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A Bittersweet Milestone

by Jeff Walker May 11, 2011 Mindset

This morning I made breakfast for my daughter before she went off to school. It wasn’t anything fancy… but it was a nice chance to interact with her for 15 minutes before she left for school.

It was also my last chance.

Today is her last day of high school. Her graduation is on Sunday. And in August she’ll be leaving home for college.

Mountain biking in Moab, UT with my daughter

My daughter started kindergarten thirteen years ago… and I did much the same thing with her back then – made her breakfast and got her out the door. Of course, getting her ready for school was a lot more hands-on back then, and she didn’t drive herself to school. :-)

But what a long


What a Wild Ride…

by Jeff Walker July 5, 2010 Mindset

This a personal story, and it’s sorta long… but I think it’s pretty cool, and there’s an important lesson here that totally relates to business… and two of the MOST IMPORTANT traits you need to have in your business life…

But this story starts off with mountain biking… which is one of my passions. I really love getting out on the trails for a ride… and I live in one of the best places on the planet to ride – Durango, Colorado.

But last summer I did something really crazy…

You see, I’m a solid rider with lots of experience, but I’m not a racer.

But I went and entered a REALLY difficult race – in fact just starting this race should probably qualify me …

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