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Is It Too Late To Start My Business?

by on Jan 25 2015
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Way back when I was first getting started, I was worried that my target market might already be all locked up… that someone had beaten me to the punch. I was wrong back then… and if a similar thought is holding you back right now, then this video is for you:

Please leave a comment or question down below… I read all of the comments!

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How I Finally Finished My Book

by on Jan 18 2015
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I’m not going to lie… finishing my book was an epic struggle. Here’s the simple technique that allowed me to finally finish it…

Here’s some of the resources I mentioned:

Relax Melodies:
My “Launch” Book:

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Can YOU Be A NY Times Bestselling Author?

by on Jul 20 2014
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My new book “LAUNCH” is a #1 NY Times best seller, and this is it’s SECOND week on list (it’s currently at #2). So this week my video is about whether YOU can write a best selling book… what does it take? The answer might surprise you!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of LAUNCH yet, then what are you waiting for? You can get the book + $291 of bonuses at this link.

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Your Independence Day

by on Jul 05 2014
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Happy July 4th! It’s Independence Day in the U.S. – and this video is about YOUR Independence Day…

Please leave a comment below and tell me about your Independence Day – whether you’ve already had it, or whether it’s yet to come…

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Are Your Labels Holding You Back?

by on Jun 29 2014
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How are you labeling yourself? And are those labels holding you back or pulling you forward? Here’s the distinction that will make all the difference…

Leave a comment below… and don’t miss the $291 in bonuses I’m giving away when you get my bestselling book at For all the details, to to

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Outrageous Goals (and Exceeding Them)

by on Jun 08 2014
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About a week ago I started the pre-sales for my new book… I had a huge goal, and I exceeded it in just a few days. Here’s the lessons I learned and what’s next:

And if you want to get a FREE copy of my book during the pre-sale (limited quantity, limited time, all I ask is you pay the very reasonable shipping and handling), then go here:

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Are All Your Projects 99% Done?

by on May 25 2014
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Do you struggle to finish? Are all your projects 99% done? Do you have products, or web sites, or blog posts that are ALMOST done?

Trust me, you’re not alone. Watch this video:

Please leave a comment below… tell me about your struggles to finish, or your #1 tip on how to finish… or your top question about finishing projects…

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

by on May 11 2014
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Is email marketing dead?

I got that question from a reader after one of my recent videos, and it’s not the first time I’ve heard the question. Here’s my answer…

I would love to hear what you think, please leave a comment below…

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