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Jeff Walker is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams.”.

He’s also the creator of the Product Launch Formula and his strategies have literally transformed the way stuff is sold online. Along the way he’s become one of the top entrepreneurial and marketing trainers in the world. But it didn’t start out that way…

When Jeff started his first online business, he was a stay-at-home dad taking care of two small children. The “business” was launched from the baby’s changing room – and it started with a free email newsletter sent to 19 people. That was in the Internet Dark Ages of 1996.

After that humble start, Jeff quickly developed an underground process for launching new products and businesses with unprecedented success.

But the success-train was just getting started – once he started teaching his formula to other entrepreneurs, the results were simply breathtaking. Tiny, home-based businesses started doing launches that sold tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars in sales with their launches.

Back in the old days before he started teaching his “Product Launch Formula”, almost no one in the online entrepreneurial world talked about “product launches” and the idea of a “million dollar day” seemed almost ludicrous. But now, in the post-Product Launch Formula world, the million dollar (and multi- million dollar) launches hardly raise an eyebrow. They’ve almost become routine.

Of course, Jeff’s techniques are not just for big gurus — he’s taught thousands of students (who operate in hundreds of niches), and they’ve generated more than $500 million in sales (and that number grows every day.)

Jeff lives in Durango, Colorado where he pursues his passions for all kinds of outdoor fun. He lives with his wife Mary and their dog Jenny. And even though the children are out of the house, Jeff still has lots of adventures with them (especially on skis and mountain bikes).

About JeffWalker.com

This site – JeffWalker.com – is basically the place where Jeff shows how he has been able to create so much success (when he started his online business all the way back in 1996, he started with nothing… he literally spent ZERO dollars to start the business… and he had NO experience. It’s been a wild ride.) This is the place for him to share what he’s seen, what he’s done… and the lessons he’s learned.

More importantly, this site is about you… how to grow your own business, launch your own products and reach your own dreams.

P.S. Jeff built this site to be about teaching and inspiration for Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs. From time to time he might link to other resources – books, courses, gadgets, and other things. Some of those links might be affiliate links, or he might get a free widget or book or course (people send him all kinds of free stuff all the time… the amount of stuff coming into his office can get pretty crazy at times!). Obviously, he’s not going to send you to a link if he doesn’t believe in it… but he just wanted to let you know.

P.P.S. Ever wonder what drives a person? Well this post is all about why Jeff Walker does what he does.

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