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The One Most Important Thing…

by Jeff Walker November 8, 2010 strategy

At my recent PLF Live Event I had someone come up to me and ask me what the ONE THING was… the one thing that has meant all the difference for me and my success – the one thing he should focus on as his business grows.

And that’s a really tough question!

When people ask me how they should get started… well, that’s easy. I always tell them to start building a list. And the second thing is to only focus on selling stuff that you know the people on that list really want. If you stick to those two things, it’s hard to go wrong with your online business.

But what’s the one most important thing to focus on in your business? …


Paula Abdul and Product Launches…

by Jeff Walker June 10, 2010 product launches

Paula Abdul and Jeff WalkerSo a couple of days ago I flew into San Francisco – I was going there to give a talk at Brendon Burchard’s “Expert’s Academy” workshop.

When I stepped off the plane in San Francisco I had no freaking clue that within an hour I would be helping “blueprint” a product launch for Paula Abdul – a product launch that will likely kick off with appearances on all the biggest talk shows on network TV.

(That should make for a nice pre-prelaunch!)

What a crazy world… I start the day flying out of my one-gate airport in tiny Durango, CO and a few hours later I’m helping strategize the best way to use a series of appearances on the biggest TV network talk shows as …

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