – just as you do.


  46. Thanks, Jeff, and Happy Thanksgiving! I try to keep a gratitude list to help me on those days when I start feeling sorry for myself for one reason or another. I just have to look at my list and realize how very blessed I am. It does work.

  47. Agree, i do his all he time, especially when i am falling to the dark side and thinking i have no purpose in life or i am no aprecciated. Then i am starting to find things i am greatfull for and also that no matter what, every experience even the supposed bad ones are usefull and a gift that will guide me through the meaning of my life, i say thanks for everthing, just living all by it self is a miracle and the best reason to be greatfull.
    thanks for being alive
    thanks for being able to feel and do
    thanks for all the people in my life, including you jeff
    thanks for everything i have,others have and everything i will have and expirience
    🙂 i am greatfull

  48. Thanksgiving Greetings Jeff!

    Great article, and something we all need to mindful of each and every day we spend on this planet. We should be especially grateful for the people in our lives…and we should tell them so, often. Everyone wins!

    All the best,


  49. Dr. Emma Jean


    Jeff, God bless you and thank you for the encouragement of “gratitude”. It’s surely a wonderful principle. On this past Saturday, I was speaking with a small group of over 200 precious people. When I started emphasizing “gratitude” everyone seemed to light up even more than they already were,
    You are a blessing and you enjoy living and modeling this enriching truth. Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family and other loved ones. Hope to see you soon.

  50. Jeff, I enjoyed your thoughts on this topic. A spiritual leader that I am familiar with put it this way, “To express gratitude is gracious and honorable, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven”.. Thomas S. Monson

  51. I call it Blissipline, not discipline…;)

    I’m grateful for:
    My man Johnny, and the family we are making!
    My Two pooches Banjo and Vali – they’re always happy to see me!
    My friends and Family
    I’m grateful for all the s#!t that’s happened in my life, good and bad, for it has hsaped me to be the woman I am today
    I am grateful for my community.

  52. Loved your comment, the Thanksgiving “holiday might be one of our greatest contributions to the world.” This is SO true! I have been part of introducing to non-American friends and they all agree it is a wonderful happiness holiday and wish they had one, too!
    Thanks, Jeff, for writing this. One of the things I’m thankful for this year is the opportunity to have gone to PLF in Phoenix. The mind shift and the energy creation were, indeed, life altering.
    Best wishes for a continued happy holiday to you and yours. Go Spartans!

  53. Grateful and Thankful this ThanksGiving Day for you Jeff Walker.

    For who you are and your contribution to the world.


    Daniel Stoica

  54. When you are coming from a place of gratitude and love, what you do in your thoughts, emotions and expectations determines the experiences we will have. So, when you love what you’re doing, you are actually attracting your highest good to you – you are attracting success. I am very grateful for my family and my business and …
    I am thankful for you Jeff! Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!
    -Kathie Maclean

  55. Y'vonne Cutright


    This is a wonderful message for this day – thanks for resending it. I do practice daily gratitude and it does make a difference, a big difference, in how I feel the rest of the day -you are so right about that.
    I wish a wonderful day to all, and not just today but everyday.

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  57. So True!!! And feels so good to feel grateful. Thanks Jeff and to all the grateful thoughts in the world!

  58. Thank you for Enlightening message Jeff and value of comments. We all talk about importance of being grateful – lets practice gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving with Gratitude

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  60. Kevin Manion


    This was a terrifically powerful thought. Gratitude, the attitude and related thoughts, can be summed up in one word… THANKS. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing with us these wonderful “Thanksgiving” words. Thanks a million!

  61. As we are Canadians, you will know that our official Thanksgiving Day is about six weeks ahead of yours, but because the two countries are so intertwined, we get to celebrate both. Both my wife and practice your attitude of gratitude each and every day just before bedtime. Each privately as we have so much to be thankful for in our lives. It is one of the most important parts of our day. You are right on the money !
    Keep plugging away at your message.

  62. Paul S. from Austria


    Hi Jeff,

    for bringing PLF & PLM to me 🙂
    Thanks for the AWESOME event in February in L.A.

    I am grateful for my life, my wonderful kids, my lovely wife, that all of us are healthy, very good friends, my parents, the country I’m living in, the possibilities and abilities that I have!


  63. This was a great and timely post. The troubles that I face become insignificant, when I wake up in the mornings glad to be ‘above ground’. I’m grateful for my wife, my family, God, my friends, my business, good health, a stable family life, my home, my clients and my optimistic outlook. I give thanks for all of them.

  64. Bonjour Jeff, If we all could just bottle this and give it out to others and if they partake that would be something ! I’am thankful everyday. Meric

  65. To be honest, it’s only people like this that I take any notice of. Women have this side more than men, so I’m pleased to see it in you. I can’t get anything out of those people without this sense of ‘something greater than themselves’, that something that is intangible. The humbleness that comes with it. I call it self development or spiritual development. It comes down to the same thing in the end.

  66. I’m glad to have known you, some people don’t have the opportunity to know
    great people like you..

    Thank You


  67. Jeff,
    I whole heartedly agree with what you said. I grew up in a house that certainly honored that sentiment. However, as my Father( pastor) would say in a realistic way “that’s easy preaching, and hard living”, basically meaning that it is easier to talk about it than it is to live it. On that note i will say thanks for the reminder and it will help me resolve, no matter how hard things get to always allow gratefulness to be at the top of my list.

  68. Joe Johnson


    thank you Jeff,
    I woke up this morning at 6am when the alarm went off. as a practice for the past few months, I stay in bed long enough to repeat my gratitude list from the night before I make my new list then get out of bed. normally this takes only 5 minutes but today I was so full of gratitude that I ended up falling back to sleep until 9am. the last number I remember on my list was 36. this tells me that this discipline is working for me.

    thanks again
    Joe Johnson

  69. Jeff, the truth you hit on is universal. Our destiny is to realize our worthiness and gratitude is a sure fire path to that goal.
    Thanks for your insight,

  70. Awesome post! I have a “Gratitude Journal” and every day write up 5 things for which I am grateful.

  71. Yur words really touched me. We need more people like you in this world practicing your philosophy,and perhaps peace among all nations will be that much closer.

  72. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jeff — as always, these messages come at the right time.

    Sometimes we get so focused on what we want, we forget to remember how to be grateful for what we have got.

    My project for this week is to get myself a gratitude journal – I like that idea as it becomes a daily ritual and what better way to start and end the day – with gratitude.

  73. I am grateful to you, not only for this but for the other blog posts and material that you send to us.

    Gratitude can be two sided, as you say it helps us to be aware of and grateful for the things that are good in our lives, but it also helps others if we tell them what it is about them that we are thankful for. Saying thank you for a job well done is a great motivator for the person being thanked and helps cement the relationship between the thanker and the thanked making for a better relationship in the future. So let’s also remember to give others our gratitude so that they can feel good too.

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  75. Hi Jeff,

    Yes, the discipline of gratitude truly does work. I’ve had a daily practice for over a year now and it has been transforming. I have actually started a speaking business based on harnessing the power of gratitude. It works on every level. I’m so glad you shared your experience, I hope that many of your readers will follow your advice and start their own practice. It’s amazing the power that this single practice does in your life.

    Happy Thanksgiving (every day)

  76. I was in Honduras two winters ago now when gratitude finally started to take hold. It went from a concept in my head to a truth in my heart. I always wondered why I struggled with acceptance, gratitude, grace and stuff like that so I prayed while I sat by the ocean most mornings for guidance and that eventually became an attitude of gratitude. Maybe I just took in the peace and tranquility, who really knows…. But it worked and it sure didn’t feel like work or anything difficult, but it was nevertheless a daily routine that became a discipline, which ultimately became a huge difference maker.

    Thanks Jeff for your insights and Happy Thanksgiving!

  77. What a great way to start the day a rollin’… Gracious thanks to you, Jeff, for the wise and wonderful words and the unbeatable feeling of gratitude.

  78. I am grateful for Jeff Walker who has been attentive to my special needs when I purchased his product. In this world of internet marketing, I am often ignored which has placed me on unlevel playing field.

    Aside from praising Jeff Walker, I am grateful for my family who love me, the opportunities the community has provided me to grow in different disciplines, and my inner resilience that helps me stand up against injustice I received and those who saw have been inspired and joined the force to make this place a better place.

  79. Thank you for the reminder. Being grateful everyday creates positive energies, brings peace and calmness and attract the same into my life. Thank you for sharing:)

  80. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you.This is that it need for us.Happy Thanksgiving!
    Your Vladimir

  81. I could not agree with you more. Blessings abound, and when we are thankful and express our gratitude at the beginning of each day, sunshine and rainbows follow us. Try it, you’ll like it.

    THANKS, Jeff, for stating it so clearly at this particularly suitable time of year.

  82. Thanks Jeff…. great reminders … am particularly happy to see it as a “business discipline” because gratitude does matter and if we can practice it in all aspects of life then the world will indeed be a better place … and you are “spot on” … entrepreneurs are the ones who are going to “solve the world’s problems” not just because we are creative, energetic, hard working, open to new ideas (to just name a few), but because we are also drawn to collaboration and sharing which benefits all vs “just one.”

    Thanks again for a great post!

    • @Sanjiv: very well said – I think it’s that collaboration (and exchange and sharing) that’s drives the human race forward.

  83. Jeff,
    Awesome post, as usual, thank you for the great message.

    I’ve learned this concept and try my best to apply it every day (and it really does take discipline!) I definitely began to see tangible change for the better once I started doing so.

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


  84. Bev Gleeson


    Thank you Jeff. I also needed that reminder a most important message to remember daily. The very best to you and your family and friends.


  85. I totally agree!
    It is not woo, woo, but real. Expressing gratitude for everything I have in life and I WILL have and want, does make me feel very fulfilling . It also make me feel good to carry on well in my personal and business life. Writing down, makes it all the more better. Thanks Jeff. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

  86. Living with an “attitude of gratitude” is well worth cultivating. Thanks for reminding everyone, and taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings about it. May the holiday season and beyond bring serenity, peace, love, gratitude and the good health to appreciate it all. All the best, Loren

  87. Hey Jeff,
    Great post, you are right on point! Our home was recently destroyed by fire but
    since that night we have been much more grateful for so many simple things
    that we have taken for granted in the past.
    Being as grateful as we have has already opened doors for amazing friendships
    and opportunites for my whole family!
    Waking up every day with an attitude of gratitude is life-changing, I highly
    recommend it.

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  89. fantastic post.

    As to exercises in gratitude, have you ever seen this site:

    The blog author puts up a thank-you note every day for something different.
    I find that level of gratitude inspiring.

  90. Jeff – This was a very timely post. I wasn’t feeling too grateful for how things are going in my life right now. After reading this article I just realized I have a lot to be grateful/thankful for and I agree it is the key to becoming happier and accomplishing more in life. Great post.

  91. Remember, gratitude is NOT something you do. Gratitude is who you are. It’s not a “technique”, nor a “discipline.” It’s not a 5-step process, or a “recipe” used to acheive a desired outcome…business or otherwise.

    Gratitude is a character attribute, naturally manifest from ones true source. Thankfully, it cannot exist as a means-to-an-end. It wont serve as a “bridge” you walk on, 2reach your ego’s desired destination. It’s a feeling you walk WITH, when you live from your source.

    2employ it as a means, a vehicle, a pawn in the game of the ego, is2 deflate it of its essence, its character….itself.

  92. Jeff,

    Well done. It is easy to get into the ‘Woe is me” mindset when we don’t reflect on all the fantastic things going well in our lives. You hit the nail on the head here!

    Best, Marty

  93. “Discipline of Gratitude is one of the key life-skills you need to master.”

    Got it. I will take it on.

    Thanks for this post!

  94. Thanks Jeff –
    Excellent post. I start my early morning with
    Ps. 57 : 7 – 11 : From that it is easy to remember
    how much we have to be greatful for. LThanks
    again and God Bless.


  95. Hi Jeff,

    Wonderful post – thank you for re-posting it. I’m a big believer in this practice. I had fallen off the bandwagon for a good chunk of the last 2 years and then reinstated it regularly earlier this fall. Boy, has it had a great result! The way I see it, we’re doing the time anyway, so do we want to feel grateful – and therefore joyful, fulfilled, healthy, energetic, inspired, and so on, or do we want to suffer? My only regret is having dropped the practice when I needed it most. But then, it’s motivated me all the more to keep it in place.

    It was great to meet you recently in Toronto and chat during our car ride into town. Looking forward to staying in touch.


  96. I believe gratitude is what keeps us inspired and focused on what we have in our lives, despite of any crisis or misfortune.

    In my book “Transform your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope” in Principle III I talk about the three spiritual tools: Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love.

    Have a beautiful Day!

    Ligia M. Houben

  97. How about that … One year later approaching Thanksgiving and this post rings truer than ever. Thanks +1 on this

  98. Jeff,
    Thank you. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for some time now but got too busy (much ado about nothing) and kept it aside. This morning, I came across your article by sheer happenstance and I am glad I did. I will now recommit to my “Discipline of Gratitude” even as I join your Traffic Brokers program. With your gratitude mindset, I know I can’t go wrong with anything I do with you as a mentor.

  99. Jeff,

    This speaks to me more than any of your company emails or videos. It’s great to know who you are. My company helps children create happiness in their lives by teaching positive thinking and choice-making skills. I would like to post your article on the Same Day Different Choices page: OK?

    Kendra Delano

  100. Thank you Jeff!

    It seems so easy these days to get wrapped up in the negatives. This is a great habit that can help balance your mind.

    Just think, if more people practiced this every day, what a more pleasant world it could be!

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