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Here's what writing five million words and 50 books will teach you about how to use stories in your marketing

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43 Replies to “Better Marketing Through Stories (with Sean Platt)”

    • Phyllis Rowan


      Sergei, a matter of opinion, don’t you think?! But LOVE the purple shirt! Interesting backdrop. Fun to listen to, serious message. Is that the trade secret we get here? Thanks for posting, Jeff. Great blarney from you both. Slainte from the Emerald Isle. Sean will know what I mean.

    • Jeff,

      You look so happy doing this interview. You always look happy, but here your are both happy and look like the cat who just swallowed a canary. What a great story!


  1. Jeff looks like he’s having a great time! Nice to see. 🙂
    Write, Publish, Repeat really spells out great marketing and writing smarts if you haven’t read it yet. .

  2. The only thing that I would add if we talk about using stories in marketing is that it should be TRUE stories.

    I remember when I first used story in only one emial that I sent to my small list (first ever list that I build) where I shared my story on how one product that I bought helped me get better results in my business and after sending it to something about 700 people, 25 of them bought this product and I made pretty nice income 🙂

    Maybe it’s not great results but I know that it was possible thanks to story that I shared.

    In other words, everyone has a story to tell but for some reason many marketers think that sharing stories is bad idea because it’s too long when it comes to share story on their sales page.

    In fact few days ago I wrote an offer for a friend of mine where I wrote about his story and he called me and told me that it’s too long and that he want to delete this part with his story because in his opinion the most important thing is what people will get when they attend his workshop.

    The thing is that no one will ever know which version of offer will convert better but my experience told me that the one with story is just better 🙂

  3. Hello, Here is the Carlos Cruz alright! …
    I have to thank you for everything you are doing for us Brazilians … prepared Erik Rocha to direct us to a path without end … and we give hope.
    Dream to meet you personally give a grateful hug …
    Many Thanks!
    Jeff Walker

  4. Thank you Jeff, there is so much content, wisdom and coaching in this interview that I will listen to it again 10 or more times. Thanks for all your insights. Ciao Ciao from Italy

  5. Jeff, first time commenting here… but really loving your attention to your own story!

    Sitting here in Lahore, I am building my story, in hopes that I become a part of yours. That sounds corny and I will let it… because your content guides mine, your tone guides mine, your overall message guides mine. Thanks friend, and keep doing what you’re doing.

    All the best and thanks for making these videos…

  6. Jeff- This is my first time as well commenting. Great video! It has left me reassured about my own dream with writing…. and great concept of having the end in mind. Thank you for taking the time to speak to Sean and for Sean to speak with you!

  7. Jeff,

    That was a lovely interview. Many thanks for sharing it. I had never heard of Sean Platt before but I’m just about to take a virtual trip over to Amazon to buy his book. I already have yours of course!

    What struck me, besides the simple and yet reassuring advice about using story, was that both of you still clearly love what you do.

    One suggestion is that maybe Sean or your next interviewee should speak to you rather than to the camera. It just struck me that you were asking him questions and then he was giving his answers to he camera. It looks to the viewer (unintentionally of course) that he was excluding or ignoring you. Also, if he was just simply in conversation with you it would seem like we were getting to listen in to his story almost as if we were overhearing it. My theory and suggestion is totally untested so it’s just me thinking out loud!

    Many thanks again for caring for your customers and continuing to help and value us.

  8. For german speakers 😉
    Wie immer grossartig! Jeffs Videos sind die einzigen, die ich mir garantiert anschaue. In aller Kuerze alles drin! Die Bedeutung des Storytelling ist klar – aber einen Menschen wie Sean Platt zu hoeren, der damit so viel Erfolg hat, inspiriert mich doch sehr. Vielen Dank – many thanks! Oliver

  9. Awesome!! My daughter is a budding author. She self-published her first book when she was 7. We used an online service and gave them to family members for Christmas that year. She’s now 14, still loves to write, so I’m definitely going to show her this video. As for me, this was definitely an encouragement to use more story in my business. Thank you!!

  10. One thing I do wanna add is the story doesn’t always have to be about yourself. Even in your marketing. You can make the story about the reader.

    “Imagine this scenario..” or “It’s 4 a.m, you woke up in the middle of the night again wondering “why in the world does this always happen to me.”.. ” etc.

    Stories are important but remember, you can always put your prospects in the story. Sometimes this is even more effective because most people can’t help but read the whole thing if they feel like they’re the main character.

    But I love Jeff’s material. He always delivers some useful content, good stuff Jeff and very helpful. Thank you!

  11. Super interview Jeff, thank you for sharing. Excellent information, certainly all authors can benefit from. Congrats on your new book!

  12. Great interview! It’s refreshing to see you make these things seem less complex all with the aim to get us going. Like many here I feel I’ve got books in me, but I’m still struggling to find my resolve….

  13. I agree and happy for this video
    People remember better through stories!
    I’m a business networking coach and In my coaching I guide people to get a story arsenal – good sorties that will bring value to others and expose more of who you are- personally and professionally
    That’s a great way to connect with people
    Thanks Jeff!
    Lirone Glikman

  14. Good marketers are good writers!

    And “Every artist is an entrepreneur and every entrepreneur is an artist.” — Dr. ‘E’ (Elliot McGucken)

    Read the classics for inspiration. Homer is THE most enduring brand. 🙂

  15. Hi Jeff, I like stories. I like them to hear and I like them to tell. It is by far easier to tell a story than to tell anything without a story.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. This goes to the depths of what makes our writing good. Connect with the reader through protagonist, hook, theme, etc. Do the same with marketing your book, fiction or non-fiction, and you will be remembered which is one step up from being noticed and, once trust is established, that much closer to the sale. Hearing noises doesn’t captivate anyone. Listening to stories, especially those told well, captures the readers attention. They want to know more.
    Love both of you guys and thanks so much!

  17. Thanks to the both of you for sharing. It is helping me put the picture together! Much appreciation!

  18. great, love that last video, you are always coming up with something interesting and educational, thanks Jeff.
    Love and Blessings

  19. Interesting and different from so many emails that flood my inbox. This got my attention and it was thought provoking. Thanks.

  20. Sean really knows his business. He actually compacted his spiel so compellingly and adeptly. I love stories and that is the only way I could market online and stay true to myself. Win win:-) Thanks Jeff you are a gem.

  21. I love writing stories esp. when I know the audience. I write what I know the audience knows and offer them a solution. This was a great short and sweet video with a great message!

  22. Five million words! I’ve heard interviews with Sean before but had no idea he had written that many words. Inspiring! Great video. Love these short 5 minute video’s loaded with great value and information Jeff. Curious as to if you use a camera or a GoPro?

    • It looks like Jeff’s using a selfie stick, great idea if he is. Jeff do you record through the phone mic for these videos, it’s good sound quality if you do. I just got the Rode Smartlav mic for iPhone and it’s amazing.

  23. Stories are so mucj a part of our DNA. From Trog wowwing his cave dwelling buddies after the hunt, through news “stories”, trials, and family dinners and “honey, how was YOUR day”.

    Appreciate the insight.

    Now for the “more” request. Your video was a story, but can you share the practicalities behind this story from idea tomimplementation. Why u selected Sean, pre-interview prep?, location selection, releases used, And the EQUIPMENT and post production.

    I am just a little curious about the mechanics since we all gomto meetings, conventions etc and need to be prepared when opportunity knocks.
    Mike S

  24. Sounds like Sean and I have a lot in common. I love writing and if he gets a chance to look at my latest poems which most will find hard to swallow as they are dramatic and the new stories – A pact of blood, the truth, the lonely man. Thanks to both of you for the wonderful input and keep up the great work!

  25. Andria Davisson


    Wonderful story, with perfect timing. Working on developing an engagement strategy for our partners at EQUIP, and this video set me down the right thought path this beautiful Monday morning. Thanks you Jeff and Sean!

  26. Stories are interesting, informative, and fun, and are not intrusive like being slammed with another cold pitch for a product you probably can’t use. They say getting there is half the fun and the story tells you how you got there. Don’t drive people away by going right for the pitch!

  27. Great information this week Jeff. I am loving telling stories and this is new for me in my business. I used to just get straight to the point and not have fun with the writing. What a perfect time for inspirational from you, I am sitting down ready to start my day and write. Love your stuff Jeff!

  28. Telling a story always connects with me as a reader. However, I don’t like when I follow someone and I realize that their story is, maybe not a lie, but open for interpretation. For example I read a blog where the writer said how they left home as a teen because they didn’t want to follow their parents rules. Then in their bio they claimed to have been homeless as a teen. Well, technically they may have been homeless but that statement is usually put out there as a way to gain some sympathy or at least understanding for their hard-knock life. I don’t consider being a kid who won’t follow rules in the same category as a person who’s been through rough times.

    My point is story is definitely a way to connect with the reader but the writer needs to be sure that connection is a truthful one.

  29. I love Jeff & Seans’ enthusiasm about story-telling – and their reminder to weave it into marketing – and I found it ironic that neither told A STORY in this interview! (Closest thing was Sean illustrating how his word-count equaled five Harry Potter series.) I’m not hating, just observing how easy it is to talk ‘about’ something (which easily becomes ‘blah-blah-blah when I write or read) rather than enliven something through story. …So let me tell you how I hit a house on Halloween night during a high-speed car chase with police, got thrown in jail and off my high school football team as a kid, but managed to discover 7 Keys that enabled me to earn an Ivy League degree, play pro football and build multi-million dollar businesses — and how they can help you enjoy similar success. Blessings to Jeff, Sean and this incredible community!!

  30. ken ca|houn


    Good points. Transformational before-after stories are helpful; key is they need to be authentic w/proof and relatable to audience. Inspiring to hear how much he wrote; wow. Great topic, Jeff — thx for these engaging, relevant videos, well done.

  31. Yes, Yes, YES! A great marketer will outperform a great writer every day of the week. As a marketing professional I can see that I have been able to magically sell OK books by the tens of thousands but have watched truly great books languish. It’s so sad but it’s true.
    You rocked this topic. Thanks so much Jeff and Sean. Awesome stuff.

  32. Clifford Edwards


    Wow, love the passion and clarity of purpose of Mr. Platt. I just bought the Kindle version of “Write. Publish. Repeat.” and can’t wait to upgrade my story telling ability! Thanks Jeff for highlighting this for us.

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