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PLF Live

From Idea to Launch… in Just Three Days

PLF Live is a workshop where you show up with an idea for a product or a service to offer — and after three days, you end up with a step-by-step launch plan.

You’ll know what to do not just to bring your idea to market… but to turn it into an event that people can’t wait to be part of. 

I’ll personally walk you through putting your plan together. And to make it even more motivating, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of other entrepreneurs creating their launches right along with you. 

I don’t believe in teaching theory, and I don’t believe in long lectures. I’ll leave those for the more academic types. PLF Live is an environment that’s all about learning by doing.

It’s a hands-on workshop where I’ll be guiding you through my tried and tested launch techniques.

And you’ll be amazed at what you can get done when you’re able to sit down and truly focus.  

The launches that have been created at PLF Live have made tens of millions of dollars for my students. Is your launch next?

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The Launch Masterclass

The Best Launch Training Money Can’t Buy

Product Launch Formula is my flagship program and my best training. 

My second best training?

It’s my comprehensive, 10+ hour Launch Masterclass. 

Whenever I teach it, people ask if they can buy the recordings, but I’ve never offered them for sale… 

Because this training is FREE… but it’s only offered at select times. 

Thousands of students around the world, with businesses in hundreds of different niches, have been through it.

A number of them have started out using only what they learned in the Launch Masterclass… and created four- and five-figure launches right out of the gate. And they’ve gone on to increase their impact and income with every launch.

Want to discover the strategies I’ve been refining for the past 20 years to build my business to where it is now?

To join the next Launch Masterclass, just sign up to hear when Product Launch Formula (my flagship program) opens up again, and I’ll make sure you’re notified about the Masterclass, too.

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The Launch Lab Workshop

Recent Launches… Real Results

A lot of what I teach is timeless. At the same time, the world of online business is always evolving. How can busy entrepreneurs keep up? 

The answers come from analyzing dozens of recent launches. 

My high-end coaching students are prolific. They are always experimenting, testing, launching, and relaunching. (These business owners made seven figures collectively from their launches in 2020 — which as we all know was a crazy year.)

They collect tons of data and share it with my team and me. In turn, we review it all… look for patterns and key takeaways… and then share those results with you. 

And, just like my Launch Masterclass, the workshop is FREE.

Don’t be surprised if you leave this training bursting with ideas. If you want to know what’s working well in the launch world right now, it doesn’t get any more cutting edge than this. 

The next Launch Lab Workshop isn’t scheduled anytime soon. If you’re interested in this event, then sign up for the free Launch Masterclass. You’ll get a ton from that super-comprehensive training — and we’ll also notify you next time the Launch Lab Workshop is happening.

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