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When you find a traffic source that works, it's like winning the lottery. But here's the thing: it will also set you up for a MASSIVE fail. Here's why… (and this is one of my most important rules for Internet success):

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48 Replies to “The Hidden Danger of “Traffic Dependency””

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Had to go to YouTube to watch this video – dialogue box stated you had marked it private and I had to view it on YouTube.
    Also, enjoying a vacation with my wife in Durango at this moment. Love the weather – except for the thunderstorm on Friday afternoon.
    Loved the content of the video and you are spot on about multiple lead sources. Thanks for the Great advice.

  2. Jeff this truth has hurt many businesses in the pass and continue to do so for those who does not underr the psychology of different streams of income. I my have experience this I my original business of process servers. For over ten years I did well but did not continue with diversification and resulted with a downfall. A valuable lesson. This when I decided Real Estate I had to learn different ways to invest.

    Thanks Jeff

  3. So true. So true. Been dealing with this for years… trying to get back into the glory days with Google SEO. As the kid says in “About a Boy”, we need backup. Thanks Jeff!

  4. So true! I only wish I had learned this lesson from this video, instead of the hard, slow, expensive way 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Jeff!


  5. This is why in your training that you teach building a list is almost like a license to print money. Thanks for the reminder Jeff.

  6. Thanks for the Insight Jeff.
    I noticed a lot of marketers selling how-to advertise on FB programs lately.
    I was wondering how long that will last?
    Then your video appears 🙂 Your Timing is Awesome!
    Would you care to make a guess when the ‘Slap’ hits.
    I’m betting .25 cents on 6 months or less.
    What do you think?

  7. Brenda Bentley Pruitt


    That was some very important advise for new people. Keep it coming!

  8. Hi Jeff I’m a newbie starting from the beginning. I love your videos & you style. I have been a bit distracted.. Need to finish build my list course.

  9. Hey Jeff,

    On point as usual. Thx for sharing.

    One thing though – I think of multiple traffic streams as actually being multiple income streams.
    Take one stream away and you aint scrambling like a fish out of water gulping for air…
    However lose your one traffic stream and you could go bust in a heart beat … or two!!

  10. Jeff this is Larry From Manila. Agreed and agreed with your point and appreciate your giving it. I want to build a new lead source by using your book LAUNCH which to date, I have not received. Hate to bug you but tried your customer support and have gotten no reply. Please give Betty a gentle nudge to send me the book. Larry Gamboa

  11. Michael "Osito" Schulz


    There is a group that has been bugging me consistently lately to pay them $5000 to “game” Google in a manner that they can respond immediately to any Google rule changes. I’m quite disappointed in the lead marketer’s role in this scheme. I’m betting Google is already preparing to slap this scheme down. Thanks for validating my initial reaction with your experience. Bought your book. Good read!

  12. SO VERY TRUE. I had a friend who once ran his own direct response ad agency in New Rochelle, NY. He had one major client 30 times bigger than any other. He had built them from $7 million a year to over $400 million a year. Then — out of the blue, they got too big for their britches. They dumped him. He had to lay off almost everybody. It was cardiac arrest for his business.

    You are SO right. Having one single traffic source is like blissfully enjoying your champagne as the business bomb is getting ready to go off. Thanks for GIVING.

  13. Catherine Faure


    Jeff, this is so true. Thank you for reminding me. I am in the process of reading your book and learning from your List Building program,. I am learning and having fun doing it. Your book is an excellent teaching tool, insightful, easy to read and it offers great value–specific enough so that you can use it. You are teaching me to write by telling a story. Like you, I usually pay attention to the facts and the logic, but it is telling it like a story that really does make it so powerful. Thank you, I am grateful.

  14. Hello there Jeff. I see things are going good for you. And your right about not to depend on one source of leads. I have a hair product that I’m looking. to put out there on the market. I know coming from you that I.can,t depend on one source. Thank for your information. Shareef. Peace

  15. Thanks JEff. I am listening and. Learning. There is so much knowledge on this subject sometimes I can’t digest it. But you teach in a clear manner. I’m sure I will master the art of leads and building my online business. I appreciate you.

  16. Great reminder Jeff. I agree that putting all our apples (or eggs :)) in one lead generation basket will result in great disappointment. Maybe not today, but eventually CHANGE will arrive. A wise man (you) just said on your video “things are always changing”. Thanks again for the short and sweet reminder.

  17. Very good advice, Jeff. Thank you for reminding me of things I tend to forget occasionally.

    Kind of like the old advice of ‘Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.’

  18. Great reminder Jeff and thank you. I think we all sense the inevitable great Facebook crunch might be closer then hoped.

  19. I was doing $3,000 in profit EVERY single day with Adwords in 2009/2010. Then they changed their rules and it was $0 the next day.

    It can be so hard to believe that it’s happen, but once you’re through that one time – maybe you do it another time – but then you learned by experience.

  20. Hi Jeff, I have just recently purchased your book and only recently come across you in any serious manner. I have gone through your book with a fine tooth comb and also most of your videos, if not all of them. I’m about to put a plan together and implement your strategies, fingers crossed that they will work. It won’t be for the lack of trying. Keep up the good work with reminding us and giving us plenty of hints and tips. I love your content…..

  21. Spot on Jeff – we know this scenario way too well. We relied heavily on Facebook and were reaching almost 2 million people a week through our massive Facebook page…all of a sudden the algorithm changes and our reach becomes a third of what it once was, meaning our SALES dropped to a third of what they were. Since then we have learnt our lesson and now have added Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus and ITunes and YouTube to our social media strategy, as well as advertising through FB and Adwords. The changes forced us to diversify everything and although at the time it was a nightmare, in hindsight, its a good thing this happened.

  22. Hey Jeff,
    Thank you for the warning. It’s like another cliche: “putting your all your eggs in one basket.” The stream of leads concept fits with building community. I like the relational element in PLF. Especially, in my business that involves relationship coaching.
    Keep the good stuff coming Jeff. We’re gobbling it up!

  23. Yea Man I think this good advice! I too have learned this the hard way face book is great but nothing last for ever we have to move with the glory cloud, when we see it go we follow. I lerned to be a great Leader we must learn to be a great follower. Then before ytou know it you find they are all following you there is no-one up front? Hea Jeff I am still waiting for your book I was the first to order but i am still waiting in Australia is down under if you forgotten about me? (revbrian)

  24. Great insight. A few years back, you could use Bum Marketing and be on the first page of Google in a day or two. Then comes the “Slap”” and away the traffic goes! An email list to back up several lead streams is always the best! !

  25. Ha! Been there. Done that! I now have at least ten sources, maybe more. Let’s not forget the non – virtual world. Networking, word of mouth, etc. Thanks again, Jeff.

  26. Spot on advice Jeff! I just sold a lead generation business I owned for 12 years and can say without a doubt that the only thing consistent in driving traffic and leads is inconsistency. I used to spend six figures with Google Adwords and Yahoo Search and have helped hundreds of clients with SEO. I’ve experienced everything you mention in this video!

  27. Fred Herbert


    Jeff, This is great advise. I appreciate the reminder to have “Multiple Streams of Leads”.

  28. I was one of the ones who rode Google building a 5Million Dollar a year company operating in 40 cities. That was before the changes that sent 1,200 web sites to their grave, 35 cities closed, 55 people lost their jobs and revenues dove to less than 1 Mil. Luckily I did not have all my eggs in one business basket.

  29. Jeff, I agree with everything you are saying. I am a little behind on this for personal extreme reasons I have not had the focus to accomplish this. Something I am working on changing. I do need to start with something first so I will do that. Then I will start a second and so on until I have a min of 5 sources. It’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. To be save you need more than one basket and you need more than just eggs. People do not live on eggs alone. Many thanks for you great insight and more so for sharing.

  30. Hi Jeff, This is a great reminder. I teach online marketing and getting into the idea that “SEO” is the only way to go is also a problem for the exact same reason. Google changes the rules every day! Having multiple ways of generating traffic to your site is the only way to go. Forget about the rule changes, just keep creating great content, and people will arrive from lots of places.

    Thanks for this post! It’s going on my FB page. 🙂


  31. Hey Jeff, you’re a KILLER (in a good way of course)!

    Thank you for the steady, genius content.


  32. I have read all thecomments and learning.Very pleased of your push.Many thanks.The start is coming.

  33. Hi Jeff,
    I just wonder why you are not big fan of multiple streams of income?
    thank you for everything you do

  34. So true Jeff!

    But I must tell you, that anybody that has personally gone through the exact same situation that you described and hopefully managed to survive it.

    It quite literally could become one the of best worst experiences of their entire business careers!

    Because they will be forced into either paying an expert such as yourself for much needed real world advice!

    Or they’ll learn the hard way and hopefully graduate from the University of hard knocks! But one way or the other, they will learn! Great real world advice Let’s hope they can and do heed your extremely practical advice! Thanks!

  35. Thanks so much for this post. Really good to think about it – the traffic I mean!

  36. Jeff,

    Thanks for the reminder! Years ago I took a big hit by not using that same concept. When one source of revenue begins to dominate the revenue model, it is time to be concerned because there will be a change in the rules or the environment or the competition. All three can have the same effect.

    Working on building my new business using PLF training and principles. Looking forward to seeing you in Scottsdale in October!

  37. Couldn’t be more precise and correct. I mean, right now facebook is doing wonders for me and the conversions are great. But i have learned from every greater online trainer (Perry Marshall, Mike Dillard, Rushkin, Eric Worre, Jonathan Budd etc) and they all have horror stories about the change.
    I have learned that the best bet is what you have said. Find a way to generate traffic with many streams and not one. I am aware of people that were making $30k – $50k and overnight Google did their thing and messed everyone up!
    So, very valuable lesson never to be forgotten – thanks Jeff!

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