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This a personal story, and it's sorta long… but I think it's pretty cool, and there's an important lesson here that totally relates to business… and two of the MOST IMPORTANT traits you need to have in your business life…

But this story starts off with mountain biking… which is one of my passions. I really love getting out on the trails for a ride… and I live in one of the best places on the planet to ride – Durango, Colorado.

But last summer I did something really crazy…

You see, I'm a solid rider with lots of experience, but I'm not a racer.

But I went and entered a REALLY difficult race – in fact just starting this race should probably qualify me as certifiably insane…

It was right here in Durango… it was about 22 miles long, with 5,000 vertical feet of climbing. And it was a tough course… narrow, twisty singletrack – maybe 18-30 inches wide… with big rocks and boulders and cliffs and roots and drop-offs and such. Some of the trail was so steep that it was hard to even WALK on…

Sound crazy enough?

Now add in one more piece – this was the Singlespeed World Championships… which meant that everyone's bike had ONE gear (instead of the typical 27 gears found on most mountain bikes.)

Why a singlespeed? Well it's a LONG story, and I'm still trying to figure it out myself… but I think a big part of the reason is simply because it's REALLY HARD. In other words, this was going to be a suffer-fest.

So why did I do it?

Well the first reason is that it was the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and it was in Durango. I've never raced a world championship before, and I probably won't again. I figured I just HAD to do it.

The second reason is that my teenage son (who is also an avid mountain biker) thought it sounded really cool, and he insisted I sign up and do it (actually, he pretty much just signed me up and told me I was going to do it.)

So my plan for the race was to be in pure survival mode… I was just trying to finish, and hopefully not dead last.

My big concern was they had a 2.5 hour cut off at the halfway point… if you didn't make the cut off, they basically were going to pull you from the race (for safety reasons.) I knew that making that cutoff would be tight, especially with a super-crowded trail at the start (after all, there were 1,000 racers and an 18 inch wide trail.)

In any case, race day came, and the starting bell went off. And I got a GREAT start – I was up and over the first huge climb in good order, and I completely railed the downhill.

I'll tell you… it was absolutely crazy dropping into the feed zone (the halfway point, where you could get re-supplied with food/water). There was this 15-minute-long screaming downhill into the feed, and as you dropped down you could just hear the crowd at the feed zone… a huge crowd of people yelling, screaming, singing, dancing. It was just a huge party – a World Championship party – and you could hear it all on that entire downhill. Definitely a huge adrenalin rush.

In any case, I made it through the cutoff about 15 minutes before the deadline and headed out for the second half. More tough climbing that went on and on and on. People all along the course, all super-supportive and yelling out encouragement to every rider.

Coming into the finish was another amazing experience… the entire last half mile was nothing but people lining the course and cheering you on, music cranked up… just a crazy atmosphere.

It's amazing how having people enthusiastically cheering you on can be so powerful. It literally makes you faster, makes you achieve more…

And it was beautiful to see that finish line. It took me 3 hours, 50 minutes to finish… which I was completely stoked about.

I have no idea where I came in terms of placing – I know the fastest riders (including the new World Champion) were two hours ahead of me, but there were also riders coming in for more than an hour after I finished.

But there was one thing missing at the finish – my son.

I had lost track of him in all the insanity, but I had assumed he was ahead of me. He should have finished long before me, but he was still out on the course when I came in.

As the minutes ticked by I started to get worried for him. He's a much stronger and faster rider than I am… but he hadn't finished.

And then… FINALLY… he finished. And everything became clear.

You see, my son had a true HERO ride…

His seat literally broke off just after the start – in the first mile of the race (file that under “s*** happens”).

But he REFUSED to quit… and did the entire thing without being able to sit down on a seat, and with a naked seatpost waiting if he ever forgot and tried sitting down.

Since he was dealing with the broken seat (and trying to fix it), he lost a lot of time early… and he was the LAST rider to make the midway cutoff… he came through right at the 2.5 hour deadline.

That would have been a logical time for him to just give up. But he kept going… and finished the full 22-mile race. It took him right around 4 hours 30 mins.

Can you imagine standing up and pedaling as hard as you can for 4.5 hours? That's a long time to be standing on your pedals… but he wasn't gonna quit.

What an epic ride.

The course was absolutely insane to begin with… doing it on a singlespeed made it even crazier. Doing it without a seat and standing on the pedals the entire way – that's off the charts.

This video is only 7-seconds long, but it's worth way more than a thousand words… this is right at the finish line… and you can see the naked seatpost. It's painful for me to even look at the video:

(The girl screaming encouragement in the video is his sister.)

So a while ago I shared this story with the folks in my mastermind group… and they found it really powerful.

Well, this is what one of the people in my mastermind (who is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs I know) said:

“Dedication and perseverance can overcome anything life has to offer.”

And you know what? He's right.

Am I proud of my son? Yes… I couldn't be more proud.

Just like I'm proud of every person reading this who dusts themselves off every time they face a set back.

The reality is that we're business owners… entrepreneurs. And things don't ALWAYS go right in our businesses. Sometimes we have setbacks.

But perseverance and dedication are two of the key things that separate the people having long-term success from the people that just don't make it.

Now here's a couple of important points:

KEY POINT #1: My son knew what he could do. He already had a “successful system”… he knew that if he applied that system, he would be challenged, but he could gut it out.

If your business isn't based on a solid system or a solid business model, then all the perseverance and dedication won't make it a success.

KEY POINT #2: Up above I wrote:

“It's amazing how having people enthusiastically cheering you on can be so powerful. It literally makes you faster, makes you achieve more…”

This is key in EVERY area of your life. You need to surround yourself with people that are cheering you on. People that celebrate your every success. These people will spur you to success.

And you need to avoid the people that are tearing you down. The people that are telling you that you can't do things, that you shouldn't dream your dreams. These people will tear you down.

Changing your life to have the right people around you isn't easy. But doing this one thing will make an incredible, breathtaking difference in your life… what I'm talking about is protecting your mental state – your self-confidence.

And that's absolutely critical for us as entrepreneurs. In fact, as entrepreneurs and business builders, our confidence is one of our most precious assets… and it's something you have to actively work on protecting.

So what do you think… what are some of the ways that you increase and protect YOUR confidence?

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197 Replies to “What a Wild Ride…”

  1. I run a big cycling blog so I can totally relate to the pain that was gone through here. Also of course I like the message in between the lines 😉

  2. Just goes to show you that when you *really* want something, nothing stands in your way.

    Like George Washington Carver said “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

    When you don’t tolerate excuses … you win.

  3. Great post Jeff… I can almost feel the lump you would get in your throat as a proud father realizing the values you have passed to your kids… nice work

  4. That’s an amazing, inspiring story. Both yours and that of your son. What you write essentially comes down, once more, to mindset. With the right mindset you can push through and try again, with the wrong one, you’ll give up at the starting gate if not before.

    How old is your son, by the way? He’s already very impressive. 🙂


  5. Thanks for sharing this story and kudos to you for raising such a son. I just wish I read this story in the morning and not late at night (I’m in Europe) as it filled me with energy and made me wish to go ahead and create some content for my site.

  6. Such a wonderful and inspiring story. I am so glad to be a part of your team! Have a great day and Happy 4th July!

    Love and Much Success!

    Cheryl Lynn

  7. Jeff, thanks for the great inspiration. I bet your son’s thighs are pretty sore today. You’ve definitely re-inspired me to join a mastermind group.


  8. Killer post Jeff, and congrats to your son for such a great accomplishment!

    Sounds like you’re doing well dude… talk soon,


  9. So true. I have friends that are super supportive of my efforts in business, others that are doubtful, and others that I had to win over.

    I remember when I first started out getting laughed at by some of my closest friends. Now I’ve won most of them over, but still have one “friend” who wonders “so when do you decide to give up?”, that’s a direct quote by the way.

    Some people are afraid that you’ll succeed because it breaks the equilibrium. By staying in the same place you’ve always been that is safe for them. By growing and improving you threaten the status quo, they are afraid you will leave them. Ironically this attitude is what makes you leave them behind because they limit you.

    Birds of feather flock together, you need to decide what kinds of bird you want to be, and then find others like you. The quality of your life will be determined in large part by the types of people you surround yourself with.

  10. Shirah Chante


    Thanks Jeff! This is a very encouraging story. Kids have so much energy and faith. I have been thinking lately about my surroundings and how I can shut out the naysayers. It’s real…I only need and will tolerate positive people in my circle. There’s enough to be down about, but there’s more to be up about.

  11. Jeff,

    That’s an absolutely amazing accomplishment of your son. To look at it in different ways, the race is like a business where the owner struggle to get the most out of it. To protect our confidence we need to also have a clear and worthy goal ahead.

    Its not about how difficult it would be, the question is, it is worth it.

    Your son totally prove that it is worth it. When we know it is worth it, we have an internal protection of our own shielding us from people who are trying to wear us down.

  12. Hi Jeff,
    This was a great little story and not too long. It’s amazing what a great support system will do for your stamina and ability to persevere. I have an awesome wife that cheers me on day in and day out. If I didn’t have her though I think it is important to build up a network of peers and friends from around the net to bounce ideas, criticism and encouragement back and forth.

  13. I thought the video and the experience was great! going into the finish line with excitement
    his sister cheering him on while by standers also cheer, the noise of the bystanders, I
    want to change some things around me, and definitely make life better for my family and friends
    cheers. poet loeta

  14. Thank you for this post Jeff, as an entrepreneur I have always encouraged my kids to follow their dreams too. I love what you said here,

    ““It’s amazing how having people enthusiastically cheering you on can be so powerful. It literally makes you faster, makes you achieve more…”

    Life is far too short not to live by this every single day.

  15. Jeff,

    That’s an absolutely amazing accomplishment of your son. To look at it in different ways, the race is like a business where the owner struggle to get the most out of it. To protect our confidence we need to also have a clear and worthy goal ahead.

    Its not about how difficult it would be, the question is, it is worth it.

    Your son totally prove that it is worth it. When we know it is worth it, we have an internal protection of our own shielding us from people who are trying to wear us down.


  16. gerwyn davies


    Good story jeff,and you are right u must keep thinking positive just like your son did,i am just starting out as an internet marketer,some days it is,so frustrating when things go wrong,i have even walked out of my little office and said i’ve had enough,but there is something inside pushing me to keep going,a desire if you like,something telling me if you want to be free of the day job and to be able to spend more time with your family to keep going,just like your son did when everything was stacked against him,well done jeff’s son.

  17. Great Story!
    Both our daughters were did cross country in school.
    One daughter ran 5 marathons including 2 Boston. I was a cheering section.

    The two kids and husband cheered me on for my first 10 K after they finished and ran back to me. They engendered a cheering section shouting “Common mom!”

    Being an entrepreneur requires outstanding self talk.
    It’s like putting in golf and believing that each put is destined to go in the cup.
    Each new project is destined to be a success!


  18. Jeff,
    That was an incredible story, and very inspiring. I definitely know from experience that people, well meaning or not, will try and tear you down. My technique for dealing with that can be expressed in 4 steps:

    1- Know (what you want.)
    2- Will (have the will to do it.)
    3- Dare (have courage to do it.)
    4- BE SILENT (don’t share your plans with others until you’ve taken action.)


  19. Perfect timing!

    I needed exactly this reminder at this exact time.

    It reminds me of some advice I heard (2nd hand) from Warren Buffet.

  20. Wow! Not only does your son have steely determination, he must have buns of steel as well!! 🙂

  21. Jeff that was inspiring to know that your son was the one spurring you on, and in fact, the fan became the lesson. Your son has your business savvy that you too possess.
    I have faced adversity with my website business, even through immediate family thinking that I am wasting time and money and my business will never grow.
    That is coming from my family! No support system in place but my friends at Affiliate I appreciate your awesome, inspirational story and I apply a lot of things that I have read from you in some of your emails and newsletters.
    Thank you very much for sharing.
    Chip Seal

  22. Wow. That is utterly amazing. I just shared this story with my son, because my husband and I teach this to the kids all the time. Perseverance and dedication — diligence is a word we use a lot — will beat raw talent and brilliance every time. “Intelligence sweats.” The same thing with goodness and good intentions. Goodness doesn’t do a dang bit of good if it doesn’t WORK.

    Anyway, protecting confidence can be more of a challenge. Once in awhile we are called to be the visionary, and to learn to stand alone in the midst of doubters. (It can take awhile to convince a skeptical spouse, for instance — you don’t shed spouses over doubts.)

    Having a mastermind of other successful people really helps. Having a coach who believes in you and follows with your journey really helps. But nothing helps more than just walking by faith with God on the path you believe He has called you on, and then seeing it come to fruition bit by bit.

    That helps you to keep going when all others are discouraged around you, many of whom may even be depending on you.

    So I protect my confidence by staying true to the vision and staying close to the One who calls and empowers, however flawed may be my following. Stresses can increase, but somewhere deep inside is this solid core that stays centered in the midst of it because of who God is. And I drink in the refreshment of the occasional support that does come my way as one of His gifts to help me keep eyes in the prize.

  23. Jeff thanks for a great inspiring story. For the few of us still standing after the 2000 .com craziness know all to well, to give up is not an option no matter what your dreams and aspirations may be. Cheers, Geno.

  24. Hey Jeff,

    Now that I know you are a bike nut you’ll have to come out and do the Death Ride with me some year – 132 miles and over 12,000 feet of vertical… in a single day.

    Riding in the mountains is the best!!


  25. What a great story! Life is tough to all of us, me included. In times of great distress people often grow, most of us have that inner voice telling us what’s right to do. How to avoid becoming a victim? Selecting co-workers is crucial, we had one of those negative people as a co-founder, but he was quickly history when he found out that he actually had to do some work. He was a professor by the way. In short, take charge of your life. If you get depressed, find out simple, practical things that you can do for sure. That builds self-confidence.

  26. Very inspiring for all of us Jeff. Hats off to your son for hanging in when 99.9% would quit. Thank you for bringing all of that to life for us.

  27. Jeff, you hit the nail right on the head, your son was a true warrior, he faced his fear of not finishing and getting an injury that would make him sing soprano; looked it straight in the eyes and made it disappear. He personified true oneness of purpose which states that successful people strongly believe that one must be totally committed to one’s goals. There is great power in a resolution that has no reservation in it, a strong, persistent,tenacious purpose that burns all bridges behind it, clears all obstacles from its path, and arrives at its goal, no matter how long it may take, no matter what the sacrifice or the cost, Your son truly was laser focused on succeeding. He concentrated all the faculties of his mind, upon one unwavering aim, which means death or victory. Awesome! Our mastermind group recites this Montra every week

  28. Jeff,

    Powerful stuff! To answer your question about how i increase and protect my confidence.

    When starting a new course or venture I make sure to take action quickly, no matter how small. That movement causes momentum. With each step my momentum and confidence grow.

    Protecting my confidence is simple. I share all of my trials and tribulations with my wife. She is a warrior and has seen me at my best and my worst, and always gives me a lift up or a kick in the pants. Whichever I need most. 🙂

    Also, liked Doug’s 1,2,3,4. Well said.


  29. Just as you and your son mountainbike, my son surfs. And how!
    I can just pray daily he “barrels” it in style and not get hurt
    in the process.

    Kudos to you Jeff. And thanks for the encouragement.
    I’m Franchising a Real Estate business. And folks
    are not exactly super supportive. So your story
    is timely boost and encouragement to keep on going past the pain and fear.

  30. Hi Jeff, Thank you for the awesome moral to your story. After working all of the 4th of July on my website on the lake ie: filming, creating movies and reporting I needed a “Keep Going” email….and Kudios to you and your son!!! Thank Michelle

  31. Great Post Jeff – The great thing is when you understand this fact (and have the belief to take action) it will work. Thats not to say you wont have days when things dont work out, but keeping eyes on future moving is the key….

  32. Jeff, This is really a great read. I have been getting all your e-mails and watching your videos. I really wanted to purchase your Product Launch Formula. One little obsticle stood in the way. I have fallen on some really hard times and I am loosing my house and my wife and 2 young children are freaking out about it. The company I worked for closed down and it has been nothing but bad luck for over a year now. I am totaly broke.

    But I have promised myself when I do get back on my feet and out of some serious debt, I am going to try to get in on the next Product Launch Formula if there is another one. So I am hoping you don’t stop making them. I’m so bummed out right now I can’t even sleep at night. Reading this story about your son was inspirational, you must be very proud of him. I know I sure would be. You made a difference in someones life today. Thanks. Well take care and good luck on your future projects.

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  34. Great message! I have found that criticism and critical thoughts hamper my confidence, and others around me. I discovered that the best way to maintain a positive attitude is asking myself “what did I like about what I did?” I ask this over and over until everything I liked is exhausted. Then I ask, “what would I like to change?” Instantly, I feel a burst of enthusiasm, because the answers came from my query, not from another person’s opinion. Try it out!

  35. Just this past year I found myself 47 years old, fat, lost and confused. I have always been a winner, but somehow I managed to forget that. Then one day I WOKE UP! From that moment on, I dedicated myself to maximizing my potential and who I could be, and never again settle for what LIFE had made of me.
    Over the next 7 months I lost the extra 60 Lbs I managed to pack on. Ran a half marathon in under 2 hours, and wrote my first book.
    Jeff, this story reminded me of something, and it came by way of running the Country Music Half Marathon. OK, it was only 13.1 miles, but for someone in my condition, it was monumental. So what did this story remind me? It is that the man/woman who finishes the race, is not the same boy/girl who started the race; regardless of his, or her age.
    There is something about overcoming obstacles that changes us. No so much on the outside, although that changes too, but more about what changes on the inside. If your subscribers learn nothing from this other than to Embrace, and strive for challenges, rather than hiding and cowering from them, then they will have learned one of life’s greatest lessons.
    Thanks Jeff for sharing.

  36. Jeff,

    In the midst of a project that has taken over a year to develop – and putting in another 16 hour day – your story about perseverance s the last thing I’ve read tonight before turning in at 5:30am.
    Thanks for the reminder of how sweet the reward is for hard work – sometimes a difficult thing to remember through tearing eyes and a sore neck.

  37. Thanks for sharing Jeff – my teenage daughter is going through a lack of belief in herself and I suspect your son’s story of courage and determination and willingness to keep at his goals and dreams – no matter what the circumstances suggest you should do – will inspire her to get back on her bike.

    Thanks again, my friend.

    Warmest wishes

  38. Thank you very much for this story Jeff. I truly agree with you about the support and having people enthusiastically cheering you on. When we start our business, most of us are lonely riders working late at night and full weekends with the dream to achieve our goals. These nights and weekends can cost you free time with family, relatives and friends. And some of those people tear us down. But I want to thank publicly to my wife and son for their faith on me and for their cheering. They are there, along the road, to cheer, to give water and food and to support. Even if it cost spending nights and weekends without father and husband.
    So I want to cheer all families that support all IMers that are trying to make the dream come true.

  39. Jeff,
    Your son is a trooper…
    I am sure he will follow in his fathers footsteps…
    Now the question is Jeff, would you have been able to make it without a seat? 🙂

    Keep it real my cycling friend…

  40. AWESOME Article!!

    Your son sounds like a very interesting person.

    Mtn Biking is my favorite sport! Something about Mtn Biking it teaches you not to quit.

    Good stuff!

  41. I remember my son competing in mountain bike events and how exciting it was to see the effort and determination. But 4 hours without a saddle – amazing. Congratulations to him – way to go!!

  42. What a fabulous story and congrats to you and your persistent son! I recently got introduced to mtn. biking as I was dropping my teenage son and kayak off at a local park to fish. As I left I saw a group of people and signs about a bike demo. Having already had a long spin class that morning, I still drove all the way home to get clip shoes and bike shorts. After the most fun hour plus ride I have EVER had and a nicely scraped leg, I returned the bike. It turned out to be a $2,800 bike. I just joined PLF 3.0 and hope to make enough to get a bike like that sooner than later and return to the bumps and thumps through the woods instead of inside or on a road bike.

    I am very pumped about PLF and know that in time, I will get there. I have a ton to share!, even if I too lose a seat post!

  43. I can identify with this story. It reminds me of hero-days when every thing seems to go wrong and being self employed I could just quit and go back to bed. But, I remind myself i’m on a mission to learn everything I can about Internet Marketing and people are depending on me. That keeps me going through those days.

  44. Jeff-this is an outstanding post! What stood out for me the most was your reminder of “protecting your mental state – your self-confidence.” I think this is one of the toughest pieces to keep in check. The way I do it is pay close attention to the wins and loses of those I admire the most. When I hear stories of my mentors moving forward after a huge lose, I take note of the steps they took to get back on track. Modeling their actions has helped me along the way. Thanks for sharing your son’s story–truly awesome!

  45. Great story Jeff!

    For me, it’s all about the thoughts I think and the words I choose. Thoughts are very powerful and when I verbalize them, I give them infinitely more power.

    The key is to train yourself to focus on “positive thoughts” about your business, obstacles to overcome, relationships, etc. Don’t dwell on the negative or listen to the negative voices around you. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people.

    Negative people can drain your emotional energy and cause you to give up. Negative words, whether internal or external, can do the same.

    Once you’re able to control your thinking, start to verbalize the thoughts with positive words.

  46. Powerful Jeff. I love it when people relate real life stories with a powerful message such as you and your sons.

    And the great thing is I wasn’t reading it to get anything out of it. You wrote it strictly from what your experience was and I was drawn into it because of the reality and power of it.

    That proves to me that people, the ones that matter anyway, relate to each other from a place of kinship, support and encouragement.

    Thanks Bro


  47. Dale Hamakawa


    This is such a great message and reinforces our training call this morning aorund point #2. Having cheerleaders in your life is not only essential, but crutial to our success as entrepreneurs. Congratulations for raising a son who had “no excuses”, even if he was doing this race under such adverse conditions. How you do anything is how you do everything!

  48. Jeff…
    Thanks for sharing this powerful story and the amazing twist at the end about your son. Even without having the seat mishap, competing this type of ride with ONE GEAR would have been inspiring in itself.

    Warm wishes to you and your family,
    Paul Gero

  49. Hi Jeff,
    Mom of five-so I did tear up. Very proud of your son & daughter cheering him on.
    I would say your greatest success is your family 😉
    God Bless

  50. The history of your son is instructive. This your education and you the good father. And you are right-surround yourself it is necessary people which you inspire.

  51. Speaking as someone with a mostly-destroyed mental state, these words ring soooo true. Now I just need to build back up again somehow…

  52. Thanks for sharing! Determination and positive action far out weigh quitting and negative action.

  53. Awesome inspirational story! I own a bicycle shop. Men complain every day about sore butts ON bike seats. It reminded me of the saying “I complained when I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet” I can’t imagine the strength of character to ride that course with NO seat!.
    Tell your son CONGRATS – what a winner he is! You were pretty awesome too Jeff!!
    The lesson on ‘who cheers you on’ inspires some spring cleaning to my life. It also makes me want to get out there to ‘cheer on’ others, as extraordinary things can result! How exciting life can be!!!

  54. The fact that your 17 year old son had the perseverance to FINISH a gnarly race like that with no seat (Ouch baby very ouch!) says good things about his future. And yes, that IS an achievement that should have you bursting with pride for the kind of man he is becoming. Good job dad! 🙂


  55. Heeey Jeff…this was a very inspirational story and as most facts prove…a picture is worth a thousand words (in this case your 7second video). Tell your son CONGRATULATIONS…what an AMAZING determined mind he has. As an Inspirational Speaker with years of having to live my success through tough life trails I’ll be the first to tell you that protecting your self confidence is soooo important towards everything you do. Most people in life fail because they lack the one thing your son has. FOCUS!!! When we are FOCUSED using the 5 D’s (of which the first 4 were taught to me by my adopted Mother Anita Gold)… we can take that FOCUS apply DESIRE, DECISIVENESS, DETERMINATION, DILIGENCE and DISCIPLINE to get us to the TOP of whatever we BELIEVE we want to ACHIEVE. I use these things to protect my self-confidence…and when needed I will put distance between me and someone who I have discovered is toxic (negatively critical towards others) who lacks a sense of compassion and love. Finally Loving others unconditionally…constantly praising them in their efforts has been an effective way of building the esteem of others and a GREAT way of tremendously building my own Self Esteem and Confidence. I hope this helps. now in my 20 years of working with children and we can apply this to adults too…when those children know without a doubt and I have verbalized to them that there is nothing that they will ever do that will cause me to withdraw my love for them they walk away with a greater sense of Self Confidence and Self Esteem. Thanks Jeff and you should be a proud to share your beautiful story with us. Again your son is an AMAZING YOUNG MAN. KEEP SMILING…I love you.

    Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE

    What can I do to SERVE YOU?

  56. It’s a cool story, Jeff.

    But just once I wish you’d post something cool and NOT turn it into a sales pitch or tie it into online marketing and sales in some way.

    Just once.

  57. Jeff, My son and I have ridden MANY trails together in Utah & Idaho mountains. And he always nails me. This will inspire him as I share it. And it inspires me as I launch my new business. Thanks,

    Heman Smith
    The SMART Business Accelerator

  58. Great message for everyone on your list and anyone else that we may forward it to. Thank You.

    Life is about choices. We make choices constantly, some big and some are very mundane. Each choice, big or small, has the affect of either moving us along in the right direction or moving us in a direction that is contrary to our best interests.

    God Bless,


  59. I believe that what’s for you won’t go by you. My mother told me that and it’s right. The key is not so much persistence but patience. Don’t sweat things, be cool, wait and you will succeed. I believe people try too hard, they get so much into the do, that they forget how to think. And that is when they ride without a saddle. It’s uneccesary and it’s painful. Think first, take your time, and the ideas will come. Then comes the hard part, making them work. Your son was exceptionally brave and determined. And that was admirable. But the real business lesson is make sure your bike has got a decent saddle before you get on it.

  60. Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing that story about your son.

    I say he deserves a new mountain bike for the effort!


  61. You are 100% right about surrounding yourself with the “cheering you on” people, and disconnecting from the other kind. It sounds like your son has learned great life lessons from his fantastic papa. Congratulations to you both!

  62. “If your business isn’t based on a solid system or a solid business model, then all the perseverance and dedication won’t make it a success.”

    Very important distinction to make. Otherwise, you’re in a hamster wheel of stress, lying to yourself!

  63. Jeff, you have to be so proud of your son! That is total endurance to stand on your bike for over 41/2 hours!!! You are so right about surrounding yourself with the right people. If you don’t have self-confidence you will not succeed. You battle the negativity in life everyday. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

  64. Hey, Jeff!

    Your son is a true hero. I know that’s because he sees what his father is doing, and he won’t turn you down in any ways. You motivate your children, this is REALLY key in raising kids.

    Besides, the story is REALLY awesome. I know that, I’m kinda having a loss/redemption turnover, and things are becoming quite cool for us here.

    I thank you for every little bit thing you have done for my life, not for my business. You truly helped me understanding the true meaning of being gentle with others, do the right thing and receiving the goodwill from everyone we help along the way.

    Your words are powerful. Just keep biking 🙂

  65. Jeff,

    This story was amazing. I got all misty-eyed reading it. You obviously have a terrific family. Your son is tough as nails and your daughter was an outstanding cheerleader.

    I hope I have the privilege to meet you some day. I’m over on the other side of the state in Colorado Springs. If you’re ever over this way, look me up and we’ll have lunch or something.

    Much Continued Success,

    John Olson
    Colorado Springs, CO

  66. @jeff walker!
    “No possible way I could have finished the race without a seat.”

    I know you know that you have actually finished many races in your lifetime without a seat!

    And trust me, if you were in your son’s shoes. All It was going to take is a little of anger, pride, ego; a dash of prayer, patience and perseverance.

    Trust me on this. Your choice of continuing that race will happen within seconds.

    Because once your sit falls off. It is going to take just a second to make you say to yourself ALL THE FACTORS I HIGHLIGHTED UP THERE.

    Then after that. those same factors will continue to push you forward.

    I am not a shrink. It is one of those things life kind of teach you. I don’t do those positive thinking or wealth attraction either.

    so whatever I have to use to continue to push myself or challenge myself, be it hurt or whatever. that I use everyday.

    Happy 4th buddy

  67. >Ummmm… I give up. Where is the sales pitch?

    In this case it’s a tie in to doing business. If you’d left everything off after the caption on the video, then it would have been a really cool personal story. But you turned it into a cheer leading speech complete with bullet points and even managed to drop in a couple of mentions about your mastermind class.

    • Kelly… two things:

      1. I didn’t mention a mastermind “class”… I don’t have any such class. I belong to three mastermind groups… all of them are groups of peers. I don’t run any of them, they are not open to new people, you can’t buy your way in, and they are not run for profit.

      2. Ironic how you provided such a perfect real-time real-world example of the type of person that entrepreneurs need to AVOID – you seem to have a very practiced way of finding negative in any situation (even if it doesn’t exist.) You are exactly the person that I was writing about when I said entrepreneurs need to protect themselves from the negative people in their lives.

  68. What a great place to live!
    This reminds me a little of a recent experience of mine on a bike. Last year I rode a local charity bike ride (the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride in the UK) . It’s only 60 miles, but at the time it seemed impossible. I made it, it felt like a great achievement but it was agony, the last ten miles especially. I was riding a bike that was too big for me, I was unfit, overweight and I had not trained at all.
    I completed the same ride this year in half the time and with 1/3 of the effort. I’d prepared by training, lost weight, taken advice, been supported by family and friends, bought a suitable bike. 60 miles feels like nothing now and all I want to do is more miles better and faster!
    Just like in Business, take advice, get the right kind of support, never give up, prepare yourself, toughen up, do what you love doing and get out there and do it, but do it right.

  69. Wow thank you for sharing the information 😀

    Masterminding is great, i have been doing it for a full year now, and the results are really amazing compared to the last one.

  70. Jeff:

    We live really close to Durango and are cyclists. PLEASE let me know when next you are in town. We’d love to hook up in person if possible. Loving your work and appreciate you sharing it!

    Lisa Dee

  71. Great story Jeff – In New Zealand we love our mountain biking – I’m going to show this to my 14 year old step son.

  72. Wow, Wow, Wow, – thanks for that amazing story Jeff.

    It made me cry – but in a lovely way –

    Thanks for sharing and giving out a wonderful message of perserverance –

    I feel very uplifted and unstoppable 🙂

  73. The old story, ‘when there isn’t an option – it’s a DONE DEAL!’. Well done to your son, what a winner!

  74. Time to go for a bike ride! I’ve actually been watching PLF 3 on my iPhone at the gym while riding the elliptical.(hey, it’s tough for entrepreneurs to find time ;)) BUT a little safer than watching them while I mountain bike…even if the bike HAS a seat post.

    This is the story all parents want to be able to tell about their kids.

  75. I actually learned to ride on a bike with no seat. Can’t imagine how I managed that! But it was a long time ago and the details of the experience are lost in the fog…If you know what I mean. You’re right about being determined, though. I have a website that has seemed to just take a nose dive and I’m not sure what to do about it except keep tweaking and improving and not giving up. Thanks for the great story.

  76. Thankyou – this email was at the top of my inbox this morning – I just spent last night crying myself to sleep from exhaustion and being overwhelmed at the setback I faced in my business yesterday. I wanted so badly to feel sorry for myself – get drunk – close up shop and tell the whole world to you know what.. All the time there was my small and quiet voice in my head saying – you know you will get over this – my husband who is my biggest supporter knows to sometimes let me whine but then he also knows that I have to show my human side as well.

    I think as entrepreneurs we take on superhuman ideas and forget that we need the dips as much as we need the highs. I’m forever the optimist and always the one most people lean on for there support and I guess I realized that I need to take care of ME and lean on someone too.

    When I read your story this morning it hit the nail on the head – and I am already planning on how to stabilize my business so these same mistakes don’t happen with the same intensity. In the same way I guess your son would have a better seat fitted next time around… (or whatever he would need to do) .

    Im not a bike person but I definitely feel as though Im riding a heavy trail with no rest and no comfort in sight. or perhaps a sharp pain if I do relax for just a minute.. SO thanks for sharing your story – its has given me some great new ways of thinking about where I am and looking towards that finishing line so I can finally get a seat.. 🙂 and of course the sheer joy of making it through to the end.

  77. Deanne Jackson


    What a wonderful story!! Your son is a hero, your daughter shared her love for the family she loves with her yelling to go go go and you all win as a family for the positive thoughts for each other. I am sure your son was thinking of all the teaching he has had and wanting to share and prove Hey I Can Do It cause he had a goal to show for what he did. Plus you the father won also because he showed he could do it. So it was a together loving win, win , win show what each can do but it also takes a super good teacher for it to get started in the beginning to show how to start and just what a person can receive in the end and that also includes sharing in love for one another and that makes it the best story ever!!!! The cheering and supporting help just makes things so much more enjoyable to help a person to keep struggling to make the goal to what you want to have in the end. What an awesome story to read about and for the sharing for everyone. Thanks!!

  78. Thank you so much for this humbling and powerful story.
    I needed to hear it today. Very inspirational.

  79. Eugene Moses


    Jeff Your son is a winner,Because a winner never quit and a quitter never wins.Congratulate to your son. GENE.

  80. Christina Leo


    Jeff, great post. Very inspirational. Your son’s perseverance and success in this race is a mirror image of who you are by the value you have bestowed upon him. Being a successful entrepreneur is challenging and to be great as a parent at the same time is not easy since being good at both requires so much dedication. I truly admire your success in both!

  81. Well jeff a great story and very genuine,I love moutain biking i am originally from the the UK
    i used to live near 100 dreds miles of mountain bike trails in the north east of England Durham City,
    I could feel your heart drop when you could not see your son,I love genuine people like yourself,because that is what is realy important in life is your kids” big or small and your son riding until the end without any seat,fantastic you will always remember that story for life and so will he,Great story,Love you man your one of the good one’s Regards,Norman Kennedy

  82. Rick Haynes


    Thank you Jeff for sharing your inspiring story with us.

    In spite of the “Kellys” of this world, strong willed people will achieve their goals. Often, when they start, they are never really sure that they will actually achieve their goal, all they know is they have the desire and they are prepared to give it a “GO”. Generally speaking, our potential is limitless, isn’t it funny how many people start something with no idea of where it will ultimately lead, and after time find themselves at a place they never thought was possible.

    When the seat broke off his bike, I bet your son thought that the relatively easy finish that he was expecting suddenly changed to a doubtful finish. Yet, he had the desire and a he just kept going. He didn’t win the race, but he gallantly won his own race. It’s a simple as that!

  83. Inspiring story Jeff,

    I experienced a set back this past weekend after losing my Annual Basketball tournament in Boston. Although my team and I have won a couple tournaments in New York, we’ve lost for 2 straight years in this tournament and for me it was 3 since I played with another team as well. This year we had a solid team and were expected to go far but we were defeated in the quarter finals.

    As the leader of the team a lot of the pressure and responsibility rested on my shoulders and for us not to win was just very disappointing.

    However, I’ve brushed it off and immediately when I returned back to work on my business, I used the loss as motivation to persevere and stay dedicated to making my business highly profitable.

    Also, I am going to continue to persevere with basketball and helping my team get better because we have another shot at defeating the same team that beat us this past weekend in our next tournament here in New York, which is just 2 months away.

    Thanks for your inspiring post Jeff.

  84. Now this is an excellent lesson in what I like to term as ‘personal wow factor’ – what a champion! What a story! What a superb example of determination. Please, please give him my personal congratulations.

    Celebrate Life Every Way You Can … Always!!

  85. Thanks Jeff: Having a good support system is deeply important. You are better off with NO support than having someone who tears you down.

  86. I am a professional jazz bass player and music teacher. The music business is very hard and requires tons of perseverance, dedication, and personal support. A lack of confidence can end one’s career immediately and to make it you need as much inner and outer confidence as you can develop.

    I just finished telling one of my students if you set your goals in a new positive direction and it’s different than the course you are on now and your current friends don’t have the same reality that you want then you need to change your friends (unless they are willing to spur you on and possibly change with you). If in one year your closest friends are on a different track and not spurring you on, you have done something wrong. Often you can measure your progress by how much your friends have changed when you are in the pursuit of a new worthwhile goal. If one is the summation of their 10 closest friends then one must choose those 10 closest friends wisely.
    -Paul Beaudry

  87. Hi Jeff,

    Not selling anything? Shame, I’d have bought a quality bike seat from you at this point!

    Big up for your son, Anne 😉

  88. Thank you Jeff for sharing this story. I know that you are so correct in saying that the 2 key points are so important in the business world. TOTAL COMMITMENT TO THE TASK,,,if you don’t have it and keep it you are just spinning your wheels. You have it, your son has it, and I am 99.999% sure I’v got it. Hope you and yours had an awesome 4th. Thanks Again.

  89. Great, just Great ! I hope you the very best, in all you do. I see you have a lot more to do. With the things that you love, and the love from others. THANKS !

  90. Two things, first, I was struck by how Your son had the strength to finish and second I was struck by his father”s (your) ability to see how his son had the strenth to finish (brought tears to my eyes), instead of boasting how he beat him.

    Second, life never seases to amaze me, before I clicked on your mail and as I was turning on my computer my tears were all ready running,I was thinking of how many friends I’ve lost and how most of my remaining friends seem to not support me and have no basic interest in my life and what I’m trying to accomplish.Basically I was feeling sorry for myself even though I’ve been here before and know it doesn’t help. Your story was well timed for me and I thank you very much for sharing and giving me the strength to stay on my path.
    As for when you should quit,well, I’m going to be 65 shortly and I don’t see qiutting in my future.
    Thanks again…….Ted

  91. Thank you Jeff
    you are truly inspiring it does help to keep on going no matter what set backs happen, your words are encoring. I am a new starter and you have pumped me up with all your information, thank you for that.

    I wish you and your family a great holiday

  92. Jeff,
    This is exactley what I needed today. I have been trying so hard to get my business off the ground and it has been one giant hurd after the other When I got to the Dedication and Perseverance line, I broke down and cried like a baby. I got a huge paper and wrote in large letters the words “Dedication and Perseverance.” This will stay on my desk to remind me of this encouraging and powerful message you gave us today. Thank you and thank your amazing son.

  93. I just wrote my first Homepage and as it is very “new-by” I believe I am on the right track putting to use my 30yrs of experience as an Entrepreneur. To answer your question above, Jeff, is I look at my four kiddos age’s 24,22,15,14 and see how they are navigating their lives. That is a real confidence builder. All four, each in their own rite are incredible yet normal in every way. (Normal, by definition here in the Siegwalt house, is quite different than that of most families!) We have traveled through some incredibly tough times (actually still there) and each member in this family is still available to help out lend a hand or be the first to get the job done. Now it’s my turn to make a grand entrance. The wife and kiddos are rockin’ along now I’m gonna get back into the flow. Show me what you’ve got Jeff, I am interested in the Internet Marketing world as my next conquest.
    Thanks again for sharing this great story, look us up whenever you come to Austin, we have a one mile go-cart trail that also makes a great mountain bike ride!

  94. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for sharing that story!

    I am a PLF 3.0 owner and also teach a class in Internet Marketing in the Spanish Market. One of the first things I teach as an obstacle for success in this business is precisely the example that Kelly unintentionally gave us.

    If the mental frame is inadequate the person will not succeed. The first and most critical psychological aspect is the self image. If a person considers that a marketer is somebody who does not deserve respect because a marketer ties everything into selling, his/her mental programing will definitely impede success in a field that he/she secretly abhors.

    The reason is because one of the strongest needs in human beings is that our behavior be consistent with the image that we have of ourselves.

    That is precisely the origin of unconscious blockers.

    On behalf of many, I thank you for teaching us how to learn and apply in our businesses the lessons from the experience of a teenage biker.

  95. WOW i ride on mountainbikes and i think what your son did was breathtaking i dont think that i be able to stand still for 4.5 hours with out sitting down i olso love the message in between i totally respect oh and like to hear more from you in the future

  96. Setbacks can drive me nuts, especially if its a not-so-fun thing to do in the first place. I go on with another thing that is also towards my goals and get back to it later, often able to overcome the seemingly insurmountable setback in a matter of minutes, all the while knowing that in the meantime I’ve gotten that much closer to my goals anyway!

  97. Jeff,

    I love this story, the first time you shared it with us in your PLM group, and again now. You’re story telling is inspirational and evokes so much emotion. Even though I’ve heard this one before, I still laughed and gulped back some tears reading it again!

    Absolutely agree about dedication and perseverance – attached to a proven system (which includes proven and fantastic mentors (and friends) such as yourself.)

    And surrounding yourself with the highest quality of supporters and people who care about you reaching your goals and encouraging you to dream bigger is absolutely paramount to success.. and that includes our own internal support. The conversations we have with ourselves, the beliefs we choose to own and deciding that it is possible, is a huge factor.

    I set about to travel ‘full-time’ over two years ago.. to break away from the social and cultural conditioning from everything I knew… to pursue my dreams and surround myself with mentors and REAL friends who add value to my life and allow me to add value to theirs..

    Thanks Jeff.. for being one of the GREATEST people I admire and I am thankful that you are one of my number one MENTORS, and also now friend.. thank you.. I love being part of your mastermind group and can’t recommend your trainings highly enough.

    You live your life with Integrity, Authenticity and congruent with your values. Thanks for being such a great role-model..

    You’re definitely one of my heros..

    – Katie Joy

    p.s. having met your son and daughter, I felt even more choked up reading this story this time around. They are both such amazing young adults.. and why wouldn’t they be? They’ve had you and your beautiful wife to guide them with such clarity in VALUES.. kudos. xx

  98. I was so inspired by your son’s determination, it moved me to tears. He obviously has love and support behind him encouraging him to reach for the stars. I’ve recently joined an online group for women and within days I felt new found courage to face my fears and get the job done. I agree it’s essential to clear out naysayers and find support. The stars are so much easier to reach when you stand on the shoulders of others.

  99. Msg to Charlie Hunter: I know how you feel Chralie, as I’ve been there too. I remember one day a few years ago, I was walking down the street feeling sorry for myself & having a big-time pity party (and I’m a pretty positive guy 99% of the time!) when all of a sudden an ambulance goes screaming past, sirens blazing, lights flashing. I thought to myself, whoever is in the back, guy or gal, young or old… I bet my right arm they would LOVE to be in my place right now, financial problems and all! They possibly had their life’s blood draining away and I had a few financial problems – NO comparison! So now on the odd occasion I feel down or overwhelmed I tell myself “GO FIND AN AMBULANCE” and things get back in perspective. Hope this helps you in some way, cheers.

  100. O.k., this is wierd but I actually had emotion welling up over this story of triumph! It is totally a great reminder to push through no matter what and that most growth always comes in the face of imenent pain, danger or discomfort. Good show to father, son and the cheerleading daughter. Wich brings one more point to be made, that there is power in numbers and that of likemindedness!

  101. Jeff,

    I am going to call you on something because I don’t agree with the hiding out. Yes, you are always trying to sell something, whether is direct or indirect. And that’s okay. AND, this story is really sweet and inspiring. Both are true. There’s no need to attack Kelly or to be so defensive. Just own it.

    You are masterful at selling a lifestyle, a path to that lifestyle (PLF and internet marketing) and at “planting seeds” by sharing personal stories which get people excited (subconsciously) for the next time you or a program you affiliate for have something to offer. It’s all good. Kelly was just calling you on it.

    Anyway, you will probably get snappy about this but I just had to comment because of the apparent lack of authenticity and transparency.

    I still think you are awesome!

  102. Jeff,

    What a marvellous son you have? He will have a great future. And thank you for a such an inspiring post, it almost brought tear to my eyes after reading it. Only those who have gone through the difficulties will know how hard to become an entrepreneur. And these difficulties will make one will their confidence easily even though you have a steel of them.

    The only way is to read more inspiring stories especially those who are less fortunate but still able to achieve success in the end. They are excellent motivators during down times.

  103. Hey Jeff thanks for sharing.

    It’s difficult to create a mastermind group, and if
    internet marketing is not well known on your country it is even more difficult, but
    once you stick to your thing and deliver results and a steady income.

    And the freedom that internet business gives, then all the naysayers go to sleep
    so to speak 🙂

    P.S. Congratulation on your PLF 3 launch!

  104. Great post!!
    What an amazing feeling it is when our kids overcome and surpass the odds. I am blessed with three of the best kids you’d ever meet and this story reminded me of their many acomplishments and my very proud moments. It’s moments like these that give us encouragement and the reasurance that we are doing alright in raising our kids. Especially as single parents.
    There isn’t a better gift to give yourself than people who encourage and support you as these are the ones who will celebrate with you. It is also a very good feeling when you can break away from the ” dream stealers”.
    One important thing I’ve learnt is that everyone has their opinions and it is your choice wether to take it or not. Unless they have walked in your shoes or have done what you are attempting to do, that is all it is, an opinion. At the end of the day they go home and don’t really care what you decide, they go on with their own life.
    Life’s troubling times are much easier to get through with great support and so much more fulfilling in all your celebrations, no matter how large or small.

  105. Did not know you were from Colorado, Jeff. Durango is great – been there a few times when heading back to Denver from Monument Valley. Let me know when you’re in Denver – maybe we can grab a cup of coffee or so.

    Kudos to you and your son. That’s a tough ride. Good stuff. Very inspiring.

  106. That’s a great story Jeff. Thanks for share it. Is that wonderful to be around good, smart, and intelligent people just like you Jeff. Thanks again for sharing.

  107. Congratulations to both you and your son for such a worthwhile accomplishment. The observations that you share are so true – and timely. Such reminders are always appreciated.

    Consistent with your message, I am involved in a process of organizing a group of entrepreneurs into a network/mastermind. While not its sole purpose, this is the beginning of transitioning my personal and business associations. I envision increasing self-confidence among its members to be the inevitable result of active participation. Our contributions to oneanother will yield mutual support and reassurance, lending also to the expansion of our perspectives. Under appropriate leadership and guiding theory, that which emerges should be greater than the sum of its ‘parts,’ yielding potential for all to improve through a synthesis of the perspectives present.

    Your KEY POINT #1 cannot be overemphasized. Applying a system that is unproven or rendered ineffective by any means may represent an exercise in futility. A well-known benefit of mentoring is that of being guided by proven experience. Similarly, a proven system – when implemented correctly – should produce similar results to those of the system being modeled, a justifiable expectation based upon a proven track record of results.

  108. Very Interesting article. WRT the KeyPoint 2: Just the way people cheer you up and celebrate your success, we got remember one thing – “People around us are generally and genuinely nice and good and they actually want us to succeed.” Our Customers, our Business partners, our friends …. they don’t really want us to fail… so we shouldn’t have any hesitation talking to them, sharing with them, seeking with them, involving them or even asking for their inputs. “So fear not what you haven’t seen/experienced, for they actually want you to succeed.”

  109. wow what an intresting story. all i can say is way to go. your son truly is a hero.and im sure you are proud of him. the strory was so sad to hear of him paddling that far without a seat.all i can say hes not a quitter. and thank GOD. he had no injuries.

  110. Hi Jeff,

    Indeed this is an inspiring story. I want to thank you for reminding those of us who had read this when you had sent the story to one of your mailing lists quite awhile back. This is an excellent share for all of the newcomers to your list & blog. I hope that many receive inspiration from this and continue to press on regardless of any setbacks or obstacles that they might face.

    I like to get people thinking and expand their understanding. So in support of your post I will ask one question:

    What does inspire really mean?

    This is a word that many use, have some idea of what it may mean, but they don’t really know for sure. Consider the following words: expire, respire, perspire, aspire, inspire, and spirit. What do these words have in common?

    Well I imagine that a few reading this are beginning to see a relationship between those words. One thing is that they all contain “spire” as a root component. But what does “spire” mean?

    The dictionary says that spire is a spiral, a turn of a coil, a slender tapering part, a top part or point that tapers upward such as a steeple or pinnacle. Isn’t that a bit confusing – is it straight or circular and what does “shape” have to do with those words?

    Nothing! Despite what the dictionary tells us, which is really only the common meaning of a word as used in everyday speech, not the actual word meaning. For instance, understand means “to stand under” and has nothing to do with comprehension as we have been led to believe.

    To keep this brief, spire actually means life and if we examine each of those words that will become obvious.
    – Expire: the life or usefulness leaves something.
    – Aspire: desire, ambition, the breath in speech.
    – Perspire: to secrete, exude, or to blow.
    – Respire: to breathe in and out – the breath of life.
    – Spirit: the animating or life force of the body.
    – Inspire: to impart life or usefulness to another.
    There is another relationship between these words and that is air. Like God breathed into man the breath of life, which refers to the spirit. The Greek word pneuma, which is the root for pneumatic, translates as spirit.

    There is a lot that could have been added to this to make things much clearer ans much easier to follow, but that would have required much more time and space than I am allotted here. If things of this nature interest you, then you should check out my forthcoming blog where I shall explore many subjects in my quest for truth at


  111. Howdy Jeff

    I notice the comments kind of ignored your question, so mine won’t.

    I asked God for lot of confidence, and he gave it to me. Lot folks got jealous, especially those connected with intrusive and subversive institutions commanded by Rome; slandered and undermined my recruitment program. Much misfortune was given to me by their campaigns. Confidence fell lowly.

    Afterward, I thought, “well just ask God for more confidence, no problem”. Then I thought, maybe that’s not what I need. So I asked God, “do I need to have confidence again?”. And he said, “what you need is faith.”

    That’s not me, that was God talkin, so don’t lay it on me.

    Tru Keesey

  112. JEFF, CONGRATULATIONS, your the greatest father, teacher, entrepreneur, and person. Like father like son. Once you started something to do will not stop until completion no matter how, positive approach, determination and perseverance, such good factors of total success. I was that kind of a person, achiever but end up broke because of soft love, being good person and work so much for the sake of other persons. I over achieved and passed all the achievements of my brothers and sisters academically, community and social positions, but failed financially because of having open arms and soft heart, easy to give away money to persons in need and failed to save for myself, Right now I’m 59 years old with masters degree in business administration, broked and unemployed. At this time I want to make more money thru internet and worked at home for my sake, and I promised i’ll keep a portion for myself and giveaway the rest to people in need and passed all my knowledge to people who needs it for their family. I am 110 positive that all your traits and training are very worthy as shown on your accomplishment and your son’s performance and achievement. I admire you well and I hope and pray for you to have more power on your business and family. May the Good Lord continue to provide you grace and blessing so as to continue help other people. Thank you and God Bless.

  113. Jeff,
    Thanks so much for sharing this story. It definitely comes down to preparation (creating the infrastructure in a business sense) and the synergy between us and our clients/audience. It’s all about the energy and keeping it flowing between us.

    Though I have to add, that with all the mountain bike stories I hear in your family, I admire your courage to keep on keeping on with it 😉

    Take care,

  114. nice real life story …

    My comment is that even if nobody around to cheer for us, and even worse, people around to discourage us, still we must have the inner power to push ourselves ahead, as some people say “lonely on the top” …


  115. Neat story and a very nice read. My wife and I have just purchased two three wheel bikes, both of us are in our early 70’s and we are just riding them in the neighborhood for the exercise. Your son is definitely a winner and you Mr. Walker aren’t so bad either. Thanks for the story and happy 4th of July!!!

  116. Jeff,

    I appreciate the great story. You told it so well, I feel like I was right there with you. And you’re so right about having a system and surrounding yourself with supportive people cheering you on. It can make all the difference!

    Congratulations to both you and your son. He’s a lucky guy too!


  117. kenneth welker


    i been riding for many years and to finish a race means everthing i always beleive its the rider who wins races not the bike good job dedication

  118. Hey Jeff, fantastic, inspiring story and congrats to you and your son! Like your son, we entrepreneurs don’t enter the race just to get in, we enter to finish no matter what gets in the way.

  119. Thanks! You have no idea how much I needed your story today…

    Keep them coming please.

  120. Great Story!
    My Dad was a world champion bike rider in 1926. He had 4 world records. He’s dead now, but one story he told us as kids sticks in my memory.
    He was riding in the Tour of Gippsland (Australia) and his chain broke.
    He had lost the spare chain links & could not bear the thought of not finishing the race, so he improvised.
    He found a piece of wire from the farm fences nearby, fixed his chain with the wire & duly finished!
    Onya Dad!

    Good ride there too Jeff, from you & your son!
    Bet his legs were sore next day…

  121. Great insight Jeff… that’s why you’re one of the leaders in the industry. You always lead the blind in the right path. Looks like your son shares your spirit of perseverance. Way cool!

  122. kenneth welker


    i am not sure what that means so i will repeat the same message i been riding for many years and to finish arace means everything i always believe its the rider not the bike that wins races good job dedication

  123. Hi Jeff,

    This encouragement of dedication and perseverance is one of the most important lesson can be taught and acted upon. Thanks for reminding me.

    You and your son are awesome people. Contact soon.


  124. Dear Jeff,
    Very encouraging experience with a son to be proud of, and my salute to him too.

    Yes confidence, persistence and inspirations are main ingredients to success.

  125. Two very simple lessons, but SOOOO important. Most times it comes down to doing only a few things, but the important ones right! Thanks Jeff!

  126. kenneth welker


    ihave been trying to get everything going to set up my business dial up was too slow to watch your vidios dsl will be here on the 7 i wont give up either just like your son did in his race

  127. You are so right, Jeff! My husband is studying for his master’s now and things can be very tough on him. I hate to admit it but I haven’t even been supportive. Thank you for opening my eyes. I’m going now to cheer him on!

  128. Ok, I guess if you don’t have the second key like me, still first key can do it. I just love internet marketing and find your article very motivational.

  129. Awesome post Jeff!

    Its posts like this that puts the setbacks, fraudulent customers, lack of sales, steep lerning curve etc in perspective.

    Perseverance and dedication. Grrrreat way to start my day.

    Thanks for sharing

  130. You said it Jeff, a hero ride. That’s insanity. 99.9% of people would’ve given up then and there. Probably including me. As a Dad myself, you must been so happy and proud. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.

  131. Dearest Jeff,
    I thank god for given us life and ability to commence whence he stoped in creation.Indeed,your story is energizing,and i m very sure that you are not ignorant of my dealings with the rest members of the industry.I m more than willing to give my best to the industry from the way i understood their stand.Bro.jeff,”many events call for degree in shareing meat after two villages in traditional hunt” You may think i detest being in your mist,no! it is not so,i m only obeying my father’s advice,”test the spirit and know where it is coming from”.I have suffered in defence of truth,i have been walayed several occasions and i m doing everything possible not to fall a victim,more especially now that i clamouring for my right of inheritance.Can you now se the reason for not wanting to discuse with strangers i m not familiar with.If i m to detail you on my ordeals in the defence of the revealed truth,you would never allow me to return to earth after this sojourn,but christ suffered thesame during his first advent,but now he has returned as king of kings i will dare the world and i must overcome fact,i have overcame it by his present life and spiritual with me now.So bro.jeff,that is that in my a own style,please give me every information needed to know you are on the lord’s side so that my coming close to you will not be like the one apostle Peter wivered befor christ in the sea.Come let us change the world,i m troubled everyday that what the world leaders should do to curb problems in the world is registering deminishing returns,i glad for the coming together of the world into africa via world cup,almighty father will reward the fifa officails for that peace for me i will do exactly what prompted my journey to the earth.Thanks and remember i m a human i may have erred in the use of words but both rich and poor,we all are children of the reveal father of our lord Jesus christ,if you are IPOs,temper justice with mercy”forgive us our sins as we forgave those who wronged us”who taught us that?regards to the team,till i hear from you angel of God.

  132. Jeff, I do like your post. Totally great! I think it’s awesome that you get so many comments. I’ve already left a comment and now I’m swamped with e-mails and the unsubscribe function does not work. Please fix this and remove me! As you said, you need to surround yourself with peers, this is not my way! Thank you!
    All the best

  133. Great story Jeff and very encouraging to all of us here …

    It’s great to see dedication and perseverance in action and love to see the fruits of the labour when folowwed through.

    These are very powerful qualities that anyone can have and know that having these will serve anyone well, who has an end goal in mind.

    Forever thankful into your insights – Great work !

  134. That is an awesome story and so much the better because it really did happen.

    The world is full of people who have an immediate opinion and ready advice about “why it won’t work”. They are on the whole sincere and well-meaning, but they concentrate on their own experiences and their own abilities, talents and values. Most of the time they have little idea about “your” purpose, drive, determination or persistence.

    They mean well… but they are simply not qualified to give an opinion or advice.

    Be on your guard for those people, they can destroy your dreams and your ambitions.

    You’re rightly proud of your son Jeff, a true hero!

    Best wishes,


  135. Great story Jeff.
    It’s all down to the mindset and what a mindset your son has. He is a credit to you.
    Staying positive and to keep going is an easy one to say but a lot more difficult to do when the going gets tough.
    When I am going through tough times like I am at the moment, I try and focus on what positives I have achieved so far and then re-focus on what I want achieve.

    Congratulations to both of you.

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  137. Jeff Gardner



    What’s with you tough as nails mountain dudes? Is it the mountain air that produces these results or is there something else going on? Anyway, just in case, can you bottle some and ship it to me in Australia? Most excellent … big props to you both.

  138. Hi Jeff,

    WOH! you & your son are amezing.

    so “un logical” and yet so inspairing.

    I wise i had people around me to cheer for me every day. IT IS SOOO IMPORTENT.

    Thanks Rina

  139. Great story Jeff and some good comments. I love stories of true grit and persistence. Your boy is going to be a successful man in life no doubt, so long as he keeps that attitude throughout. It is amazing what one person can accomplish if she is persistent enough.

  140. I absolutely loved your story (and I totally agree with your response to Kelly). I have been through a similar situation you spoke about – where negative people will try to deter you and ridicule your efforts, saying you are wasting your time.Your story is far deeper than many critics care to see.

    I battled along a beaten track for over two years despite criticisism and against all odds. I did gather supporters one by one and it did spur me on to continue with what I believed in and in the end I triumphed. My supporters went on to follow in my footsteps and I believe their success is imminent too.

    Just like his Dad, your son believed in his goal and kept plugging away, regardless of the difficulties. Thankyou for your heartwarming and moving story. It does indeed relate to every area of our lives, including business. And yes, perseverance does win. I can vouch for that.

    Onward and upward!

  141. Hey Jeff,
    Thank you for sharing with us your great story.
    there is a saying of Napleon Hill:”What the human mind can conceive , it can be achieve”.
    We have to avoid the negative effect on us of those who are “the thieves of the dreams”.

  142. I totally resonate with surrounding yourself with the right people. I have some dear friends and kind hearted family members whom i love to bits; But not condusive to me following my dreams and ambitions. Therefore i have no choice but to keep my contact with them to a minimal and surround myself with fewer more productive & inspiring entreprenuers ..which i have.

    Thanks for the post Jeff

    Peace Zed

  143. Hey Jeff,
    What a great share – that anything really is possible if we put our heart into it!
    The thought of riding without a seat is powerful. Great way to get this week after the fourth rockin’.
    Onward we go!

  144. Great story! And so true – I know so many people who are successful because they stick with it and keep trying. People who play the hand life dealt them without complaining or bitterness. People who don’t give up.

    How do I keep going, who are my cheerleaders? I started a mastermind group for that very purpose. I’ve been in business a lot of years without that support, but I’m getting so much more accomplished with a group cheering me on!

    Thanks for sharing Jeff.


  145. I would say taking the time to celebrate the small victories. Those are the ones that take you to the big payouts. If the big payout never comes, you succeeded in smaller ways.

  146. Hey Jeff,

    Great post. I really gasped a breath as I saw your son’s saddle missing…really heart chruning stuff!

    I agree re confidence. Without it, you won’t accept the Law of Attraction because you spend your time fire fighting…trust me I doing that right now…

    You must be very proud, I hope you hugged him after the race? Who cares about bring cool eh?

    best regards


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  148. Hey Jeff,

    Cool post. Isn’t it so true how much we can extract from daily living and transfer to business. I love sport because I get so much useful and practical info from it. How to survive when the going gets tough, how tough am I, how deep can I dig, whats really inside of me, what my fear threshold is, how to make educated and calucated “RISKS”, how to prepair for big events. And, how bad do you want it? What are you will do do to get it? How big is your why? There is so many great life lessons that we can apply from sport. I don’t even have to compete to get these lessons. Congrats to you and your son. You have lots to be proud of. A job well done and incredible life lessons learned.

    Best of health and spirits, Robert

  149. What an inspiring story! Thanks so much for sharing! I felt uplifted and inspired to do whatever it takes to make my brand new business take off. Thank you!

  150. Hi Jeff,
    Cool and very inspiring post. I give your son a lot of credits and I know you are so proud of him. This reminds me of my son, he is not a bike freak but a baseball player. (His passion)The principle is the same. Despite some obstacles, trials and tribulations, we supported him through thick or thin and encouraged him to keep working hard and plugging in, we could’t be happier for the result. I am so proud of him and now he is in one of the best university still playing baseball. I will have to do the same in my internet business.It’s like planting a seed and nurturing it.Thanks for sharing. Congrats to you and your family.

  151. Jeff,
    What an awesome story for SO many reasons. Thank you for sharing it with us!!! Your two key points are so worthwhile – having a system and surrounding yourself with cheerleaders. I’m new at tweeting but I just tweeted this url.

  152. Hey Jeff,

    Just Epic! Inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.

    By the way, thank you very much for all the priceless information you’ve given to me for free. Being part of your list is the best choice I ever made.


  153. Raymond Cassius Sananda


    Hey Jeff Waker
    Thanks for your story about you and your son. Wonderful story.
    The best thing about the story, and your insight and understanding
    of experience. I mean is that love from people
    around, and your son’s love for you
    and your love for your son and your love
    for expand your borders is beautifully.
    So the mirakel here is love.

  154. Jeff,
    Our kids never cease to amaze us. I live in Ca but I know Durango very well and you are both to be commended for bike racing there. Way to go both of you but especially for your son. He continued on when the rest of us mere mortals would have used that as an excuse to quit.

  155. Hi Jeff,

    Great story.

    I have acquaintances who think I am crazy keep working on the same business. Every time I see them they ask are you still doing the same business? Are you making millions yet? As if I should change flavour every few months and become a millionaire every few months!

    In their minds, I am failing because I am not driving a fancy car or showing off millions or lying and exaggerating my success … which they do … one person said they own a salon downtown when he rents a chair there as a stylist; Another said he has a construction business when he has a restaurant cleaning business where he is the owner and cleaner.

    I don’t tell them much except that in my view “I am not a failure until I quit or I die (run out of time) which ever comes first”. I am learning from my experiences and getting smarter and stronger at every turn. All the so called failures are stepping stones on the trail.

    At least I go after my dream, take actions on it, dare to risk, dare to fall down and get back up with cuts and bruises, get wiser, fix a few things and go again for the next uphill stretch.

    Yes, 1 step at a time. I guess when you lie you can fly like superhero in your fantasy with no effort 🙂

    So kudos to you and your son for being an inspiration and sharing that with your blog group. He is modeling after his dad. Good role model!

  156. Hey Jeff,

    thanks again for sharing that story. It really is inspiring – and it really clairifies:

    If you want something – and you are willing to do what it takes – you can get it. Sounds so simple, but so many people forget the middle part… 😉

    Keep up the awesome work! 🙂



  157. Hey Jeff,

    Wow… What an incredible story. I can totally relate since I’ve ridden bikes for many years myself. I know what it’s like to go long distances without sitting down. This is a great inspiration and I totally agree with you on having a system and support team. Confidence, tenacity, and perseverance ultimately leads to the checkered flag! Thanks Jeff.

    Blessings to you and your family,
    Bob Molton

  158. Thanks for the inspiring article. I had a really tough run over the last few months in real estate and mortgages. I just got let go from the mortgage company I worked for and have been sitting her being one of the guys saying I can’t. As Lance Armstrong said today sometimes you’re the nail. Time to get back on the bike with or without a seat! I can do a product launch like you taught me. I can offer flat fee real estate MLS listing for $300 to sellers with no Equity in Salt Lake City! Time to get on the bike make come money and get the word out!

  159. Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing such an inspirational anecdote. I’ll never forget the boy who could! Well done both of you!

  160. I’ve had some setbacks recently that are discouraging and it would be easy to give up, but as your story illustrates, sometimes doing what is hard is the only way to finish the race. Thanks for an incredibly inspirational story!

  161. Having a strong desire for what you want in life through writing down your goals and reviewing them daily will protect you against all inevitable negativity you’ll face on a daily basis. You can never avoid all negativity in business. No two people will ever agree on the same thing. So you need to be able to defend your wants and needs in the face of adversity or doubt which may be internal or external. Master Coach

  162. Edward Montealto


    hello jeff, i am slowly making up just to be someday like you . thanks

  163. I protect my confidence by being kind to myself when I’m under pressure or suffer a setback – it’s easy to be your own worst enemy and leave yourself little resilience

  164. Jeff Walker! Your videos are great, you inspire me, mate!
    Would like to hear more from you!
    Have you ever thought about keeping a course/seminar somewhere at an “exotic location”? Like in the Caribbean? I bet huge crowds would show up! 😛

  165. Great stuff Jeff. I ride as well and I know how much of a race like that is pure determination, your body is exhausted and you should not have any more energy, but because you believe you can, you press on. In essence it is like life, we can chose to focus on negativity and failure, or we can focus on success and happiness. It is simply a choice, nothing more and nothing less, just a decision….
    “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” ~Buddha

  166. One of my most inspiring sessions about adveristy was at Tony Robbins Results 2000
    with Christopher Reeves, then wheelchair-bound. He spoke of his accident, his ongoing physical therapy and research he was subjecting himself to. After every senetence, he drew an audibly loud breath and continued with his story. An entire arena of 15,000 was silent as he spoke. After he finished to a standing ovation, he was wheeled off. Tony came back out and said, “how many people when they came here today thought THEY had a problem?” The crowd cheered and laughed. Most obstacles are in our mind!

  167. Great life lesson. Having just completed my first half-marathon, I know I would’ve quit if I hadn’t committed to the outcome (registering BEFORE I began training and telling everybody I know about it)
    Set-backs are par for the course. Or, as you poignantly stated “sh*t happens.” 🙂

  168. Jeff,a great story and inspiring .Seems like life is always throwing something at us.When I hear the expression “the struggle of life” I think it is for everybody and the best way to get through the struggle is to enjoy (and imbrace) it as much as you can by doing what you enjoy in life and if your stuck in a rut even working towards what you’d like to do while your stuck doing what you have to do to get where you want to be can be very rewarding.Your son did exactly that and your a very lucky parent.
    Thanks for sharing

  169. Jeff, you truly have a gift! Not only your business sense, which you communicate very simply & clearly, but your writing style is compelling, too. I guess the most important gift to honor here is your obvious gift as a father & the principles you’ve instilled in your kids. That’s really what it’s all about; what is the most important thing we as parents can do in this life.

    All the Best,

  170. Wow! That came at the right time.

    As I read it, I got tears in my eyes.

    It has been a tremendus journey. I am
    learning stuff every day. How much more do I have to learn before I get it right?


    Keep in touch!


  171. Jeff, Right on track as usual. As an entrepreneur for the last 40 years, I would say that persistence and dedication along with calculated risks have helped make me a success. Of course, learning from other people’s experiences, books, seminars, home study courses and mastermind events are critical for business owners too.

    Love your work! Keep it up!

    Ford Saeks

  172. Marol Connelly


    WOW! What an inspirational story. It sure puts the adversity and disappointments I’ve recently experienced in a very different perspective. One thing is true, If you think you can, you can. Kudos to you for setting the example and your son for standing over the obstacle (literally) and not letting it deter his journey.
    thanks so much for sharing this. The Universe knew I needed to learn a new lesson today.
    Are you signed up for the race this year?

  173. Wow- talk about finding this article at the right time. You just hit the nails on the head with 2 big issues that are really, really weighing me down. Thank you.

  174. Jeff you must be be very proud of your son,and his sister realising what he had done” must have had goose pimples of “excitment”
    When other people do this that is fantastic,When your son finished his race you must have had tears in your eyes.
    Good on him Jeff.
    Regards,Norman Kennedy. ps mountain biker for 20 years.

  175. I realize this is an old post, and the moment is gone, but you bring up a point that (from my experience–limited as it is) lies at the crux of being an entreprenuer.

    I love robert kiyosaki’s 4 quadrant book: cashflow quandrant because he clearly depicts how each person thinks and acts, based on how they arrive at income. And once you realize which quadrant you want to be in (preferrably business owner or investor) you start becoming really annoyed by all your W-2 friends, because that mindset is so innately apposed to the others.

    Fortunately for me when i set out on my path, i had left suburbia and was in a retirement community that was surrounded by hickville. An interesting juxtaposition. Retired business owners with nothing but free time and a desire to share and a community of redneck small business owners with much less education than me that were actually succeeding at running their own business — something that scared the padoodles out of my suburbian corporate ladder climbing lackeys.

    So well said! I cant agree more. Perservere and remove the naysayers.

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