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Have you ever seen my free Launch Masterclass?

If you have, you know I teach for 10+ hours and deliver a ton of value.  

But I challenged myself to pack 15 years of launch wisdom into a “mini” masterclass… and I think I’ve pulled it off. It’s just 20 minutes long.

If you’re looking to build or grow your online business, you’re gonna want to see this.

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20 Replies to “Mini Launch Masterclass… Big-Time Value”

  1. I’m starting a virtual consultant business for K-12 teachers who need to improve behavior management and discipline in their classrooms and schools. I teach them a proactive, humane, instructional approach that can save them time to teach and reduce by 60% + the emergence of misbehavior in their classes.

  2. Stéphanie Sheen


    The examples you gave of the sideways salesletter, the (lets say) titles of the emails, was particularly helpful. Thank you!

  3. Perfect timing!! I’ve been a student and fan for many years and am now finally ready to launch. The succinctness and clarity of this video is exactly what I needed!! Once again, thank you very much, Jeff!! You have been instrumental in changing the lives of so many people!!

  4. I watched your Masterclass back in September. Although at the time I didn’t have things far enough along in my next business to jump in, I could really see how this would work. In truth, I geeked out a bit seeing the possibilities of PLF. LOL! I made the decision then to be ready for the next PLF launch. So for me, this was a great refresher…and yep, it tracked right along with my notes from six months ago. Looking forward to the next Masterclass…and knowing the option to jump into PLF will be available then also. I’ll be ready!

  5. Lillian Fellmann


    Hi there, I started to play with the PLF.
    I wonder, at what point do you mention the product price? Thanks

  6. Great stuff Jeff. I’m preparing my first Indie movie project right now and would like to hear some advice what comes to launching the movie. What sort of publishing cycle for materials you’d advice to have? Would love to hear if you have some examples of your students who have brought small budget movie(s) to the market? Thanks Jeff.

  7. I’m a PLF owner, and grateful I made that investment. Just did our third successful launch, working from your teachings. We keep honing our presentation to include and perfect all the elements from your WFF class. Your classes are a fantastic value and we keep going back to study, apply and improve. Thank you for all you do to help us.

  8. Great overview of your program. I’ve read Launch and this video has helped make my next steps more clear. Thanks for providing great information and sharing it as an example of how PLF works.

  9. Thank you for putting this together Jeff! The condensed version is definitely a bit easier to digest. 😁 Looking forward to this year’s masterclass!

  10. Hey Jeff, Long time viewer first time responder, loved this ultra compressed snapshot into product launches. I bought your very first version of the course oh so many years ago and learned a huge amount from it. Love to see how your methods have evolved over the years. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks for doing what you do.


  11. Thank you Jeff for sharing this: I am new to the PLF community and putting together my own launch this month based on your book and the materials I have been able to glean from your various channels. I love how consistent you are with your process and communication – each new piece of content fits seamlessly into my knowledge jigsaw puzzle. I am very much looking forward to being able to participate in the next PLF course.

  12. Jeff is the real thing, and his teaching works. He does everything he can to help us create a business or to help our businesses grow.

    And there is nothing better to help a business grow than launching a new product. And Product Launch Formula is the way to do it.

    Thanks, Jeff, for working hard to boil down the concepts you teach to a 20-minute session. I know it will change more lives.

  13. I’m starting a corporate consulting business – Vitalize Your Workforce – Conquering the Crisis of Employee Stagnation. A very important and critical work to introduce and expand right now. My challenge is,
    1) my background experience is global operations. The transition to national and gaining traction in the digital arena is a challenge to me. We have product & services ready:
    (Book, Vitality Assessment process in the cloud, action programs, training on the way)

    2) limited funding at the moment

  14. Thank you for this great and very timely video Jeff! I was first turned on to you by Paul Pruitt back in September 2020. I have been slowly building towards launching my membership site ever since, all the while listening to your Launch Formula audio book (which I have listened to it four times now). I am actually launching this week and this 20-minute refresher video was absolutely perfect to make sure I went through all the steps properly during my launch. So, thank you for putting this condensed version together and posting it at the absolutely perfect time!

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